DaBaby - SAD SH!T  [Audio]
Blame it on Baby
7 개월 전
Meet n Greet
년 전
Dplayer10k 17 시간 전
"whats 9+10?"
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 17 시간 전
who with me the into is fire
전규섭 17 시간 전
Search the Mushvenom.
전규섭 17 시간 전
He is a popular rapper in Korea.
Zakiya demond
Zakiya demond 17 시간 전
dababy got out of bed and said:lets gooo
-Śøùr_Çhèrrÿ- •
-Śøùr_Çhèrrÿ- • 17 시간 전
I swear every time I hear this song I do the thing they do in 1:13
-Śøùr_Çhèrrÿ- •
-Śøùr_Çhèrrÿ- • 17 시간 전
Me and my friend wanted to watch this video at school and we did 😂😂😂 SHE HAD TO DELETE HER HISTORY 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 this was last year this happened
kirby - aries
kirby - aries 17 시간 전
the lyrics : BOP 👶 😂 👮‍♂️ 🎭 📷 💴 💵 🚣‍♂️ 🚣‍♂️
joshua johnson
joshua johnson 17 시간 전
Long Live G
Cory Gurley
Cory Gurley 17 시간 전
Bluefaces son should do a remix with this lol
jay the gamer
jay the gamer 17 시간 전
this vid is like an movie....
마지막화 18 시간 전
??? : 딱딱따라딱~~~
Simon R
Simon R 18 시간 전
stan lee: ok tony stark what do you do tony: im super smart and i can fly in a robot suit stan: ok and mr dababy what can you do dababy: i can turn a n**ga into a convertable
Tara Hood
Tara Hood 18 시간 전
Kayne McCrea
Kayne McCrea 18 시간 전
out of all da coments u found dis one
Tara Hood
Tara Hood 18 시간 전
Beemnet Delnessahou
Beemnet Delnessahou 18 시간 전
It’s an amazing song 😍🤟🏽🤟🏽
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 18 시간 전
2:20 it’s the best moment in the song !
L3WDLemon 18 시간 전
I thought the title said "PEEHOLE" 😂
Austin Sessler
Austin Sessler 18 시간 전
heard this first week it came out on audiomack lol
Nate xsas
Nate xsas 18 시간 전
Ma daughter three see say me killed a n*gga before the age a two
sawangphong 18 시간 전
i love you
nsamba taufeeq
nsamba taufeeq 18 시간 전
Say hi to the NRA
ani le
ani le 18 시간 전
Let's go to billion
Victoria Lingard
Victoria Lingard 18 시간 전
Negão lindo do caralhoo 😍😍😍
Makayla grant
Makayla grant 18 시간 전
Hi dababy
Irina Warren
Irina Warren 18 시간 전
Who is here because of instagram
Ryann Cartwright
Ryann Cartwright 18 시간 전
Damn I lost my brother this year as well. This hit different for me
holierz31 18 시간 전
Torky Assiry
Torky Assiry 18 시간 전
Jeppe Linnerup
Jeppe Linnerup 18 시간 전
Brick Oven Pizza?
Jeremy Kirk
Jeremy Kirk 18 시간 전
3.1k people ain’t NEVER experienced a loss of a loved one and it shows.NO WAY you could you could put a thumbs down on this song get real 🥱
Optalgin 18 시간 전
Even if them guns real aint no dumbass gon' film with them up in his face if they aint empty.
Bentley sims
Bentley sims 18 시간 전
Dababy: She told me she wanna have kids I told her don't know what that is Dababy’s daughter : 👁💧👄💧👁
Scott Weekley
Scott Weekley 18 시간 전
Best rapper in 2020
Steven Dick
Steven Dick 18 시간 전
Shit made me cry legit bro. Such a good one. Rip G.
opened eye
opened eye 18 시간 전
He held back tears when making this...you can hear it in his voice
Jose Carrion
Jose Carrion 18 시간 전
MONZA 18 시간 전
Sway Sway555
Sway Sway555 18 시간 전
you can cry we wont judge bro let it all out
張少偉 18 시간 전
I love youi like you da baby
Warlock Gaming
Warlock Gaming 18 시간 전
this is how covid spread
KaninDuden 18 시간 전
grand dad go to the barber and get at cut with a cap on make sense
Nekki Carreon
Nekki Carreon 18 시간 전
The bitch in pink on the right side ruined the ending
Don Trick
Don Trick 18 시간 전
Sound like Lucky Ramone song Called Player🤔
Deddy Yan Setiawan
Deddy Yan Setiawan 19 시간 전
Fuck You!
Fuck You! 19 시간 전
Zombie apocalypse coming real soon 🙏🏼. Subliminal messages.
Cookie Monsta
Cookie Monsta 19 시간 전
Love this shit lol 😝
Lary Martin
Lary Martin 19 시간 전
This shit still slap hard asf
Pam Siewert
Pam Siewert 19 시간 전
You are the best
Leonith Oneil
Leonith Oneil 19 시간 전
Dababy is mumbling wow
Skinny Bob
Skinny Bob 19 시간 전
the song sucks
eJUMPZ AirSoft
eJUMPZ AirSoft 19 시간 전
On some real shit this made me really reflect on my life. Don’t need my little brothers making a song about me
amira Johnson
amira Johnson 19 시간 전
grandpa funny lol ily dbabyy
Xelous 19 시간 전
Why isn’t it still in spotify it has been over a month!!
leavemevlone 19 시간 전
Fortnite kids in for a suprise
Mexi Cano
Mexi Cano 19 시간 전
I just realized that this song and cleaning crew form jackboy sound the same
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 19 시간 전
Jesus #1 no cap all fax. We have to give all the glory and praise to God and fear him. His judgment is coming and you want to be in heaven for eternity. Verse: "He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.” Revelation 14 7 God bless Websites: BibleGateway VerseOfTheDay
Victoria Green
Victoria Green 19 시간 전
What happened to "MORALS"??? These kids these days have no damn self respect!!!!!
Wicked Chicken
Wicked Chicken 19 시간 전
I'm sorry for y'all saying that his flow is repetitive, but it never gets old.
Kendall Blue
Kendall Blue 19 시간 전
Bruh this remind me of queen and slim 😩❤️
Abijeet Sunar
Abijeet Sunar 19 시간 전
Melvin 19 시간 전
Police: why are you speeding at the speed limit DaBaby: im cut like dat
Guillaume Camilleri
Guillaume Camilleri 19 시간 전
LLN my lil bro 1996-2020
seon baird
seon baird 19 시간 전
I lv this song so much that it's my ringtone and when a message comes up
Not sud?
Not sud? 19 시간 전
IM ON FIRE 19 시간 전
Ngl I slept on baby at first. Thought he was just another artist with no substance. Man was I wrong. This guy is so talented. He will end up a one of the greats IMO.
Ketoya Carruth
Ketoya Carruth 19 시간 전
🥺💔🥺💔🥺💔 I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy praying for DaBaby and his family 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙💙
Markehz Arceneaux
Markehz Arceneaux 19 시간 전
Long live G man
Deborah Carter
Deborah Carter 19 시간 전
Why?do Robby shot then but not in scenes? Answer me
Jack Scott
Jack Scott 19 시간 전
Sad that they had to speed up the song to be as quick as eminem
Neo Adamd
Neo Adamd 19 시간 전
Your daughter real cute
Mik Moni
Mik Moni 19 시간 전
This sum funny ass shit
Жандос Ахметов
Жандос Ахметов 19 시간 전
Моргенштерн лучше
Gauge Finton
Gauge Finton 19 시간 전
🖕🏻to the 3.1k that disliked this
José Ramón Prados Álvarez
José Ramón Prados Álvarez 19 시간 전
felicidades has encontrado el unico español
keepitmoving85 20 시간 전
this song is fire
Somebody Zgra
Somebody Zgra 20 시간 전
Me and da homies vibe to dis everyday
Lady T
Lady T 20 시간 전
Dope Song! kofilms.info/chart/bidio/k8pn0Jt6lMh2tYA.html
jaehwan jeong
jaehwan jeong 20 시간 전
Rufus Maximus
Rufus Maximus 20 시간 전
1:38 the cameraman begins to sweat a little