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The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

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February 26
7:00 a.m. PDT
Set your alarms now, Trainers. We’ve got some exciting news to share that you won’t want to miss!

Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy 18 분 전
What’s every 1s opinions on the characters sprites for the remakes
Strawberrium 18 분 전
Not gonna lie Pokémon snap looks cringe but also cool at the same time 😂
attk177 19 분 전
I still need Pokemon Lets go SoulSilver/HeartGold remakes. I literally want nothing else
Bogidani 21 분 전
Oof. I had tears in my eyes having pearl and diomond rebooted and then realized its just a slight adaptation. I was hoping on something on the level of shield and sword. Well, the 2007 versions will do for me. The new thing doesnt seem to be worth it but rather going back on the ladder of gaming evolution.
cimmamontoast 22 분 전
anyone get the pokémon 25 anniversary mcdonald’s happy meal “toys”?? they’re so cool.
KOOichi Man
KOOichi Man 23 분 전
Here before 4 million views
shadow garchomp
shadow garchomp 24 분 전
The remakes better have post game content all the pokemon up to gen 8 mythical pokemon side quests but there really hard difficulty settings the base game better AI make the post game long a custom mode but the custom mode is unlocked when the main story is finished the base pokedex upgrade
I'm a Blink
I'm a Blink 24 분 전
Pokemon Legends Arceus, it gives off Legend of Zelda BOTW vibes. And i'm LIVING for it. Though I hope it is actually an open world.
Daniel Lhota
Daniel Lhota 25 분 전
I love that the opening trailer acknowledged the GB Mobile Adaptor. Kind of wish there was any archived footage of that thing in action, would have been interesting to see documented.
Solo Skull
Solo Skull 25 분 전
I don’t know why I just don’t like the diamond and pearl remake looks
Boredness 25 분 전
Nintendo needs to make another 32 bit handheld, seems to be Gamefreak's fucking limit. They still haven't figured out 3D
Benjamin Jennings
Benjamin Jennings 26 분 전
so basically its Pokemon: Breath of the wild
Breadstiick 27 분 전
bruh moment lol
Alex SHows
Alex SHows 28 분 전
What about pokemon unite
Thao Tran
Thao Tran 28 분 전
Thao Tran
Thao Tran 28 분 전
I’m a noob at Pokémon
Thao Tran
Thao Tran 29 분 전
But I really never had a gx
shandy wizzar
shandy wizzar 29 분 전
so proud being part of this history from the start
Ronny Q
Ronny Q 31 분 전
Pokemon pls change the art style for BDSP before it launches
Art Zuniga
Art Zuniga 31 분 전
This is a dream come truuuuuuuue
GreedGaming 31 분 전
TeamTurtwig who's with me!
Omni User
Omni User 32 분 전
Rodolfo Cab
Rodolfo Cab 33 분 전
The last memory I had with Pokémon was finding an old shoe box filled with the cards I collected through out the years during my middle school and elementary school days after moving out. Regret throwing them away
Peter Caiazza
Peter Caiazza 33 분 전
Why has no one talked about how they brought back Cyndaquils flame?
longarooni_xv 33 분 전
0:24 please don’t make me buy more, sell em on your website
Anto Panto
Anto Panto 33 분 전
i really hope the art style of the remakes grows on me
Le Sepypoo
Le Sepypoo 33 분 전
Man I wasn't expecting that I'd cry when I saw the remaster I got hit with so much nostalgia
Sheridan Wolf
Sheridan Wolf 34 분 전
As a history nerd Pokemon Legends Arceus is 1000% something I am going to get
Blood Butterfly
Blood Butterfly 34 분 전
I cried watching this video
ryan caballero
ryan caballero 34 분 전
Thank you!!!
Mohammed Shafay Anas
Mohammed Shafay Anas 34 분 전
the art style of remake is very bad I was expecting it to be like sword and shield. pleas do some thing it does not look good. it looks like funko animation. who ever agree that art style need improvement like my comment
Subrava 34 분 전
Petition for Pokémon Arceus to be released in 2023 so that it’s actually great
Peep Game
Peep Game 34 분 전
25 YEARS! 🙌
CurvedSquareStore 35 분 전
PLEASE ADD A NEW GAME + MODE for veteran players!!!
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again 35 분 전
Logan Paul watching like 👁👄👁
LuKe 35 분 전
Omega Ruby Was the best
Xaris Nik
Xaris Nik 36 분 전
Pokemon really helped me in learning English :D
Syakir Zulqurnain
Syakir Zulqurnain 36 분 전
Was Pokemon Home mentioned in the video? Thought they missed that out..
rasa sesal
rasa sesal 36 분 전
nice video 0:55
Kiyo 36 분 전
Pokémon is now a confirmed anime. Take that stupid classmates in 4th grade
JW048 37 분 전
Congrats to Pokemon! Happy 25th anniversary to you, and we hope to see more great games in the future! ❤️ We love you Pokemon ❤️
Thao Tran
Thao Tran 37 분 전
I really want Pokémon card
cimmamontoast 37 분 전
anyone start crying at the beginning?
Rachel Chaina
Rachel Chaina 38 분 전
why do the graphics look like theyre from 2005
Co Qui
Co Qui 38 분 전
90s baby
Coolsonicfan 781
Coolsonicfan 781 39 분 전
Pokebirth Gotta wish them all
kellbellsparkles 39 분 전
So there's your answer to why the diamond and pearl remakes look differe t from what we expect. Game Freak is putting all their time and energy into the Pokemon Legends Arceus Gem
LFP Gaming
LFP Gaming 41 분 전
13:20 *Ash Ketchum: Breath of the Pokemon*
Hummingb1rd 40 분 전
Pokemon Legends: Balls of the Wild (little joke from failboat)
Hummingb1rd 40 분 전
First comment on a verified comment, and yet I don't care about it
Hummingb1rd 42 분 전
If you ever wanna see absolute toxicity, there's a little button called "newest first"
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn 42 분 전
I just want to play as a child protective services agent
Katsumi Aoyama
Katsumi Aoyama 44 분 전
pokemon is love pokemon is life
Clara Salazar
Clara Salazar 47 분 전
I'm not crying... you are ;-; nah im crying too. Cant believe its been 25 years!
William Passmore
William Passmore 48 분 전
rasa sesal
rasa sesal 48 분 전
nice video 0:55
lucario123 49 분 전
I can't tell whats more worse patterz face or the stupid chibby dirpy looking sinnoh characters in pissed off
Kioshxe 49 분 전
Omni User
Omni User 50 분 전
Un_tizio_ a_caso
Un_tizio_ a_caso 50 분 전
Love!! 😍😍😍😍
Man Bun
Man Bun 50 분 전
Holy shit a cable
Megan Jones
Megan Jones 50 분 전
fifa 21 streams go follow on twitch: notapro11
mexiwolf009 54 분 전
Game Freak and The Pokémon Company did more to celebrate Pokémon’s anniversary than Nintendo did for Zelda.
单睿 54 분 전
Munching Izun
Munching Izun 55 분 전
Please make Arceus create life infront of the players. it would be epic to see him creating Pokemon
krete 69
krete 69 55 분 전
My childhood friend, still my friend until now
AkaiAzul 56 분 전
Pokemon Legends Arceus, conceptually, look amazing, but you're telling me it'll be ready early 2022? Please delay it and give it the love it deserves.
Freshly Brewed Tea
Freshly Brewed Tea 56 분 전
Peach Soda
Peach Soda 56 분 전
steven contreras
steven contreras 56 분 전
Pokémon Crystal: The first Pokémon game I ever played. Pokémon Emerald: The first Pokémon game I ever owned. Pokémon Platinum: The first Pokémon game I learned how to raise pokemon competitively. Pokemon Omega Ruby: The first Pokémon game I PLAYED competitively And finally, I owned X/Y, Diamond, Black, Black 2, Fire Red, Heart Gold, Sun, Ultra Sun and now Sword..Pokémon has been part of my life 🤩🤩
Allison Williams
Allison Williams 58 분 전
Crieys 58 분 전
Lesss goo
Gamer Reviewer
Gamer Reviewer 58 분 전
Am I the only one who actually wants The Original Pokémon Red and Blue to come to Nintendo Switch
Gamer Reviewer
Gamer Reviewer 38 분 전
@Matthew Gordon oh... sorry about that, man. Hope you find it soon!
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon 50 분 전
@Gamer Reviewer I lost my switch
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon 50 분 전
@Gamer Reviewer OH
Gamer Reviewer
Gamer Reviewer 53 분 전
@Matthew Gordon i know, thats why I am saying, My 3DS is Broken
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon 55 분 전
It’s on 3ds
Sam Pitcher
Sam Pitcher 58 분 전
DP remakes look so bad I’m so disappointed 😭😭😭
El Canal de Rebeca
El Canal de Rebeca 59 분 전
Saludos chicos llequeeee yo gente hermosa 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Ze'Daddy 59 분 전
Madi Galiardi
Madi Galiardi 59 분 전
why am i CRYING
vodkadile 시간 전
the A E S T H E T I C S tho
haylee doyle
haylee doyle 시간 전
She knew
Andrew Burnell
Andrew Burnell 시간 전
No gym leaders... just catching Pokémon.... meh
guycd1 시간 전
Imagine highlighting the expansion pass lmao.
CannonBallBob 시간 전
Resurky VFX
Resurky VFX 시간 전
Memely D Catting
Memely D Catting 시간 전
What shiny mons will be unlocked???
хриповик 시간 전
Покемоны на века
Алтай Дылдаев
Алтай Дылдаев 시간 전
В точку
Gabs Savo
Gabs Savo 시간 전
Still no news for Zelda 35th... smh
Lord N
Lord N 45 분 전
Mate, this is the Pokèmon channel
Kp Yang
Kp Yang 시간 전
Rip Walking Furret. You'll be missed
Actaeon 시간 전
Pokemon fans: "We want the Sinnoh remake!" Nintendo: "FINE, We'll give you TWO!"
le hipster lol
le hipster lol 시간 전
finally something not among us or minecraft is trending
Isabella madaras
Isabella madaras 시간 전
We just got the one thing we were not going see ever for 2022 also we got a thing we WANTED!!!!
NickDaBear 시간 전
Aww hell yeah
Tina Marchelos
Tina Marchelos 시간 전
Bottom Text
Bottom Text 시간 전
They put this much effort into Pokemon but Zelda wasn't even mentioned on it's 35th anniversary.
Hawkkiwi 시간 전
isnt it already at its 30th anniversary
Jakobi Mansaray
Jakobi Mansaray 시간 전
Not even a huge Pokemon fan and even I was excited to see this trending
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens 시간 전
Gameboy advance sp skipped over
SuperDandyNova 시간 전
In about 3 more months I am born
2 Train
2 Train 시간 전
X & Y were the worse ones in my opinion
B the Chandelure
B the Chandelure 시간 전
Hello @patterrz
2 Train
2 Train 시간 전
I remember in middle school, dudes would pull the cartridge out ya GBA lol Pokémon Ruby days
Giovanni Mata
Giovanni Mata 시간 전
Purgatory Onigiri
Purgatory Onigiri 시간 전
Chinese are attacking gamefreak. They want the players all over the world to boycott gamefreak.
Lord N
Lord N 44 분 전
Why exactly?
Andre Ramirez
Andre Ramirez 시간 전
Yall better start fucking praying for Kanye west 🙏!!!!!
Giovanni Mata
Giovanni Mata 시간 전
Wait what?
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