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Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs

14 일 전

Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on KOfilms since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

sakina hussein
sakina hussein 6 시간 전
He is so chubby
Canaan Whisenhunt
Canaan Whisenhunt 7 시간 전
I was 2 pounds and 14 ounces
The baby is cute! ❤️
Nosweatgloomzy 931
Nosweatgloomzy 931 9 시간 전
My dogs name is Knox
Sussboi 10
Sussboi 10 11 시간 전
Another baby congrats!
Christian Flores
Christian Flores 11 시간 전
The Birthday Of My Nephew Is January 6 Of 2008 The Same Date But Different Years...
Gucci Gamers
Gucci Gamers 11 시간 전
My name is Luke
Marinel Bloch
Marinel Bloch 12 시간 전
Ongggggggg is she ok
lane knox
lane knox 12 시간 전
Wait a min..... that’s my last name
Love Photography
Love Photography 12 시간 전
I wanna pinch those cheeks 👏🏽
Rachel Hollywood
Rachel Hollywood 13 시간 전
Little big man
Karla Garcilazo
Karla Garcilazo 13 시간 전
Roman, where are you tattling his initial?
David Miller
David Miller 14 시간 전
Like for a part 5
Hunter Shannon
Hunter Shannon 14 시간 전
I’ll be here until the day I die
K.Chung 15 시간 전
Congrats on baby Knox💕 loved seeing you guys after so long and I missed you saying that at the end😭 you're beautiful.. you're one of a kind..smile more❤️
James Boyle
James Boyle 15 시간 전
Really find it interesting about all what happen. Really happy for you
James Boyle
James Boyle 15 시간 전
Congratulations to you both and the family xx
Tina Bergman
Tina Bergman 15 시간 전
Congrats , so cute
Cat Cat
Cat Cat 16 시간 전
Weird ass names lol
nath6062 nath6062
nath6062 nath6062 16 시간 전
Wow 8 pounds that’s a lot
kelly marie xo
kelly marie xo 16 시간 전
I love that a nurse helped you name the little one!!! The staff seemed so great! Congrats on the new human!
50 Studios
50 Studios 16 시간 전
Name the kid jamal
Pamela Harrington
Pamela Harrington 17 시간 전
He's sopo chubby and cute💛😍💛🤗💛🥰💛
Great Deals
Great Deals 17 시간 전
Lol you named him after your friend Johnny Knoxville
Lee.Yeonie 17 시간 전
omg i remember watching you guys so many years ago when you only had 2 children!
Antoinette Neuteboom
Antoinette Neuteboom 18 시간 전
You look good momma !! 😉. I feel the pain again. 😅 soo look at baby knox what a little men. Congrats. And enjoy 🥰
Mia Montoya
Mia Montoya 19 시간 전
I’m so happy for youuu bothhh❤️❤️
R Khan
R Khan 19 시간 전
Congratulations 🥰 baby boy is so cute💙
Katelyn Feldberg
Katelyn Feldberg 19 시간 전
my nephew was born on 1.6.21
Pia 19 시간 전
Luca is a common name in Germany
SusieQ Avery
SusieQ Avery 19 시간 전
Congratulations, he is so precious! I love his name! I hope you a speedy recovery and im glad you and baby are doing great!! Sending hugs and well wishes from the east coast of North Carolina!! Ty for sharing your beautiful family with us all!!🤗💙
Dominic Bolsta
Dominic Bolsta 20 시간 전
That's an awesome name he's adorable chunky little one and you're welcome for all the support and love
Archie 20 시간 전
Noah Perkins
Noah Perkins 20 시간 전
I wish his name was rider
Noah Perkins
Noah Perkins 20 시간 전
I was 10,8 and up side down and backed
Journey With Shemaiah MILLS
Journey With Shemaiah MILLS 21 시간 전
Praying for you guys
Aisling Weber
Aisling Weber 22 시간 전
Congratulations you guys I hope you guys are doing well keep smiling.
Baljeet 22 시간 전
ngl every time I watch his KOfilms channel or he appears in my recommended he has a new baby
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC 22 시간 전
Welcome to the world Knox!!! Congratulations 👶🏼💛 Brit x Roman!!
Stacy Proctor
Stacy Proctor 22 시간 전
My youngest was also 8lbs 15oz. Good job Mama. He's adorable.
Andrew B Barnett
Andrew B Barnett 22 시간 전
all the best too you and families.... COngratulations. Be safe and well
Marie Walker
Marie Walker 22 시간 전
👀 48 hours later!? Honey your are strong.
Max Stewart
Max Stewart 22 시간 전
He’s so cute
Holly Aguilar
Holly Aguilar 22 시간 전
Liddy Olivia
Liddy Olivia 22 시간 전
I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations on the new baby! And I can’t believe Cora is like two?! I still see her as an infant 😭💖
°☆× United • Ash ×☆°
°☆× United • Ash ×☆° 23 시간 전
My nephews best friends name is Knox! Such a awesome name
April Taylor
April Taylor 23 시간 전
Congratulations hes adorable!
Kara DePrano
Kara DePrano 23 시간 전
Ramon Cruz
Ramon Cruz 일 전
I am so happy for you
Musical Lyrics
Musical Lyrics 일 전
I remember watching coras birth video. Wow 4 kiddos now Roman
Wendy Postma
Wendy Postma 일 전
Congratulations on the safe delivery of your baby boy..He is a big beautiful baby boy 😍😍❤❤🙏🙏🥳🥳🥳🥳
IC3Y Clan
IC3Y Clan 일 전
Knox is soo cute congrats to the Atwood’s and I don’t know why this didn’t pop up in my notifications I’m not seeing this till I saw u posted another vid
Pirate 일 전
Another child omg i miss so much vlog. Always love ur videos man. Please come back man.
John Doe
John Doe 일 전
He was born right before my birthday
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios 일 전
In the next 2 years they are gonna be on my recommendations having another baby
Young Serge
Young Serge 일 전
The baby just chilling
Jordyn Speaks
Jordyn Speaks 일 전
I like knox
Mr0Boss01 일 전
stop f***** u already have a lot of kids *_*
Emil I Lunja
Emil I Lunja 일 전
Congrats brother
BiohChemicalz 일 전
Such a chub 🥰 well done both of you!!
This message is for roman Atwood and his awesome family you have named you wee boy Knox. If you go on KOfilms and type in ladbaby they have there baby boys second name as Knox.
shadow 199122
shadow 199122 일 전
Congratulations roman
GleeooFn 일 전
I love y’all so much
scott panes
scott panes 일 전
How old are you guys
MrVersacee 일 전
He doesn’t look like either of them to me
Paul Hanuska Jr.
Paul Hanuska Jr. 일 전
Knox is the most adorable baby ever!! “ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT”!!! Congrats
Eddie Verdian
Eddie Verdian 일 전
Congrats on the baby Roman Atwood
Jhi Mills
Jhi Mills 일 전
i miss you rom i was here from 3 years ago
sniper alet
sniper alet 일 전
Another one I fell old
Alexa B
Alexa B 일 전
I don’t know why but watching this made life feel like covid wasn’t real
Miss Daisy
Miss Daisy 일 전
Congratulations you guys love love love the name KNOX👍🏻
Trista Stamer
Trista Stamer 일 전
Tears!! congratulations you guys!! 💛
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor 일 전
He is adorable. Congratulations
Haunted Gamer67
Haunted Gamer67 일 전
As soon as he said Knox I thought of Caustic from Apex Legends
Cristian Vega
Cristian Vega 일 전
Man im really so lost for words, like the things i wanna do to whoever is doing that was a dam pussy
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 일 전
Congratulations❤ the name
Djgamer 일 전
They should have named him zeus
Omg hes so beautiful Glad to see yall having a awesome and healthy baby. I hope everyone has been doing great and staying healthy I cant wait to see what joy he brings to the channel!
The Budder Apple
The Budder Apple 일 전
Trust roman one of youtubes best comedians to name his son a pun on accident. Knocks at Wood
Ang 일 전
I have a name what about Nick
call me sanpi
call me sanpi 일 전
Congratulations guys I'm so proud🥺🥺❤️💙❤️
The Disabled Marc Gasol
The Disabled Marc Gasol 일 전
He was born on the craziest day in american history that's actually dope
joanna ramirez
joanna ramirez 일 전
I love britianny so much
Bake A Leg And Let's Dig It Homestead
Bake A Leg And Let's Dig It Homestead 일 전
Congratulations ❤️
Sandra S
Sandra S 일 전
so happy for you guys welcome to the world Knox ❤️
Leeyah 일 전
Awwww he’s so cute 🥰 🥺
Wilky Gonzalez
Wilky Gonzalez 일 전
Congratulations on your new baby ♥️
Spencer Logan
Spencer Logan 일 전
Omg congratulations! I love you guys so much❤️
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres 일 전
I can only imagine how many people where waiting for this moment. Y’all awesome, damn. I can’t imagine what y’all have been through
Mickeybear 35
Mickeybear 35 일 전
Roman good for you man
Doris Conkey
Doris Conkey 일 전
Roman am so happy for you both.he so cute.
Katie Davis
Katie Davis 일 전
By law that is illegal!! They cant hold you to make a name .
Smallfire GFO
Smallfire GFO 일 전
Love your family
Paula Gover
Paula Gover 일 전
Iam so happy for you guys you make me smile when i see n watch you guys see you soon you are a beautiful family and knox is so handsome n for all your other children are adorable handsome n beautiful smile more you guys 😀😍😘💖💖❤❤💙💙 congratulations to u guys
James Rooke
James Rooke 일 전
OMG congratulations he is so cute
Nelda Coffman
Nelda Coffman 일 전
Congratulations Stay safe and God Bless
Luigi 일 전
Fusion_ Camo
Fusion_ Camo 일 전
He is so adorable and I love his name it’s so cute.
Beth Rose
Beth Rose 일 전
That feeling of wanting to push but you can't is so hard. All you can do is yell, so glad you're all well! Congratulations
Marie Creighton
Marie Creighton 일 전
Congratulations happy birthday baby loves blessings to Roman Atwood Family adore-sure did worry and miss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️hearts for each children 😊
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