Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers Perform “Midnight Sky” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Midnight Sky” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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Marcelle Stanley
Marcelle Stanley 일 전
Be$t back yard session ever !!!
Razvan Nicolae
Razvan Nicolae 4 일 전
As a Bon Jovi fan.. not sure why... i needed her passion, her voice, her everything.. .
Kelly Glover
Kelly Glover 6 일 전
Best song ever
João Cardoso
João Cardoso 8 일 전
I'm a prog rock guy but this is just an incredible performance right here. Wish that last instrumental part would go on for like 5 minutes more...
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken 10 일 전
I just love her outfits ❤️
Pavel Holuša
Pavel Holuša 11 일 전
Simple Wonderful ....good Job...
Nana Paredes
Nana Paredes 15 일 전
Me gusta la nueva Miley, parece mas fiel a ella misma ❤
Beth McGregor
Beth McGregor 25 일 전
She has really grown into her own and the amount of talent she oozes, the tone, vocal control just incredible
Liliana 26 일 전
I love you so much Miley, I'm going through a divorce too and I know how you feel. thank you
Cystinosis_Queen4 Life
Cystinosis_Queen4 Life 27 일 전
Me singing this on Valentine's be like-
zZAD 27 일 전
I SO LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE! My fav version of this song by far. THANKS!
Ron Hauther
Ron Hauther 28 일 전
Best damn version of this tune! When country music was country!
Luís Guilherme
Luís Guilherme 개월 전
it takes me back to the 80´s, when music made you felt something. Very good song
Letícia Toledo
Letícia Toledo 개월 전
Chocada como parece outra pessoa! Lembra Bony Taylor
Barracuda 개월 전
She has such an amazing voice, i feel like people are not appreciating it enough
Steven Holsey
Steven Holsey 개월 전
This is one of my favorite live performances she’s done of midnight sky. She is so amazing 🖤🖤
Miguel Arévalo
Miguel Arévalo 개월 전
Hola 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎😆😆😆😉🤗🤗🤗😋😋😔😔😃😃
Miguel Arévalo
Miguel Arévalo 개월 전
calmz bex
calmz bex 개월 전
Iris Official
Iris Official 개월 전
Ralph Keeldar
Ralph Keeldar 개월 전
Nice, thx 👍✨
Capsule Corp. Geek
Capsule Corp. Geek 개월 전
Miley is amasing...I love You Miley is beautifull. Kisses
Dangerus World
Dangerus World 개월 전
Susan A
Susan A 개월 전
WOW ....What talent. Go Girl!!!
Shokhi Masuma
Shokhi Masuma 개월 전
One of my favorite singer Maile.whis you very very very Happy New Year Maile and everyone.anyone listening 2021???
이충권 2 개월 전
그래서. 너는 교조적이야.
Chris Sampson
Chris Sampson 2 개월 전
I can listen to this for hours. Please recommend more in this, taking back the power, while singing my heart out, style. Thank you
Leena Stark
Leena Stark 2 개월 전
WOW. Miley is not only drop dead gorgeous but so multi talented. In this look she gives off a young *Sharon Stone* vibe, and sounds like a young Stevie Nicks ( but Miley is even much more talented than Stevie, because she has so many different vocal ranges )
Julia 2 개월 전
Miley this music is rock solid
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 2 개월 전
best music version, very relaxing
Aquiles Cortez
Aquiles Cortez 2 개월 전
I am speechless 😶. She is so talented .
Barend Vorster
Barend Vorster 2 개월 전
She is in a class of her own, nothing can compare.
Podrick Payne
Podrick Payne 2 개월 전
Leucistic 2 개월 전
Can we appreciate the instrumental , so beautiful and peaceful
cream blue
cream blue 2 개월 전
I just love how she dances to the music
Hy EB 2 개월 전
I adore this song.. thanks for making this
Michael Eckert
Michael Eckert 2 개월 전
Miley keeps me headed in the midnight sky.Brightly ya know
PavillionPlaza 2009
PavillionPlaza 2009 2 개월 전
I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone, oh-no I don't need to be loved by you (by you) La-la-la-la-la La-la You know it's true, you know it's true Loved by you
Julia Bedoya
Julia Bedoya 2 개월 전
Steven Allen
Steven Allen 2 개월 전
Awesome! Beautiful song, Beautiful voice, Beautiful girl!
Barbara Maciejewska
Barbara Maciejewska 2 개월 전
Piękne i Polan
laith 1995
laith 1995 2 개월 전
she wearing something im glad for that 😍😍😍
Ś Ă Ķ М Ú Ś Ĩ Č ރ
Ś Ă Ķ М Ú Ś Ĩ Č ރ 2 개월 전
WoW Lovely Miley !!
Michelle Grümmer
Michelle Grümmer 2 개월 전
I think that's my favorite Midnight Sky performance so far. So beautifully good
cristianogatao 2 개월 전
Ficou lindo! Miley, gracinha e fofurinha.. Amei!
Christopher Maggard
Christopher Maggard 2 개월 전
She may have lost her upper register, and her voice a little more raspy, but you cannot dispute the fact that she can still bring it.
Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias 2 개월 전
She had a surgery She is training her voice Now is heavier but wait for it she will slay it for decades
Priti Jana
Priti Jana 2 개월 전
Italiangirl27 2 개월 전
She's Amazing!!🔥✌
carol vieira
carol vieira 2 개월 전
I love every Midnight Sky performance, but THIS... this one hits different.
Heads is getting bigger and bigger
Uncle frank memes
Uncle frank memes 2 개월 전
I was born to run, don't belong to anyone... that's me...
Natalia Ponce
Natalia Ponce 2 개월 전
Havnis Garcia
Havnis Garcia 2 개월 전
I'm glad this is now 1Million
nikhil reddy
nikhil reddy 3 개월 전
She is an angel 👼 with mesmerising voice
Neeraja Vasu
Neeraja Vasu 3 개월 전
Imma let this song define me
Brei Carter
Brei Carter 3 개월 전
Many thanks for posting! Do you have a minute? I shared a new song of mine on my page. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd take a listen. I hope you enjoy :)
Patsy Stone
Patsy Stone 3 개월 전
I'm getting an Aquarius/Uranus vibe from this performance...her costume, the lyrics about being ok with solitude, open relationships.
DW Ganegodage
DW Ganegodage 3 개월 전
She's my queen 👑 👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Josefina Munoz
Josefina Munoz 3 개월 전
Mi ricorda a Stevie Nicks la voce calda e graffiante e perfino la musica. Comunque I like.
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 3 개월 전
Miley is *it all* legend got *TALENT, LOOKS, VERSATILITY* (she's given us so many performances of this song and every single one had a different sound to it), *LEGACY!!*
Tamara Italy
Tamara Italy 3 개월 전
Great performance and out-fit for our Queen
beyza türkmen
beyza türkmen 3 개월 전
i was born to run, i don't belong to anyone, i dont need to be loved by you.FAV ❤️🔥
G Neves
G Neves 3 개월 전
Well, do you know what??? Now I know what BAD ASS means! She's my loved BAD ASS, though! X Brazil
Sunnydayabl 3 개월 전
I love the show Hannah montona and love everything about you your my hero
Gabriel Weinstein
Gabriel Weinstein 3 개월 전
New cover of “Midnight Sky” by Miley, check here:
alireza mohammadi
alireza mohammadi 3 개월 전
This is the best version
honey hp
honey hp 3 개월 전
i love your talent queen
Joshua James olson
Joshua James olson 3 개월 전
❤I stood by Mileys side since day 1 as a child she inspired me to find my self
Madison Frye
Madison Frye 3 개월 전
I love Miley's new style! And wow her voice is amazing. I feel like she's expressing her vocal abilities more than she ever did.
Rick Nimo
Rick Nimo 3 개월 전
I like the soft piano sound...but the drum beat is a bit heavy sometimes. I like the surprise breaks in the refrain where the backup singers finish the line...could even add a couple more.
Jacqueline Alcala
Jacqueline Alcala 3 개월 전
Great voice and style. Love love this song. Amazing artist. This is definitely Miley’s year.
Peter Langer
Peter Langer 3 개월 전
Yes miley, i love you Popqueen ❤
leris lunghi
leris lunghi 3 개월 전
Voce fantastica
William BB
William BB 3 개월 전
This song made me listen to her once again
isabelle 3 개월 전
Hi were you the real miley Cyrus in among us
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Amar Paul Singh
Amar Paul Singh 3 개월 전
Raw talent in the raw!
Juan Vera
Juan Vera 3 개월 전
Arte puro!!
Dannielle DeBruler
Dannielle DeBruler 3 개월 전
Simply wonderful
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Dannielle DeBruler
Dannielle DeBruler 3 개월 전
fab harlock
fab harlock 3 개월 전
Dedicated to Liam?
Matthew Schneider
Matthew Schneider 3 개월 전
Miley!!! How do you make me do the things I do? Stop writing songs about me and then sending your soul to me then making me show certain people your songs. Its getting me in trouble;)
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale 3 개월 전
Stevie Nicks might approve of this one.
Y O U 29 일 전
she did . they even have a remix of this song together called edge of midnight
Олег Сотников
Олег Сотников 3 개월 전
Miley I love you 😘 You the best of the best!🔱 Super няшная ♀😍..... maybe 🔂⚤???😊😉
zZAD 3 개월 전
zZAD 3 개월 전
@j. w. I will definetely listen to it but If I have to be honest i usually like A LOT better her live versions than the oficial ones. Happened to me with this one & Slide away... She is so much better live.
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
RJ 3 개월 전
That's slick. I like it.
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Alexandr Avilov
Alexandr Avilov 3 개월 전
Happy Birthday to me 🎂🌸💛🎁
Alexandr Avilov
Alexandr Avilov 3 개월 전
@j. w. yes
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Steven Beck
Steven Beck 3 개월 전
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Steven Beck
Steven Beck 3 개월 전
paolo dirienzo
paolo dirienzo 3 개월 전
Bravissima 😍
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Isabella Bruns
Isabella Bruns 3 개월 전
The ‘plastic hearts’ in the back 🥺❤️
Isabella Bruns
Isabella Bruns 3 개월 전
j. w. Of course, so excited for it ❤️❤️❤️
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
Ok Land Tinerfe
Ok Land Tinerfe 3 개월 전
Awesome!!! Clean & deep voice ...a mature singer without stupid performances. A woman, not a teen. Thanks for this...
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
FEbE jaEL dahann
FEbE jaEL dahann 3 개월 전
👍💋 Muy bella canción
Romu Ricci
Romu Ricci 3 개월 전
Diese Frau hat eine extrem starke Stimme 👌🤩
Clément Dousse-Laude
Clément Dousse-Laude 3 개월 전
Very good promo ! 😍
j. w.
j. w. 3 개월 전
Did you hear mileys new album plastic hearts is out on nov.27th
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