Noah Cyrus Talks Tattoos & Mental Health Advocacy

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

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Before she performs "July" for the Late Late Show audience, James Corden sits down with Noah Cyrus to chat about her new spider tattoo and its significance and the philanthropic element to her clothing line.
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Annette O'H
Annette O'H 3 일 전
So she woke up to find a spider tattoo on her shoulder\neck but doesn't know why it's there or why she got it... hmmm! Some would ask Why! Was it done at one of the rituals you have to participate in after selling there souls for fame and fortune...
Annette O'H
Annette O'H 3 일 전
I love Noah's voice so unique so beautiful.
The Butler
The Butler 4 일 전
The bar is so low...Sads
Payton Vlogs
Payton Vlogs 5 일 전
She’s so pretty
banana-pancakes 10 일 전
love her so much
zo zo
zo zo 10 일 전
She seems very sweet, I just wish she would stop fiddling with her hair and her face because she is lovely.
Willy F
Willy F 11 일 전
Denny Jones
Denny Jones 13 일 전
When are they gonna do a carpool karaoke together
Denny Jones
Denny Jones 13 일 전
I love that outfit
September Joy
September Joy 13 일 전
Another child sold to the Hollywood god baal 😢 This interview was like watching Caesar What’s-his-face interview the tributes in Hunger Games. Only the tributes defied how they were being used, as opposed to the Hollywood we are stuck with that just volunteers to flaunt it’s depravity. 🤮 We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Come quickly Jesus. 1Corinthians 15:1-4 Get saved.
Yeah Right!
Yeah Right! 15 일 전
Abbey A.
Abbey A. 18 일 전
Her speaking voice makes me think of Miley and Dolly (obviously she's completely her own person!! Just saying haha)
Anne Pfeiffer
Anne Pfeiffer 18 일 전
i feel her so bad with the spiders
blooeeh 19 일 전
I like Noah but she plays too much with her hair
tiffymarieseesthetea marie
tiffymarieseesthetea marie 22 일 전
Shes amazing. And kind Saying thank u for letting her on the show. So sweet
Waweru Bernad
Waweru Bernad 26 일 전
I love it when they fake their laughs ... true masterpiece /art
TriggerHapp09 개월 전
Why invite a racist onto your show?
Rusty Stewart
Rusty Stewart 개월 전
She and him are both a shit show!
tracy lee moss
tracy lee moss 개월 전
We are never more than 6 feet from a spider at any given time 🕷️🕸️❤️😉❤️🕸️🕷️
Drew Barry More
Drew Barry More 개월 전
I can't whistle either lol
El Mac
El Mac 개월 전
Terrific. One more over privileged, elite celebrity born child who grew up with absolutely everything, who never has worked a hard day in her life getting handed the opportunity to auto-tune herself into stardom. The "I Can Be a Star" playbook's the same: 1. tattoo the hell out of yourself 2. fill your social media with pics of you being "subversive" and "deep" 3. smoke like a fish, and, most important 4. go naked most of the time. Good God, isn’t Miley enough?
Devan Hendle
Devan Hendle 개월 전
She’s amazing, I love her 😍
Maia Papaya
Maia Papaya 개월 전
Haha I have arachnophobia and I've also thought about getting a spider tattoo
she can't whistle for the lips done, but love her anyway, she's amazing
Bella Erotica
Bella Erotica 2 개월 전
Good interview Noah love you. Xx
Kathrine L.J
Kathrine L.J 2 개월 전
I love James, he is such a sweet host.
myrto Ch.
myrto Ch. 2 개월 전
she cannot whistle because her lips are bumped
Luis Enrique Perez
Luis Enrique Perez 2 개월 전
Is she Asian?
alex john
alex john 2 개월 전
Maybe Native american blood
Luvey Hart
Luvey Hart 2 개월 전
Genuine soul. ❤️❤️
Feels 2 개월 전
Why did she look Asian?
julieta yánez
julieta yánez 2 개월 전
Hola esta limda esa wapsima
Jessica Aleman
Jessica Aleman 2 개월 전
She can’t whistle bc of her lip filler lmao I can’t whistle anymore either 😫
Yesenia Ramos
Yesenia Ramos 2 개월 전
I'm so happy Noah is getting attention..... shes so talented, etc. 🖤
Marcie 2 개월 전
STOP playing with your hair!!!!
Chubayangla Pongen
Chubayangla Pongen 2 개월 전
Noah nails black hair everytime!!💕💕
Blanka Augustino
Blanka Augustino 2 개월 전
Beautiful intellect young lady.
Nile Ngeruka
Nile Ngeruka 2 개월 전
Noah is an angel of the light
Asmr Cyrus
Asmr Cyrus 2 개월 전
it would be more meaningful if miley came
Tanya S ,
Tanya S , 2 개월 전
Fillers inside the 💋, fake hairs,tattoo's over body , Rich celebrity sister . Nice combination 👌
Brianna Kersey
Brianna Kersey 2 개월 전
She is legit the sweetest! ❤ She speaks on important facts.
Ashley Lyngdoh
Ashley Lyngdoh 2 개월 전
Is anyone else rooting for her to get to that strand of hair off her face ???
shadee brown
shadee brown 2 개월 전
Shes so beautiful 😍
Jesus how fat is Corden? When in Rome...
Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More
Moon Shadow Essentials Soap’s n More 2 개월 전
This girl is amazing but Noah and Miley have the same speaking voice and when she sings she sounds like Miley but just a higher register. When I heard them sing “ I got so high that I saw Jesus “ it was breathtaking!
Eviana Ramirez
Eviana Ramirez 2 개월 전
I can’t whistle lol
Rebecca m
Rebecca m 2 개월 전
I cant whistle either 😂😂🤦‍♀️
Michail Schmulian
Michail Schmulian 2 개월 전
She should team up with Lady Gaga regarding work on mental health issues.
Saleana Grayson
Saleana Grayson 2 개월 전
I am in love with her!!
Mon Mac
Mon Mac 2 개월 전
recommended in 2020. Noah's chill...definitely NOT anyone's shadow.
Ms. Dianne
Ms. Dianne 2 개월 전
You're a beautiful person with a kind heart. Live YOUR best life. Haters are envious. They'll get over it.
Audrey Hackett
Audrey Hackett 2 개월 전
her personality is SO AWESOME
Ty Bonez
Ty Bonez 3 개월 전
im jelly bout them baggy denims.... makes me miss my Jncos
Alysia Cottingham
Alysia Cottingham 3 개월 전
When she talks about mental health 💛 thank you Noah Cyrus !!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Leon Martinez
Carlos Leon Martinez 3 개월 전
She’s beautiful
Monica Lum Tretner
Monica Lum Tretner 3 개월 전
I love Noah Cyrus & her voice/music so much - even since her stay together single! Just so so cool to see her & her music grow & evolve over time! Love Noah!!
Emily Stefano
Emily Stefano 3 개월 전
I love you girl!!! You are beautiful inside and out!
Koos Kansloos
Koos Kansloos 3 개월 전
Man, she is so not attractive. Big mouth. Not a lady at all. Annoying talking voice. Love her album though. Weird.
Koos Kansloos
Koos Kansloos 3 개월 전
@Michael Alexander Haha, how? Been in a ton relationships and I'm married for a couple of years. That doesn't mean I'm right or so, just don't like this 'woman'.
Vero St.
Vero St. 4 개월 전
shes sooo underated
Typical Ren
Typical Ren 4 개월 전
I love her and I think she needs more attention about how good of a role model she is. That’s all
Christie Mon
Christie Mon 4 개월 전
Mariana Valdez
Mariana Valdez 4 개월 전
Fire that stylish
Oatkey Dokey
Oatkey Dokey 6 개월 전
Never even knew she existed but just heard July then watched this and she seems so sweet, and talented. Instant fan
rosa spanjol
rosa spanjol 6 개월 전
She kind of looks Asian.
salatetis 7 개월 전
I could teach her how to whistle easily.
Lady Luna
Lady Luna 7 개월 전
love stealing urban style.
Realta 140
Realta 140 7 개월 전
She sounds so like Miley omg
CODED1982 7 개월 전
Pixely☆Rapu 7 개월 전
i am in love with her wow
Raksa Peov
Raksa Peov 7 개월 전
When two siblings could have familiar faces and stuff. It's a fact and still there are people judging her voice! Sick head haters !
Mason plays video games 2
Mason plays video games 2 7 개월 전
My sisters best friend did the same thing in her car but totaled it lol
M&M 7 개월 전
They are totally bonding and I love it. Noah isn't usually this comfortable and open. Good job James love you. Noah love you too
Ashley O
Ashley O 7 개월 전
I love Noah Cyrus. She is an old soul, so grown up for her age. I can really relate to her. I love how she says mental health is just as important as physical. Keep on being AWESOME Noah!♡♡♡☆☆☆🧡💜❤💫👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Kauri Wilson
Kauri Wilson 7 개월 전
She sounds more feminine than Miley andis more mature and emotionally wise with an inner spirit in need of release
Sandrine Georg
Sandrine Georg 7 개월 전
Crazy how people are roasting her in the comments here, I literally watched this interview and thought 1st amazing style 2nd how amazing it is that she's trying to use her platform for something good; she's also so calm and collected + super polite and respectful
Jae 7 개월 전
Noah sounds like Noah - She has her own sound and beauty
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh 7 개월 전
Thank you Noah Cyrus for inspiring!!! You as well James Corden!!!
Emily Cardozo
Emily Cardozo 7 개월 전
Noah:...which helps prevent suicide and protects kids with mental health and just raises awareness that mental health is just as important as physical health- Me: O: Also me: I LOVE HER I-IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING
Johanna Grace
Johanna Grace 7 개월 전
I just love Miley and Noah bc they're more on helping people
karen Roberts
karen Roberts 7 개월 전
I actually like Noah’s voice better
Maran 7 개월 전
I'm 16, grew up watching Hannah Montana, listened to all of Miley's music, had 5 different t-shirts with her one it, the whole 9 yards. I just now realized that Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus are related. 😿
rosa spanjol
rosa spanjol 7 개월 전
She loves her hair...she’s constantly massaging and touching it...She kind of looks Asian.
DemxHSxLT 7 개월 전
You can tell how humble she is, especially when she's talking about mental health. It's beautiful.
iam nobody
iam nobody 8 개월 전
good job noah for your advocacy ❤
Raquel 2816
Raquel 2816 8 개월 전
Advocating for mental health on the platform she has, watching made me feel less alone thank you
Zarin 8 개월 전
James >>>>>> jimmy
Selin 8 개월 전
I love her. Not Because of her sister..I listen her music, read her lyrics and I truly understand and feel the feelings in the lyrics... PS. I am not saying I don't like Miley. I'm saying Im starting to love her because of her.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 8 개월 전
She is asian from Philippines 😍
el prepu cio
el prepu cio 8 개월 전
she is crazy for be famous. i mean really famous
wh0isemily 8 개월 전
I physically shudder whenever someone says “tatted” lol yikes
lobnah79 9 개월 전
Wow she is amazing...
Magic Lee
Magic Lee 9 개월 전
i love her energy
Tessa Bublick
Tessa Bublick 9 개월 전
her attempt at whistling killed me
A C 9 개월 전
She can learn how to whistle is not that hard
Bearded Dragon Man 1997
Bearded Dragon Man 1997 9 개월 전
Bearded Dragon Man 1997
Bearded Dragon Man 1997 9 개월 전
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 9 개월 전
Noah is very very pretty
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 9 개월 전
Hi five noah i love tatoo s .i have 7 .love her tattoo s is beautiful
Salma F1034
Salma F1034 9 개월 전
both she and jade thirwall from Little Mix can't whistle but somehow they're BIG nowww
she is literally these emojis “✨🌈🕷🌾🌞🖤”
Heart Haven
Heart Haven 10 개월 전
Such a genuinely beautiful lady is Noah Cyrus.
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