PS5 Console Unboxing

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We have the PlayStation 5 and we're unboxing our first retails version of the console to show everything inside. In addition, we pair it up against all currently available consoles. See the PS5 vs. the Xbox One, Switch, PS4 Pro, and more.
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leave your memes into reddit
leave your memes into reddit 3 일 전
'''hey look! its therelaxingend face reveal!''
Θανος Συρο
Θανος Συρο 6 일 전
yeah. can't wait for the bundles w FIFA 22, second controller @399.99 😁
David Sean
David Sean 7 일 전
COD no doubt
Ahmed Alattas
Ahmed Alattas 11 일 전
McKay Howard
McKay Howard 11 일 전
This guy looks like a McPoyle brother
Ryan Essex
Ryan Essex 12 일 전
Crap lighting. You are meant to be a professional outfit? Lol.
Pujith Vaddepally
Pujith Vaddepally 12 일 전
in my playstation 5, pujith will play spiderman games
Black Smith
Black Smith 14 일 전
This must have cost him a bomb!
bewilderedangel 14 일 전
Does it come with a wired controller
PlaysiBoi 14 일 전
Hv Pyrø ツ
Hv Pyrø ツ 14 일 전
You can tell hes more excited for the PS5 than the Xbox Series X xD
Hv Pyrø ツ
Hv Pyrø ツ 14 일 전
Presntation and packaging was great!! -From an Xbox User
Nomvulo Dlamini
Nomvulo Dlamini 16 일 전
I dont know why they added a stand but really
Mark Gaines
Mark Gaines 16 일 전
It comes with the 2.1 hdmi cable? Nice.
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 18 일 전
I hope they have a black one cuz for $500 plus I really hope they have a black one black controller election system otherwise I'm going to wait till it gets cheaper
Luz De jesus
Luz De jesus 21 일 전
Who waching this when the ps5 was released
Mr Memelord
Mr Memelord 21 일 전
He didn’t put the console stand on right when it was on its side this hurts me
Is that So?
Is that So? 21 일 전
What with the banana
Jaydooon 21 일 전
he looks like his name would be elon husk
Javier Marcos Montaño
Javier Marcos Montaño 21 일 전
if the official launch is 12 Nov.2020 how do you have it ????
Business Plan
Business Plan 22 일 전
Salut à tous. Cette période de confinement étant compliqué pour certains, je peux vous présenter une opportunité qui peut améliorer cela. Nous avons déjà aidé des personnes qui galéraient, surtout en ce moment. Il faut juste etre majeur. Si vous êtes intéressé merci de me contacter sur mon FB: Laurie Dunez. À bientôt peut-être :)
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 22 일 전
My plantano is bigger in scale
YushkiiiXD 22 일 전
When i get the ps5 only game im gonna play is 2k21 and GTA
Armani Sg400
Armani Sg400 22 일 전
Is it me or do it look like a modem, ima wait till a new smaller design come out lol
João Vitor Sarmento
João Vitor Sarmento 23 일 전
hey, thats the european edition? or the american one?
Johnny22EZ 23 일 전
Whats this song thats playing in the background
BrotherRobb 23 일 전
Worst unboxing video ever made
Nayan Parmar
Nayan Parmar 24 일 전
Lose the gloves. You’ll be ok. I promise.
Birsong Phangcho
Birsong Phangcho 24 일 전
Plash Speed 5😀
King Bawsaq
King Bawsaq 25 일 전
But that's just the standard banana. My banana series x pro max e is much more powerful
Jón Hjálmar Haraldsson
Jón Hjálmar Haraldsson 25 일 전
Gime gimmy
Jordzyi1 25 일 전
Not impressed
Godly-_-Greenx 25 일 전
Veronica Cortisone
Veronica Cortisone 25 일 전
very cool
JoykaOH Edrey
JoykaOH Edrey 26 일 전
Дизайн отвратительный.
theparkers2004 26 일 전
Black desert and warframe
KingRxb 26 일 전
Ohhhh yeaaaa 🔥🔥. Almost that time !! Can’t wait to post PS5 gameplay for you guys ‼️‼️‼️
ollskillz 27 일 전
Dont wanna sound ungratefull but we need to start getting l4/r4 buttons on the back of controllers
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim 27 일 전
Fifa 21
Fourth Dela Paz
Fourth Dela Paz 27 일 전
The consoles feel so old already.
sp!dygarde 27 일 전
#exploring Kashmir
#exploring Kashmir 27 일 전
where didi u get it from???!!!
TANTRA Studio 27 일 전
And the banana. Lol
Jimmy Bang
Jimmy Bang 27 일 전
Someone explain why it is all these people on KOfilms get the consoles before any of us? Beta testers or just those with enough influence?
archaeopteryx argentavis
archaeopteryx argentavis 22 일 전
I always wondered that, but I'm sure they have some special privilege
ArthropodSpidey 27 일 전
DId he just call the eject button a "reset button?" Literally wtf is wrong with IGN? lol dumbass people
Movies with friends
Movies with friends 27 일 전
Hey while you measuring with banana also do a size comparison with the bananaspear
Nelson Blackshear
Nelson Blackshear 27 일 전
The banana definitely wins the award for greatest photobomb ever 😂
FineMarioBros 27 일 전
First game ima buy is spider man
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett 27 일 전
He’s worried about fingerprints after banging the PS5 on the table! 😂
GreatAlex9775 15 시간 전
Lmao and such
Secret Mystery Music Producer
Secret Mystery Music Producer 24 일 전
Kayla Eubanks
Kayla Eubanks 25 일 전
Jose Manuel Gonzalez
Jose Manuel Gonzalez 27 일 전
Does it really come with a HDMI 2.1 cable?
Joc 16
Joc 16 28 일 전
Can anyone tell me if you are game sharing with someone on ps4 and then upgrade to ps5 can you still game share with the person on ps4 please
Prxovoke 28 일 전
Disliked because he did not compare the size with the Nintendo Wii 😡
Leandro Silva
Leandro Silva 28 일 전
Muito bom.
Tyler Wessling
Tyler Wessling 28 일 전
So huge
Nazer Ansari
Nazer Ansari 28 일 전
*worries about fingerprints, then continues to yeet the box on to the floor*
undead fodder
undead fodder 28 일 전
PS5 is a holy obelisk of gaming goodness!
Deacon123 Harris123
Deacon123 Harris123 28 일 전
Where did the Banana come from? Also he could of just compared to all of his PS4'S
Neelam Shadman
Neelam Shadman 29 일 전
is he the relaxing end because he put on gloves
Salvador Martinez
Salvador Martinez 29 일 전
I love this video because it compares size with several consoles unlike other unboxings
Arnav S.
Arnav S. 29 일 전
How many consoles do you have?
Marcaveli7 개월 전
He put on his gloves so carefully but then when he took the console out it was like a wrestling match
Aaron Hayward
Aaron Hayward 개월 전
A banana is a console?
skylineXpert 개월 전
i highly doubt the disc drive can get any better, its like it peaked at the previous generation and now it makes no sense, i would swap it for more internal storage and give it free as an external drive.
Jeremy Jason
Jeremy Jason 개월 전
Can we play ps4 disc at ps5?
Kidney Kid
Kidney Kid 개월 전
i really came here to see the remote
Akbar Sarosa
Akbar Sarosa 개월 전
It's a huge & tall console I guess so..but I feel like cool type.. PlayStation fans I'm here..👍
TMScrawdad48 개월 전
what was the point of the banana
Ez G
Ez G 개월 전
The new Spider-man game. Will be the first game I play.
Game Master Ryan
Game Master Ryan 개월 전
Know what I’m going to play on the PS5 Grandtheft auto five
Miller Gantt
Miller Gantt 개월 전
*Puts on gloves out of sheer reverence and obsession to protect* **Proceeds to drop it multiple times on the table**
Soul Hunter
Soul Hunter 개월 전
Is this really an HDMI 2.1 cable?
Creed Of Tsushima
Creed Of Tsushima 개월 전
Malik Edmond
Malik Edmond 개월 전
The body resembles the ps3 almost
RushLord 개월 전
How are these people getting it early I wanna know
RushLord 개월 전
Famous people, reviewers, etc. There ya go.
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia 개월 전
Lmao it's heavy. Dam bro u gotta work those arms out then.🤣
Jazette Anthony Lopez
Jazette Anthony Lopez 개월 전
Dankina 개월 전
Whats the Music from 00:00 - 00:11 ?
Ray Jordan
Ray Jordan 개월 전
Logging back on to destiny and Spidey of course
Phoenix 9
Phoenix 9 개월 전
Thing looks like a piece of furniture. Pretty big
Majestic Beast
Majestic Beast 개월 전
Mathilda Decker
Mathilda Decker 개월 전
Spider Man Miles Morales is the first game that I'm going to play on my Playstation 5.
Affer 개월 전
Aqui no Brasil 5 salários mínimos Nos eua 2 salários mínimos Here in Brazil 5 minimum wages In the USA 2 minimum wages
Pujith Vaddepally
Pujith Vaddepally 개월 전
spiderman games
lerna cardona
lerna cardona 개월 전
ps5 1:00
Kang Gamers Official
Kang Gamers Official 개월 전
Ohh i want buy it 🤤
FRANK Smith 개월 전
"SPIDER-MAN:MILES MORALES of course". Comes out same day of the PS5 release:) "I'm gonna enjoy this massive, amazing console" "I can't wait"
Mikael Westerlund
Mikael Westerlund 개월 전
AC Valhalla
lukogabi1 개월 전
Are you sure that HDMI is 2.1? The cable lable says High Speed with Ethernet?
Cody Alt
Cody Alt 개월 전
You would have a fit touching my dusty ps4 lol
Sheik Dhavooth
Sheik Dhavooth 개월 전
🧐can you explain how did you get the PS5 Before the Release date???? 😲
Gamer MOD Codreanu
Gamer MOD Codreanu 개월 전
andrew 개월 전
The slim one will look something like this when it comes out about 6 or 7 months later . making this totally pointless
Saad Mudgan
Saad Mudgan 개월 전
If u high like this
Joe Evenson
Joe Evenson 개월 전
Literally laughed out loud knowing it’s bigger than original Xbox.
Sj Canavan
Sj Canavan 개월 전
I am absolutely playing fortnite
Ndeh Stanley
Ndeh Stanley 개월 전
Great video. The stand isn't big enough to support the console in the horizontal position.
Just A Guy
Just A Guy 개월 전
@IGN - Is the supplied HMDI cable a 2.1?
Lunar Light
Lunar Light 개월 전
i thought this was coming out November 20th?
Milkman_1032 Gaming
Milkman_1032 Gaming 개월 전
He probably got it early
Tyrone Davis
Tyrone Davis 개월 전
It looks like The Avengers tower!
ManFromMars 53
ManFromMars 53 개월 전
00:24 creepy as hell!😨
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