Seoeon has grown so much [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.10.13]

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▶Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.49
- Every Tuesday 06:15 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- Cast: Do Kyeongwan, Lee Gyeonggyu, Lee Yeongja
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Butterfly Bum
Butterfly Bum 5 일 전
Mother looks younger than me👁️👄👁️I'm 15 years old:////
Mai Seng Chang
Mai Seng Chang 5 일 전
🥺I still can’t believe such baby exist in this world🥺I’ve watched them grow since their very first appearance in TROS, and they’ve grown so much it makes me so happy🥺❤️I love the boys so much😭❤️
PurnaanIndyazahrah Wati
PurnaanIndyazahrah Wati 7 일 전
So cute
Lucky Love
Lucky Love 10 일 전
I feel bad for her daughter-in-law to be
Marisha Sabanidze
Marisha Sabanidze 10 일 전
Twins are so cute 😍🥰👬
Bb Bb
Bb Bb 10 일 전
I miss the 1 of the real O.G's in tros. I cried and felt sad for about whole week when they announced that they will leave. I miss them time to time . MY VIRTUAL BABIES hehehe♡
erich nivera
erich nivera 11 일 전
Did they transfer to another house
5H1L0H_PLaYz 12 일 전
Their mom looks like irene from red velvet
THANK YOU 14 일 전
Wowww i miss them
Ngl I'm always broke ♦︎
Ngl I'm always broke ♦︎ 14 일 전
Lipika Sree
Lipika Sree 15 일 전
Where can I watch the full episode!? 🥺
elaine. 16 일 전
they are so surprised seeing him washing his face or taking off his clothes but he’s already 8 😂😂
valen 14 일 전
He's 7 actually (in korean age would be 8), and I think by the moment this was filmed they just graduated from kindergarten, they weren't thaaaat big haha
ThatRoundyKid 16 일 전
Jordanna 16 일 전
why am I crying
Ro me
Ro me 17 일 전
Back when they where still a baby, it was always Seoeon who wakes up first,
Megan Clarke
Megan Clarke 17 일 전
It makes me so happy to see how well the boys have grown up. Beautiful family!
Ruby Bambridge
Ruby Bambridge 18 일 전
The fact she says ‘thankfully he still likes being held’ warms my heart, no matter how big children get, parents always remember the moments of them relying and never take for granted the attention they get from them because they won’t need it when their older ✨🥺
Peytmaluuu 18 일 전
I can’t believe these are the kids whom ChanBaek visited last 2015, they have grown nicely, time flies so fast.
Yang Do Kento
Yang Do Kento 19 일 전
Due to the fact I watch this boys from they were babies. I am so touched. It's like I raised them
WyngZ CODM 21 일 전
These are the kids that kissed, hugged and went to eat ice cream with sana, jihyo and nayeon 3 years ago
Arianna Oh
Arianna Oh 22 일 전
절대 나쁜의도 아니고... 아침에 어떤엄마가 저렇게 해줘..
Oktalia Ahnura Z
Oktalia Ahnura Z 23 일 전
Woah seeing Seoeon and Seojun grow up now make me also miss song triplet too 😅
조이Jcmeegy 23 일 전
They grown so much I used to watch them before I had my little man 🥺🤧🤧🤧
Connie Centino
Connie Centino 24 일 전
I always watching this I really miss this twin. 💖
Jeon 25 일 전
7:18 i laughed so hard in this 😂😂🤣
Wahyu Trilaksono
Wahyu Trilaksono 26 일 전
Ow "cuty"😍
PanDeCocoJam 27 일 전
The boys are still so adorable 🤗
Jackie kwon
Jackie kwon 28 일 전
Watching this again feel so old seeing the twins right now
Lynn Bek
Lynn Bek 28 일 전
I don't like this twin. They very greedy alway fright for food.
onytha hayura
onytha hayura 3 일 전
valen 14 일 전
lmao what
Ashi Star
Ashi Star 29 일 전
How could they grow up too fast... Feeling like if they're are getting older or me 😂😂😂
유승호 29 일 전
This Twins is my one of my favorite in TROS🥰
Luthviana Eka
Luthviana Eka 29 일 전
Another online proud aunt here. Seeing them grown up feel like "wow, time flies so fast. My little babies who used to be crying when they're woke up, now are the handsome little men who can greeting their mother with kisses every morning."
Nesa B.
Nesa B. 개월 전
omgggg they grow so much its make so emotional :(((
Unknower_baddie __
Unknower_baddie __ 개월 전
Eren? (From AOT btw)
Ayu Jeon
Ayu Jeon 개월 전
they are already grown up,I feel like I'm a old lady now
Paw Paw
Paw Paw 개월 전
Am I the only person that finds going up the stairs on all 4's the best way to go up
Curvy Mustang
Curvy Mustang 개월 전
I mean... who doesn’t walk on fours when climbing up the stairs as a child? 😭
katey 개월 전
omg if i had a mother like that :(((
Hanifah Fauziah
Hanifah Fauziah 개월 전
It was like watching tros, cz Do Kyungwan comment at Tros kids 😂
M y r a z e v a n a
M y r a z e v a n a 개월 전
Never tried *Tofu* in my whole entire life but that looks yummy tbh.
Aeria Cross
Aeria Cross 개월 전
He grew up soooo much. They’re like my own kids.
Duaa Ibrahim
Duaa Ibrahim 개월 전
yayyyy im glad to see the twins again!!!
biancha B. M
biancha B. M 개월 전
Petition for more lee family episode 😘❤❤❤
Taehyungs old smile :[ ❼
Taehyungs old smile :[ ❼ 개월 전
he looks like rm 👁👄👁
txtboyz 개월 전
Omg I miss them so much. All I remember is them fighting when there so tiny back in time 😂
Dead cockroach in my brassiere
Dead cockroach in my brassiere 개월 전
Wow he’s so big now
PinkiMinkiMingi 8
PinkiMinkiMingi 8 개월 전
I’m ngl I’m 19 and walk up the stairs on all fours lmao it’s something I’ve done since I was little so I’m used to doing it.
Nicolette Gomez
Nicolette Gomez 개월 전
ang laki nyo na naiiyak ako kasi miss ko na kayo sa TROS 😭
rayin knight
rayin knight 개월 전
yoon eun hye has a lot of comment about kids as if she is experienced about them. hahaha maybe her niece or nephew
That Walnut
That Walnut 개월 전
i still remember them as little babies omg they grew so well😭
Toki Toki
Toki Toki 개월 전
Seojun looks like the young lee hongki. so cute~~
ki ko
ki ko 개월 전
1:18 >< ( Aigoo aboeji ~)
yolo yolo
yolo yolo 개월 전
How did he land a wife that pretty .Teach me so I can get someone out of league
skz lover
skz lover 개월 전
Omg he has grown so much since tros 😭😭
i miss my bed
i miss my bed 개월 전
It’s feels so unreal watching this. I remember watching their father struggled so much trying to get them to sleep, and since he’s was a first-time dad, the stress almost made him cry. They shared the boys’ first steps with us too. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. I feel old.
Franc Lavilla
Franc Lavilla 개월 전
Plase Have Seungjae and Her Mom next here in this show
fried chicken enthusiast
fried chicken enthusiast 개월 전
She could be Jisoo's big sister
helloctober 15
helloctober 15 개월 전
We got to see Junu and Junseo last month at House Detox and now Seoeon and Seojun at Star-Fun Restaurant huhuhu T__T
aya kreuk
aya kreuk 개월 전
ive been quiet but awwww Seoeon and Seojun!!! my babies!!! hehehe I've been following also moms vlog here on youtube since they were gone from TROS, nice to see them all again! love your recipes btw
Nochu Jams
Nochu Jams 개월 전
Woaaah look how big they got omo Dang this also makes me feel old when I’m over twice their age-
Nana Sakinah
Nana Sakinah 개월 전
He still has that habit, grab his mama ponytail.. cuties❤️
Wow! He's grown so much! He is so tall😍😍😍 Aaawww Still attached to his mom's hair, cute Seo eon
Aulya 개월 전
Aku liat konten si kembar udah nangis emang sesayang itu sama mereka 😭😭😭💖
Manoban, I look like a cat, adopt me!
Manoban, I look like a cat, adopt me! 개월 전
I have been saying this for ages! Seojun Seouen Mom looks like Irene! She doesn't age! Still pretty as in TROS!
Ostania whestalis
Ostania whestalis 개월 전
My mom stopped carrying me around and my siblings at age 4 ,it's weird to see a 8year old kid still being carried around and kissed , i guess not all parent are the same Please tell me i am not the only one
jp Semwal
jp Semwal 개월 전
I like both twins and do kungwan and his family # do family
Helen 개월 전
Can someone tell me who the guy at 00:45 is? He looks super familiar, but I can’t pinpoint where I’ve seen him before.
kiyo 개월 전
ANDDD his mom didnt age at all
Décès 개월 전
Your Savage gurl
Your Savage gurl 개월 전
The background song also about family it's very touching "COCO"
lei 개월 전
im so happy to see them again 🥺🤍
xxMBxx17 개월 전
They r big boy now.... Omg...
Manda Dila Kartika
Manda Dila Kartika 개월 전
4:39 is yg family song🖤
Aarna! 개월 전
He is cute then and now 💖💖
theresabanana 개월 전
awee i feel so old now.. lol
NynyDaravy 개월 전
omgggg they’re grew up so much
Chha Sii
Chha Sii 개월 전
BTS Fan Forever
BTS Fan Forever 개월 전
Lollllllll tofu lool like translating tool from Doraemon😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zs Samyta
Zs Samyta 개월 전
Always loved the tros. Was really wanting some update of them
Fiena Sari
Fiena Sari 개월 전
Am. M
Am. M 개월 전
The twins are already 8 years old? My oh my im an old aunt then
Nicole Ann Llacer
Nicole Ann Llacer 개월 전
Oh my!I missed them🥺
Norhainie Macaalin
Norhainie Macaalin 개월 전
Red VelBaek
Red VelBaek 개월 전
The twins are so adorable since birth! Glad to see them doing well and so healthy! They are big boys now 🥺💖
bakakwok 개월 전
i’m just shocked they played fire to the floor by sezairi😳
Julia purnama Chandra
Julia purnama Chandra 개월 전
OMG,I don't believe
ChhanChhani Pautu
ChhanChhani Pautu 개월 전
They are so big now 😢😖😲🤩😏😍😘😊
Cami Mendes
Cami Mendes 개월 전
they grew up so well i'm crying
Mi Lili27
Mi Lili27 개월 전
Oh my goodness! They’ve grown so much!! ❤️⭐️
Jesmery Geronimo
Jesmery Geronimo 개월 전
I like How Seojun has gotten his body like an adult😂😂😂 cute tho🥺🥺
모찌 개월 전
서언서준 좋아요 정원씨 음식 참 잘하시네요♥️♥️♥️
Zahraa Khaled
Zahraa Khaled 개월 전
They grew up so much last time I saw them when they were only 2 years old 🥺💕
Karen Lopez
Karen Lopez 개월 전
Hola no se si alguien leerá este comentario, pero no se si ustedes escucharon COCO de fondo o ya estoy escuchando voces.
Ichigogo gracie
Ichigogo gracie 개월 전
I follow their Instagram @seoeonseojun they’ve grown up so much 🥰 I love them
Erin Shin
Erin Shin 개월 전
She looks like Seo Hyunjin 😍
Chae Rina
Chae Rina 개월 전
Perasaan dulu nonton mereka masi bayik", ud gede banget skrg 😭
uwu kpop
uwu kpop 개월 전
He grew up so much I'M CRYING😭
Krish 개월 전
Now all I want to see is the Triplets.
Aulia Hanifa
Aulia Hanifa 개월 전
They're such a big boy now and their mom is so pretty
Samantha Mae Santos
Samantha Mae Santos 개월 전
it made me feel a bit emotional when they bought back the scenes where Seoeon and Seojun were babies back then, like. Look how big they are now:""")
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