Rekkles | Jhin ADC: PERFECT KDA

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2 개월 전

Tryhard mode activated: we lock in Jhin for the win!
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Ulaş Şen
Ulaş Şen 일 전
musıc volume so high this is annoying
SPEX 3 일 전
7:10 ????
Sean Suzuki
Sean Suzuki 6 일 전
the other tr ur hmm j mmn
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 6 일 전
i lov u
Arthur Andersen
Arthur Andersen 8 일 전
"agurin, hes gonna take my elo away isnt he"
Papitas 11 일 전
He just misses so much Ws.
Wuschel Kopf
Wuschel Kopf 개월 전
Ctrl A Ctrl C Ctrl V ~Rekkles explaining how to graduate online school
It is wednesday, ma dudes
It is wednesday, ma dudes 개월 전
wow, he knows Agurin? damn
Jorjales :3
Jorjales :3 개월 전
Grande werlyb, representando al barrio xD
justinwashere 개월 전
The impartial wave evocatively joke because cemetery ectrodactyly boil midst a measly box. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, versed whorl
iGeneti X
iGeneti X 개월 전
Why he write 2430ad ?
Duc Lee
Duc Lee 개월 전
Meine Freunde*
fatih sezer
fatih sezer 개월 전
2.22 flash damage its huge u know
Yes Im Wave
Yes Im Wave 개월 전
Why does he paste those numbers and then ad ?
Don 175
Don 175 개월 전
Flash in d.. stands for despicable 😆
Eliphas 개월 전
What are the things he types in chat with numbers and AD at the end?
Belphegor T
Belphegor T 개월 전
Sick edit!
Karsten Niehuis
Karsten Niehuis 개월 전
Ziemlich Gutes Deutsch Rekkles bis auf Freunds ^^ das heißt Freunde
Fran Ingegnieri
Fran Ingegnieri 개월 전
2:24 So this happens en high elo too??
Koistinentk 개월 전
"I hate this game sometimes" well thats your job its normal to hate it sometimes 😂😂
Hernandez Manzanarez Jhovany Jhossimar
Hernandez Manzanarez Jhovany Jhossimar 개월 전
What mouse are using Reckless now? O:
Monkey D. Zubra
Monkey D. Zubra 개월 전
U cant aim w
Roland Ko
Roland Ko 개월 전
The near racing perioperaively attach because ramie comparably fool through a hypnotic puma. youthful, ill-informed jumbo
Awid 개월 전
I miss the pokemon music :(
Ángel Arotoma
Ángel Arotoma 개월 전
Werlib en partida omg lest goo
Chris 개월 전
What the hell is he writing in the chat? I'm too iron for this
Bonnie M
Bonnie M 개월 전
telling the team when varus' flash will be up
Harrys p
Harrys p 개월 전
he is literally rangar lothbrok from the vikings netflix series
Red Ferrer
Red Ferrer 개월 전
I thought rekkles really speaks german 😲
David Olivares
David Olivares 개월 전
grande mastopapi
Phelan Kenyon
Phelan Kenyon 개월 전
Does anyone know what font the editor uses for text in videos?
Lorenzo Pieri
Lorenzo Pieri 개월 전
imagine not getting ur enemies thrown away from ur w by Talijah
Tamascherandi 22
Tamascherandi 22 개월 전
Come ci si sente a perdere tutti i game contro Paolo?
G Panagoulopoulos
G Panagoulopoulos 개월 전
At 2.36 he wrote 12ad What's that meansss??
Kr0wed Smite
Kr0wed Smite 개월 전
Was anyone else expecting a 4/4/4 KDA?
Emre Özbağdatlı
Emre Özbağdatlı 개월 전
you kknow what i missed that old videos with keyboard and click voice 😔
Lorenzo Antognoni
Lorenzo Antognoni 개월 전
Can u show ur settings ina a future video?
Natty Waffles
Natty Waffles 개월 전
I like how when he speaks any Sweedish, I can still mostly understand him even tho I'm Norwegian :D
Sekka 개월 전
What's the music at 5:13 ?
G S 개월 전
Instructions unclear, my K/D was reversed
Gl0r1a 개월 전
Me: Goes 1/0/2 and ffs 15, PERFECT KDA
Kinjam Andue
Kinjam Andue 개월 전
The minor alloy thermodynamically lie because man partially settle beneath a boiling community. dependent, ill macaroni
SirSchleimbacke 개월 전
Guten Tag :)
VeryFrostyJack 개월 전
music 2 loujd
El Bandi
El Bandi 2 개월 전
He's soo cute
"braindead" CTRL+A CRTL+C CTRL+V
Nico Krahforst
Nico Krahforst 2 개월 전
Rekkles speaking German
Negato - OfficialPage - Metin2
Negato - OfficialPage - Metin2 2 개월 전
Senpaiii, the best runes and Build for Draven? Do it a video pls.
Antek Zbaracki
Antek Zbaracki 2 개월 전
macik jest lepszy lol
Jhin dark harvest better
Alessandro Ciccarelli
Alessandro Ciccarelli 2 개월 전
Matt Donovan? really XD?
Brooks Gunn
Brooks Gunn 2 개월 전
Can't wait till you become a full time streamer :) Take your time of course, though.
Khang Tran
Khang Tran 2 개월 전
what is 1845ad means ?
xXCunninXx 2 개월 전
Isn't collector better for Lower DMg champion? U still hit more than 5percent HP
Abdias Ortiz
Abdias Ortiz 2 개월 전
Chronofox le gana 😎
Donnie 2 개월 전
2:12 is this edited or is it just the skin? its beautiful
Donnie 2 개월 전
@ViggoEdits then those are sick edits
ViggoEdits 2 개월 전
edit ! ! don't be fooled hahaha
Michel Cambrona
Michel Cambrona 2 개월 전
Love your nails
Amber Waddy
Amber Waddy 2 개월 전
I came to watch this and got an ad for Hinge should I consider that to be a sign or?
Amber Waddy
Amber Waddy 2 개월 전
LOL okay now an ad for pregnancy tests definitely a sign XDDD
Folkic ???
Folkic ??? 2 개월 전
What does normal league player see => 0 deaths thats perfect game wppp What does Jhin playrs see => Where is 4 ??
Fighterlm 123
Fighterlm 123 2 개월 전
Mine Vural
Mine Vural 2 개월 전
fun to watch
Gravost 2 개월 전
Dieser Kommentar gilt dem ominösen KOfilms-Algorithmus.
Ionian N
Ionian N 2 개월 전
Rekkles KDA: 1/2/34 😂
Emanuel Giurgica
Emanuel Giurgica 2 개월 전
1:43 he should've 4th shot bard for sure,dont u think?
Mikkel ovlisen
Mikkel ovlisen 2 개월 전
To be honest Rekkles video doesn't need all the hype music and stuff when he get kills and make plays
Janusz Nowak
Janusz Nowak 2 개월 전
I hate u Martin, always when I see you playing Jhin I want to play it as well bcs you're on different level with this champ. Then I pick Jhin and it looks terrible but I won't give up man
Dávid Tamás
Dávid Tamás 2 개월 전
2:52 that giggle with that image.... killed me :D
Olivier Ordoñez
Olivier Ordoñez 2 개월 전
Hola, nice.
Nico Marchl
Nico Marchl 2 개월 전
Im confused...Title says perfect KDA, yet he aint is 4/4/4
Ali BaraKeti
Ali BaraKeti 2 개월 전
Why rekkles typing 2900ad all time
Juri Lehmann
Juri Lehmann 2 개월 전
ENTC 2 개월 전
I've always wondered and seen it before, why is he typing xxxxad into chat?
Instinct. 개월 전
Flash timer for adc
BABBYN 2 개월 전
Hi there
Daniel Lalinde
Daniel Lalinde 2 개월 전
That Irelia looks like Panda killer. Dont know why
_sofiiita_ 03
_sofiiita_ 03 2 개월 전
Grande nuestro werlyb
Rabah D
Rabah D 2 개월 전
I thought im the only one who have this probleme when you buy long sword you get dagger instead
Akali Main
Akali Main 2 개월 전
It is "Freunde". In Germany we very rarely just add a "s" at the end of a word to show that we mean multiple. But Guten Morgen Rekkles ^^
hexa 2 개월 전
Only black chroma high noon
Bulb 2 개월 전
Daniel Goral co ten Rekkles wrzucil Twoja gre, ze takie dobre staty? XDD
Skorup 2 개월 전
perfect KDA for Jhin is 4/4/4
Fidel L.
Fidel L. 2 개월 전
It‘s Freunde 😉
Argimon 2 개월 전
vorv 2 개월 전
I've got a crush on rekkles
Music ON
Music ON 2 개월 전
"Uhhh, i'm leaving!!" hahahahahaha its so funny and RUN xD
Lluis González
Lluis González 2 개월 전
when he writes 2940ad, what does it mean?
Hola Ratheesh
Hola Ratheesh 개월 전
@Paweł Grzywna thnx
Paweł Grzywna
Paweł Grzywna 개월 전
It means that enemy adc used his flash and it's back up on 29:40
Hola Ratheesh
Hola Ratheesh 2 개월 전
@Lluis González i guessed
Lluis González
Lluis González 2 개월 전
@Hola Ratheesh yeah, but, who has that ad? thats too high
Hola Ratheesh
Hola Ratheesh 2 개월 전
2940 attack damage
Frenzy 2 개월 전
i kinda miss the old camera angle tbh
Mario L
Mario L 2 개월 전
Saludos desde España con nuestro top werlyb 🤠
Konstantin Steier
Konstantin Steier 2 개월 전
are you german?
Jayze_Be 2 개월 전
Was I the only one who was shocked that he can speak German so well at the beginning like wtf?!?!?
Jayze_Be 2 개월 전
Was I the only one who was shocked that he can speak German so well at the beginning like wtf?!?!?
Xayah roasted me
Xayah roasted me 2 개월 전
who did his nails toh? XD
Jonas Jurgelevicius
Jonas Jurgelevicius 2 개월 전
Perfect kda for jhin is 4/4/4. Title is click bait!!!
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 2 개월 전
Pero si ha estado mastowelyb en la top
David7 2 개월 전
rekkles prob the best person i know
Smemes 2 개월 전
Did NOT except to see VVKool in the video. Other than that the editing was amazing boatyVV3
Tristán .Montalbán
Tristán .Montalbán 2 개월 전
Matt Donovan from vampire diaries? xDDDDDDDDDD
Erik Pilstrom
Erik Pilstrom 2 개월 전
Rekkles is a big TVD fan. You can see him watching it on the G2 house tour they released a few weeks back.
Astro Kid
Astro Kid 2 개월 전
My opinion Good: greeting, several bard ult dodges, gnar ult dodge by galeforce and entertainment overall Bad/questionable: mispredictions with ^w^, lack of speed and overall confidence with ^r^, not honoring anyone at the end of the game? Cheers keep going 🤙🏼
MKraay 2 개월 전
He's playing against challenger and grandmaster players, obviously he's not gonna hit all skillshots. He's 9.0.16 S+ in a chall game ffs
Florian Lehmann
Florian Lehmann 2 개월 전
Femto EHG
Femto EHG 2 개월 전
ma boi viggo smurfing with these edits
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