King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

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King Von

14 일 전

From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Loner BF Ψ
Loner BF Ψ 14 분 전
If you learned the song in the first 3 times you listened to it when it first came out your a legend
Roamone Charles
Roamone Charles 17 분 전
Amare Colon
Amare Colon 30 분 전
Rip von
MrBacon 37 분 전
rip von
Noel Kuony
Noel Kuony 38 분 전
I thought this nigga dead
Forever Shifting
Forever Shifting 40 분 전
😩😩😩😩😩 I’m so sad he’s gone
Lyrical Juice
Lyrical Juice 42 분 전
This is heat
A1_400 44 분 전
Rip Von🕊❤️ one of the best storyteller in the rap game
A1_400 44 분 전
The people who disliked this are from 63rd
Meagan McNeal
Meagan McNeal 49 분 전
king von still alive
Markayla Jones
Markayla Jones 시간 전
I miss von😞
Joshua Hamilton
Joshua Hamilton 시간 전
Jordan Playz
Jordan Playz 시간 전
Edit for Von R.III.P
KaLeigh Opher
KaLeigh Opher 시간 전
Harikumar G
Harikumar G 시간 전
Itz_SxdVibxs 시간 전
People who dislike are from 63rd
JJWats22 2 시간 전
If von killed quando he would get praised but he dead and quando in the wrong
Cortey Watkins
Cortey Watkins 2 시간 전
True...however thats because they way he carried himself
Brian Scholla
Brian Scholla 2 시간 전
Straight 🔥🔥🔥
Gyanna Rivera
Gyanna Rivera 2 시간 전
king von is not dead he died november 6th and posted the 1 week ago
Pape Dia
Pape Dia 2 시간 전
Moon Cat
Moon Cat 2 시간 전
Juice wrld
drakeisgood1 2 시간 전
bro im listen to the song an he scared me he dosen,t cap rip von
damiansback 3 시간 전
"Back to back funerals. Its them or us its him or me." Shit gave me fucking chills
Terry Sparks
Terry Sparks 3 시간 전
Fav part is the ur my son I’m yo daddy
Zacharias Sørensen
Zacharias Sørensen 3 시간 전
Von is the best rapper R. I. P von he could of canged the whole game
Michelle Hillard
Michelle Hillard 3 시간 전
The fact he can still male a video is so so so so so so so so so so cool
Selimhan BS
Selimhan BS 3 시간 전
R.I.P 💔
Anime Sensei
Anime Sensei 3 시간 전
I didn't know Von, I knew him after his death but he fire asf
Ven 4 시간 전
Fly high king von but yo music trash though ngl
Ja Fc
Ja Fc 5 시간 전
RIP YoungLegend!
Depression 5 시간 전
Who Else Like That Uh, What In The Beginning ?
Baba Doumbia
Baba Doumbia 6 시간 전
סלימאן אבו מדיגם
סלימאן אבו מדיגם 7 시간 전
Scotty Winters
Scotty Winters 7 시간 전
RIP VON gone too soon
Jatta 7 시간 전
@ 0:59 is James Harden before he was traded to the Nets
Aka that Dippa27
Aka that Dippa27 7 시간 전
Dis Nigga is dead n still somehow releasing songs🤷🏾‍♂️
メZxy•メ 8 시간 전
#LLV Rip
Shellie Ewing
Shellie Ewing 8 시간 전
Jealousy man. They new he was gonna surpass they ass quick. Rip Von you didn’t deserve this. You were so amazing at your craft. God bless you!
youngin 965
youngin 965 9 시간 전
Long Live Von
TikiReactsツ 9 시간 전
How are the police doing watching him when he dead?😂
Amanuel Aman
Amanuel Aman 9 시간 전
mychannel69yuh 10 시간 전
「this comment is frequently seen」 b
Darnell Sharp
Darnell Sharp 10 시간 전
Rip king von
Treyvon Paige
Treyvon Paige 10 시간 전
Taylor Holden
Taylor Holden 10 시간 전
Porsha Malone
Porsha Malone 10 시간 전
rip von
StaxToCold 10 시간 전
Who tf dislikes in 2021 shih lame af
Junell Lewis
Junell Lewis 10 시간 전
If he made a song with dababy it would be number one in everything
Gabriel Lomas
Gabriel Lomas 10 시간 전
why bro von was hooping with look like bosko100 😂
Coool Godd
Coool Godd 11 시간 전
Am I a craccc baby if my dad smoked craccc but my mom didn’t ?
Limegreen Sturcide
Limegreen Sturcide 11 시간 전
Limegreen Sturcide
Limegreen Sturcide 11 시간 전
Rip king von
Dontray Hendricks
Dontray Hendricks 11 시간 전
Facts bro 💯
sharkzy fn
sharkzy fn 11 시간 전
I listen to this when i camp because this starts a fire.
Misery Scopes
Misery Scopes 11 시간 전
LLVR🦅💯🖤I remember I woke up one morning and my brother just told me waking me up“bro von dead” and my heart dropped to the floor😪I didn’t kno him but been rocking with his music for damn near 3 or so years🔥💯he was a true legend👑
Josiah Wilson123
Josiah Wilson123 11 시간 전
Rip von the king
icyy toxic ;d
icyy toxic ;d 11 시간 전
How he still movin if he dead ;-;
Rashaad Smith
Rashaad Smith 11 시간 전
10 mill views
YT Playz
YT Playz 12 시간 전
Christian delapaz
Christian delapaz 12 시간 전
rip von🕊🖤
Randall Felix
Randall Felix 12 시간 전
this name of the song reminds me of Juice Wrld RIP King Von RIP Juice Wrld
Rylee Jackson
Rylee Jackson 12 시간 전
To be honest I listen to King von be I DON’T THINK HE IS DIED BUT LIKE I AM SRY␈𓃱𓀡
CheeseLegendMyGuy 12 시간 전
Did he post this in his grave? 😭😭 🕊
Deka Dhuh
Deka Dhuh 12 시간 전
CheeseLegendMyGuy his family posted it
Fannie Clark
Fannie Clark 12 시간 전
Fannie Clark
Fannie Clark 12 시간 전
Is con alive
Deka Dhuh
Deka Dhuh 12 시간 전
Fannie Clark no he pased
Ezekiel Sampson
Ezekiel Sampson 12 시간 전
I thought this was juice wrld
Life with Jerhara
Life with Jerhara 13 시간 전
Do you think this is weird
Logan Pieterse
Logan Pieterse 13 시간 전
Rip to the king of story telling ❤️🕊
Braceface_ Dejaaa
Braceface_ Dejaaa 13 시간 전
Long live grandson 😖💔.
SAGE MIR 13 시간 전
“ Aug 11, 2011 Rip Odee “
GLIZZY MAN 13 시간 전
This song slaps 💯 RIP.
angry Grandma judy
angry Grandma judy 13 시간 전
I tought he was dead the video says 1 week ago yall pls remind me that I'm wrong
Chris Timmer
Chris Timmer 13 시간 전
is he not dead?
Funny enough Rodriguez
Funny enough Rodriguez 13 시간 전
Good von
Sanya Thomas
Sanya Thomas 13 시간 전
Hi 13 시간 전
🥺 let’s see how many people miss him hit da like and that tells ur a real fan 👇
Jarrel 14 시간 전
rip king von
Domonique Milhouse
Domonique Milhouse 14 시간 전
I’m playing this shi on the speaker
XD-FULL-SUN3368 14 시간 전
Straight 🔥
Kiera Beason
Kiera Beason 14 시간 전
Rip von
Pope Tyler
Pope Tyler 14 시간 전
It’s crazy they got James Harden pre Nets trade to play basketball in this video 💪
Khalil 1229
Khalil 1229 14 시간 전
3 things happened today 1. My neighbor said he didn’t like this song 2. He got hit my a car 3.i lost my drivers license
Justin 14 시간 전
anyone know the hoodie brand he had on at the end
Mary Tate
Mary Tate 14 시간 전
rip von
yozilty 14 시간 전
Damn it be like that 💔 RIP
yozilty 14 시간 전
see y'all in 2050 he will stay a legend 🔥🔥
Antony T.V
Antony T.V 14 시간 전
Errk 14 시간 전
He kinda sound like kanye west in this song am i right
yozilty 14 시간 전
bruh 😧
kethia duverger
kethia duverger 14 시간 전
kingvon:hes like what the fuck is they wtching me for? the fuck
Brayton Yeo
Brayton Yeo 15 시간 전
Rip king von and juice world and xxxtentacion
Quincy Boone
Quincy Boone 15 시간 전
21 to 45 what to what the mean
sandra garcia
sandra garcia 15 시간 전
0:40 amy
sandra garcia
sandra garcia 15 시간 전
If u know u know
Lil Perfect
Lil Perfect 15 시간 전
IKnowTelevision 15 시간 전
Shine Forever
Shine Forever 15 시간 전
This song goes hard tho Rip Von 🕊️
shacore robinson
shacore robinson 15 시간 전
Nise king von
ColtonCraft10 15 시간 전
Juice wrld did better not gonna cap
ghost boy
ghost boy 11 시간 전
2 different styles
Jayk Jr OFFICIAL 15 시간 전
King Von Like A Rugged Ass Uncle To Me
23Films 16 시간 전
That old head got hot when Von Chestized him and said “u my son I’m yo daddy” 😂😂 rip king Von 🙏🏽
ranking roblox gameing gang
ranking roblox gameing gang 16 시간 전
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