TacticalBananas 시간 전
has it really been five years?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 시간 전
*I'm sure* everyone now wants a Japanese/Chinese AC: game? ...Or no one agrees? 😔
Iziah Mikell
Iziah Mikell 시간 전
Ash’s personality is literally what you would imagine an ash mains is
BRUH lol
BRUH lol 2 시간 전
song name guys?
Rat 2 시간 전
Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich
Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich 2 시간 전
No kill like overkill!
Rusher C4
Rusher C4 2 시간 전
Nerf gryphon to make things right
Benjamin Duplessis
Benjamin Duplessis 2 시간 전
David Torresani
David Torresani 2 시간 전
Sooooooooo coooool
Luca Sorice
Luca Sorice 2 시간 전
No gonna lie but Ace's words let me feel at safe😂
Darth Mortis
Darth Mortis 2 시간 전
*Tactical ops are five stage challenges that require intense communication, coordination and teamwork* Random teammate: "There's a lot of em"
Komrade Kow
Komrade Kow 3 시간 전
Daubeny, The master tactician. He fled from Apollyon's growing bloodlust and violence and formed a militia to order to protect himself until the time was right to stand up against Apollyon and the Blackstones. Once more, Daubeny has removed himself from the public's eye and is training not a militia, but an army. Daubeny has learned that hiding in the dark and waiting for light to shine through the darkness is no longer an option and will bring forth the honorable warriors that stand against the Warmonger's and their blight. Daubeny runs no longer, he shall stand and fight.
memeclan 3 시간 전
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas 3 시간 전
All in an effort to sell a season pass. I can't believe I expected something good outta this. I was actually contemplating getting the dlcs for Aiden Pearce and the other three character stories but at this point I'm completely good. I'll be selling my copy of this game to someone who might actually like it.
Rodrianius 4 시간 전
Can we have less Magic and Growing Crystals in this one?
Tyre Qu
Tyre Qu 4 시간 전
Any news on Aiden?
Tommygunstudios 5 시간 전
0:46 look its finka
it gives me goosebumps, i’ve played this with my dad 1-4 and i showed him five and now i will show him this ps4 or 5 when i get.... i dunno i feel like we made a bondage playing the trilogy together. he has been a good dad to me and my step mum and i wouldn’t be there without him. but the fact he’s going soon and i want to share the joy again playing fc4 with him and this i just break every time i see this. im sorry guys but i’m getting emotional here i felt like farcry throughout my harsh upbringing brought us closer we both loved it. thank you Ubisoft
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 5 시간 전
bruh they rly put funding for Tom clancy's ElItE SqUaD
Raymock1458_evolution 5 시간 전
Y rayman?
skudzer1985 5 시간 전
They should have named that 1701 one Anno 1305
Dany Desmarais
Dany Desmarais 6 시간 전
Why not a K-pop Viking that learn the other vikings how to dance, bleach their hair and lyp-sync ? Because I beleive that's not fair that asian people are not represented in your Viking game. If we follow the story of Ragnar like you do, there should be at least a couple of Chinese ninja Vikings with stealth ability that give Eivor a mysterious virus that he bring back to his camp and that's the reason why there is no Viking anymore today. The new end will be the chinese refusing to admit they gave Eivor the virus and then celebrate with their Viking axes and Viking beer, you know like real 3 foot 5 vikings did.
Dany Desmarais
Dany Desmarais 6 시간 전
this is beyond insulting !!! The armor is a simple reskin of the Thegn's armor !!! and ALL the buildings are copy/paste all over the place they are all the same !! it's so insulting I can't beleive this !! Good thing it's free because it doesn't worth 1 penny !! What a waste of time again after the epic failed Yule festival. Ubisoft, that's over for me, uninstalled everything with your name on it, enough is enough !!
oshiro sauro
oshiro sauro 6 시간 전
The true dahkiness
Travis Delgado-Bonson
Travis Delgado-Bonson 6 시간 전
I just bought the game yesterday. I'm so excited for this update
Tristan Young
Tristan Young 6 시간 전
Wtf with the rabbit I stop playing for honor since warmonger
Shazam 6 시간 전
Realism was dope in this one considering the release year and whatnot
sly kid
sly kid 6 시간 전
Age of deer🤣🤣🤣🤣
sly kid
sly kid 6 시간 전
Finally no monkey🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sly kid
sly kid 6 시간 전
Finally no monkey🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Uncaged Mango52
Uncaged Mango52 7 시간 전
My only thought was where is tachanka
black bear
black bear 7 시간 전
Keith Wallace
Keith Wallace 7 시간 전
Ashdon 7 시간 전
If y'all keep this game up to date it could be the next gta for a few years, and if u let the community decide what we want too :)
Jahy-Sama 7 시간 전
The bell is so brutal, it just feels mean. Anyways I lol’d.
OneandOn1ySquid 8 시간 전
i'm so hyped rn
Purple Hacker
Purple Hacker 8 시간 전
this aged well...
Alex Petley
Alex Petley 8 시간 전
Man it’s so cool seeing all the ops I’ve been playing for so many years have their own personalities and stories I hope to do more of these in the future.
Jester 8 시간 전
there needs to be more of these just matches between different teams. Cause all I know is Buck is on Vigil's team but it'd be nice to see every operators teams matches
Maximiliano Olguin
Maximiliano Olguin 9 시간 전
Orgullosamente mexicanos
Jay Jordan
Jay Jordan 9 시간 전
Why can't we get the proper models for Nomad, Fury, Fixit and Vasily that were featured in this trailer? Shown @2:04
A A 9 시간 전
I recognise that voice Hamish good stuff m8 👍
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 9 시간 전
Kali gonna get ddosed now by that sweaty Ash main
Eldon Selmani
Eldon Selmani 10 시간 전
I hope we actually get to concur Paris and not make an alliance with them
Domestic_dragons 10 시간 전
Trailer guy needs a raise
who? 10 시간 전
I want the bad guys to win forget peace war is the natural state of humanity to deny this will only destroy you in the long run
Nima 11 시간 전
Himanshu 11 시간 전
The most unrated Assassin's creed game
ThatGhostGuy 11 시간 전
You guys should start showing the other perspective of the person who’s being executed, I almost skipped out on “To the great beyond” until I saw what the opponent sees
Ticket-lucky 153
Ticket-lucky 153 12 시간 전
Ian Alt
Ian Alt 12 시간 전
where's my Zero elite skin??
Thierry Ferry
Thierry Ferry 12 시간 전
Ce jeu n'est qu'un grosse arnaque qui est faite pour attirer des gamins qui vont dépenser 50 euros par perso . Parce que pour farmer les 3 apparences Shovel il faut faire 60 000 acier ce qui prend 2 mois et ça c'est juste pour 1 perso . Ce jeu est juste une grosse arnaque a la carte bleu . For Honor nonnnnnnnnnn ...... Pour la Honte plutôt .
Corky McButterpants
Corky McButterpants 12 시간 전
_Dani Dani Dani Rojas Rojas! __-football-__ revolución is LIFE!!_
chakala810i 13 시간 전
i just finished this game 100%, every achievement and with all DLC. 365 hours. I really enjoyed it.
TooWolffie 13 시간 전
Bruh I miss watch dogs 1 online that was literally my gta suck they had to shut down the servers
NBK-Afroanne 13 시간 전
Anyone on Ps4 tryna Squad up for these?
Gede Mayoli
Gede Mayoli 14 시간 전
Lord chanka
J. Benjamin
J. Benjamin 14 시간 전
Should have stopped at AC Black Flag Ubisoft, you destroyed our franchise.
Hydrogenmissle 14 시간 전
Hydrogenmissle 14 시간 전
Ubisoft give us a good story in Ireland and repeatable trade missions new buildings in ravensthorpe. For seige of paris i basically just want an ac odyssey reskin (JUST FOR THAT ZONE) bounty system. Able to kill every civillian. mercanaries chase u. Nation power in zones and ability to lower it. Idk give us like 3 or 4 zones outside paris. And make it so seige is a new game mode like the river raids. Now that im a full fledged english viking i want to fight an all out medeval war with francia