Get On My Level.
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Fellas Like You
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I'm Sitting This One Out
Don't Stand By Me
3 개월 전
Am I in the right place?
4 개월 전
How bad do you want it?
The Giant
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Colonial Court Summons
Sully 2: Central Park
he just peed back there
Tucker's Last Stand
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This is Jeff
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Doctor's Orders
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It's just table talk
The Asteroid Belt
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Psycho Mode
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The N.A.T.E. Method
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Oi, Captain!
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Are those your dogs?
You're Already a Filmmaker!
Pretend That You Love Me
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Joel House
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The End of Dating:
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How I Make a Movie Alone
Comedian Podcast
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The Bounty Hunter
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The Open Road
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The Petyrs
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You're Lucky I'm Horizontal
Dirty Distancing (2020)
r/Tinder in a nutshell
Bortuga 2: Moretuga
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oh word?
10 개월 전
Sean Arnold
Sean Arnold 44 초 전
That's why i don't smoke OCD
Dancer Two
Dancer Two 55 초 전
Lol. The winrar reference.
Evil Pat
Evil Pat 2 분 전
Miles 7 분 전
Your dad would be so incredibly proud of how many laughs and smiles you brought into the world. You have done some amazing work worthy of praise. Please take some time off
Llaveroja27 17 분 전
I've never seen these people... I don't think they exist. I think they were only created for the video.
Chinnu Danturi
Chinnu Danturi 27 분 전
He could Have just a cardboard box costume with internet explorer printout on it. It would Have been a great joke.
Dairno Kiskoeln
Dairno Kiskoeln 32 분 전
Wow, we hate to do it to em
Martin Millaire
Martin Millaire 32 분 전
Marshall hates you.
Fancy Sheep
Fancy Sheep 32 분 전
"Bezos for dayzos" - The embodiment of all my fears.
Connor H
Connor H 32 분 전
Translation: Joel: I'm going to the store, do you want anything? Dad: chips Joel: ok
chagew8966 33 분 전
The animation is terrible. The voices are dumb. Plot goes nowhere, and I feel uncomfortable watching it. Please make more. I love it.
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez 34 분 전
in the next one you have to join forces with the rat lol
Nho Klew
Nho Klew 34 분 전
Man, bezos has watched this 13 thousand times, he must be having a tough time deciding
Pobuddy 35 분 전
Been there
Emerald Trash
Emerald Trash 36 분 전
SVAFnemesis 37 분 전
It's not real isn't it, the carbon monoxide thing, it's just screenwriting. c'mon I'm not feeling comfortable watching this
MagicCuboid 37 분 전
Joel, the reality and beauty of this film kind of leaves me at a loss for words. Authentic, beautiful, tragic... In one scene, you ask the question of what love is, and I believe your film is so genuine in trying to answer that question. You show us that love is the willingness to share in our inherent vulnerabilities, to rely on one another. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and sharing some love with the rest of us. I also hope the other actors are proud of the work you've achieved together. It's one thing to write and frame a story in such an enthralling way, but the performances here really do sell it and make it feel real. I don't even know you, but for some reason I just feel so proud of you for the success you've found and the work you've already achieved!
Mookie Lagaras
Mookie Lagaras 38 분 전
I watched Cody banks 2 last year after sorting out all my old DVD’s. If I were any less nostalgic I’m sure it would be a terrible movie.
Lane Capps
Lane Capps 42 분 전
He wants to break up with her not vise versa haha!
M W 44 분 전
And I was about to pay for a business degree
EpicBeard815 45 분 전
That wig is extra crispy
Sentel 46 분 전
Idk how you did it the comedy carried for the whole 13 minutes, better than anything I could do
The Saint Robert
The Saint Robert 47 분 전
JAM Productions
JAM Productions 47 분 전
How not a goddamned single person told me about you and your work, Joel, is my greatest regret. I need new friends. Full stop. This film is the greatest film I've seen in the last five years. And I mean that. I've watched Old Boy within the last five years. You are a true, goddamned artist who is deeply inspiring me to create for myself again. I've worked in advertising the last three years and it has been my only output creatively in that time. Since discovering your channel I have been watching at least 3 of your shortfilms every day and since then I have yet to watch a single one that I didn't love for one reason or another. Truly, your creativity and drive are a force that has inspired me to begin production on, technically my first shortfilm, WORLD EVENTS. Thank you, Joel. Maybe you'll get the chance to watch my film someday.
Connor 48 분 전
This is genuinely the most personal thing I've ever seen in my life. I feel like I've lived this life, felt this pain, felt this love. Even though I've only seen a glimpse. Thank you deeply for showing this, I cannot conceive how hard it would have been to share all these personal moments to the public. I feel honored.
Zenobeus 49 분 전
Thanks for taking the time.
E Dab
E Dab 54 분 전
Bro that camera angle from the floor made me more uncomfortable than anything else.
BiggerBrain 57 분 전
Did he respond yet?
dontpokethebear3893 시간 전
Kalel Almeida
Kalel Almeida 시간 전
Seeing this dude 4 the first time it's look like he is going to have a mental Breakdown
MarathonInfinityHalo 시간 전
that last shot gave me a Ed Kemper feel, godspeed you madman.
Seth Louis
Seth Louis 시간 전
Raspysquares 시간 전
Bruh my guts. That's a performance that deserves alot of attention. The editing helped for sure.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson 시간 전
Lmao literally as I'm going to sleep
DuckInColor 시간 전
0:01 what does the guys shirt say to the left
Seth Terry
Seth Terry 시간 전
The irony is my brother showing me this video on his phone.
miseryfoxtrotter 시간 전
I be vibing to that Moonlight Sonata in the background
adam etz
adam etz 시간 전
The one with that one thing that I have to get the kids out from school tomorrow morning to see the girls in school and green orange orange and green orange green blue blue green green black orange orange blue orange green green orange orange blue orange orange try
adam etz
adam etz 시간 전
I don’t know how much of the food you want to eat poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop fart poop poop fart fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart poop poop bill poop poop fart
adam etz
adam etz 시간 전
The one with that one thing I was like a little green blue blue socks blue blue and blue blue socks 🧦 socks
KonkeyDong 시간 전
When does this even take place?
Jenny 시간 전
this is my humor.
Mike Sinistar
Mike Sinistar 시간 전
You know, they kinda are the couple they're making fun of.
Bizarre? Maybe
Bizarre? Maybe 시간 전
This was such an epic RPG game.
Kol Skullkid
Kol Skullkid 시간 전
I'd love to see this but with cops
GrimLaughter 시간 전
that last guy in the air had me
Nathan Harrower
Nathan Harrower 시간 전
Wait I'm like actually so confused how u shot this all his reactions seem right chronologically to me
Tregeta 시간 전
I've had enough today, just watched two people die on KOfilms.
RaShayRitto 시간 전
I watch this video of yours about once a day
Srcsqwrn 시간 전
You made a documentary about my life??
Saphiros 시간 전
What the fuck that power rangers pager sound is my computer alert sound i had to watch this on a different device to make sure i wasn't losing my mind
Reis Parker
Reis Parker 시간 전
Fuck Lance. All my homies hate Lance. Also this movie captures a lot of painfully real awkwardness. This was the first of your movies I gave a go. Came for the RPG animation stayed for the raw emotional movie.
Alex W
Alex W 시간 전
You're laughing. This guy pooed his own butt out of his whole butt, and you're laughing.
Chris Katko
Chris Katko 시간 전
This is why the internet was invented.
DGtv - Daemon Gaming TV
DGtv - Daemon Gaming TV 시간 전
quality recommended
Tyler Steele
Tyler Steele 시간 전
In the end, who was managing who?
Antonio 시간 전
Every real estate agents job
First Time For Everything
First Time For Everything 시간 전
HOW only 3300 views. How.
Allie Rose
Allie Rose 시간 전
I’m gonna eat Terry
Eric Horner
Eric Horner 시간 전
No joke, I know this Caleb. Went to high school with him. He was the only white kid who could rap and he was also hilarious. Respect.
bsharpmajorscale 시간 전
Man, that dude is scary. I'm going to stay away from any cliffs and/or lighthouses from now on.
captain_awesome 21
captain_awesome 21 시간 전
I am sad to say that this was me all through middle school. Thinking that classic rock was the superior form of music and everything else was crap.
Football Dude
Football Dude 시간 전
Welp, after watching this, Id like some water.
Joel Bender
Joel Bender 시간 전
Hi Joel I'm Joel I like your videos <3
Marcus Bowen
Marcus Bowen 시간 전
I think this was a better movie than the new Lion king movie, even though that movie had real lions in it.
Ashley N
Ashley N 시간 전
Cohort 시간 전
I love that he implies Thebes is a mythical place
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah 시간 전
2 million for time in prison? Sounds like a deal
0rbital 시간 전
Nice...borrow from the Blade Runner soundtrack! 👍
Mister Clean
Mister Clean 2 시간 전
Very aesthetic
Coty McLaughlin
Coty McLaughlin 2 시간 전
This shit is so good. Thanks, Joel.
John Carl De los Santos
John Carl De los Santos 2 시간 전
It don't matter what you order because all of it will be shit. It will always be you and that toilet paper every after meal.
Harry Wicker
Harry Wicker 2 시간 전
3:10 who needs bras amirite?
Distran The Gloriously Deformed
Distran The Gloriously Deformed 2 시간 전
I love rotoscoping
CHAR KING 2 시간 전
well im just gonna watch some joel haver videos till this finishes processing in ebsynth
Plane Straggle
Plane Straggle 2 시간 전
Surprised this didn’t get taken off of YT after you dropped that many uncensored slamb****s
Dan Bann
Dan Bann 2 시간 전
Joel, you're incredible. I felt so much watching this. It's such a true telling of something really messed up happening, and then having a nice weekend, but just reliving the messed up thing the whole way through. Love your work.
AidenTheCrumpet 2 시간 전
If they only went to Tahiti.....
moleiroo 2 시간 전
This is great! Now I can't wait for the Tony L'azurro cinematic universe
Alexander Moen
Alexander Moen 2 시간 전
I appreciate that this video got to the point in a timely manner.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 2 시간 전
He disclosed to us The Secret™ behind his master pieces.