Janaina Cristina Cristina
Janaina Cristina Cristina 7 시간 전
Dewi Naga Ningrum
Dewi Naga Ningrum 7 시간 전
Keren bgtt!!
Bethany 7 시간 전
I can always tell whether I've watched a video of his already or not because I haven't found a single one not deserving of a like
Astuti Simbolon
Astuti Simbolon 7 시간 전
DPS plis
dorksicle 7 시간 전
who is the cutie red haired guy with the white shirt? asking for a friend (✿◠‿◠)
Ka Hong
Ka Hong 7 시간 전
Nothing against the dancers or anything but I feel this choreography doesn't fit the song.
Feb Feb
Feb Feb 7 시간 전
Sometimes I really question the choreographer's skills to choose/decide. What the heck is this!? Is this supposed to be a wap song? 🤔
Bjorn S.
Bjorn S. 7 시간 전
Mhm I was expecting dogs in this video, disappointed.
Suminem Sum
Suminem Sum 7 시간 전
awokawok people
Dinda N.A
Dinda N.A 7 시간 전
Gua pikir mereka bakal nari kuda lumping😂😂.g
레서방개 사냥꾼
레서방개 사냥꾼 7 시간 전
뮤직 비디오 처보면서 이렇게 불쾌한건 ㄹㅇ 처음이었다.
Gery Bae
Gery Bae 7 시간 전
This is Lathi🔥🔥🔥🔥
Stasia andani
Stasia andani 7 시간 전
So surprised that it's being covered 👍🏼 so cool .. looks easy but pretty sure the bone will be cracking crazy😭😂 LOL
Gaming world
Gaming world 7 시간 전
See first girls face
S.K 8 시간 전
Guribii shija Shijagurumayum
Guribii shija Shijagurumayum 8 시간 전
will you post the tutorial??? 💞💞💞
Bsy1123 Bsy1123456
Bsy1123 Bsy1123456 8 시간 전
난 화사만 보인다...♡
Chassavina Rain
Chassavina Rain 8 시간 전
Fera Wati
Fera Wati 8 시간 전
Ro Milika Tavainavesi
Ro Milika Tavainavesi 8 시간 전
Nice moves , wait is that jungkook? Wow he's English is good
Ashley Sukhoo
Ashley Sukhoo 8 시간 전
Just wishing If i were there...
Juliana Deluna
Juliana Deluna 8 시간 전
why is nobody talking about leader eunbi? I mean, she did great.
Fatihatil Hs
Fatihatil Hs 8 시간 전
Feel so honoured omg
Shinta Tan
Shinta Tan 8 시간 전
ternyata kalo di dance cover jadinya dance tingkat master ! gilak banget ! asli keren abisss !!! 2 THUMBS UP!! 👍👍❤💙💚💛💜💖
Mantasha 8 시간 전
The choreography is Awesome
Agustin aulia
Agustin aulia 8 시간 전
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Lulu Bluelulu
Lulu Bluelulu 8 시간 전
Ankita Kumari
Ankita Kumari 8 시간 전
Why you always too good ??
Agustin aulia
Agustin aulia 8 시간 전
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> tinyurl.com/flirtymysabrina I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,ddd
Joy Songcayawon
Joy Songcayawon 8 시간 전
Cik.azura mansol
Cik.azura mansol 8 시간 전
I like jane kim cover
Joy Songcayawon
Joy Songcayawon 8 시간 전
i miss this mannnnn
Agustin aulia
Agustin aulia 8 시간 전
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> tinyurl.com/flirtymysabrina I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,skdd
Akira Shin
Akira Shin 8 시간 전
This songgg thooo😍😍😍
무무 8 시간 전
im sorry but their abs- holy shit-
jenn 8 시간 전
I can learn dances okayish....but I don't have that energy/presence...any tips?
Dilla Safitri
Dilla Safitri 8 시간 전
saya merasa bangga🥺🥺🥺🥰✨🖤🖤🖤🖤
Vengon 8 시간 전
so this is what we missed in worlds 2020 cause of corona limits? thats so sad...
# ʟᴇꜱʏᴇᴜxᴅᴇɴɪɴɪ !
# ʟᴇꜱʏᴇᴜxᴅᴇɴɪɴɪ ! 8 시간 전
the song is so sad, for me and happy vibes¿ but the choreography is so "hot"😭😭
Naresh 07
Naresh 07 8 시간 전
Love thiss❤️🔥
Septiani Dwi Saputri
Septiani Dwi Saputri 8 시간 전
Nurani Kim
Nurani Kim 8 시간 전
Ada orang indonesia gak?
Benjamin Donahue
Benjamin Donahue 8 시간 전
Hate this version of the song. Even the dancing gets better after the Niki Minaj part lol
Otaku Ackerman
Otaku Ackerman 8 시간 전
Necesitooo tutoriaaaal!!!!!!!!!
tarcila silva carvalho
tarcila silva carvalho 8 시간 전
Tao de parabéns os coreanos 😁✌🤘👏👏👏👏
정대진 8 시간 전
Anjusha Patil
Anjusha Patil 8 시간 전
She reming me jhope
Amchrist .C
Amchrist .C 8 시간 전
This dance made my dad proud that I am dancing ...😁
Aiesha Clavejo
Aiesha Clavejo 8 시간 전
My favorite dance studio, that I thought could do no wrong.. could actually do something wrong.
Perla Mireya Rosales Medina
Perla Mireya Rosales Medina 8 시간 전
The dance they did was very sexual, but I feel that it has nothing to do with the concept of the song, certain steps are very abrupt and saturated it with a lot of sensuality. In my opinion, they must have put a little more dance
berlianayu eka09
berlianayu eka09 8 시간 전
javanese ini ya robbi
Ragz Harizon
Ragz Harizon 8 시간 전
Dabby is my favourite ♥️💯
Franco Alino
Franco Alino 8 시간 전
0:37 that was one of the cleanest/smoothest split leg back rolls I've ever seen
Sanjay Mesa
Sanjay Mesa 9 시간 전
Super dancing loving the dancing 😍😘
4K Gust?
4K Gust? 9 시간 전
I Love this Channel begginers ?? This is Pro
Sophia Talepita
Sophia Talepita 9 시간 전
Yo this is sick!?
Aisyah Mifthakhul Janah
Aisyah Mifthakhul Janah 9 시간 전
Keren bagus
Rocy Canales
Rocy Canales 9 시간 전
Me gusta el de pantalon negro
Latifa 2608
Latifa 2608 9 시간 전
The movements are not quite together
Funny Pikachu
Funny Pikachu 9 시간 전
Só lembro do Joshua dançando.. affer
0721 black
0721 black 9 시간 전
첫부분에 나온분들 ㄹㅈㄷ네
Ava Yearly Gibralki
Ava Yearly Gibralki 9 시간 전
I just found out that 1M does this too, it's perfect.
lynnn jde
lynnn jde 9 시간 전
5Ai `
5Ai ` 9 시간 전
the Swag Is 💯👌
Funny Pikachu
Funny Pikachu 9 시간 전
Amei demaisss
Fergi Alfa
Fergi Alfa 9 시간 전
Wanjirrrrr keren
Hua Fonn Ting
Hua Fonn Ting 9 시간 전
Their choreography is always made for choreography but not for song.
Violina N
Violina N 9 시간 전
a mina do kpop
a mina do kpop 9 시간 전
0:13 Taehyung in on
Evelynn Agony
Evelynn Agony 9 시간 전
the true of life
the true of life 9 시간 전
kofilms.info/chart/bidio/qNZls7Gml6qH3a4.html jhhfds
s t x r r y _ m i l k
s t x r r y _ m i l k 9 시간 전
“ring ding ding ding ding ding di dinggg”
Allyson Ainsworth
Allyson Ainsworth 10 시간 전
This is my favorite song from BLACKPINK if you guys are BLACKPINK you your kids BLACKPINK sorry if you know BLACKPINK I’m calling you back please I’m not sure I know BTS black pink fairy much BLACKPINK is awesome if you brought with you guys is super good and I really like this song it’s my favorite song is I said what’s the
Fch vvc
Fch vvc 10 시간 전
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Fch vvc 10 시간 전
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Fch vvc
Fch vvc 10 시간 전
Fhrg ejs rwjnwh thks iw kw kw u iwi 🙄🙄🙄😂😂
JOSE avila
JOSE avila 10 시간 전
Muy bien 😎
7_bts_ army_forever
7_bts_ army_forever 10 시간 전
those were the best 2:15 secs of my life.