Miley Cyrus Performs "Midnight Sky" | 2020 MTV VMAs

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Miley Cyrus performs "Midnight Sky" at the 2020 Video Music Awards.
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Steven Allen
Steven Allen 8 시간 전
Amazing vocals and one seriously sexy bitch!
Abril Acosta
Abril Acosta 일 전
que reina
Sandra Turner
Sandra Turner 일 전
What a waste of talent! She's becoming more trashy as time goes by. And this was the young lady, that vows not to become this person ten plus years ago. SAD
Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart 일 전
she’s amazing 😍
Volcom Stone
Volcom Stone 일 전
This song does but suits her voice at all. Stick
Nayara Farias
Nayara Farias 일 전
I’m so proud of her evolution
Diane B Berried
Diane B Berried 일 전
Did it get some "work" done? 🅓🅐🅜🅝 👺
Emmanuel Acosta
Emmanuel Acosta 2 일 전
I wish this intro was in the studio version, adds such an iconic vibe to the already good song 🎧
Bella Ledoux
Bella Ledoux 2 일 전
"I dont hide blurry eyes like YOU 👉" FIERCE !! Gave me chills
Wendy Woodford
Wendy Woodford 3 일 전
Ok so I like the hairstyle, I can even except the bisexuality (suggested in this song). But poor Liam hiding blurry eye's is a worry.
zephadiah mason
zephadiah mason 4 일 전
When she do that rest bitch face ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lorie Barrera
Lorie Barrera 4 일 전
Jc Larcon
Jc Larcon 4 일 전
I’m 49 yo and I love this song she is so talented
Susanna Hill
Susanna Hill 4 일 전
Diggin this so much!!!! Grace Jones coming back!!
Rosa Vazques
Rosa Vazques 4 일 전
Marco Irias
Marco Irias 4 일 전
Tremenda voz😍
Nightcore Variado
Nightcore Variado 6 일 전
Nightcore version ❤
Cathy B
Cathy B 6 일 전
Love a you
Marcelina Agosto
Marcelina Agosto 6 일 전
Love it
AkJohn74 6 일 전
Omg she trifling
No Fear
No Fear 6 일 전
Promoted to a Disco Ball
Lia John
Lia John 7 일 전
Miley is a fkin beast!! This song is my shyttttttt. Lovin the 80s feel fr fr! When I heard this on radio, I was like wahhhhh, thats Miley?! Didn't even know, and dat girl can sing. Yasssss
Gabriel Weinstein
Gabriel Weinstein 7 일 전
New cover of “Midnight Sky” by Miley, check here:
Flawed J
Flawed J 7 일 전
wow, the lyrics and performance speak for themselves, wish this was live. Amazing performance.
DW Ganegodage
DW Ganegodage 8 일 전
Ugh im sooo addicted to this song can't stop listenning ❤️❤️❤️
Cipriana Guardado
Cipriana Guardado 9 일 전
That mullet though
Faw Mon
Faw Mon 10 일 전
This performance is so iconic
Ren Saggio
Ren Saggio 10 일 전
One of the most gorgeous cinematic moments of my Music video history in life. I am a Miley Fan. A long time from now and for the future. I worry about her health. Her musicianship is powerful. Her messages about femininity and bravery are life-lasting.
great gardengnome
great gardengnome 10 일 전
Fear the Beard #99
Fear the Beard #99 13 일 전
Best performance of the night ... Undisputed
Auroraxxfacekilla C
Auroraxxfacekilla C 13 일 전
This song was a disappointment, sounds like music I’ve heard before, from the 80s. Just not feelin it at all, plus the lip syncing made it worse.
Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart 일 전
she wasn’t lip syncing, u can tell
Sebastian Orellana
Sebastian Orellana 12 일 전
Please watch her most recent performances of Midnight Dky, this is the only one performed with playblack🔥, the new ones have a rock style very different to this performance. Btw, everyone at the 2020 VMAs performed with playback (I think it was a requirement due Covid).
Eddy Reinoso
Eddy Reinoso 14 일 전
I was a fan before, now i am a complete house centralized, thermostat controlled smart air conditioner
Miley is millions times better than Gaga. Gaga is overrated, untalented and trying too hard.Gaga's performance was so stiff and it sucked.
Gabriel Pereira
Gabriel Pereira 14 일 전
Congrats, Miley!!! You’re a true survivor!
Zak Billing
Zak Billing 15 일 전
How iconic. Love the wrecking ball nod with the disco ball✨
Paola Montiel M
Paola Montiel M 15 일 전
Anyone else notice the In the Air Tonight easter egg??? :3
Diana 15 일 전
She's absolutely iconic
Mascara Tarah
Mascara Tarah 16 일 전
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 16 일 전
It doesn't even feel like Miley is promoting *Midnight Sky* 'cause you can see *she's having the time of her live performing!* As👏 she👏 should👏
SCM 16 일 전
jashyboo 16 일 전
The least these performers could’ve done was sing live. I mean there wasn’t even an audience so isn’t that easier?
cqhamchik 17 일 전
Под фанеру
Colleen Grow
Colleen Grow 17 일 전
She’s so good
خسته تنها
خسته تنها 17 일 전
hannah meloche
Mockavel Velli
Mockavel Velli 18 일 전
Sorry but shes just so ugly
Hans Cyrus
Hans Cyrus 17 일 전
Your profile was so ugly too
drums549 18 일 전
Good song from M.Cyrus, I like it
Sejuani 18 일 전
Seriously I heard "Fire in my loins can fight the devil on my tongue" 😂
dimas wiguna
dimas wiguna 18 일 전
why does she have no shadows?
Carlozzz 19 일 전
I really thought at first it was lip sync because of how accurate the notes were, I had to put on my headphones to realize that's literally her own voice
Hans Cyrus
Hans Cyrus 17 일 전
If it's lip sync you can watch bbc live Midnight sky and will proof that she had a iconic voice
Ricardo Pahim Dornemann
Ricardo Pahim Dornemann 19 일 전
Can someone explain why the original audio was changed? Before it was much better
Hans Cyrus
Hans Cyrus 17 일 전
?what are u saying?
Georgia Paula
Georgia Paula 19 일 전
Storm Vatican
Storm Vatican 19 일 전
Mother Mary were prostitute goddess? And Jesus were Satan? The robot alien trying to corrupts human consciousness?
Bran Bran
Bran Bran 19 일 전
Love this damn song.
Lidia Torres Castro
Lidia Torres Castro 19 일 전
Me encanta la canción
99 ProblemXX
99 ProblemXX 19 일 전
If this doesnt give yuh goosebumps i dont know what will
Ashlee grahams
Ashlee grahams 20 일 전
Nunca creí que de todas las new Queen pop stars..Miley sería capaz de transportarme en el tiempo🤷🏻‍♂️ que una canción te lleve a los 80's sin ser de esa época y te ponga piel de gallina y cierres los ojos y haga mover tus pies debe considerarse una obra maestra ... Más allá de su sexualidad y el mensaje(lo cual no tiene ninguna relevancia)😒.. 🤩es la combinación perfectamente de look actitud sentido musical y elegancia estoy muy orgulloso de lo que puede lograr si sigue así 😍😍👏👏👏👏👏
Jessyca Jey Smith
Jessyca Jey Smith 21 일 전
Madonna ... look like her !!! 😍
Loi Tre
Loi Tre 21 일 전
Iconic... She deserves better
Ina Lozbeņa
Ina Lozbeņa 21 일 전
je k
je k 21 일 전
She’s rocking every moment
Bf Cake
Bf Cake 22 일 전
The Best of this Era! You go Gurl.
Иван Ковальчук
Иван Ковальчук 22 일 전
cyberpunk 2077)
Victor Souza Hair Ideias
Victor Souza Hair Ideias 22 일 전
gente ser que usou playback?
Chelsea Glass
Chelsea Glass 22 일 전
There’s so much aggression coming off this, holyy
Faith Sarin
Faith Sarin 23 일 전
wrecking ball vibes but this time she’s not coming back and she’s glowing!! 🤩🤩
Fabián S.
Fabián S. 24 일 전
She's an Icon... 😏
FatSardine 24 일 전
I really feel bad for people with epilepsy while watching this tho. But literally this was fire
Adam Francis
Adam Francis 24 일 전
Athena Parabólica
Athena Parabólica 24 일 전
Swing states during the election: 1:51
Jaime A
Jaime A 24 일 전
Obsessed with this performance 💜
Eduardo Arceo
Eduardo Arceo 24 일 전
Wisconsin and Michigan in the election be like... 🔴➡️🌀💙🌀
Q E 25 일 전
Full disclosure: I never hated on her for making Wrecking Ball
Laverne DeLuna
Laverne DeLuna 25 일 전
Nobody: Michigan: 1:51
Shapeless Journeys
Shapeless Journeys 25 일 전
3:44 she looks so much like Melania Trump there
HC Mixes
HC Mixes 25 일 전
that’s one long microphone cord
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 25 일 전
arrasou muito
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 25 일 전
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 25 일 전
AEI La Molina
AEI La Molina 25 일 전
This is my favorite. Can’t stop hearing it, send help.
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 26 일 전
This song is amazing and the live version is even better than the studio version.
Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon 26 일 전
Is she born with the mirror ball right ... it like her shadow now, have no idea just bring it back !!!
Heni Hriv
Heni Hriv 27 일 전
Shannon Baksh
Shannon Baksh 27 일 전
ICON!!!!!!!! Nicki cardi Ariana y'all got nothing on this girl.
alex h
alex h 22 일 전
Diamonth dP
Diamonth dP 27 일 전
Im so happy the 80s disco synth style is popular again ❤️
satellite pilot
satellite pilot 28 일 전
Miley keeps getting better her and Selena Gomez got something special, very good examples of a new breed of women
nuru ning
nuru ning 28 일 전
Can Someone tell me what does she say in the second 0 1 and 2?
King Jellybaby27
King Jellybaby27 28 일 전
I used to be a fan now I’m a whole air conditioner also the la la la is amazing
Naomi Andrew
Naomi Andrew 29 일 전
The performance was killer but am I the only one that thinks the vocal track doesn’t match her lip movements
Devin Pope
Devin Pope 29 일 전
Devis Boccuzzi
Devis Boccuzzi 29 일 전
lulita Pipo
lulita Pipo 개월 전
Ariana with 90s r&b and miley with this and Taylor back in country. The saved 2020. This year is made for women in the music industry
lulita Pipo
lulita Pipo 28 일 전
@TheTrashBoi that's a great album too!! Women saving this shitty year, its a yes from me
TheTrashBoi 28 일 전
Erm it was actually Dua who saved 2020 with Future Nostalgia.
marna cc
marna cc 개월 전
un gran bel pezzo, ormai in fissa
I don't spill tea I sip coffee
I don't spill tea I sip coffee 개월 전
I can definitely hear the 80s electronic sound in the pop music. The weekend specifically stood out for me as far the 80s sound goes.
Ricardo Pahim Dornemann
Ricardo Pahim Dornemann 개월 전
Simplesmente sensacional! Amo demais
Raquel Aurilia
Raquel Aurilia 개월 전
Thanks for sharing! If you have a minute, I recorded a cover of Billie Eilish. As a fellow music lover, I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you like it!
K H 개월 전
I Love thus Song. Thanks you Miley😋
Nicolas Poeta
Nicolas Poeta 개월 전
Just, wow
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 개월 전
Every era people be talking about *"Miley is becoming her true self"* like y'all.. she is *ALL that!* Miley has no limit.
Love Only
Love Only 22 일 전
Copy that 🔱
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez 개월 전
We been with her through all her eras and we here for more! 💕💖
DeGreatHan1 개월 전
Who's here after her interview on Joe Rogan? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Oñi ooo
Oñi ooo 개월 전
i luv dis song
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