Weeekly(위클리) - Zig Zag [Music Bank / 2020.10.16]

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Weeekly(위클리) - Zig Zag [Music Bank / 2020.10.16]
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Ss Tt
Ss Tt 2 일 전
Yeah sing live weeekly..👍
Leyuck 개월 전
Sam Eunju
Sam Eunju 개월 전
Always coming back to this video after watching other comeback live because this really shows their overall capability and talent ❤
MOOΠ 개월 전
How can they sing so well with such a tiring choreography😲👍
Erin Madia
Erin Madia 개월 전
From the desk to these cubes. I wonder what they will bring on stage on their next comeback 😂
J c
J c 개월 전
No need mr removed.. We can hear ur.. Stan weeekly.. Stan talent
The Peculiar Mind
The Peculiar Mind 개월 전
I'm from the future. These girls are legends!
J c
J c 개월 전
Yeah.. Ur not wrong.. 👍👍
c l
c l 개월 전
if it's one thing weeekly are gonna do, it's sing live
Fruit 개월 전
can we just appreciate how stable their vocals are? the choreo is so tiring yet they sound so good oml
ELI 개월 전
I was today's years old when I noticed how amazing @ 2:27 is
K Video
K Video 개월 전
vika febriyanti
vika febriyanti 개월 전
We love u weeekly!
vika febriyanti
vika febriyanti 개월 전
They are so stable ♥ ROTY behavior! Weeekly Fighting!
Siti Syafiqah Anuar
Siti Syafiqah Anuar 개월 전
Vocals is on point! U can clearly hear it
Stop 개월 전
Stan talent
Fesli Sa-
Fesli Sa- 개월 전
that talent
Iz nangnidas
Iz nangnidas 개월 전
Good job Weeekly
Iz nangnidas
Iz nangnidas 개월 전
live vocal is stable
eunmazing away
eunmazing away 개월 전
Well done Weeekly
eunmazing away
eunmazing away 개월 전
I love the outfit! and the most important is the live vocal is stable
Aracely the Crazy one
Aracely the Crazy one 개월 전
Sol 개월 전
weeekly makes me the happiest
Sol 개월 전
Luvapink8 Luvapink8
Luvapink8 Luvapink8 개월 전
Talented girls
Jhon Vincent Mapalo
Jhon Vincent Mapalo 개월 전
Weeekly be like: OUR MIC IS ON BIJJ
Lili Vasquez
Lili Vasquez 개월 전
Siendo novatas y ya haciendo coreografías con utilería definitivamente demuestran porque obtuvieron su primer rokie del año
outro: tear enthusiast
outro: tear enthusiast 개월 전
it absolutely blows my mind away that they're just rookies yet they're already this stable. they would really make it far. weeekly fighting !!
H&H Badminton
H&H Badminton 개월 전
Theirs view mv is weird..
J c
J c 개월 전
@Siti Syafiqah Anuar yeah.. I agree..
J c
J c 개월 전
Their album sales still counting..
Siti Syafiqah Anuar
Siti Syafiqah Anuar 개월 전
@H&H Badminton yes sir, it is. It's okay sir. U can think whatever u want, daileees will keep on give the best for our girls. Thank you for your concern anyway
H&H Badminton
H&H Badminton 개월 전
@Siti Syafiqah Anuar their tag me mv is under 1thek too..
Siti Syafiqah Anuar
Siti Syafiqah Anuar 개월 전
Nothing weird tho. Because they only have one mv which is on 1thek. And they already receive a lot of exposure. Many people got into them. And ofcourse daileees are working hard for them
Stop 개월 전
Stan Weeekly
Francisco Romano
Francisco Romano 개월 전
rongiepark mina
rongiepark mina 개월 전
Soeun eyesmile...my love
rongiepark mina
rongiepark mina 개월 전
Zoa bang
rongiepark mina
rongiepark mina 개월 전
Live vocal stable..this is what I want
bbom once
bbom once 개월 전
Soojin leadernim you are cuteee
bbom once
bbom once 개월 전
I love the outfit too!!
bbom once
bbom once 개월 전
Their vocal!!!
Johnny To
Johnny To 개월 전
these outfits would've been better if the colors weren't so dull, it doesn't fit the feeling of the song at all
eunmazing away
eunmazing away 개월 전
I can't wait to see Jiyoon long hair one day kkkkk
eunmazing away
eunmazing away 개월 전
The highnote...well done
eunmazing away
eunmazing away 개월 전
OH MY GOD...THEIR VOCAL!!!! so stable
Bini bini
Bini bini 개월 전
They wore a knee high shorts yet they still look tall and gorgeous wow
UAENA Miracle Byulharang
UAENA Miracle Byulharang 개월 전
To all orbit and daileee, let’s stream Weeekly’s Zigzag & Loona’s Why Not, alternately...Stan Talent. Stan Calendar Girls 📦❤️🌙🌗
J c
J c 개월 전
Yeah why not... stream...
Paula Ofiaza
Paula Ofiaza 개월 전
y’all hear those live vocals? yeah 😌
Paula Ofiaza
Paula Ofiaza 개월 전
the pink cubes are so cute
Ana Recinos
Ana Recinos 개월 전
Fighting Weeekly! This comeback let's focus on more fans rather than just views and wins!
Raymond Vargas
Raymond Vargas 개월 전
These rookies didn't come to play when it comes to sing live!
Alesom PuDin
Alesom PuDin 개월 전
Galia Chumpitaz
Galia Chumpitaz 개월 전
Weeekly ROTY
Fangirlizing ID
Fangirlizing ID 개월 전
IN PLAYM ARTIST WE TRUST, This company always produced groups with good live vocal.
Vanessa 개월 전
I like how they change the box color!💗🥰
Jaxspie Park
Jaxspie Park 개월 전
Honestly Soeun is so cool and so gorgeous
J c
J c 개월 전
Honestly she's my bias.. Dorky soeun.. I can't stop watching her..why not..
Ayen Cha
Ayen Cha 개월 전
Luckily the mic is ON .. Energetic choreo but the still stable with vocal
Nasya Fatika
Nasya Fatika 개월 전
weeekly ROTY!!!!!
Insyirah Othman
Insyirah Othman 개월 전
I have a feeling tht Weeekly gonna be favourite's hoobae amongst the sunbaenim tho. They're like a cute maknae in the industry 😂
J c
J c 개월 전
They naturally Cute and funny..talented like their senior 😊😊
Fanyu Tseng
Fanyu Tseng 개월 전
Insyirah Othman
Insyirah Othman 개월 전
Singing live Soojin : why not
karina narciso aguirre
karina narciso aguirre 개월 전
Jihan bellaaaaa 😍😍
Fhini Adrani
Fhini Adrani 개월 전
Soojin ending fairy so cute
angela park
angela park 개월 전
다들 너무 예뻐요 🥺🥺
💖 Weeekly 💖
jonathan 개월 전
the fact that they’re singing entirely live.... like what. ESPECIALLY JIYOON, LIKE SHE DIDN’T SOUND OUT OF BREATH AT ALL
Sana’s Shy Language
Sana’s Shy Language 개월 전
Ikr Jiyoon sounded entirely stable the whole time-
Edsa 44
Edsa 44 개월 전
They are so talented
Edsa 44
Edsa 44 개월 전
Yang rambut pendek kaya prisillia ga sih?
Edsa 44
Edsa 44 개월 전
@J c temennya febi, blink
J c
J c 개월 전
Prisillia mna?
Aremey Meyra
Aremey Meyra 개월 전
Omg!!! How they could spin the cubes very weeeellll????I will literally fail to move the cube smoothly,,,huhuhuhuhu
Geraldine Pwt
Geraldine Pwt 개월 전
weeekly roty!!!!♡♡
Nawara Fawaz
Nawara Fawaz 개월 전
They are so beautiful
Dayana Vil Pani
Dayana Vil Pani 개월 전
Que lindas!! me encanto su canción!!!
ryn nas
ryn nas 개월 전
How many box colour that they have actually
Talita Santos
Talita Santos 개월 전
Can we appreciate the style respecting the age of the girls? Without sexualizing girls, without mini skirts, high heels etc? I'm in love!
Fesli Sa-
Fesli Sa- 개월 전
Stop 개월 전
Soojin: Why Not?
제리 개월 전
하아.. 넘 귀엽자너
Sam Eunju
Sam Eunju 개월 전
Wow. What's actually satisfying with them is that ALL of the members CAN sing CONFIDENTLY and GREATLY LIVE on STAGE with their MICS ON. Meaning, ALL of the members believe themselves that they can CONFIDENTLY show that they really CAN. And the fact that PlayM allowed them to sing with their mics on also shows that they are really CONFIDENT with the talent of EACH of these girls! P.S. Singing LIVE ON STAGE requires A LOOOOOT of confidence and skills! One may have a TALENT but taking it on stage is just harder. So actually hearing ALL of their voice is..just.. wow.
pinkeu ponyo
pinkeu ponyo 개월 전
I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT WEEEKLY! Their vocals, dance skills, visuals, concept, and they can make us laugh with their funny behaviour. Just ROTY things~
Hanteo Album Sales | 201016 21:28 KST Day 1 - 4,532 Day 2 - 1,809 Day 3 - 1,304 Day 4 - 3,290 *Still counting Total : 10,935 Copies 'We can' album sales surpassed 'We are' first week sales. Good Job Daileees.
najiehah idrus
najiehah idrus 개월 전
Can I know for today sales 🤭 I can't find for today sales.
Stop 개월 전
Wow daileee
mana마나 개월 전
Nana B
Nana B 개월 전
2:28 soojin 😍😍
raissa naraya
raissa naraya 개월 전
raissa naraya
raissa naraya 개월 전
@PlayM Stan ga ko cuma gemes doangg gua mah setiaa ama ayang jihan
PlayM Stan
PlayM Stan 개월 전
Ngga boleh, Jiyoon punya gue wkwkw
kim dahyun
kim dahyun 개월 전
I wonder how many colour does their props have? or do they paste different colour on?
Ss Tt
Ss Tt 2 일 전
Two..pink and green.
Tabassom gh
Tabassom gh 개월 전
Tabassom gh
Tabassom gh 개월 전
I love them
Tabassom gh
Tabassom gh 개월 전
Akyl Resse
Akyl Resse 개월 전
Today Ending Fairy Center Visual Soojin 💞
aji espianto
aji espianto 개월 전
Mateus Ferreira pessoa
Mateus Ferreira pessoa 개월 전
Weeekly acabou comigo agora, amo muito elas
すまるです。 개월 전
F. Towers
F. Towers 개월 전
Anyone else LOVES Soojin’s part in the bridge!? Her voice is so unique and pretty
sechan n. fauziah
sechan n. fauziah 개월 전
their mic on but this is so amazing i'm a proud daileee
sechan n. fauziah
sechan n. fauziah 개월 전
their mic on but this is so amazing i'm a proud daileee
ylkw 630
ylkw 630 개월 전
stable and clear vocals without compromising the choreography, weeekly is insane for this
Heavens Gate
Heavens Gate 개월 전
These rookies are singing live while some sunbaes couldn't even sing in tune
Tiara Priscilla
Tiara Priscilla 개월 전
2:28 the most satisfying part
Everyday Ikay
Everyday Ikay 개월 전
I’m so happy Jihan has so many parts in this comeback plus SoEun has a high note part! 😍☺️ and I think Leader Soojin is so happy at her part where she sits down while those cubes are spinning ❣️😍😍♥️ I am so happy for them!!! Showing their different charms in every new song! omo 💖💖💖
awesome nerd
awesome nerd 개월 전
zigzag is such a bop their mics are on their coreography is so satisfying no visual hole cuteness overload in conclusion: stan weeekly
J c
J c 개월 전
They look tired coz they eat cd again..👊👊👊
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero 개월 전
*"Weeekly only have Korean fans"* _Like you are Daileee and not from Korea_ Note: *My baby Zoa's new bangs so cute oh my goodness, Jaehee too.* *_And let's not forget that Soojin's iconic "Why Not?" also her ending fairy made my day~_*
Zaid Amin Vlogs
Zaid Amin Vlogs 개월 전
Soojin "why not!" still the best 😂
blooming blue
blooming blue 개월 전
I'm living for their live vocal and i want that healthy hair :(
Sylvia Fathin
Sylvia Fathin 개월 전
Weeekly is getting better and better with live vocal performance. I'm so proud of my girls.
Samara Reyla
Samara Reyla 개월 전
WEEEKLY are: ( ) girl group ( ) new group ( ×) ROOKIE OF THE YEAR
ロイスジャン 개월 전
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