Piloting a GIANT MECH!

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0:00 Teaser
0:17 Intro
1:02 What Is Piloting A Mech All About?
2:37 Pilot Program Begins
3:20 Mech Pushups
4:07 Standing Up For The First Time
4:59 The Fastest Way To Read Books!
5:38 Learning How To Fall
7:25 Tripoding For The First Time!
7:52 Day 2 Of Training
8:27 Full Four Foot Float
9:35 Two Legit Steps
10:45 End Of Day Debrief
11:16 Final Day Of Training
11:40 Walking For The First Time
12:33 Training Debrief
14:57 James Gets His Mech License
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Anthony Vulgamore
Anthony Vulgamore 2 일 전
They should make a advanced version of this
socks 3 일 전
They need to make a franxx
golden retriever
golden retriever 4 일 전
lmfao imagine ur in Iraq and this nigga pulls up
Alfred Han
Alfred Han 4 일 전
2050 so I build a moving house control by remote control
TheIceThorn 5 일 전
Maybe i'm wrong but adjusting the seat to match the mech leg position would help. The legs are ape like (moving using both front and rear extension) positioned while James is nearly seated. He should be positioned more like on a motorbike, imho it would help a lot letting the brain "wire" the motions of arms and legs to the mech ones. The actual positioning sounds better for a biped mech whicim i think, it will take much more time to be perfected.
TheIceThorn 5 일 전
@Hacksmith Industries oh ok, thanks for the explanation. By the video I see you like If you're seated :| maybe because I'm looking it from my phone. :|
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 5 일 전
You rotate into that position, roll is one of the movement controls
Jay Montealegre
Jay Montealegre 6 일 전
Ok, I have question. Is that considered as an Iron Kong or a trunkless Elephander? I'm leaning towards the Iron Kong because of the wide body and uneven legs.
Gianna GEDYE
Gianna GEDYE 8 일 전
Dwayne Filacier
Dwayne Filacier 10 일 전
Wolfenstein mech
Luigi Hinolos
Luigi Hinolos 11 일 전
I think at the future there will be an war robots
ML GP 11 일 전
now just put some guns,bullet proof metal, glass and you got a walking war machine!
Nidz Blah
Nidz Blah 13 일 전
I feel this is like where drones were before computer gyros did all the hard work... Now they basically fly themself... Seems to me they have the mechanical worked out, just need some good old fashioned computer and software to make it much easier to drive.
jon williams
jon williams 13 일 전
I'm pretty sure he's not surviving on just KOfilms money.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 12 일 전
Watch some more of my videos, like the latest one. It's all youtube. Nothing else
jon williams
jon williams 13 일 전
@Hacksmith Industries just an observation not trying to be a dick.
jon williams
jon williams 13 일 전
@Hacksmith Industries you. I don't know what a KOfilmsr makes but I would assume promotions and sponsers would be apart of it. Just a financial opinion.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 13 일 전
GMX DooDoo
GMX DooDoo 15 일 전
Bruh imagine this with armor and weapons
king gamer
king gamer 15 일 전
Make a mek from ark survival evolved!
Arturo Ramírez
Arturo Ramírez 18 일 전
I remember one video of one of those deep learning algorithms figuring out how to make a 3d model walk. I wonder if using something like that you can develop a program that would assist with the motion of the machine to help operators to use it more easily. This thing can have some really nice uses in civil engineering.
Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi 19 일 전
They should make one for children when they are completely done with this one
jules ditchon
jules ditchon 21 일 전
Can you actually make a real life maurader? You know like the same you one in the animated series starshiptroopers...
Dragoniond 107
Dragoniond 107 21 일 전
It looks like a robot elephant/gorilla
Asemy 21 일 전
Hacksmith a month later: "So i was called to fight some mf megalon"
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 22 일 전
So how long until James becomes a member of the *Power Rangers?*
Eclipsed _Vision
Eclipsed _Vision 22 일 전
Now THIS is the future we were promised!
Elijah Sandoval
Elijah Sandoval 23 일 전
we come closer to advance tech
Tim Nooney
Tim Nooney 24 일 전
"So we partnered with Furrion Exo-Bionics and attached a 50 cal. automatic turret with heatseeking laser targeting, Armor Plating, and a high power auto-loading canon..."
i hope they mass produce these in the future so its dirt cheap.
soon this will be a sport
samex _
samex _ 24 일 전
Looks like a prown suit irl
Kleines Kettenkrad
Kleines Kettenkrad 24 일 전
Lesson 8: Learn to wield a railway cannon.
Neris Velasquez
Neris Velasquez 25 일 전
This is not complete yet. It's missing the shoulder machine guns and plasma rifles.
gabs cast
gabs cast 25 일 전
hey hacksmith you are a genius
Yeet25 26 일 전
Hacksmith:so i got inspired and built the robot from black ops 2 origin's
domzilla100 28 일 전
Bruh mechs already this means there is no imposter among us the future is among us
Adam Maszynotwór
Adam Maszynotwór 28 일 전
chcę takie coś ! :D hmmm może zbudować sobie hmm
Raxelleon 28 일 전
My question is how well this mech goes on uneven terrain, because I heard one of the main purposes of walker mechs is to be an all terrain vehicle.
Justin Ernewein
Justin Ernewein 29 일 전
As I sit here watching this all I see is a mecha elephant in the making.
Matt Affenit
Matt Affenit 개월 전
*_E V E N I N D E A T H I S T I L L S E R V E_*
Sebastian Van der Merwe
Sebastian Van der Merwe 개월 전
It actually looks a lot like a deathbringer from Horizon zero dawn.😂
GamerGlitcher708 개월 전
Huh? A weapon to surpass Metal Gear?!!
kj brown
kj brown 개월 전
Do y’all respond
Jeffin Justin
Jeffin Justin 개월 전
Sven Pierce
Sven Pierce 개월 전
it should be called the mammoth
Sven Pierce
Sven Pierce 개월 전
this is so dope
MineDan Taken
MineDan Taken 개월 전
This mech is the reason, why cars use WHEELS. You see how slow it is? Nothing like the super fast agile mechs in movies and anime.
CardBoard Keene
CardBoard Keene 개월 전
20 years from now and the metal gear lore might become reality
Syed Abdul Kadhar
Syed Abdul Kadhar 개월 전
This is the real hulkbuster
Iron Brute
Iron Brute 개월 전
Kinda looks like it's made of pvc pipes
Jake Cassidy
Jake Cassidy 개월 전
Its cool but i really cant imagine people racing these ugly giants lol
awesomefatBruceLee 개월 전
Thats gotta be the weirdest quad mech i've ever seen, where are the machineguns and small lasers? Also it doesn't have armor and seems to be using primitive structure, should switch to endo-steel and get a fusion engine in there ASAP.
Super Psycho
Super Psycho 개월 전
Everyday we get closer and closer to Titans
sabercircle 7
sabercircle 7 개월 전
(5 years later) "So I united the souls of humanity by destroying individual freedom and consciousness to eliminate my risk of getting emotionally hurt by my father and those around me"
Nani 개월 전
He is amazing, he is one awesome, he is incredible
Yar?n 개월 전
So you're intending to build mechs that move more slowly than I can run? That's dumb...
John Turnipseed
John Turnipseed 개월 전
that was neat and all but the us military had a prototype mech back in the sixties it was four legs attached to a jeep body powered by hydraulics i could climb uneven surfaces and had the dexterity to step on a lightbulb without breaking it.
Stephen kazi MacMaster
Stephen kazi MacMaster 개월 전
Well basically you guys are way late because there's a Japanese company that came out with mechs like 7 years ago almost eight years ago they actually had a walking version of a real Mech. Similar to MechWarrior almost just like it they're working on something now with a suit that the pilot steps into where the legs move and you're basically hanging in a setup like a gyro and as you walk and move the suit moves with you the arms move with you and it also has weapons and all of the parts for 3D printed there are no Hydraulics it is all gears and rotors. Which means it is 10 times stronger than anything that can be made stuff far because there's no hoses or lines to blow out
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 개월 전
Hydraulics are stronger than motors, period. Hoses aren't a limiting factor lol
. 개월 전
Cough cough Japans gundam
. 개월 전
@Hacksmith Industries oh i didnt think about it that way. I suppose everyone is building pretty cool stuff these days.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 개월 전
Is a statue. Its supported by the tower. Doesn't stand by itself
Saiko Enigma
Saiko Enigma 개월 전
Maybe 6 legs are working better ^^
Plocký 개월 전
seeing this thing walk is so surreal lol
Mooncat13 개월 전
Is it just me or does this mech kinda look like an elephant?
Bruce Kwiatkowski
Bruce Kwiatkowski 개월 전
You're a mech piloting, ligthsaber swinging, lightning wielding son of a Stark. You're easily the person I'm most jealous of, looking forward for your future projects.
Samuel C
Samuel C 개월 전
I love how you just get pushed around in the mech cause of the shaky movement
Astropulse 개월 전
I'm sorry but I just heard the words mech racing league and I can't think of anything else now.
pnasmrmc 개월 전
"Chief, you're going to have to get into that mantis!"
jacob lafave 2000
jacob lafave 2000 개월 전
I hope that in 2120 people will look at this mech like we do cars of the 1920s
Game Might
Game Might 개월 전
Is it just me or does James not seem very excited?
Daniel Aykroyd
Daniel Aykroyd 개월 전
*Collegia Titanica intensifies*
torso99 개월 전
is it fuel efficient?
Nestorion Khunamon
Nestorion Khunamon 개월 전
I can see that in a post apocalyptic wolrd like a working mamooth
Baby Pyroshark
Baby Pyroshark 개월 전
this is super cool but its not fast enough to be an exciting sport now is it?
Captain Valourous
Captain Valourous 개월 전
A Weapon to surpass Metal Gear 😅
KJ 개월 전
the beginning of titanfall
Ryan Frankenstein
Ryan Frankenstein 개월 전
This thing looks like Metal Gear Raxa
DinoGoof Hybrid Hero
DinoGoof Hybrid Hero 개월 전
Monsters are attacking Hacksmith: I have some friends to call
Jade Maryland
Jade Maryland 개월 전
That mech looks cool but it's also ugly at the same time.
Ben silver.?
Ben silver.? 개월 전
Thats surreal
DrumStyx6 개월 전
Now we just need Boston Dynamics to make it autonomous👌
victor hugo sanchez cordova
victor hugo sanchez cordova 개월 전
This thing is to mechs what the british mk1 was to tanks Very promising but primitive If only there were better ways to obtain proper funding for developing breaktrough projects like this besides selfish governments "defense" programs, the free market looking for the next miracle cash grabber and dumb rich gullible dictatorships looking to burn money on new toys
Arsham Gamer Channel
Arsham Gamer Channel 개월 전
boi where be part 11
Alfred Sandoval
Alfred Sandoval 개월 전
Lesson 1 don’t take over the world lesson 2 don’t squish me and lesson 3 no running !
Christopher Rosa
Christopher Rosa 개월 전
The Hacksmith = The Future
True Judgement
True Judgement 개월 전
The next day: so we got inspired to make an At-At
Orange Sock
Orange Sock 개월 전
Colinfurze already made one
Weird Watch
Weird Watch 개월 전
Hack smith in a year “Today we are going to steal the moon”
WARPIG 645 개월 전
I can imagine what the us military would do if they had that mech, probably ARMOUR it up and put an automated gun on it (unlikely)
ᚲᚱᛖᛏᚨᚨᛚ 개월 전
January 2021: So here at Hacksmith, we decided to make a fully functional White Glint! However, we wound up building Metal Wolf instead... PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
Guywith Tacos
Guywith Tacos 개월 전
Make this a two poorly thing and there cooled because they share a better relationship and boom darling in the fraxx
Noone That guy
Noone That guy 개월 전
Am I the only one getting Horizon: Zero Dawn Deathbringer vibes from this thing?
J.D. Clayborne
J.D. Clayborne 개월 전
I swear to god hes making the precursors to weapons of mass destruction. Light saber, mecha tank whats next!?
SirGrem 개월 전
This is some Code Geass shits
TeBa• 개월 전
No way...
danieldb631 개월 전
From far away, it looks like a younger Steven Spielberg piloting that thing. Next step: Timberwolf.
I’m stupid But
I’m stupid But 개월 전
Next video: building a human
Steve Siegelin
Steve Siegelin 개월 전
To be honest I did not like it but seeing it this way is eyeopening! Full body control is the way of the true Mech!
Chevon 개월 전
Well be piloting Gundams in no time XD
Chad Matthieu
Chad Matthieu 개월 전
Pro Gress
Jack Geraghty
Jack Geraghty 개월 전
I’m waiting for the army to have training for this and then avatar movie ( not the anime) can be real
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 개월 전
I swear his videos can be so entertaining yet u can have no idea what halve the things he says means ( I’m not that smart lol )
Blu 개월 전
I feel like sport shouldn’t be the only goal of this suit
Christian Andrew Lu
Christian Andrew Lu 개월 전
thomas jefferson qiu
thomas jefferson qiu 개월 전
Looking good like a Serp from the game Iron Harvest
Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell 개월 전
This Prosthesis has foot drop, maybe needs an orthosis
The77Voice 개월 전
I want to see Keanu Reeves pilot this thing.
David Wentworth Art
David Wentworth Art 개월 전
if you were going to make a racing mech, why not design it to be more aerodynamic? this fella looks like an elephant :P
David Wentworth Art
David Wentworth Art 개월 전
@Hacksmith Industries i thought the eventual goal was to make a mech that can go like 60mph or more?
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 개월 전
Aerodynamics doesn't matter unless you're going like 60mph...
Hacksmith Industries
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