Just wanna stay here forever ~ lofi hip hop mix

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☊ Compilation lo fi to help you sleep by Dreamy ♥
→ [ study/sleep/homework music ]
lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to
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● by _banahsuan_
00:00 Aireey - Under The Moon (feat LilPeepee)
02:23 Flavour Fluffy - Whoa!
05:28 DaniSogen - Nothing
08:04 towerz - dear to me
09:28 けm SURF - 78

11:34 stream_error - still yesterday
13:56 Mitch Cosby - Wanderlust
16:02 jhove - with you
18:13 S N U G - Slight Drizzle (ft. Haru Pandi)
20:44 Creative Self - Dont Look Back
23:03 Keynan - Coming up for air
25:28 Thaehan - Nostalgia
27:26 Keynan - Floatation
29:07 Thanks for listening ^_^
❗ Any claims of copyright infringement :
✉ dre21amy@gmail.com
📝 Submission :
Music soundcloud.com/its_dreamy
Art dre21amy@gmail.com

Dreamy 9 개월 전
Thanks for your every comment ♥ ♪ 00:00 Aireey - Under The Moon (feat LilPeepee) 02:23 Flavour Fluffy - Whoa! 05:28 DaniSogen - Nothing 08:04 towerz - dear to me 09:28 けm SURF - 78 11:34 stream_error - still yesterday 13:56 Mitch Cosby - Wanderlust 16:02 jhove - with you 18:13 S N U G - Slight Drizzle (ft. Haru Pandi) 20:44 Creative Self - Dont Look Back 23:03 Keynan - Coming up for air 25:28 Thaehan - Nostalgia 27:26 Keynan - Floatation
minizzl quizzl
minizzl quizzl 7 일 전
What kind of art would the picture be called? I love those pics but i cant find simular stuff
بهاء تيوب bahaa tube
بهاء تيوب bahaa tube 12 일 전
KC Ganz
KC Ganz 18 일 전
KC Ganz
KC Ganz 18 일 전
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Brittastic Anomaly
Brittastic Anomaly 18 일 전
@Stinky Rhum can't read it
איתמר קאופמן
איתמר קאופמן 3 시간 전
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Rob Nichols
Rob Nichols 4 시간 전
This music reminds me of the time I was cycling in Japan. I'd just arrived in Hokkaido airport from Tokyo. I put my bike together then set off to catch my friend who was a days cycle ahead of me. Leaving through the dark autumn forest I cycled late into the night. Pressure was on a night fell. I had almost completely run out of money and scraped together enough coins to buy some calories from the 711. I pushed on, well aware that Hokkaido has a population of over 3,000 brown bears. My heart raced as I peddled through the mountains. My torch began to fade. Every so often I would jump, hearing the prehistoric cry of a mouse from the undergrowth either side. Running on nothing but adrenaline I then came across a clearing to the side of the road which had some strange chattering coming from it. Shining my light in its direction, hundreds of tiny eyes shone back at me. They were foxes, the spirits of the land. Comforted a little by their presence I continued further into the darkness. Eventually, around 4am I reached my friend, who was sleeping inside a village bus stop.
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 4 시간 전
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Technicyan 6 시간 전
What a lovely mix
ContentMusic 6 시간 전
I hope all of you have a wonderful day! Stay safe everyone!❤️
Luis Enrique BH
Luis Enrique BH 7 시간 전
I´m a very anxious person, and this lofi really help me with that. From Mexico
cj engelwood
cj engelwood 8 시간 전
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Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 8 시간 전
I've called in sick yet again to work with food poisoning, it could be corona of course but I doubt it, thank you so much for this beautiful mix, its calming and chilling my symptoms, I'm going to have to send this to my music producer friend, he's the person who first got me into lofi beats, he's a music producer and introduced me to a lot of great music, he makes lofi himself, if you wanna hear a really cool energetic upbeat lofi song try searching Lonely Gimmick - BEAT 1 , you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion
Dales Faulkner
Dales Faulkner 9 시간 전
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Kian Meng Tan
Kian Meng Tan 9 시간 전
I love you, and that is only all that you need to know...
Thanks bro👍
Конотоп Анастасия
Конотоп Анастасия 10 시간 전
This is si good , so nice. Thank you
Angel Tisa
Angel Tisa 11 시간 전
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nomar mar
nomar mar 11 시간 전
im sitting in a mansion, all alone, everyone at home and has their plans and gone out to enjoy the weeekend. i have no plans, no motivation and no one to talk to in person. this music is the only thing that makes me feel like i am doing something by listening to it
camarenashizue 12 시간 전
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ahoradesde berlin
ahoradesde berlin 12 시간 전
Athirah Balqis Sani
Athirah Balqis Sani 12 시간 전
so comforting ♥
cloudsxpartx clouds
cloudsxpartx clouds 13 시간 전
Bout to do a song useing the 1st sound in front of my class I'm nervous 😩
G Veenhof
G Veenhof 17 시간 전
I am loving the positive amazing vibes in this chat. Have a good one!!
Koukiks 17 시간 전
love you all
CoNfUsEd BoT
CoNfUsEd BoT 18 시간 전
1st one is slow dancing in the dark by papa franku.
Gregorio Sevilla
Gregorio Sevilla 20 시간 전
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kay 23 시간 전
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LottieLottie LettsomeLettsome
LottieLottie LettsomeLettsome 일 전
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andy6677 일 전
love the cover, captures a certain feeling and vibe i miss these days. almost perfect, except i was the smoker and she was the drinker. but the no tattoos on him and tattoos on her were on point for me. its weird how you can miss being in a certain head space, or miss being in those situations, i still look back at it fondly. even though i know it wasnt all rainbows and butterflys, but the lows might of been worth it for the highs, i just miss having the choice. But its one day at a time now.
Ruby Alexanderdad
Ruby Alexanderdad 일 전
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Luiza Velozo
Luiza Velozo 일 전
this was very nice, thank for making it
Nysa 일 전
I just want to listen to these songs on the beach at night with the boy I love and lean my head on his shoulder 😭
Kogami 일 전
Leg is so big
KF 일 전
Is girl steal his shoes?
Schmand 일 전
lil peepee really
Regime 일 전
I thought i would be listening to this alone forever,but she came and she chose me.
mydankydog 43 분 전
teach me senpai
RIPPLE 7 시간 전
im so happy for you bro
Bacho Kutkhashvili
Bacho Kutkhashvili 9 시간 전
Андрей Мазалов
Андрей Мазалов 일 전
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shota toriumi
shota toriumi 일 전
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Cristofer Dane
Cristofer Dane 일 전
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craig foster
craig foster 일 전
"See how everything is forgotten, and look at the chaos of infinite time on each side of the present." - Marcus Aurelius
DianaR __
DianaR __ 2 일 전
Kathy Navin
Kathy Navin 2 일 전
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Andy Montero
Andy Montero 2 일 전
The title is not wrong. greetings from Dominican Republic.
Akilah Gable
Akilah Gable 2 일 전
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ксюшка петрушка
ксюшка петрушка 2 일 전
guys, you're just wonderful 💗✨
Андрей Мазалов
Андрей Мазалов 2 일 전
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duda 2 일 전
Ei, você é amado! Jesus é a paz de que você precisa. Se você precisa de alguém, pode contar com Ele. Você brilha! Não desista.
duda 2 일 전
Hey, you're loved! Jesus is the peace you need. If you need someone, you can count on Him.You're shine! Don't give up.
павел белинский
павел белинский 2 일 전
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Jenn Bat
Jenn Bat 2 일 전
i am yet to find another one such as this one
mlouis035 2 일 전
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A. Talha Tunç
A. Talha Tunç 2 일 전
daayyuumm, those feet of girl are bigger than mine. ps: mine 44 eu.
hung Calvin
hung Calvin 3 일 전
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Sanders Mckowen
Sanders Mckowen 3 일 전
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Vibhangini Robert
Vibhangini Robert 3 일 전
best dressed
David li
David li 3 일 전
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Павел Белинский
Павел Белинский 3 일 전
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Lee Wiliam
Lee Wiliam 3 일 전
RonWeasley ML
RonWeasley ML 3 일 전
Well, recently my partner cheated on me, they did the things we wished we should have done together. i don't know man, but now hey. i feel at home listening to music instead of using someone else's heart to relieve this pain i shared my thoughts to make y'all feel comfortable to be not okay. we will make it through i promise you you are all loved, by me.
namo a
namo a 6 시간 전
Reatile Sello
Reatile Sello 일 전
Let it flow bro. Listen to the tunes amd forget everything else. Hope you get someone who will treat you better. Stay cozy and stay safe.❤
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem 3 일 전
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Simon Wang
Simon Wang 3 일 전
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Dustin Hollweg
Dustin Hollweg 3 일 전
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Pam Sanders
Pam Sanders 3 일 전
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Киномомент 3 일 전
Jeanine Jeanine
Jeanine Jeanine 3 일 전
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David Whang
David Whang 3 일 전
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Taylor Holbrook
Taylor Holbrook 4 일 전
First of all the heart is the spirit/ soul
Vittinho Leite
Vittinho Leite 4 일 전
Brasil?? Kkkkkk
Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 4 일 전
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Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson 4 일 전
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Wyatt Wilson
Wyatt Wilson 4 일 전
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Warren Welch
Warren Welch 4 일 전
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Extra Esan
Extra Esan 4 일 전
The cover- Nobody is talking about how pretty the cover is.
Maddy .T
Maddy .T 일 전
Extra Esan
Extra Esan 2 일 전
@iiTz_ePiC__ No, sorry. I don't know. Honestly, I don't know what an hd version is either. However, I know that the art is made by _banahsuan_ on Instagram. Here: instagram.com/_banahsuan_/. Perhaps you find something there.
iiTz_ePiC__ 3 일 전
any idea where i can find an hd version of it? I was just thinking the same thing.
NoAh ArMo
NoAh ArMo 4 일 전
Yeah i wish I had what they have
Samuel DumboJerry Kim
Samuel DumboJerry Kim 4 일 전
Picture Talk
Picture Talk 4 일 전
What a vibe 🌙 you guys should check my lofi stuff too!
Eduardo De Santiago
Eduardo De Santiago 4 일 전
If I tell you what happened to me last month while listening to this music you wouldn't believe it...
Peter Tran
Peter Tran 4 일 전
Love this background pic. Reminds me of young love
Roger Fernandez
Roger Fernandez 4 일 전
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6The Reaper
6The Reaper 4 일 전
I've been spending a solid 2 to 3 hours on my last 3 beats.. Go listen to my beats so you can make fun of me and tell me how shit they are. (Not even technically beats just something to listen to if its decent enough for you.) i'm also gonna start spending more time on it making actual beats to rap on or sing or whatever you do. I also need some type of fan base. what's the point of putting anything out and making something if only the creator sees. Go be the first fan 😂 I enjoy certain pieces of my art but its better for others to enjoy my time effort and thought. cause in reality who and what am i. 🖤 I put out a new beat last night and im about to put out another new one in about an hour. Check them out if you want to.
Arin Gharibian
Arin Gharibian 4 일 전
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Nathan Farr
Nathan Farr 5 일 전
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Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick 5 일 전
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Jean-Rémy Dervaux
Jean-Rémy Dervaux 5 일 전
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Yoo Bryvn
Yoo Bryvn 5 일 전
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Fedorka Bondi
Fedorka Bondi 5 일 전
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theelaine x
theelaine x 5 일 전
its hard to focus and study when you feel bad but this music helps a lot! thank you.
Luis Cabrera
Luis Cabrera 5 일 전
Esto es hermoso, estoy escuchandolo en un dia lluvioso despues de 3 dias de ansiedad... Buscando algo para relajarme di con esto... Es muy tranquilizante... 2021 Mexico
Mariela Tahuilan Marino
Mariela Tahuilan Marino 4 일 전
mucho animo
Jeanice Smothers
Jeanice Smothers 5 일 전
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Higgins Marlene
Higgins Marlene 5 일 전
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Riot Malevolent
Riot Malevolent 5 일 전
I wish I could stay in this moment forever, but then it wouldn't be a moment.
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem 5 일 전
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Hi am Luwn
Hi am Luwn 5 일 전
Có lẽ ở một nơi nào đó thế giới này sẽ bớt khắc nghiệt với chúng ta hơn em nhỉ. Có lẽ ở một nơi nào đó chúng ta sẽ yêu mà không phải suy nghĩ đến bất kỳ điều gì khác em nhỉ. Nhưng sẽ chẳng có gì xảy ra ở những cái gọi là "có lẽ" cả. Sau này dù em hay Linh có yêu ai khác có không ở cạnh nhau, thì không sao đâu, ít nhất chúng ta cũng đã từng muốn khoảnh khắc bên cạnh nhau trở thành vĩnh cửu.
Fedorka Bondi
Fedorka Bondi 5 일 전
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Br1ghtF4ll 5 일 전
man, there's just something so sensual and romantic about that image. it reminds of the cigarette kiss in black lagoon, like it implies something more than what is being shown. wait . . . . . did I just become an art critic? also, i had a quick look through the art link in the description and saw those two characters appear a couple times in the artist's gallery. and some of the images were a lot more sensual and closer.
Good Marius
Good Marius 5 일 전
i hope i will meet some other boys n girls i can share this LoFi vibe with.
Isakk 5 일 전
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Cesar Rattia
Cesar Rattia 6 일 전
Bruh, this vibes remind me of my college crush
ZOERINHA45 6 일 전
Роман Кравченко
Роман Кравченко 6 일 전
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Rishabh Neel
Rishabh Neel 6 일 전
"I'm just waiting for somebody to share a whole mood with."
Corinna Furgol
Corinna Furgol 6 일 전
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem 6 일 전
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Dole Levy
Dole Levy 6 일 전
Beautiful love u.
Zamlan Sanoon
Zamlan Sanoon 6 일 전
From 🇱🇰
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