YUNGBLUD Performs ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ & ‘WEIRD!’ | MTV Push

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Check out these exclusive performances of ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ & ‘WEIRD!’ with VMA Nominee, YUNGBLUD.
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MTV 3 개월 전
In this extended interview with exclusive performances, MTV VMAs nominee YUNGBLUD dives into to tell us how his early-teen influences and an unforgettable night playing London’s Brixton Academy inspired his energetic singles, “Strawberry Lipstick” & WEIRD!” + BONUS interview content.
Marta Meza
Marta Meza 개월 전
No manches
Tiff 3 개월 전
Tracy Stiles
Tracy Stiles 2 시간 전
Love him so much ❤️🤗🤗
Pam Rafaelová
Pam Rafaelová 14 일 전
TessaAnn 15 일 전
He has the best voice ever
Clara Benavente
Clara Benavente 15 일 전
God I can’t express how hearing the chorus of strawberry lipstick makes me feels, well, it happens every time I hear dom’s voice but the chorus it’s in a whole ✨new level✨
Tracy Stiles
Tracy Stiles 개월 전
I love it and him ❤️ so much 🤗🤗🤗
Alice Dobrev
Alice Dobrev 개월 전
David Fletcher
David Fletcher 개월 전
Shelly Provines
Shelly Provines 개월 전
I need to find the chords to Weird. I swear. It's SUCH a good song!
fake fate
fake fate 개월 전
Love him to death♡
Hisyamuddin Azhar
Hisyamuddin Azhar 개월 전
Rita Lúcio
Rita Lúcio 개월 전
What happened to dom’s guitar in the first music?
wierszokleta yeah bunny
wierszokleta yeah bunny 2 개월 전
But why isnt his guitar plugged in during strawberry lipstick?? 😅😅
Sebastian Clark
Sebastian Clark 2 개월 전
Why is doms guitar always so quiet in the mix its unfair
Ed Diaz
Ed Diaz 2 개월 전
4:49 took me out
Nicolas jesus
Nicolas jesus 2 개월 전
De pana
Callum W Turner
Callum W Turner 2 개월 전
He’s plugged in on his Instagram video of this but here he’s blatantly unplugged so weird
niximaxicsajszi 2 개월 전
4:08 OK I'M DEAD
ValleKarma 2 개월 전
Is that okey that I dont really like Weird official song but I can not stop listening this version of it!?
hard throbbing burrito
hard throbbing burrito 2 개월 전
OMG his voice I literally cant lol.
Christine C
Christine C 2 개월 전
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
A pair of geniuses. I always forget how important Adam is. What a legend 👍 (it is Adam right?}
Herbertad 2 개월 전
could have been a Punk hymn in the 70s
marsh mellow
marsh mellow 2 개월 전
He looks like my shih tzu awww
FoXyThEfLyInGfOoX100 2 개월 전
Do strawberry lipsticks and lemonade together
Sidney G
Sidney G 2 개월 전
To the person reading this: You have fantastic taste in music 🖤
Morgane 7 일 전
@Enzo Santilli and lack self control
Enzo Santilli
Enzo Santilli 10 일 전
Yes. And a toxic attitude, too :)
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
Yes I do. So you do you 👍
Kara Boy
Kara Boy 2 개월 전
He looks like a beatiful girl...
J P 2 개월 전
Acoustic versions are awesome too !
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
My yungblud favourites are the acoustics
Sebastian Delgado
Sebastian Delgado 2 개월 전
This kinda makes me mad lol, i fckn love Dom talent, but strawberry lipstick and lemonade are sooo poorly produced, they sound cheap, it has no soul, and lacks the rawness of brit punk... this version even with acoustic guitars (which dont fit this style) sound SO MUCH BETTER, since his peak in popularity with Parents his music hasnt been the same, he's pandering to his existing fandom
Miguel Rodríguez Delgado
Miguel Rodríguez Delgado 2 개월 전
Did anyone noticed that Dom's guitar is muted? (in the first song)
混蛋Hurt 2 개월 전
I need more music from him
dominika oleksy
dominika oleksy 2 개월 전
more yungbluda on tv on mtv
Pedro Fernández
Pedro Fernández 2 개월 전
A nice crazy guy
Ty 2 개월 전
Simplemente hermoso 🖤
Lorena Somma
Lorena Somma 2 개월 전
cafecito 2 개월 전
esto es arte 😔👌🏾
Lorena Somma
Lorena Somma 2 개월 전
Ayumi Sho
Ayumi Sho 2 개월 전
He's so underrated I can't-
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
He's getting there. The ratings are coming. You don't know what's gonna happen next
bailey 2 개월 전
Milena Gorszkowiak
Milena Gorszkowiak 2 개월 전
my inspiration!!
Abby Ortiz
Abby Ortiz 2 개월 전
Me Encanta Este Tipo😍 Lo Que Canta☄
Ludovico De Lisio
Ludovico De Lisio 3 개월 전
I think Dom wasn’t plugged in XD
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
That was defo unolugged
Jaime Baird
Jaime Baird 3 개월 전
Wtf did I just watch
maryam abdulla
maryam abdulla 2 개월 전
Jaime Baird U just watch the love of my life sing 🖤
Julia Ridgeley
Julia Ridgeley 3 개월 전
always w the intense eye contact
艾米玩pubg的 3 개월 전
His good
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 3 개월 전
His voice is better than ever. What a legend
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 3 개월 전
Mc lovin 🖤
ツSAD𓂬TIMESツ 3 개월 전
i vote yungblud in VMA
Nataly Miranda
Nataly Miranda 3 개월 전
I wake up everyday to listen to yungblud. The only reason im still here 😌🖤
Kookie Pie
Kookie Pie 2 개월 전
@Nataly Miranda 😌
Nataly Miranda
Nataly Miranda 2 개월 전
Kookie Pie yes indeed
Kookie Pie
Kookie Pie 2 개월 전
Aah yes someone with taste
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
Come on guys. There's lots of reasons you're still here. Yungblud just helped you realise that. When you surround yourself with happiness, you'll look back and see that. 👍 Yungblud is a proper legend
Vikki Maddox
Vikki Maddox 2 개월 전
Same here, hes saved my life for sure 🖤
Avalynn Grace
Avalynn Grace 3 개월 전
Got this on repeat 24/7
ツSAD𓂬TIMESツ 3 개월 전
shahriar balouchi
shahriar balouchi 3 개월 전
this is the worst music in the world. Not everyone should be singing. Not everyone has talent. This guy is taking the onus off of his music with all the WOW he's rocking on his face and wardrobe.
Someone 2 개월 전
Maybe you don’t like this kind of style of music but it depends on every person and also his clothes are his decision and I personally love it and dress the same it’s just alternative and a lot of people are into it. Doesn’t mean u need to like it but it’s not anything bad just because it doesn’t fit your normi standards
maryam abdulla
maryam abdulla 2 개월 전
l f lmaoo 😂🖤
l f
l f 3 개월 전
@__ bruh...
__ 3 개월 전
Completely agree. This guy is complete trash and his look died a long time ago, and for a good reason... it just sucks.
l f
l f 3 개월 전
This is the worst singing in the "world?" U haven't heard me in the shower. I personally think the message behind his music is more important
Bry TheBee
Bry TheBee 3 개월 전
The most beautiful man on the planetttt🥺
Baby Boss
Baby Boss 3 개월 전
Amazing voice, beautiful human
Tiffany H
Tiffany H 3 개월 전
I love all of Dom’s music, but there’s just something about Weird! Gives me chills 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect 3 개월 전
Does anyone else kind of hear grow old with you and love stinks from wedding singer in strawberry lipstick?
IW DS 2 개월 전
Grim Scum
Grim Scum 3 개월 전
Grim Scum
Grim Scum 2 개월 전
Erdem Çelik i understand u completely! you’re opinion is valid
Grim Scum
Grim Scum 2 개월 전
Erdem Çelik i don’t have parents so 😂😂😂😂 as u can also see i’m not bashing anyone for liking it, whatever floats your boat bro 🖤✨
Someone 2 개월 전
It’s not cringe it’s just his aesthetic and his energy and just alternative
Grim Scum
Grim Scum 3 개월 전
l f ain’t nothing wrong with liking it :(
__ 3 개월 전
Mega cringe
Tiff 3 개월 전
*I love him!* ❤️
Anna Mazzon
Anna Mazzon 3 개월 전
Андрей Игоревич
Андрей Игоревич 3 개월 전
eigroeG llehctiM
eigroeG llehctiM 3 개월 전
i love this. his voice is incredible. 10/10
Montavious Gray XX
Montavious Gray XX 개월 전
Mickey Young
Mickey Young 3 개월 전
Take it easy on me💟✌
IlllllIllIIIllIlI 3 개월 전
Yeah take it easy man ..
I Hate Moths
I Hate Moths 3 개월 전
Perez 3 개월 전
Hokuto Tongi
Hokuto Tongi 3 개월 전
M P 3 개월 전
It’s Nancy from “The Craft” movie at it again! you’re sorry? you’re sorry?😂😂
Nvoipcrumly Iolkj
Nvoipcrumly Iolkj 3 개월 전
Youre right
swm group
swm group 3 개월 전
This is strangely interesting.. Imma music lover. Not bad.
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
This comment is interesting. Listen some more. I'm sure you'll love it
Desconhecida 0.2
Desconhecida 0.2 3 개월 전
I love him💕🖤🖤😍
vacanator stallone
vacanator stallone 3 개월 전
Hahahahaha haha can’t take this clown seriously lol first mumble rap now mumble white music
Someone 2 개월 전
Well idk about you but I clearly understand what he is saying and I don’t know the lyrics maybe you should get your ears checked
vacanator stallone
vacanator stallone 3 개월 전
Marion K hahahahahahahahahahaja
Marion K
Marion K 3 개월 전
@vacanator stallone you're the one telling me to have my ears checked? Something doesn't feel right🤔 This dude has TALENT, he sings perfectly in tune. I'm sorry if you're unable to hear that, you're really missing out🖤
l f
l f 3 개월 전
His music makes me happy
Elipsaun Films
Elipsaun Films 3 개월 전
Lmao, are you seriously calling him a clown? You're ridiculous. This is not "mumble white music," the fact that you're just so blissfully ignorant in your own little world makes me laugh. He has a strong accent and that's why it sounds like "mumble" to you. If you ACTUALLY listened to his music and read the lyrics even ONCE you'd easily be able to hear through the accent and hear the words. Mumble rap is nothing like this. Go educate yourself. You probably listen to 6ix9ine.
By David
By David 3 개월 전
Helo thanks for sharing very good moment like 86 the result is fantastic
I have a massive crush on lev cameron
I have a massive crush on lev cameron 3 개월 전
I listen to this song everyday I love it
survival evolution
survival evolution 3 개월 전
you see stars about these guys
Raluca Fechita
Raluca Fechita 3 개월 전
HAM THE JAM 3 개월 전
This made my day:: A star is rising we may be seeing a new #STARSINGER
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 3 개월 전
King's 🖤🖤
duffsfowler 3 개월 전
Dom doesn’t need autotune Autotune needs Dom
I’m A Potato Suck On Dat
I’m A Potato Suck On Dat 3 개월 전
duffsfowler so true oml
Anna Mazzon
Anna Mazzon 3 개월 전
I Hate Moths
I Hate Moths 3 개월 전
Exactly 😂
Rzney clxaps
Rzney clxaps 3 개월 전
To the person reading this You are blessed and will have a wonderful day ❤️❤️ and stay safe 🥺
TheMegan Shark
TheMegan Shark 3 개월 전
You too!
Mozza Quinn
Mozza Quinn 3 개월 전
He seems like such an amazing, genuine, super supportive, inspirational, accepting person, I would love to meet him one day
The Legend Of The Squish
The Legend Of The Squish 개월 전
@Kurt Lessnar your pathetic
*LillyLally* ;-;
*LillyLally* ;-; 2 개월 전
@Kurt Lessnar ok boomer
Sean Ransome
Sean Ransome 2 개월 전
@Kurt Lessnar 😂wackos. Bro, it's 2020. These wackos are the future 😂
Moni Fornousová
Moni Fornousová 2 개월 전
All you said here, he really is.
Kurt Lessnar
Kurt Lessnar 3 개월 전
These are the wackos the idiot youth like these days how pathetic
duffsfowler 3 개월 전
Loving the little tails 🖤❤️🖤❤️
Lizbeth Rojas
Lizbeth Rojas 3 개월 전
Martyn Lucas
Martyn Lucas 3 개월 전
I love this music. The music is everything. In these times more than ever. Thank you for keeping the music going. You inspired me. I believe now is the time for music. So I’m addicted. I upload my music every day. Thank you for leading the way. Lots of my shows are KOfilms fundraisers. Supporting great causes and supporting theatres. Thanks for the inspiration.
No 3 개월 전
Apurbo Shorker
Apurbo Shorker 3 개월 전
first comment🖤
XizzyFishy 3 개월 전
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