KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV Reaction (feat.BAEKHYUN)

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KAI's 1st Mini Album "KAI (开)" is out!
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🎬'음 (Mmmh)' MV: kofilms.info/chart/bidio/qMdgx8Nsk6WalZo.html
🎬FILM : KAI: kofilms.info/chart/bidio/uM6drMSodq6k25A.html
01 음 (Mmmh)
02 Nothing On Me
03 기억상실 (Amnesia)
04 Reason
05 Ride Or Die
06 Hello Stranger
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Wina Annisa
Wina Annisa 2 분 전
SM gw nitip salam Ama si kang cimol disana yaa,sekalian nitip paketin gw Baekhyun ok👍🙏
서윤서 시간 전
flying cat
flying cat 6 시간 전
stream dynamite
stream dynamite 11 시간 전
me : why didn't they turn on the subtitle ? also me : oh yeah the can understand korean 👁👄👁
αrеսm. 14 시간 전
Please react to The Eve ( female version )
Honeymah Granger
Honeymah Granger 16 시간 전
Kai : ohh, wooww, yeahh
A'am 16 시간 전
Itu yg terakhir MV, Ice sama gravity gitu ya (?) Jgn2 itu mksutnya kembalinya Xiu sama DO (?)
Lari J
Lari J 19 시간 전
😁😁😁it's seem like Kai react more than baekhyun
Choi San
Choi San 20 시간 전
Baekhyun: Oh you wore nail polish? Kai: *Yes! I flirted* I can't what even-
Pineapple Beauty
Pineapple Beauty 23 시간 전
3:25 yeah Beak, same! 🔥😭😂
Just Rae
Just Rae 일 전
My neighbor is actually Totoro
My neighbor is actually Totoro 일 전
Okay but why is Kai in real life like a cute baby bear and then in MV he is a god of seduction I can't even..
Vera 일 전
Was this filmed on the set of "Get you alone"? That jacket and white haired Baekhyun sure look familiar.
Shamila Mosharraf
Shamila Mosharraf 일 전
It's like Kai is watching someone else's video, not his own. So different from Taemin!! XD
Rosé solourr is finally coming!
Rosé solourr is finally coming! 일 전
Ig Baekhyun's outfit was similar to that he wore in his get u alone mv. Ig it was the same lol.
Nida Masroor
Nida Masroor 일 전
Baek represeting exols hahahhahahha....
fazureen alya
fazureen alya 일 전
what is kai's group act ? is it SUPERM or EXO ? why he always with lucas ??
Raycheal Va
Raycheal Va 일 전
He’s shocked watching his own mv-
Sophia Suárez
Sophia Suárez 일 전
2:23 is all of us thirsting over kai
Kai= me
Nita Tha
Nita Tha 일 전
fullsun lee
fullsun lee 일 전
please give Indonesian translation in all exo videos
Hazare 2004
Hazare 2004 2 일 전
whenever he says: "mmmh mmmh " OML, I try so hard to not to roll my eyes backwards, that sound is sensual af ....
Kanyarat Zen
Kanyarat Zen 2 일 전
Baekhyun 3 year n jongin 5 year
Maxmilian Schönbäck
Maxmilian Schönbäck 2 일 전
i love them doing theorizing themselves at the end lol
Danielle Caro
Danielle Caro 2 일 전
So cutee haha Baekhyun reaction to Kai's mv 'Mmmh'.. and 3:07 me too I also think that Kai nail polish 😸 love u Baekhyun and Kai 💗💗
Fhhg Dffghhj
Fhhg Dffghhj 2 일 전
Anun Ajha
Anun Ajha 3 일 전
Kai pacaran samajeni
JVITIM 3 일 전
xing xong garai alek
Leticia CS
Leticia CS 3 일 전
babies omg
Nasriya Ugalingang
Nasriya Ugalingang 3 일 전
How many people waiting for EXO came back 👇
It's Ashiandra
It's Ashiandra 3 일 전
this is official account of exo?
Dilara İstanbullu
Dilara İstanbullu 3 일 전
Ehehehe love you kai
nams b
nams b 3 일 전
the middle of the song where there is desert reminds me of lay's namanana! like the sheep above the sky and all other things
Tralala_Beez 3 일 전
At the end of the MV, earth and frost. D.O and Xiumin.
상대는 카이가 나를 위해 노래를 만들었다 고 말한다
I love it I listen to it everyday 😍
Poly Gogoi
Poly Gogoi 3 일 전
Which one is kai
Zahrina Syarafina
Zahrina Syarafina 4 일 전
Makk butuh sub indo😭
Djellza Krasniqi
Djellza Krasniqi 4 일 전
1:23 Baekhyn's "OH YEAH!" had me dead😂
Noodle22 22
Noodle22 22 4 일 전
Hı from turkey and ı love music
Anshika Jaiswal
Anshika Jaiswal 4 일 전
We can see two different kai in this
Danica Nabong
Danica Nabong 4 일 전
Jong-in is really freaking hot!!!
pretty savage!
pretty savage! 4 일 전
Literally baekhyun is meeee😂🔥
Medjina Ernest
Medjina Ernest 5 일 전
what are they speaking😭🖐🏾
Taekook my life
Taekook my life 5 일 전
Aaahhh kai.. sooo good
اكسو او انسيتي حارقينكم
اكسو او انسيتي حارقينكم 5 일 전
Cherryblue 1
Cherryblue 1 5 일 전
He is adorable I can’t believe
Arinw 6 일 전
Baekhyun said : hahaha
Zuheidys belen quispe
Zuheidys belen quispe 6 일 전
Yo viendo q soy la única q habla español Kai cantas hermoso sigue así 😊😘
Pati Moore
Pati Moore 6 일 전
Love everything about Kai and M/V except the doo rag(headpiece).
Yaz Shal
Yaz Shal 6 일 전
This was more of "Kai reacts to his MV" lol
Tiffany Raphael
Tiffany Raphael 6 일 전
It's the durag or head piece for me 🤦‍♀️
안희정 6 일 전
jessica osita
jessica osita 6 일 전
Bro isn't it your MV why are you so surprised 😂😂😂
MrsUnicorn dotcom
MrsUnicorn dotcom 6 일 전
wait did baekhyun just say he looked up reaction videos when unvillage came out!
nayara GOT7ATEEZ
nayara GOT7ATEEZ 7 일 전
Snow Lion
Snow Lion 7 일 전
Shows how boring this dude actually is lol...
kpop edit josyanne
kpop edit josyanne 7 일 전
pefeito 😍😍😍😍 kai te amo
Baekhyun is looking like Draco ...
Madhu M
Madhu M 7 일 전
Kai's laugh😭😭 I'm in love Don't tell Jimin plz👀
Joann Sereño
Joann Sereño 7 일 전
when that day they reacted the MV of kai that day is my 12 birthday
Sherry Xiao
Sherry Xiao 7 일 전
Mmmh ㅎㅎㅎ리액션도 똑같네요!!~~ ❤️👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👫🏻🥰😘🙆🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣👏🏻🤞🏻👍🏻💯💋❣️
vsc hbc
vsc hbc 7 일 전
Kai so handsome 😍😍
Selvi wind Form
Selvi wind Form 7 일 전
can we talk about baekyun's suit lol its soo big but he can rock it lmao
louk 8 일 전
2 ads
Freddy Martínez
Freddy Martínez 8 일 전
That thing he’s wearing on his head is probably worth more than my car 😭
I purple ARMY
I purple ARMY 8 일 전
Friends: "What's your favorite song?" Me: "Mmmh" My friends: "...Cool, have a nice day-"
Corie Wilson
Corie Wilson 8 일 전
Kai stop playing around...you know you sexy! Lol! He was so surprised during the whole music video.
margarita perez
margarita perez 8 일 전
Fátima Muñoz Franco
Fátima Muñoz Franco 8 일 전
I love you exo
엘이나 8 일 전
I want to see chanyeol
Faith Odaudu
Faith Odaudu 8 일 전
Baekhyun exposed my true actions 😂😂 Baekhyun🤝my thoughts
Jeanne Wambo
Jeanne Wambo 8 일 전
Have these two already completed their military service
a 8 일 전
no, they will, this year or the next
Kim Edits
Kim Edits 8 일 전
Let's admit all viewers=Baekhyun
among us
among us 8 일 전
of course kai is amazing
Sifra Mikha Channel
Sifra Mikha Channel 8 일 전
Baekhyun : me ☺
indriils 8 일 전
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pureeenjunnn 8 일 전
2:47 "i bet some of you be pressing the space bar here" not me ^-^...... okay its me o_0 *BONUS* others : mmmh mmmh KAI : ermmmh
jade 9 일 전
baek humming mmhm YES i def love it here
danna leilany castro ramirez
danna leilany castro ramirez 9 일 전
hello ''I'm afan of kai love you I hope that one day I could meet you love
Snow Lion
Snow Lion 9 일 전
High cost plastic surgery 👌🤔😏👌
Snow Lion
Snow Lion 9 일 전
Sigh stage and real life somplte different
Snow Lion
Snow Lion 9 일 전
Mj of kpop gg ez no re for god.
憂鬱 9 일 전
The item : is a DURAG heheh
Narges Msv
Narges Msv 9 일 전
Varnes Berger
Varnes Berger 9 일 전
Kai is acting like he’s reacting to his own self for the first time as if that’s not him
essence arielle
essence arielle 9 일 전
The older Baekhyun gets he’s starting to resemble Suho
essence arielle
essence arielle 9 일 전
Baekhyun trying to watch the video and Kai won’t shut up hahahaha
I dont stan exo but I had to watch MV... It was few days ago and after first watching I was asking myself if Im alive... Its perfect, good job
Jb raemier Gelio
Jb raemier Gelio 9 일 전
What happened to the other members 😅 sorry just new here😅
Jb raemier Gelio
Jb raemier Gelio 9 일 전
@A swifti , EXO-L , mixer and that's not wired ah... ok thanks for the info😊
A swifti , EXO-L , mixer and that's not wired
A swifti , EXO-L , mixer and that's not wired 9 일 전
EXO(as a group) are currently on hiatus. Because of the members military enlistment. Now: Suho and Chen are serving . XIUMIN and D.O who finished their enlistment have came back recently.... LAY is in China , doing solo and verity shows . Sehun couldn't join Baekheyun and Kai because he's currently filming for a movie. And why chanyeol wasn't there is not mentioned. Last exo comeback was on 2020 with 6 members.(obsession) EXO will come back as a whole nine member group in 2025 But we still might have comebacks with the members who finished their enlistment + the one who hadn't enlist yet The main focus in 2020 and maybe 2021 was on their individual activities. Like Suho and Kai solo debut , Baekheyun second mini album ,and EXO-SC(sub units) second album.
Gabi jk
Gabi jk 9 일 전
COMO PODEM SER TÃO LINDOS E TALENTOSOS ?? crlh fico indignada que nunca vou ter eles como namorado :)
armyblink 10 일 전
Yrah ssi
Yrah ssi 10 일 전
im confused , who did the reaction again? hahahahah kai ur such a kyutie hahahaha
Galaxy 10 일 전
All I see is your shoulders😂
Galaxy 10 일 전
Baekhyun the best supportive friend
Galaxy 10 일 전
KAI’S SOLO😭 even the word sounds so good
Priyanshi Singh
Priyanshi Singh 10 일 전
I'm sorry but it looks so scripted
Jueymaytyah Amir
Jueymaytyah Amir 10 일 전
jimin kitty
jimin kitty 10 일 전
oh yeah
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