Tate McRae Performs "You Broke Me First" | 2020 MTV VMAs

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Tate McRae performs "You Broke Me First" at the 2020 Video Music Awards.
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MTV 3 개월 전
Tate McRae on Her First VMA Nomination & Upcoming EP: kofilms.info/chart/bidio/mLCY2sRjo7SfpIw.html
Monalisa Fatma
Monalisa Fatma 개월 전
@AGbutera stfu
AGbutera 2 개월 전
Alicia Ortega my badass side is from Nicki now shut up
Dhillon Bobby
Dhillon Bobby 2 개월 전
nice song🤪
annimotions 2 개월 전
yes girl you did it😍❣️
Alicia Ortega
Alicia Ortega 2 개월 전
AGbutera Don’t need to be rude- I found one Ariana fan toxic 😬 Tate is a amazing singer keep your opinions to your self
Renata Rocha
Renata Rocha 6 일 전
Myon 6 일 전
@TateMcRae Heyy I’m making a song and I’ve listened to your songs and heard your voice and it’s so amazing you sing really well and wanted to know if you wanna be on one of my songs?
lorena Senna
lorena Senna 13 일 전
Some Brazilian loved this song very much
Mia Valdez
Mia Valdez 14 일 전
Been a fan since she was on SYTYCD kids edition!
Tiana Baez
Tiana Baez 15 일 전
She’s so dope love her blessing ❣️
Aili 18 일 전
She can dance!!
Victoria Ashley
Victoria Ashley 20 일 전
So insanely proud of her
Olivia Aznarán
Olivia Aznarán 24 일 전
alter ego
alter ego 26 일 전
I like this one better than the gothic emo girl 🤓🙊
Jamie S
Jamie S 26 일 전
Same exact recording as on Jimmy Kimmel. Disappointing.
promisejvo 25 일 전
no its not????
Amir Haziq
Amir Haziq 28 일 전
Alycia Gonçalves
Alycia Gonçalves 28 일 전
Canta d maiss
Ritamcsoysa Mcsoysa
Ritamcsoysa Mcsoysa 29 일 전
Best show of the year👍👍
Patrick Alden
Patrick Alden 29 일 전
She looks like a young Amy Winehouse
Yamin Alghazaliy
Yamin Alghazaliy 개월 전
Who is here from TikTok
ThaliaCh Sanz
ThaliaCh Sanz 개월 전
Emma Langridge
Emma Langridge 개월 전
I'm obsessed with this performance and song!!!❤
Destiny Martinez
Destiny Martinez 개월 전
Does anyone remember her on so you think you can dance but the kids version?
Casey Tierney
Casey Tierney 개월 전
At the beginning its clear shes actually singing but when she starts jumping around the place the recording came on. You can't deny it. Nobody can dance like that and not be the slightest bit out of breath. Either way, holy crap this song is amazing and her dancing is phenomenal
Nova Lee
Nova Lee 개월 전
Tbh Tate Shoulv'e been on the billboard music awards But i Love how All The piano and singing became this The Next Blowing Up Song I Bet is Don't Be Sad🖤
Nikita frappe
Nikita frappe 개월 전
She will be great collab wif billie grrr
Le Conqueror
Le Conqueror 개월 전
OKAYY! This is SOOOOO not live
Amber_13 _
Amber_13 _ 개월 전
Im crying over how perfect her voice is😭
Sarita Hrickova
Sarita Hrickova 개월 전
Im so obsesd with this song
Lea Brennan
Lea Brennan 개월 전
she's not really singing it herself
Jayhloe 개월 전
Wait SYTYCD Tate wait stop? I’m so excited for her omg she deserves it so much! 🤍 I’m so proud of her
Fredrik Jonsson
Fredrik Jonsson 개월 전
please me bruno mars
hey its kassidy
hey its kassidy 개월 전
who remembers her from so you think you can dance?
Unique Memo
Unique Memo 개월 전
Hi! I just wanted to say that I made a cover of this song, I hope I’m not annoying for making this comment. I would be happy if you noticed it and saw my video, that would mean the world to me!
ruhika ambavaram
ruhika ambavaram 개월 전
this song makes me feel like I'm breaking up with an imaginary boyfriend
caypie 후니
caypie 후니 개월 전
bruh this performance of hers got my attention. you're telling me she cannot only sing and compose but dance too? wow i want to stan, girl. although, this is the only song i know from her 😅
alone 1996
alone 1996 개월 전
jordan hagenno
jordan hagenno 개월 전
oh honey just no
oh honey just no 개월 전
Ummm not this annoying girl
Lion Krasniqi
Lion Krasniqi 개월 전
Billie Eilish???
oh honey just no
oh honey just no 개월 전
@Lion Krasniqi billie remains superior while shes getting annoying
Lion Krasniqi
Lion Krasniqi 개월 전
I know, one day I was listening to this song anf I was like: when did billie released this song and why does she sound a little bit different?
oh honey just no
oh honey just no 개월 전
She literally copies her so bad like we can see that
KH BDc 개월 전
Ela domina o palco e a câmera, vai ser sucesso.
George Caltsoudas
George Caltsoudas 개월 전
This was the best performance out of all fo these
Eternity Sueing
Eternity Sueing 개월 전
This was good
Tuyolenie1 개월 전
Love ❤️ this song 😍❤️💘
B Nicole
B Nicole 개월 전
WHO tf cares if she was lip syncing?? The girl has PURE talent and y'all are just HATERS!
B Nicole
B Nicole 개월 전
@oh honey just no of course you do.
oh honey just no
oh honey just no 개월 전
I care
Adrian Lihan
Adrian Lihan 개월 전
The most saddest VMAS Ever 🥺 May the virus will be gone forever
jonas decroix
jonas decroix 개월 전
Maniah Murray
Maniah Murray 2 개월 전
the dance break though... she killed it
Hailey Bhatt06
Hailey Bhatt06 2 개월 전
im gonna be thar super annoying person in the comments asking them to folloe them lmaoooo
Kamaria Griffin
Kamaria Griffin 2 개월 전
I need a Collaboration with her and Billie like now
Mxheen 2 개월 전
Aaiza Rehman
Aaiza Rehman 2 개월 전
This is how I came to know her. KOfilms ad😀
Marx B
Marx B 2 개월 전
Love this song! Check out my remix of "you broke me first"! ✌
Aliyahh 2 개월 전
Ugh she’s underrated can’t wait till she becomes really big
Q. Pan
Q. Pan 2 개월 전
1:09 Bruh that leg lift was *perfect*
Adriano 2 개월 전
Hate you btw
Ryuu Hirogami
Ryuu Hirogami 2 개월 전
Mavee baloch
Mavee baloch 2 개월 전
I want be a singer to I see your a Billie eilish fan
Mavee baloch
Mavee baloch 2 개월 전
I love you Tate McRae 💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊
léliojúnior 2 개월 전
muito melhor a apresentação do que o clipe oficial
Evelyny Alves
Evelyny Alves 2 개월 전
Eu sou o comentario BR que você ta procurando
Evelyny Alves
Evelyny Alves 2 개월 전
Anorkhil 2 개월 전
ThePhilOfIt 2 개월 전
Lip sync for your LIFE
Ems Jaynee
Ems Jaynee 2 개월 전
If ari can sing god is a women live whilst dancing you could do this song, just don’t see they point in a “live performance” that isn’t live
ishaam moosa
ishaam moosa 2 개월 전
Am I the only one that think she looks like a girl vinnie?
cinema girl
cinema girl 2 개월 전
wait i didnt know this song was by her!!!!!!!! little youtube girl is thriving
Shamilla Kitchen
Shamilla Kitchen 2 개월 전
Who was a fan before Tate McRae became famous famous?
Abel rivera
Abel rivera 2 개월 전
I’m so happy for her she’s so talented she definitely deserves it 🥺☁️
Daniel 2 개월 전
Just found her music and I’m honestly a rap fan but some of her songs are so good
Natalie Hernandez
Natalie Hernandez 2 개월 전
tool fear inoculum
james natan
james natan 2 개월 전
I was just dumped, and felt each and every words to the song 😞
Matthew Soto
Matthew Soto 2 개월 전
Let us appreciate the set design for this live performance. Jesus. It was perfect. 👌🏼👌🏼
Enelkis Lasso
Enelkis Lasso 2 개월 전
i love it 😍
Alina Kl
Alina Kl 2 개월 전
i watch this everyday bcs its so perfect
Michelle Sánchez
Michelle Sánchez 2 개월 전
Is she Tate the dancer???
Ashley Churchill
Ashley Churchill 2 개월 전
I play this song at an unhealthy amount I'm obsessed 🥺🥺🥺
Arjunaa Umashanker
Arjunaa Umashanker 2 개월 전
Who is here from Tiktok
Jacqueline Plaatjies
Jacqueline Plaatjies 2 개월 전
My latest addiction. Last week it was undo my sad by Sanna Nielson.
Faith hope
Faith hope 2 개월 전
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Marley's Place
Marley's Place 2 개월 전
Milena Bolaños
Milena Bolaños 2 개월 전
my biggest flex is that i’ve known her since she was on “So You Think You Can Dance”
Jonas Ark
Jonas Ark 2 개월 전
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GIRL TALK 2 개월 전
Lijana Popić
Lijana Popić 2 개월 전
The next Billie Eilish
Red Diamond
Red Diamond 2 개월 전
Lijana Popić She is the first Tate McRae stfu
Buddy the Beagle
Buddy the Beagle 2 개월 전
Tbh guys if you don’t know who the lady is pls stop saying rude comments about her.
Preet Kaur
Preet Kaur 2 개월 전
I just feel so proud....like a mom who has seen her daughter become a WOMAN 🖤❤️🤍
Cloe Bariteau
Cloe Bariteau 2 개월 전
She’s from Calgary Alberta! whoop whoop !!
Mana🌹 2 개월 전
Honesty shes good at singing and good at dancing but this was just a mess i mean we already know its playback they couldve just let her dance fully without her holding the mic and it would be a banger. OR let her only sing and show off her vocals and then like normani's motivation have a little bit of a dance break and then sing again. But together its just a mess.
Alexz Wilson
Alexz Wilson 2 개월 전
Wild that we started on youtube and now we got her on MTV PUSH ARTIST
Hailey Tyner
Hailey Tyner 2 개월 전
ok ok ok...hear me out tate&billie????
Xinelly Jabu
Xinelly Jabu 2 개월 전
She sounds like billie thoo😍
sakura Senpai
sakura Senpai 2 개월 전
I feel bad when such a great artist don't get the same love as other artist when they are well deserving
Damon Brown
Damon Brown 2 개월 전
imagine being this talenred at 17 couldnt be me
Courtney 2 개월 전
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie 2 개월 전
I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Vladа Lthsnhlрzm
Vladа Lthsnhlрzm 2 개월 전
Billie Eilish is that you😳
Andrea Millucci
Andrea Millucci 2 개월 전
kofilms.info/chart/bidio/vNBn09ido9us0Yw.html ❤️
Beautiful Caos
Beautiful Caos 2 개월 전
She’s amazing 😻
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 2 개월 전
I really wished she didn’t have the mic and just dance. I think her true fans know that’s her real voice even if it’s lip synced
Elianne Bororing
Elianne Bororing 2 개월 전
im so proud of her! her performance is such a crazy moment. we all first knew her at her piano and phone. INCREDIBLE!
Alberto Guti
Alberto Guti 2 개월 전
Hice una versión en español de esta canción, pueden escucharla si quieren. Graciasss❤️❤️
j e s s
j e s s 2 개월 전
she’s a queen👸🏼💕
icy storm
icy storm 2 개월 전
This was one of the best and the most underrated performance from the VMAs
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