Thai Food - SPICY STIR FRIED SQUID Aoywaan Bangkok Seafood Thailand

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madhav shill
madhav shill 8 시간 전
Nataraj Kumar
Nataraj Kumar 14 시간 전
Chi nallave irukathu
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose 18 시간 전
I want to see them eat it they don't show them when they put it in their mouth
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose 18 시간 전
I heard that it has a lobster taste but with a little fish taste to it but a texture of a lobster 🦞
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose 18 시간 전
It's very pretty and it look good but I wouldn't dare eat it it has so many hot peppers in it oh my God so many chili peppers and spices it will blow my mind LOL 🥵🥵
Annee Ruiz
Annee Ruiz 2 일 전
Wow - so much chillies - I'm sure it must be tasty but I'd be too scared to eat this!
Ruth Mary Ratanasamy Paul
Ruth Mary Ratanasamy Paul 2 일 전
With the lime skin into boiling water.. won't it be bitter??
Joy Packiam
Joy Packiam 2 일 전
Any tamil here🔥
eduj yram Ibag
eduj yram Ibag 3 일 전
I bet he / she not eating this they just transfering and transfering the dish to the other plate 😛...too spicy to watch
patpon ss
patpon ss 3 일 전
1000-1500 Bath
Charles D
Charles D 3 일 전
Recipe name: Fried Chilis with Fresh Squid...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯💨
Mr Thunder
Mr Thunder 3 일 전
I don't like that
South Bronx, NY
South Bronx, NY 3 일 전
That's waaaaay tooooooo hot!!!!
charles hutagalung
charles hutagalung 4 일 전
Daginge bisa bersih nemen yak? Sing motong pinter dadine warnane ora dadi ireng...hebat ah.
Bk Bk
Bk Bk 4 일 전
Juancho de Guzman
Juancho de Guzman 4 일 전
Ok nice recipe for a Dragon costumer! Whee! Its hot!
Mebel Nasional
Mebel Nasional 4 일 전
Neeeh muybe koki yg now tahkhut buat nieeeh.
Jenny queen Drama
Jenny queen Drama 4 일 전
Ingredients.. 50 pcs of chilli
Ency Wahab
Ency Wahab 4 일 전
Duh bukaan masih lama cuyy. Aku dh ngilehhh :((
Mebel Nasional
Mebel Nasional 4 일 전
Weeew tahan liur with tissue.
bầu trời toronto canada
bầu trời toronto canada 4 일 전
Ngon quá
Ohbeerz 5 일 전
Silver Tears
Silver Tears 5 일 전
Явно гугл переводчик тут поработал))
isa u medina Seçkin maria Muhammed
isa u medina Seçkin maria Muhammed 6 일 전
Serdan serdarke ziarate
isa u medina Seçkin maria Muhammed
isa u medina Seçkin maria Muhammed 6 일 전
Tahtii sihatte sihat shata shate sirhate garmaxe
Cherry Evangelin
Cherry Evangelin 6 일 전
You are wasting water. Please turn off when not in use.
Aan Noer
Aan Noer 6 일 전
Terlalu banyak hiasan jadi rutun.
YtCrash Viral
YtCrash Viral 6 일 전
mirip es degan indonesia anjir.... like a coconut water from indonesia
Carlos André Andre
Carlos André Andre 6 일 전
Water Cool
Water Cool 6 일 전
Fresh,Clean and delicious
Mbah Lasso
Mbah Lasso 6 일 전
Waw sungguh mantap
Lộc Quách
Lộc Quách 7 일 전
Má ơi làm theo cay chắc chết khỏi ăn luôn.
Rina Holit
Rina Holit 7 일 전
Wow msakan thai nie memng sedaapp 😋😋
Precioso Jaranta jr
Precioso Jaranta jr 7 일 전
Very delicious 😋
jongass 7 일 전
aiskrim milo
aiskrim milo 7 일 전
Org thai pandai Siam sotong org kelantan eee pengotor blh dakwat sotong buat kuah eee xthu lh nk jdi ap dh thu dahwat haram blh buat kuah lak bijak itu ank
hiyeon tao
hiyeon tao 7 일 전
These people be calling it nuclear and think all chili spiciness are the same lmao 🤣 those big chili taste like vegetable to me. Don't be chicken and try it!!!! Ofc not for western chicken little taste who doesn't eat spicy and think black pepper is spicy lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Me to
Very nice
Michael Chu
Michael Chu 7 일 전
More spicy the better. Just like Tom yum I add more chili to the soup so bomb.
faizal choychoo
faizal choychoo 8 일 전
Look nice but that’s a ass problem at the end
Marco Bautista
Marco Bautista 8 일 전
Mahal ko ang asawa ko
gismon philip
gismon philip 8 일 전
Don't waste water.close the tap
Violina Mahanta
Violina Mahanta 8 일 전
That blue flower at the end is called aparajita flower in our language. We use it for worshiping purpose in temples and at home.
Amudhavalli S
Amudhavalli S 13 시간 전
V call it sangu po
Dadang Ruswandi
Dadang Ruswandi 7 일 전
Kalo di kampung kami namanya kembang puki2 an
Teddy Lover
Teddy Lover 8 일 전
Dont waste water....
Talewharn Silpakorn
Talewharn Silpakorn 8 일 전
สำหรับผม นี่คืออาหารที่ผมชอบมากที่สุด 10/10
what's the name of this dish?
ไอริสา สมศรี
ไอริสา สมศรี 9 일 전
Minda Bustrillos
Minda Bustrillos 9 일 전
I dont like to much chilis..😖
Evie's Food Adventure
Evie's Food Adventure 10 일 전
Wow..big squid nice to cool calamari..watching from western Australia..
Dude he is wasting too many water .... People are dying around the world with lack of water ... We don't have that much drinking water left .... N u left the tap on for so long? ... OMG.... This is making me uncomfortable
หนุ่มไทย หัวใจรักชาติ
หนุ่มไทย หัวใจรักชาติ 10 일 전
We foreigners can speak a little Thai and can't even speak English 😂😂😂
Jac Shank
Jac Shank 10 일 전
Needs more peppers... lol ... snort
محمد ناصريه
محمد ناصريه 11 일 전
Black only
Black only 11 일 전
What flower that?
Rina Sharma
Rina Sharma 11 일 전
Lovely dish 😍😍😍😍
John Peragine
John Peragine 11 일 전
I've haven't had any and my butt's on fire. Can you even taste the squid with all those chilli's in there?
Nela Singh
Nela Singh 12 일 전
What is the lead that is being used at the end just before plating?
Betzabeth Chavez
Betzabeth Chavez 12 일 전
Que son esas hojas que agrega?
Smit Parthe
Smit Parthe 12 일 전
Who eats octopus 🐙
Smit Parthe
Smit Parthe 12 일 전
Www octopus
Terasi Toimop
Terasi Toimop 12 일 전
Leon tinyiko
Leon tinyiko 12 일 전
the chilis in there
think food
think food 12 일 전
Thats a lot of chillies.
telma pinto
telma pinto 12 일 전
marc gacayan
marc gacayan 13 일 전
Rule number 1., Whatever you put in a plate must me edible., That flower is a no no
จอร์น ก๊าบๆ
จอร์น ก๊าบๆ 13 일 전
Adamovicshome A
Adamovicshome A 14 일 전
Yummy yummy yummy 🤤 yummy 🤤
lost lost
lost lost 14 일 전
Can anyone know the three spicy powders he added? Thank you
Carline Andrade
Carline Andrade 15 일 전
Can't wait to go to my country(cape verde) after covid and eat all the seafood that i want 🥵🥵
Gil Msngk
Gil Msngk 15 일 전
realblade98 15 일 전
those flowers probably was their way of expressing their condolences to your stomach
camelia ayu
camelia ayu 16 일 전
Putri Samudra
Putri Samudra 16 일 전
I’d prefer if he cut the squid into rings and then cook it..
Paravee Pawan
Paravee Pawan 16 일 전
ผัดนานเกิน ปลาหมึกจะแข็งน๊าา
Agus Satriadi
Agus Satriadi 16 일 전
ivorychau 17 일 전
NG over cook.
n lackey
n lackey 17 일 전
Mouth burnt off, looks yummy though 😋
SHYRAN TV 17 일 전
Wow Ang laki 😋😋😋
ok 18 일 전
Sul Bercerita
Sul Bercerita 18 일 전
Sitthiphong Ah
Sitthiphong Ah 18 일 전
Kamila Nascimento
Kamila Nascimento 19 일 전
Sim, gosto de ver vídeos de comidas exóticas! Inclusive tenho vontade de provar algumas 👍🏼
Carline Andrade
Carline Andrade 15 일 전
Eu também 😂😂 mas esse tem muito piri piri
Fair Data Share
Fair Data Share 19 일 전
Mouthwatering. Looks yummy. 😋
A-25 Chanel
A-25 Chanel 19 일 전
Mantap besar banget
GFoods Tv Vlogs
GFoods Tv Vlogs 19 일 전
Jayfer Boarao
Jayfer Boarao 19 일 전
Not good your cooking spicy not squid 🐙
ian gost
ian gost 19 일 전
The Sentinel Of Abyss
The Sentinel Of Abyss 19 일 전
Pretty sure these are cuttle fish
Hoang Minh
Hoang Minh 19 일 전
Viet nam 🇻🇳
Maria Cecília Miguel De Lemos
Maria Cecília Miguel De Lemos 20 일 전
Deve ser delicioso. Deu água na boca.
Exclusively Beau-T
Exclusively Beau-T 20 일 전
Looks great. Seems tender and full of flavor. I love all the color in the dish
Monger 20 일 전
Am an Indain and even I can tell thats a lot of chillies.
Henry morningstar
Henry morningstar 21 일 전
Sla mais , todo dia em plena quarenta tô assistindo isso, acho interessante! Mais alguém curte?
Айшат Давудова
Айшат Давудова 21 일 전
Пряный жарить кальмар фантастический сверкать еда... что-то мне это напоминает🌚
Gokhan Arigun
Gokhan Arigun 22 일 전
So, what's the deal in here? Is this chilli eating contest?
Mauricio Escalante
Mauricio Escalante 22 일 전
mexican people is like... mhe, this food it need to be spicy... and the rest of the world is like... oh god i beg your pardon! liberate my mouth from the hell flames they burning my entire soul...
Malcolm Darke
Malcolm Darke 22 일 전
First batch of chilis: Okay, fine. Second batch of chilis: I mean, going to be spicy, but sure. Third batch of chilis: *concern* Fourth batch of chilis: *alarm*
Rina Hesthi Nugraheni
Rina Hesthi Nugraheni 7 일 전
Some tips. you can throw away the chilli seed first, so it will less spicy.
Stevan Gheemen
Stevan Gheemen 7 일 전
Meh. A little ice cream and it goes away. It's a good sweat.
A. A. R
A. A. R 9 일 전
SEA people: Bruh, it's not spicy, please add more chillies
Vishal Talukdar
Vishal Talukdar 15 일 전
if we ate this... then i think we have to stay at toilet for the next day.... and we surely need fire extinguisher at our toilet..😂😂
Chris Chi
Chris Chi 16 일 전
chotto sonar golpo
chotto sonar golpo 22 일 전
HN Huu Nguyen 胡 阮
HN Huu Nguyen 胡 阮 22 일 전
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