Miley Cyrus - Just Breathe (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)

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Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Just Breathe” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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ionthetarget 7 시간 전
What an incredible voice
Mike Black
Mike Black 7 시간 전
Miley Cyrus is sweet person with beautiful angel voice
davemcneil108 11 시간 전
Miley, I love you! How you be yourself And you’re beautiful and thank you for being you Love this song
Mike Black
Mike Black 12 시간 전
I’m singing with my guitar to you Miley Cyrus with my heart
paulbuyswebdeveloper 13 시간 전
Shes awesome..... Loved Pearl Jam my whole life.
Antonino Atl
Antonino Atl 일 전
Miley Cyrus you have a Grammy in you find it and sing it Anthony from New York
Just Me
Just Me 일 전
Love this song
loganrollo 일 전
Wow... way to ruin a song.
Coretha the Hippie
Coretha the Hippie 일 전
Thanks to being the last thing I hear on this earth!! ✌😷😿
Wedelia Du Maurier
Wedelia Du Maurier 일 전
I want it on spotify
Jerry Jacobsen
Jerry Jacobsen 2 일 전
I must add my voice in agreement with these comments below. Firstly? thanks to all for being adults and writing respectful messages. Our voices ard stronger than the childish naysayers craving attention in their parents basements...and quite frankly, so is Miley's. I too remember Pearl Jam's meteoric rise in the 90s and Miley's interpretation of this song is a revelation. This song, as well as her brilliant selection.of songs from Joan Jett to Ms. Stevie Nicks have done what Art should do. It has moved me, and taken me on. journey outside of pre-conceived notions of a child action to being grateful that I am not so judged ...based on my early years. Miley, you've won my ears, my mind and my heart. You're in flight! Thank you. Jerry Jacobsen
thesavman23 3 일 전
Wow! Great stuff
Lilyan Borges
Lilyan Borges 3 일 전
New generation's diva! Congrats babe!
Dangerus World
Dangerus World 3 일 전
Which side
Kenisa P
Kenisa P 4 일 전
Amazing ❤️
Marc Day
Marc Day 4 일 전
sucks. she has no soul. lots of money but no soul
Colette Acosta
Colette Acosta 4 일 전
I hope one of your reps see's this but can you do a cover of goodbye horses by Q Lazzarus you have the voice to bring this song some notice.
Diego Moreno
Diego Moreno 4 일 전
but, she doesn´t enything... from 2000´s anyone make something neu... jajajaja
Gabriela Medeiros Vieira
Gabriela Medeiros Vieira 4 일 전
She just killed the song...disgusting...
カグラハンナビ 5 일 전
Wow. Miley is so stunning. She really have built her own image.
Diana Nazarian
Diana Nazarian 5 일 전
This is so beautiful. You look as beautiful as you sound
Shafiqa Zulfeqar
Shafiqa Zulfeqar 4 일 전
Her hair is growing
Mike Black
Mike Black 5 일 전
Mileycyrus Is. Sweet girl with angel voice from the heaven
James Dennis
James Dennis 5 일 전
I ty to not like her, but I think she's really worth listening to.
fivetimesyo 5 일 전
She should do something with Beth Hart.
Alisha Lewis
Alisha Lewis 5 일 전
This is what heaven sounds like I'm certain 🥰
Lee Shepheard
Lee Shepheard 5 일 전
Hi M I see you . You have made it mate I feel the words .
Rhonda Hunt
Rhonda Hunt 6 일 전
Eeeeeew. Ick.
Alexander Mills
Alexander Mills 6 일 전
Miley, hope you find the love you deserve, you give your all, kindest thoughts from the mountains of Norway.
Jackie hiner
Jackie hiner 6 일 전
Miley sent me you
KCSunshine 6 일 전
I guess mullets run in the family.
Jasper Chance
Jasper Chance 7 일 전
well, the song still isn't that great of a song, but at least she can sing, unlike EV.
Steve Turner
Steve Turner 7 일 전
Every song she sings lately seems to be an attack on Liam.
Celt Magic
Celt Magic 7 일 전
I'm a purist, I thought this was another pop gimic but this girl has one of the most beautiful and adaptable voices I have ever heard. I've not seen such pleasure and understanding a from a singer in so many forms of music, you're not eclectic till you appreciate it all, What we are listening to is the voice a person who loves music with an atomic gift to express it like I've not seen for a long time puts you in the same room as Aretha , gladys and Etta.
MikiMiku 7 일 전
Hola 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🤗🤗🤗😌😌😃😃💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Alienguy 421
Alienguy 421 8 일 전
Just why me
Alienguy 421
Alienguy 421 8 일 전
I don't hate you Miley this is not your song to sing or this is definitely not a song for you to ever sing a remake at all but it's fucking good but still it's not your remake
Devyn Ingwell
Devyn Ingwell 9 일 전
The way you sang "breathe" at 1:00, holy smokes, that tone was beautiful
R. Heemskerk
R. Heemskerk 9 일 전
thank you Miley!
Gizzy76 9 일 전
Better than eddie! Love her voice and her attitude! ❤️🇮🇹👍
Kan Chan
Kan Chan 9 일 전
She leaves me speechless everytime, Deserves so much more love.
kevin okeefe
kevin okeefe 9 일 전
Outstanding job Miley! Leave all your inanity on the sidelines and pour your soul into singing songs like this GnR cover. You’re in a very unique position- take the high road, you will be glad that you did. I promise you true happiness and self esteem as you walk the higher path of your existence. Much love! ~K.
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson 10 일 전
She covered a song and everyone is saying oh wow she really changed
Rachel Malpica
Rachel Malpica 10 일 전
Ive always loved her, but now she is just ledgendary
Michael Craigie
Michael Craigie 10 일 전
awesome and soooo gorgeous
me2995 10 일 전
I can't breathe! 💖💖💖
Millina Whotun
Millina Whotun 10 일 전
Power outage
Matthew Salzman
Matthew Salzman 10 일 전
How could she???? Eddie rocks
T. Zeman
T. Zeman 10 일 전
The 4M views are mine
D P 11 일 전
Massive eddie vedder fan, I don't normally like when people cover his songs ,but this was fantastic really on another level,.. Brava
Stuart Chapman
Stuart Chapman 11 일 전
Perfection, Miley's performance is Spellbindingly Brilliant here, Oh My! ❤
Dominika Rolla
Dominika Rolla 11 일 전
fantastic performance
Gonzalo Matias Dominguez Castro
Gonzalo Matias Dominguez Castro 11 일 전
Great performance...
M E 11 일 전
Looks crackheadish. Like she will do anything for the next rock. She was hot when she showed how much she respected herself .
andreina9400 11 일 전
am i crying???? no it’s just dust in eyes 🥺
Mike Black
Mike Black 12 일 전
I have this message from my heart to you Miley Cyrus is Be you’re self
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 12 일 전
Sexiest 2021 vocal female
არჩილ ხოფერია
არჩილ ხოფერია 12 일 전
I am actually obsessed with her voice in this! Help!
Arnold Kabuya
Arnold Kabuya 13 일 전
I never knew she was this talented! All this time? Damn! 😮
Ray 13 일 전
Fuck she's shockingly gorgeous!
Carolyn Johnson
Carolyn Johnson 13 일 전
Not typically a fan of most cover songs but Miley Cyrus is definitely underrated. She's got some serious talent.
Gsm Gsm
Gsm Gsm 13 일 전
Hi ! My baby i miss u so mach i love u ! 😘😘😘😋😋😋😜😜😜🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤫😴👼👅💋💋💋💓💘💖 john ling
Meriç İlke Güçlü
Meriç İlke Güçlü 13 일 전
feels strange after the original Eddie Vedder version
Mairead Dyde
Mairead Dyde 14 일 전
Amazing. Nothing else to say.
Mike Black
Mike Black 14 일 전
I will send my message from my heart is love and miss you with kiss
BrianInMN 14 일 전
Musical genius if there ever was one.
Allen Hemphill
Allen Hemphill 14 일 전
Thank You Ma'am.
Yeny MF
Yeny MF 14 일 전
Andru 14 일 전
Sharon Stone can sing
Rodney Manuel
Rodney Manuel 14 일 전
Love this song . Makes me think of the man I don’t understand that I’m still in love with with....
Stuart Chapman
Stuart Chapman 14 일 전
Mike Black
Mike Black 14 일 전
I will send my kiss to. You’re lips from mike black his heart
Mike Black
Mike Black 14 일 전
799 percent of views from my heart
Felipe Andrés Ponce Correa
Felipe Andrés Ponce Correa 14 일 전
Amazing vocal!
DC VZ 14 일 전
Steve The pirate
Steve The pirate 15 일 전
so many artists, so much hate, yourself. judge who you want. love everyone. and be respectful
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 15 일 전
Think Taylor Swift should do a Tool song
thrifty 15 일 전
Elvis Presley reincarnated as a dog says your her favorite girl friend.
Trinity Thames
Trinity Thames 15 일 전
David Hammond
David Hammond 15 일 전
Wanted so badly to hate this before I even clicked.....left completely shook.t
David Hammond
David Hammond 13 일 전
@Yassine Taskart I didn't hate it, that's the point, but I'm still no fan of her music, which is my second point. I do however seriously hate broccoli.
Yassine Taskart
Yassine Taskart 14 일 전
why would you hate it ? come on people spread love and stop hating. it's disgusting.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 15 일 전
Pretty amazing shit! This pop goddess is not what we thought! Doll parts
jaymin2221 16 일 전
Victor Evelin
Victor Evelin 16 일 전
Thank you Miley for this! You are such a huge artist!
Jack Nade
Jack Nade 16 일 전
smashing it
Manda Niaina
Manda Niaina 17 일 전
your voice, incredible !!!
J J 17 일 전
Willie Nelson is the best song writer I grew listening to phase and changes
J J 17 일 전
Willie, Dolly, baby girl growing song writer. ❤️🙌 I’m feeling this vibe
Fabiola Maues
Fabiola Maues 17 일 전
She’s got a mature and great tone now. I like itZ
Diana Ayllon
Diana Ayllon 17 일 전
Nice cover ☺️
Arunima Banerjee
Arunima Banerjee 17 일 전
Everything about this video is pure magic. 🖤
Drigen223 18 일 전
Great song....
misty wynn
misty wynn 18 일 전
This is what love is supposed to feel like ❤
Helena 18 일 전 TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとねd
It’s not luck 60
It’s not luck 60 18 일 전
Worst version
Der Knallteufel
Der Knallteufel 19 일 전
I want to marry her...
Boxing Videos
Boxing Videos 19 일 전
IS anyone going to mention Pearl Jam ? ? ? ?
ade 15 일 전
Pearl Jam
Janz Chu
Janz Chu 20 일 전
im in love with her playlist worthy!!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 20 일 전
One word! Holyfck!
Mike Black
Mike Black 20 일 전
I’m in love with Miley Cyrus forever with mikeblack
Kimgirly 20 일 전
My favorite artist of today other than Lorde . . . Her live performances give chills #girlcrush
jason hullihen
jason hullihen 20 일 전
bravo encore encore
beatriz carneiro
beatriz carneiro 20 일 전
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