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Sylvester Sanchez
Sylvester Sanchez 21 시간 전
I’m excited for this fight. Regardless of the cristicism, it’s a step up for Gervonta. Like it’s his first step to real stardom BUT my only concern is if his team chose wrong. He could run through Santa Cruz but remember Santa Cruz isn’t going to let it happen, he is a champion. I personally think Davis team might be overlooking Santa Cruz.
Vinyl Art Collectibles
Vinyl Art Collectibles 21 시간 전
Last time I watched All Access it was Broner vs Maidana and I still rewatch that fight a lot today. I was stunned at the upset but Broner was wilding out on in that All Access I think Davis is taking all this more serious
Tyler Matiu
Tyler Matiu 21 시간 전
Brandon: Don't hit me hahaha
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 21 시간 전
Love Ray lewis.
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm 21 시간 전
This became a racial fight, even though no one wants to admit it.
Vinyl Art Collectibles
Vinyl Art Collectibles 21 시간 전
Save the date, October 31: Black Lambo Driver vs White Lambo Driver
VSVP J 21 시간 전
9:15 what's that jam called
jrreedjr34 21 시간 전
Waiting on Ray to get a DC job??
Deanthony Taylor
Deanthony Taylor 22 시간 전
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 22 시간 전
I've watched boxing for a very long time,since I was around 6-7 years old because of family boxing fans....other than Ali,my opinion Evander is probably the most purest boxer ever in the heavyweight if not all weight divisions.
David 22 시간 전
Floyd beat a MMA fighter.... wow, big deal. If Conner had more boxing training, it would have been a lot more challenging. By the way...Pacman, Pacquiao won that fight!
Странно Хрипы
Странно Хрипы 22 시간 전
The head of Scott didn’t move an INCH when that “devastating” right hand “landed”. Fakest shit I’ve seen
Louie Jada
Louie Jada 22 시간 전
Trouts face going out was the same as going in. I love cotto but landslide
David Morrison
David Morrison 22 시간 전
Ray's Football Acumen is Off the Chain!
get hyped !!
david russell
david russell 22 시간 전
chris mclin
chris mclin 22 시간 전
lmao the man look like the punisher 😂
B Ford
B Ford 22 시간 전
bulmaro melgoza
bulmaro melgoza 22 시간 전
Estás son peleas no como las del canelo nunca se afajado y aquí está pareja no veo ninguno deshidratado
B Ford
B Ford 22 시간 전
If he didn't have the passion that he has, he would've been an average player at best and been out of the league in a few years but because he did, he ended up with 2 Super Bowl rings a Gold jacket and many other accolades! One of the top five linebackers of ALL TIME!
Male Bro
Male Bro 22 시간 전
Nobody: Floyd:Yeaaahhhh
Kyle Pitzer
Kyle Pitzer 22 시간 전
There is no way I'm the only one hella annoyed with Floyd's daughter. Single handedly ruined the whole video. Loud/obnoxious lil girl annoying as fuck.
Shawn Prout
Shawn Prout 22 시간 전
Man this kid have heart and always joyful❤
Mark Posadas
Mark Posadas 22 시간 전
I can see Leo Sta Cruz will show the ala JMM like heart (Mexican) in the ring that will push Gervonta Davis to his limit. There will be a blood. Can't wait for this fight. Watta Trailer/ Preview by Showtime Sports.
Muhammad De Fajar
Muhammad De Fajar 22 시간 전
Tha Outlaw Pugilist
Tha Outlaw Pugilist 22 시간 전
Why is Floyd always speaking for Tank? dont he have a mouth piece
David Molina
David Molina 22 시간 전
Great match that can bring so much violence with finesse that makes this sport so uniquely beautiful yet brutal but only if both are willing to leave a piece of themselves in there for victory which I think they are 🤜💥🤛 Blessings to both sides🙏
CashGreedy 22 시간 전
That gay introduction be zoning me out 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Edward Chiles
Edward Chiles 22 시간 전
"6:40" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1410 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
WeJuggernaut Entertainment LLC
WeJuggernaut Entertainment LLC 22 시간 전
Biased. This whole special was made for everyone to root for Santa Cruz and to dislike Tank
Along with his athletic abilities Ray Lewis' knowledge and understanding of the game of football is absolutely off the charts! When I think of middle backers who operated like this I think of Mike Singletary.
César A. Marroquin
César A. Marroquin 23 시간 전
Hearing Ray talk defense is like hearing Pedro talk baseball pitching. Pure GOAT knowledge . Respect.
Pickle Mayo
Pickle Mayo 23 시간 전
The Goat for me. In my generation. People Champ!
Jorge Chavarria
Jorge Chavarria 23 시간 전
Damn, gervonta really came from almost nothing 😨 mad respect
Shawn Prout
Shawn Prout 23 시간 전
This fight showed Tank can go 12 flat out
Travis Coburn
Travis Coburn 23 시간 전
Rays IQ is insane
Midwest Mall
Midwest Mall 23 시간 전
Tank KO they want a nigga to lose
Matt Treez
Matt Treez 23 시간 전
hopefully Leos fans will just keep it boxing after he loses. blacks vs Mexicans always been a problem. black power brown pride lets fight together not against UNLESS its BOXING. Much love to everyone
Michael Rodela
Michael Rodela 23 시간 전
Tank won't Be a champion long just like Broner there's one thing he Lacks discipline if there's no discipline there is no champion, Wanting You cannot Take away from Mayweather like it or not this young man was disciplined to his training into himself that's why he's on the top and there will never be another Superstar not taking away nothing from the old Fighters example Ali Sugar Ray Leonard Durand Mike Tyson Julio Cesar Chavez Trinidad not taking nothing away from them but Mayweather was discipline in his prime and even past his prime tank has been caught drinking going to clubs partying with Broner Spencer this is why he will never stay on top long
Alexx Gonzalez
Alexx Gonzalez 23 시간 전
Bruh it hit me hard when he said he wanted someone like his coach on his corner like a father basically. Damn 💔😭
James Lee
James Lee 23 시간 전
The only reason people hate him is because they hate to see Floyd win
M V 23 시간 전
Gottttt dammm I wanted to make some popcorn 🍿 and watch this...this is GOLD!!
Louie Jada
Louie Jada 23 시간 전
You are the don of this shit Mayweather 🙌🙌🙌
Louie Jada
Louie Jada 23 시간 전
Getting chills watching Mayweather teach Davis. Couldn't ask for anything better bruh
The Magnetic Scorpio
The Magnetic Scorpio 23 시간 전
Coach Calvin got them hands. I wouldn't fuck with og fr. No wonder his whole camp is goons
masterman812 23 시간 전
I like how bmarsh challenged ray's philosophies and forced him to explain in more detail instead of just mindlessly agreeing.
eye 23 시간 전
Imagine if this is UFC Floyd might become KFC.
عبداللطيف 23 시간 전
Gervonta has had his record padded. He is a bully and he will be exposed
izzat abduxamidov
izzat abduxamidov 23 시간 전
DAVIS 80 / 20 LEO
Brian Bautista
Brian Bautista 23 시간 전
I want Santa Cruz to win but he is definitely not, he is past his prime and has been REALLY inactive. It's simply a name fight for Davis's record.
Poppoplewis Mancave
Poppoplewis Mancave 23 시간 전
Tank can box too trust me y’all haven’t seen the whole package yet, but if they want a war he ready if they want to box he ready he was born for this Baltimore on his back who stopping us 💪🏿
Stay Hard!
Stay Hard! 일 전
Haney vs Davis is the real fight Who's floyd gonna help tho??
Tres Nueve
Tres Nueve 일 전
Floyd was cracking jokes with his kids while boxing
MaelstromGuy 일 전
Fighting against a guy 2 divisions below, the next Mayweather aight
DaveMel13 일 전
Big win for gervontaa tank Davis
ZackGamerYT999 일 전
Now ik this is long ago but conor dont box ... why dont floyd fight him in the octagon
lit fam
lit fam 일 전
Everybody knows tank finna win bruh
Fili Riq
Fili Riq 일 전
Watching the fight now I realize Gamboa's wound on his foot. Watch as you hobble to your corner. What a pity. it could have been a better fight.
rusty Taylor
rusty Taylor 일 전
Davis's trainer is right about Leo wanting that type of fight, that's why he was given this fight. Coming up in weight he won't be able to take those shots, that's the plan anyway. this being a ppv is a joke.
William Gran
William Gran 일 전
Hey leo thank davis is overweight check the scale. Before fight look 147 pound
Sebastian Bravo
Sebastian Bravo 일 전
En el jale
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 일 전
17:38 best moment of the fight
Demon Zeeko
Demon Zeeko 일 전
I putting that money on tank fuck it
Mat Salvatore
Mat Salvatore 일 전
No preseason. No offseason work outs as a team or limited
shock toast
shock toast 일 전
Racism increased that day 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 일 전
By what his trainer said Davis is gonna hella run the whole fight hahaha
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes 일 전
You can talk and talk and talk bla nla bla bla bla bla bla and the end 2 in de ring they are the one Who decide wo win
Flow Futurama vol2
Flow Futurama vol2 일 전
Floyd it’s the corniest rich nigga in tv cameras
Antonio Montez
Antonio Montez 일 전
Lol tank is garbage- he’s fighting a 124 pounder at 135 wtf -didn’t want the Linares or Loma fight lol 😂 cherry picking like Gayweather
Joseph King
Joseph King 일 전
J. V.
J. V. 일 전
Sometimes the desire to win can hinder judgement.lol.
haidir wasli
haidir wasli 일 전
Leo Santa Cruz will annhaliate Tank!
fwd105 일 전
Rays Boom Boom room 😂😂😂 who approved that name
bson Chi
bson Chi 일 전
This Saturday, come see Dr Tank Davis, put Leo Santa Cruz to sleep without anesthesia.
Franklin Watson
Franklin Watson 일 전
Tank has power and Santa Cruz is very hittable. I have Tank by KO, but this is the sport of boxing, anything can happen.
Dallas Dyson
Dallas Dyson 일 전
He not ready for the Baltimorean Hercules!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey 일 전
Ray Lewis coaching anywhere? I feel like him and Ed Reed should be coaching.
Jason A
Jason A 일 전
Mayweathers prodigy gets KO'd and we move on.
Kartier Supreme White
Kartier Supreme White 일 전
Stuff 001
Stuff 001 일 전
Kent Bazemore now in Boxing?
thisizdub 일 전
Cruz appears to be Taylor Made for tank. He throws lots of punches and that leaves him open to get countered