You're making all three? [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.10.13]

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▶Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.49
- Every Tuesday 06:15 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- Cast: Do Kyeongwan, Lee Gyeonggyu, Lee Yeongja
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Theredevils 302
Theredevils 302 2 일 전
Jongkook must be regret for not married this talented actress
JeffsMetaGaming 3 일 전
i wonder if yoon eun hye and kim jung kook was just waiting for each other XD
X X 4 일 전
My mom loves baking bread as well, and honestly all the hitting and smashing is what makes the bread chewy!
E B 5 일 전
My dream wife... if she gets married I'll only be happy if she marries KJK or me...
Arcile Tatlongmaria
Arcile Tatlongmaria 5 일 전
Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady & Lie to me.
Arcile Tatlongmaria
Arcile Tatlongmaria 5 일 전
Yoon Eun Hye...missed u
Julidyn Bernido
Julidyn Bernido 8 일 전
Please upload full episodes of the new ones.
Tralala_Beez 9 일 전
I think instead of living with friends, she needs to just start her own family. I think she wants people that she can take care of. That's why she likes to cook for her friends.
Didn't she say in CP documentary she'd get married after working a bit more?
Chona Montemayor
Chona Montemayor 10 일 전
Request for her to guest in Running Man and reconnect with Kim Jong Kook and the rest of the crew
Petrichor 10 일 전
My lovely actris & my lovely BGM 🔥💜
haryati Haryati
haryati Haryati 11 일 전
Suka banget liat Yoon eun hye sejak Princess hours tiap hari pingin liat kabar dia,semoga bahagia cantik,Salam dari Indonesia
Catherine Velasco
Catherine Velasco 12 일 전
Who among you here noticed IZ*ONE's Ayayaya? It that was played as bgm? 😍
swttuth0329 12 일 전
She is such a gem. I hope to see her more
Cherie 15 일 전
Can we have a show Eun Hye's Kitchen? She can cook whatever she likes. I can watch her doing random things at home too, love the house so much
Geralt The Rivia
Geralt The Rivia 16 일 전
I know people are tired hearing about this but.. I'm gonna be the happiest guy in the world if jongkook and her finally get together. Even though they have nothing to do with my life.
Unfortunately the chances of that happening isn't high...
Mohd Raymee
Mohd Raymee 16 일 전
After all these years Eun Hye finally came back to prime TV shows 👍👍
Yara A
Yara A 16 일 전
She is f- talented!
NCT we the real vibe killer
NCT we the real vibe killer 16 일 전
she's an all-rounded celebrity huhu
TheGamingTofu 18 일 전
Damn I missed her UwU
Alister Sarut'z
Alister Sarut'z 19 일 전
Kim Jong Kook should marry her.
Sophia Umeh
Sophia Umeh 19 일 전
My best Korean actress.
Luziaf the Loner
Luziaf the Loner 19 일 전
When she got married someday, her husband will be happy
James Gaming
James Gaming 12 일 전
Jhericulous 3
Jhericulous 3 20 일 전
Kim jong kooookkkk
Tommy Field
Tommy Field 20 일 전
She need a know who he is.
SD 19 일 전
Iman Shah yup 👍
Myza Nasa
Myza Nasa 21 일 전
I want to be your housemate.. You are so talented
ali elkadiki
ali elkadiki 21 일 전
I had the biggest crush ever on her when I was young damn the nostalgia
Elizabeth 19 일 전
Nur_Hasfiza 22 일 전
5:49 - 6:57 AYAYAYA IZ*ONE
Scott Petyin
Scott Petyin 23 일 전
Please why nobody saying that she can bake through only watching videos 😍❤️❤️💯💯💯GENIUS
K I 3 L T
K I 3 L T 24 일 전
She's passionate in cooking and her fridge is neat and well organized.😍
Mercedita Jarabejo
Mercedita Jarabejo 24 일 전
Still my fave in Coffee Prince 😍
Teresita Azada
Teresita Azada 24 일 전
Who's guy would not be empress of her cooking? I bet every man would fall in love with her, she's truly wife material,I love her kitchen, everything is really organized and net,big kitchen living room really nice she's beautiful,
MarisaReyes Lakwatsera'sVlog
MarisaReyes Lakwatsera'sVlog 24 일 전
I'm the only one who always confused park shin hye and her?
Jazlynn Yeo
Jazlynn Yeo 24 일 전
Does anyone know how much is the butter?? Edit: I tried her recipe and overall it was great!!! :)))) But a bit salty for my taste.
hamba tuhan
hamba tuhan 26 일 전
i think her face changed because she is alcoholic before and sleepless, but now her face back to normal again maybe because healthy lifestyles. she is beuty again like eun chan coffee prince❤️
Mari Antonia Garillo
Mari Antonia Garillo 27 일 전
Amazing grace......very talented ..youre the best........
M Lim
M Lim 29 일 전
I'm happy to see Yoon Eun Hye being active again. I hope to see her in more dramas. I love her in Princess Hours and My Fair lady ❤❤❤ Natural beauty and kind nature
jarvim tabia
jarvim tabia 20 일 전
Mercedita Jarabejo
Mercedita Jarabejo 24 일 전
What is her IG I want to follow her
aya kreuk
aya kreuk 개월 전
i just noticed she looks like a young Kris Aquino
GYEH LOVE 28 일 전
Kris Aquino underwent lots of surgery... for me her original face doesn't look like YEH at all...
Ofie Chua
Ofie Chua 29 일 전
I've noticed it too, the first time I encounter her drama princess hours. That's why I become interested coz I'm a fan of kris Aquino, and now a fan of Yoon eun Hye
Atiqah Omar
Atiqah Omar 개월 전
Dis program will make KJK really fall in love with her. She beautiful, Excellent in cooking n brilliant in acting too.
victoria nuke
victoria nuke 개월 전
OMG ... The one who guide me to kdrama ... Love her so much
soen hok
soen hok 개월 전
when she kneading the dough, ok.... she's pro.
Andy Tjhin
Andy Tjhin 개월 전
Did anyone know the song in 3:47?
So Ri
So Ri 개월 전
So happy to seeing my 1st fav korean actress again. Unni i will definitely try your recipe. Thanks a lot unni 🙆‍♀️ Please be healthy & be happy💐
riens83 개월 전
Still cute we wait for ur new drama eun hye
Kwon Jieya
Kwon Jieya 개월 전
I love her!
Myss Peely YT Channel
Myss Peely YT Channel 개월 전
Love her
Bts Hayati
Bts Hayati 개월 전
I loveee this lady
Angelou Supera
Angelou Supera 개월 전
What episode was this?
Ashley O'Hara
Ashley O'Hara 개월 전
Shes a pro
bulgam qamara
bulgam qamara 개월 전
I heard Izone ✨✨✨
Muhd Idham
Muhd Idham 개월 전
Please be a runningman guest
Fara Hani
Fara Hani 개월 전
She sing. She dance, she act, she fight. She bakes, she cook. What can't she do? Amazing woman
Eugene Lim
Eugene Lim 2 일 전
She can't appear on Running Man.
SD 28 일 전
Fara Hani yup she’s amazing 😉
Farah Fauzi
Farah Fauzi 개월 전
Do her friends pay her though for asking her doing all that hahah must be really tedious to cater all of the different menus
Merciless Enemy
Merciless Enemy 25 일 전
I bet no
Aprilliya Susanti
Aprilliya Susanti 개월 전
So in love with eun hye -ssu
minikira 개월 전
I search for xman variety show after longing all these videos many years ago.. eun hye n joong kook my fav in that show.. n now youtube recommend me to this video... i’m happy for her.. adorable and talented... i know she is very good in art but in cooking is new to me.. 🥰😻
Suzzaine Parondo
Suzzaine Parondo 개월 전
Please please please appear on running man 😍😍😍
Eyensiiel F.
Eyensiiel F. 개월 전
Ayaya is the song from IZ*ONE
Rety Sweetys
Rety Sweetys 개월 전
Di Viu dah gak ada lagi ini acara 😭😭😭😭 padahal dah penasaran banget sama mbak yang satu ini buat next episode nya 😩😩😩 nyari2 dah gak ketemu coba .
rahmi fauziyah
rahmi fauziyah 개월 전
Yoon eun hye ❤❤❤
thegumworms 개월 전
it's been so long since i've seen yoon eun hye. I didn't know she is such a great cook! I think she will be a good addition to Youn's kitchen or a show something like it hehehe
Alex Loi
Alex Loi 개월 전
Still my crush till now
Fallen Rose
Fallen Rose 개월 전
Can someone tell me why people hate her? I still can’t understand till now , i’ve been searching why but even if i read and watch video I still can’t see why she being hated
Ica Nur
Ica Nur 개월 전
Anjalie Ann
Anjalie Ann 개월 전
Pretty,can act,strong and can cook Now i know why jongkook oppa likes her uwu😂😍
Amirah Azman
Amirah Azman 개월 전
Omaigad the bgm
gyugyu 개월 전
Omg she was wearing hoop earrings when she wrestled ho dong. My anxiety spiked
Jalyssa Johnson
Jalyssa Johnson 개월 전
I want to live with her
Straight into my kokoro
Straight into my kokoro 개월 전
So happy our princess is back! 🥰🥰🥰
Jadey 개월 전
She was my favorite actress during high school 😭😭😭💕💕💕💕
Edwin L
Edwin L 개월 전
Alyani Ali
Alyani Ali 개월 전
Such a wife material
Maria S
Maria S 개월 전
It's good to see her back on screen..
PuPay Official
PuPay Official 개월 전
Hope to see her in drama again
Yuri Villalva
Yuri Villalva 개월 전
When Izone's song was played It made me very proud😊
Devina Surya
Devina Surya 개월 전
Wow, she's good at baking and cooking! ❤️
rerey rerey
rerey rerey 개월 전
Jaycee Zorrilla
Jaycee Zorrilla 개월 전
Another drama with Ju Ji Hoon pleaseeee!!!
Annie Castro
Annie Castro 개월 전
I miss you PRINCESS HOUR!!!🥰
B. R
B. R 개월 전
I love this lady - it’s refreshing to see her face every time ❣️😍❤️
King Sisyphus
King Sisyphus 개월 전
Eun hye in variety shows... Makes me excited as a running man fan 🤣
Melita Paras
Melita Paras 개월 전
She’s really talented indeed, i read it some were once
Hajatiana RAOBISON
Hajatiana RAOBISON 개월 전
I want her to be with Gong yoo oppa , they make a beautiful couple
Hajatiana RAOBISON
Hajatiana RAOBISON 개월 전
our Eun hye is the best, still supporting you unnie
iambeansent 개월 전
She has to guest in Running Man soon!
HalfOfPotato 개월 전
she really know how to bake
andy101763 개월 전
Nothing has changed, she’s still so beautiful as ever.
Okik E.
Okik E. 20 일 전
No contest
BellaAnastasia. Wannie
BellaAnastasia. Wannie 개월 전
Donna Kirton
Donna Kirton 개월 전
I love this actress ever since I watched Coffee Prince, she's a beautiful woman 🌍
Cloud Seleno
Cloud Seleno 개월 전
I miss her so much
winda catanti
winda catanti 개월 전
I remember she was in lie to me drama, aaaa cute
dian rtiwi
dian rtiwi 개월 전
Finally I can watch her again😭
Serenity Sphere
Serenity Sphere 개월 전
She's a kind of friend everyone wants
Aarushi Mittal
Aarushi Mittal 개월 전
Where can I get the full videos
Princess Sophie Punzalan
Princess Sophie Punzalan 개월 전
Wait what is happening?? Yoon Eun Hye is active again?? :o my heart! ❤ Haven't seen her for so long! so glad to see her doing shows again! (Btw, I just rewatched Lie To Me, Coffee Prince, and Princess Hours last Oct 18-21 😅 while watching, I was wondering the whole time why Yoon Eun Hye suddenly became inactive/why she stopped creating new dramas 🤣 but now here we are ❤ she's active again! 😭❤ p.s. I can't still get over the fact about what Kang Ji Hwan did (main lead of Lie To Me). So disappointing 😔)
Gdragon Ruffa
Gdragon Ruffa 개월 전
Make a youtube channel😊😊
Gea Ghibrella
Gea Ghibrella 개월 전
i’m waiting eun hye unni will be a guest in running man hahaa i wanna se jungkook reaction
wataya is coming
wataya is coming 개월 전
IZ*ONE AYAYAYA as bg music. Yeah I'm lovin it.
NakoNyaaa 개월 전
Never thought I would hear Ayayaya from IZ*ONE here ❤️
MorJee PLays
MorJee PLays 개월 전
Adenikeify 개월 전
It’s so nice to see her on variety shows again, it’s been too long.
Imnowan 13
Imnowan 13 개월 전
She is real angel
Mystery dunia
Mystery dunia 개월 전
She's gonna be a good housewife in the future
Dhiren Limbu
Dhiren Limbu 개월 전
As we all know yoon eunhye is active on her youtube. Now, jongkook too wants youtube account name land of exercise hahaha ;)
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