Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus, along with Noah Cyrus, performs “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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Check out Noah Cyrus perform at the 2020 #CMTAwarrds
Melrine Saldanha
Melrine Saldanha 4 일 전
Glad I got this recommendation ❤
Mr. Blaze LeBeau
Mr. Blaze LeBeau 5 일 전
🥺🥺🥺 I feel like a proud brother. That’s was fuckin beautiful man. I wanna hear more of them together.
Indigo Steeze
Indigo Steeze 19 일 전
French Fries
French Fries 20 일 전
This is so beautiful idk what to do with myself
Clemente Padilla
Clemente Padilla 21 일 전
@theodorecovers 4 sorry!! I forgot people love to watch sluts and think some how they are angels.
Megan Claren
Megan Claren 40 분 전
This song was on Noah’s album so should it be Noah ft Miley????
The Wynter Witch
The Wynter Witch 시간 전
Absolutely beautiful they are so incredibly talented at singing and performing! I feel such special energy radiating through the screen, it’s a special thing to sing with your sister in this way 💕 born to sing with each other 🥺💕
Genevieve Harbour
Genevieve Harbour 시간 전
I keep coming back and back again to listen to this 😍
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 시간 전
Congratulations on the Grammy Nomination, Noah! (Not that they actually mean anything anymore, but still it means a lot to her) You're a real folk-pop treat!
Maria Gabriela Gandini
Maria Gabriela Gandini 2 시간 전
Noah looks like a perfect animated painting
Rossandra Ortiz Torres
Rossandra Ortiz Torres 4 시간 전
So beautiful.
K Razon
K Razon 10 시간 전
They so sound alike... Damnnn 🔥🔥🔥
Tiff Guevara
Tiff Guevara 11 시간 전
Jeremiah Berkshire
Jeremiah Berkshire 12 시간 전
imonnabunnonerutna-i'm gonna burn one right now
Natalie Kuhnert
Natalie Kuhnert 13 시간 전
@mileycyrus n @noahcyrus voice so similar but beautiful
Veronica Wong
Veronica Wong 18 시간 전
This song is so flippen AMAZING
Thayná Montenegro
Thayná Montenegro 18 시간 전
if i was their mother i was gonna be so happy that this two came out of my fuckin uterus
emocobra666 23 시간 전
i need this as an mp3 for my phone
Biancah Davis
Biancah Davis 일 전
They need to do more songs like this together🖤
titodude 일 전
This is too much. Cyrus family: RESPECT!
Shelby Haupt
Shelby Haupt 일 전
Shelby Haupt
Shelby Haupt 일 전
AbbyNation 일 전
I’m here again lol
say dee
say dee 일 전
i love their voices
Rae Bichel
Rae Bichel 일 전
Beautiful harmonies
My name is Paris
My name is Paris 일 전
the kiss on the cheek at the end omg so adorable
Chili Peen
Chili Peen 일 전
Pushing 40
Kim Lima
Kim Lima 일 전
When they hold hands and the little sis kiss at the end after THOSE angelic harmonies all the way, i think i actually saw jesus right there
Michelle Eastridge
Michelle Eastridge 일 전
While the duet is beautiful I am so saddened by the lyrics. Okay every single person is entitled to making a choice of smoking pot , and even though it is common to have the name “The Lord’s lettuce “ I find that Jesus Christ is not going to be as excited about this song and then well, that’s just not a good song to me and I find it really offensive. I know that I am coming off like a “Karen “ but I am not trying to be judgmental nor am I looking for a argument. This is just simply my opinion.
Julie Rosi
Julie Rosi 일 전
Try changing the speed to 0.75 it makes you wanna sleep
Sarah Studley
Sarah Studley 2 일 전
Noah’s voice is everything
Arefe Baghera
Arefe Baghera 2 일 전
I'm theologically confused 🤔
Reema Radia
Reema Radia 2 일 전
This is going to be played on repeat for a very very long time 🥺💕🤩😍
LookingBeyondVision 2 일 전
1:47-1:50 reminds me of Miley's Butterfly fly away or something from Hanna Montana the Movie. Is it just me?
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson 2 일 전
Lilly Chang
Lilly Chang 2 일 전
Love this
Ally Kay
Ally Kay 2 일 전
Beautiful ❤️
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams 2 일 전
Beautiful omggg 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😘😘😘😘my two favorite I love them
Sheena Smith
Sheena Smith 2 일 전
If they saw Jesus then they were most definitely high! Lmao
Danielle Gorgonio
Danielle Gorgonio 2 일 전
connie ohm
connie ohm 2 일 전
Elizabeth Guzman
Elizabeth Guzman 2 일 전
Those most perfect voices I have ever heard so beautiful and harmonized 😭😍😍😍😍😍
44 14
44 14 2 일 전
Rhychardh Pedro
Rhychardh Pedro 2 일 전
Liardson Kauê Vale Cunha
Liardson Kauê Vale Cunha 2 일 전
I Love Jesus
SwedishBlouse 2 일 전
Grammy for best duet.
Valerie B
Valerie B 2 일 전
The pride in Miley’s eyes when she looks at her little sister 🥺🖤
Christy Lynn
Christy Lynn 2 일 전
Lol so stupid
Nathalie Ferreira Diamandis
Nathalie Ferreira Diamandis 3 일 전
Noah sounds like a mix of Miley and Kacey Musgraves + a lil bit of Lana Del Rey. Omg I love it❤️
Dawn Vallee
Dawn Vallee 3 일 전
Holy cow!! That was beautiful!!
Crismary Gadd
Crismary Gadd 3 일 전
Beautiful! Both so very talented!
DigitalBandanaPanda 3 일 전
I wasn’t even watching for 4secs and got chill bumps
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion 3 일 전
Is this an original??
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees 3 일 전
I can tell why she wanted Miley on this one with her. Noah is a good songwriter and has pretty wonderful control of her voice but Miley is a performer that brings so much emotional intensity on top of vocals. She’s a perfect compliment to a song like this
Alicia Gresham
Alicia Gresham 3 일 전
That was incredibly beautiful! 😍
Chubby Bitches
Chubby Bitches 3 일 전
I love how Miley husky tone to her voice compliments Noah’s soft and sweet tones and when they harmonize it’s magic
Victoria Sánchez
Victoria Sánchez 3 일 전
Neta que clase de canción, tan fea. Ponen en vano el nombre de Jesús. Más respeto.
Melissa Love
Melissa Love 3 일 전
I gotta say I Loved listening to these two together. There both individually beautiful singer’s ! 💕👍🏻👍🏻💕
Christine Minor
Christine Minor 3 일 전
Whoa!!!!! !
Jennifer Van Pelt
Jennifer Van Pelt 3 일 전
the fact that she looks like an alien (NOAH)
utopia6977 3 일 전
Fight me but this is the best duet ever. Could watch it forever
Kembodia J
Kembodia J 4 일 전
This is so beautiful. Miley is so proud of her 🥺 noah needs more credit
Poppie Dawg
Poppie Dawg 4 일 전
Miley a true victim of the system,God is truly a forgiving God.Amem.
KaNya T
KaNya T 4 일 전
Lana del ray and Dolly Parton reincarnated
Ani H
Ani H 4 일 전
This songs makes me cry so much😭😭
Paulina Retka
Paulina Retka 4 일 전
I love both of them , very talented , sweet , honest with what they do , I love them
Joanna Drwal
Joanna Drwal 4 일 전
lol I heard a lil bit of Lana Del Rey when Noah started singing 0:31
Lost Spirit
Lost Spirit 4 일 전
Noah should collab with Meagan Trainor, the would be boss, because they're both amazing singers/ two of my favorites. Noah sounded amazing as always,wish she performed this solo.
Off Line
Off Line 4 일 전
I Got So High While Watching This That I Forgot To Do My Homework.
Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis 4 일 전
Wow Solid Gold
Saskia 4 일 전
I need them to record a whole acoustic album together, please
Sweet Dreams: Sleepy Gaming
Sweet Dreams: Sleepy Gaming 4 일 전
I got so high that I saw Jesus, and He said it's all gonna be okay, you just need me in your heart!!! Let that sink in Christians :)
annakatharina 72
annakatharina 72 4 일 전
incredible 😍😍😍
Jillian M
Jillian M 4 일 전
This makes me miss my sister so much. I wish I had a normal sibling relationship. This brought me to tears
Miley Crave
Miley Crave 4 일 전
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 4 일 전
Wow. I did not see that coming. That was beauityful
Fer Villa
Fer Villa 4 일 전
WTF with that tittle!? LOL
Bella Kalucy
Bella Kalucy 4 일 전
and now I'm crying
Jeannie Pulice
Jeannie Pulice 4 일 전
This song, these voices!!❤️❤️
Shayla Spence
Shayla Spence 4 일 전
This is beautiful. Noah sound's like the version of Miley when she was in The Climb stage. She can carry her own they're both awesome
Jana Mustard
Jana Mustard 4 일 전
Goose bumps all over my body now
Ricardo Magalhaes
Ricardo Magalhaes 5 일 전
This has been my saving grace through right now
MeikVFischer 5 일 전
Noah sounds so much better than Miley. Miley is turning more and more into a Stevie Nicks clone.
Jürgen Kun
Jürgen Kun 5 일 전
Omg i’m gonna play this one time at every party and were all just going to vibe
Dan Andrade
Dan Andrade 5 일 전
V. Lilianne
V. Lilianne 5 일 전
This is so beautiful but it’s so lip syncing you can tell by they way their mouths move and how Noah’s mouth is basically covered by the microphone the whole time but most of all you can tell by Miley a face like you can just see it’s not LIVE
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores 5 일 전
No les parece estar escuchando la voz de Miley en dos Octavas diferentes? sus colores son sumamente similares.
Bisht Nidhee FA125
Bisht Nidhee FA125 5 일 전
Miriam Paulina GC
Miriam Paulina GC 5 일 전
Schiepers S
Schiepers S 5 일 전
Thanks Jesus really could only be you daring touching stuff like this
Grant Wickenhagen
Grant Wickenhagen 5 일 전
an absolute surreal day. And he said the same thing.
Yianna Andreou
Yianna Andreou 5 일 전
Young people.left to struggle in a world full of corruption
majo jiménez
majo jiménez 5 일 전
a sister that looks at you like miley looks at noah
Devina Marsha
Devina Marsha 5 일 전
This is not the first time i watch this🥺🥺 this performance was magical i love it so much
Nyxigall W.
Nyxigall W. 5 일 전
I totally support everybody's freedome to do whatever tf they want, but neither Miley nor Noah need to seek atention with their sometimes raunchy behaviour or outfits. They have talent galore and should let that shine, like they did here. All the glitz and glam is just an extra, their souls and voices are amazing and enough.
Jennyfer Rios
Jennyfer Rios 5 일 전
Jess C
Jess C 5 일 전
Didn't think this would make me cry 😢
Veronica 6 일 전
I want more of the Cyrus sisters singing together 🙏🏼 it makes my heart whole ❤️
Fiona Reed
Fiona Reed 6 일 전
Adam Ouadghiri
Adam Ouadghiri 6 일 전
anche a Miley
Alexya ale
Alexya ale 6 일 전
Amazing ,amazing, amazing and amazing 🤗🥰👑
Moosh Massacre
Moosh Massacre 6 일 전
Noah is the best Cyrus.
Zuzana Liščinská
Zuzana Liščinská 6 일 전
Noah kinda sounds like mix of Miley's and Lana's voice which makes another unique voice color 🙏
Fakhirah Masleyady
Fakhirah Masleyady 6 일 전
Miley knows that she should've give it all out but with her sister she never wanted to steal the show like its all her.
sunchild -
sunchild - 6 일 전
i need their skin routine NOW
sunchild -
sunchild - 6 일 전
such a phenomenal performance. their voices compliment one another’s so well
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