IU (아이유) playlist [for relaxasing/studying/sleeping]

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MoChola •

8 개월 전

1. My old story
2. Heart
3. Knees
4. Secret garden
5. Everyday with you
6. Autumn morning
7. Ugly duckling
8. Through the night
9. Ending scene
10. The night of the first breakup
11. Love alone
12. Dear name
13. Love poem
14. I give you my heart
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Ye_nie 14 시간 전
Thanks to this vid i feel so relaxed while answering homeworks:)
Angela Ricana
Angela Ricana 3 일 전
Everytime I answer my modules, I always listen to this playlist... Thank you so much po😘
Meysa Putri
Meysa Putri 5 일 전
why i can't download this playlist
Jorbe Abejero
Jorbe Abejero 5 일 전
cube52x 6 일 전
Love this playlist so much 😍❤❤❤ replay like crazy 😂
if you're studying to this, good luck if you're doing homework to this, hope you get amazing grades, if you're crying to this, hope you know things will get better if you're being happy to this, hope you stay that way if you're waking up to this, hope you have a good day if you're going to sleep to this, goodnight if your just here to listen to fill in the silence, hope you enjoy the sound and hope your day will get better
Black Knight
Black Knight 12 일 전
one of my favorite playlist ♥♥♥
Ayesha Jailani
Ayesha Jailani 16 일 전
If only you can like more than once I'd probably give this vid a thousand of likes💕
nicolemons -
nicolemons - 17 일 전
Serena Ho
Serena Ho 22 일 전
very relaxasing playlist thank you op 💖❤️💓❤️💖
Thanks for this,I hope it is also downloadable tho... I'd like to listen to this everyday cause I am suffering from insomia.. But thanks anyway :>
hafsa aj
hafsa aj 25 일 전
this girl s voice is just so beautiful
Rin 개월 전
IU's songs, her sweet and beautiful voice, really calm my heart.
Yana Nikulin
Yana Nikulin 개월 전
This playlist hits so different when you have feelings for someone and can’t sleep because of it 🥺🥺
conney aurel
conney aurel 17 일 전
So true😌 it calms my heart though 💕
지라 zirah
지라 zirah 개월 전
all of iu's songs are satisfying😖💛
Fadilla Maylinda
Fadilla Maylinda 개월 전
i'm listening this when i'm sad i feel much better now
신라면짱 개월 전
Lila G
Lila G 개월 전
0:00 My Old Story 3:30 Heart 6:20 Knees 10:58 Secret Garden 14:40 Everyday Without You 18:19 Autumn Morning 22:01 Ugly Duckling 25:28 Through The Night 29:40 Ending Scene 33:49 The Night Of The First Breakup 38:14 Love Alone 42:56 Dear Name 47:45 Love Poem 52:00 I Give You My Heart
Sara Mohamed
Sara Mohamed 개월 전
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Hanzel Jarabelo
Hanzel Jarabelo 개월 전
I just love everything about her and her song 🍒💗
Ahmad Ruwanda Saragi
Ahmad Ruwanda Saragi 개월 전
56:43 klik and replay for remove ads
Ahead 개월 전
So soothing. Great for inner peace
gpace98 개월 전
currently studying and crying because of the playlist lol
Namjoon's umbrella
Namjoon's umbrella 개월 전
I'm not really a fan, but her voice is everything
Oh thanks for "ugly duckling" that song si so underreted
valentina restrepo
valentina restrepo 개월 전
Nueva suscriptora Me encantó uwu
Jana's World
Jana's World 개월 전
𝘦𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 (𝘐𝘜 𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘵 𝘉𝘛𝘚 𝘚𝘶𝘨𝘢) 1:53 ━━━━━━╾────── 2:48 ⇆ ◁ ▊▊ ▷ ↺
Kurt Corro
Kurt Corro 개월 전
3:30 i thought i was listening to MCR's Welcome to the Black Parade XD
Gregorio Chiko
Gregorio Chiko 개월 전
where's Full Stop??
Gregorio Chiko
Gregorio Chiko 개월 전
nice playlist btw, thanks
Kim Yap
Kim Yap 개월 전
huhuhu thank you so much for this😍
Ma. Christina Gando
Ma. Christina Gando 2 개월 전
thank you.💞
Andrea LGC
Andrea LGC 2 개월 전
You have a lots of Subs. But you only have 3 videos? 🤔 Anyways thanks for no ads. 👌🏻 I love IU ❣️🥰
Angela Bejugan
Angela Bejugan 2 개월 전
hello i was listening to this song compilation while studying, omg its so soothing to my ears and i probably could focus reading, thank you so much its of a great help
Violet YT
Violet YT 2 개월 전
ji eun voice can thaw a frozen heart, proud to be uneana"ns
Iv; 2 개월 전
well, i was really going to kill myself my dog idk how but realized something was bad, she was looking at me, with sad and big eyes, as i was writting a letter, she didn't put off her eyes of me, i went to the bathroom and closed the door letting her inside my room, i didn't take two steeps and she started making noises with her nails I feel so bad for her, for being such a bad person this playlist is helping me to relax, i can't stop crying but i think i'm getting relaxed, iu, she's such a good artist, i can't just hear her songs, i feel thanks for making this playlist
Antonella Fernandez Castellano
Antonella Fernandez Castellano 5 일 전
From someone struggling with the same feelings, I hope you’re doing well, I know it’s hard sometimes, something that helps me is trying to find small reasons to stay or excuses why I can’t go yet. It helps me focus on small things instead of letting everything and anything become overwhelming. Im happy you find comfort in music, remember you are important and necessary ♥️
hafsa aj
hafsa aj 25 일 전
everything is gonna be fine however long its hard now ,everything is gonna be better .you can t know what beautiful surprises life holds for you stay positive
blueraineee 개월 전
I hope you're feeling better today. Have you been to IU concerts yet? If you haven't, you must! I had the privilege of attending her concert and it was amazing. These are her words during the concert: “I come here only once a year so I don’t know in detail what kind of troubles you’re living with and what makes you sad, but I think that all people live with similar problems, similar troubles. Right? Anyway, when you feel dispirited and want to end everything, I wish that you think of our promise today: to meet me here next year. You have to remember! We promise. To meet here again next year, we will right? All promises are truly important right? Keep your promise! Day by day, if you live on breathing slowly, it will soon be next year, right? And I’ll come back again to make another promise, to meet here next year, and we keep our promise again, and again, and again, and again. Right? This will be easy. I’ll do it as well. Promise. I hope that today was a good day. I.. (hesitantly) love you.” Even if you haven't or do not have the chance to do so, remember her words and the hopes she has for everyone. Like in Love poem, she have our back and will continue to sing for us, bringing comfort to us who feels tired. I hope you have a good day :)
neomu yeehaw
neomu yeehaw 개월 전
​@Iv; Good to hear from you, love. Glad you feel better. I hope I was able to send support with my words~
Iv; 개월 전
@neomu yeehaw hey, thanks for commenting such a nice answer I'm doing better, i'm trying to keep myself distracted and busy, IU is helping me a lot, Secret Garden is so beautiful, it gives hope about there's a place where we can be safe huhuh my favorite song is Rain Drop, is really pretty i hope you're good, thanks for answer 💙💙
Nesibe Şeyda Savrum
Nesibe Şeyda Savrum 2 개월 전
Güzel günleri hatırlatıyor :)
Kim Bersano
Kim Bersano 2 개월 전
"Everyday with you" huhu I miss Reply 1988. IU's voice is so damn good as expected
Tania Vanessa Camuez Arboleda
Tania Vanessa Camuez Arboleda 2 개월 전
siempre sentí que a mi vida le faltaba algo y ese algo mejor dicho alguien es la preciosa IU Su voz me da cien años mas de vida
Noor Alaksha
Noor Alaksha 2 개월 전
Kenneth Apostol
Kenneth Apostol 2 개월 전
Listening till the end thank you for this beautiful playlist!
Kenneth Apostol
Kenneth Apostol 2 개월 전
even i dont stand the lyrics but its iu so i just feel it
Mauro Estrada
Mauro Estrada 개월 전
Try searching the translated lyrics of all her songs and see how poetically great her compositions 👌😉 . P.S using again my dad's YT account hahaha
Marya 2 개월 전
Meet IU (Lee Ji Eun) The most strongest,lovely,kind person i'd ever meet Everyone hates her because she's jungkook's ideal type Her beloved best friends Died because of depression The best song writer ever The girl who deserves more hype Stan her because she understands you.
kai n
kai n 2 일 전
@moonstar well im glad there are mostly armys who are supporting iu, im a uaena and army too but yes there are always haters. As much we want to deny it, haters are everywhere. IU was in the list of most hated idols due to the controversy. Also your english is fine :) english is also my second language (+ we dont see everything we know, you can never read every single comment regarding iu and jungkook right?)
moonstar 2 일 전
@kai n nah , I am army but I've never see them hating on IU. There's maybe 2 or 3 people hating and they are probably jealous little kids so why bother. Also a lot of army discover IU through Jungkook and loves her including myself.Army also support IU and Suga collaboration and there's literally no problem with both fandom.I am army and uaena now. English is not my first language so I'm sorry if you don't understand what I'm trying to say.
kai n
kai n 2 일 전
@moonstar there are people like that. iu got alot of hate for that back then
Marya 19 일 전
@hey stob iit i think it's just here at ph
hey stob iit
hey stob iit 19 일 전
@Marya Tbh I've never heard anyone hate on IU for being JK's ideal type either?
Binh Nghi Nguyen
Binh Nghi Nguyen 2 개월 전
Danica Reponte
Danica Reponte 2 개월 전
Harvey Jovit
Harvey Jovit 2 개월 전
yes. I feel relaxesed
Melina Oktavia
Melina Oktavia 2 개월 전
Instead of sleeping, I end up singing along with the song
ᄒᄒ 2 개월 전
들을때마다 너무 좋네요🥰
Heide Vang
Heide Vang 2 개월 전
Hey singing makes me feel like I’m in k-drama. Her singing is like when two main character have a fight in a k-drama...
Alryn kate M. Mayari
Alryn kate M. Mayari 2 개월 전
I really love this compilation but I can't download it 😔🤧😢😭
Alryn kate M. Mayari
Alryn kate M. Mayari 2 개월 전
@Cha Stew Yes, You can do that :)
Cha Stew
Cha Stew 2 개월 전
@Alryn kate M. Mayari Ha ha ... sure. But I've never tried downloading on my phone so I'd better try it first to see if it works. I could send you the mp3 of this IU compilation directly if you want.
Cha Stew
Cha Stew 2 개월 전
@Alryn kate M. Mayari OK can do - but where? Don't want to post a link here. Can I leave a message on your channel?
Alryn kate M. Mayari
Alryn kate M. Mayari 2 개월 전
@Cha Stew Yes, please send me an Mp3 of this😊
Alryn kate M. Mayari
Alryn kate M. Mayari 2 개월 전
@Cha Stew could you please make a step by step😊
Drexie Lee
Drexie Lee 2 개월 전
It helps me for studying and concentrating in my modules :) :) Thank you very much for no ads :) from Phillipines❤
Princess Agalos
Princess Agalos 개월 전
Same I'm not a fan of iu but I myself is turning to her fan rn while listening to her song Edit:and yes I'm a Filipino. share ko lang.
jasmine otares galvan
jasmine otares galvan 개월 전
same din Po
Jiecel Diaz03
Jiecel Diaz03 2 개월 전
same here
Sea Man
Sea Man 2 개월 전
thanks for no ads and this is really good playlist👍👍
Mr Sutarno
Mr Sutarno 3 개월 전
I have been listening to this for several days. Thank you so much 😁 -ly
Ij Del Socorro
Ij Del Socorro 3 개월 전
I'm suffering with stress every night until I found this video, I'm sleeping well now. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea.
EmRoNX 개월 전
noceur L.
noceur L. 3 개월 전
I think you should add her song Lullaby. That would be greatt.💜
hyperion 2 개월 전
and Someday! ;--;
yippity yap
yippity yap 3 개월 전
I love this thank you.
Yogurldayday ASMR
Yogurldayday ASMR 3 개월 전
This is now my favorite IU playlist❤️🥺
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin 3 개월 전
I can sleep now thnx to this and thnx for the continuation of the songs with no ads!~
Lia Hasanah
Lia Hasanah 4 개월 전
Always sleep after listening that's song😊
Thae Sin
Thae Sin 4 개월 전
😍😍😍 Thanks
NHƯ THANH 4 개월 전
Bài nào IU hát tôi cũng thích
vanita jadhav
vanita jadhav 4 개월 전
I really love my queen iuuuuuu her voice is amazing and beautiful like her😊😊
Cry Baby
Cry Baby 4 개월 전
Rlly tysm.
ʏᴇᴏɴᴊᴜɴɪᴇꨄ 4 개월 전
ahora cada vez q tengo un examen pongo IU porque me ayuda a concentrarme jejje no se porque...
Introverted but EXTRAverted
Introverted but EXTRAverted 5 개월 전
[Time stamp] 00:00 My old story 3:30 Heart 6:20 Knees 10:58 Secret garden 14:40 Everyday with you 18:19 Autumn Morning 22:01 Ugly duckling
신라면짱 개월 전
Robby Rain Tumampil
Robby Rain Tumampil 개월 전
@blueraineee thx
Lila G
Lila G 개월 전
@blueraineee done ^^
blueraineee 2 개월 전
25:28 Through the Night 29:40 Ending Scene 33:49 The night of the first breakup 38:14 Love alone 42:56 Dear Name 47:45 Love Poem 52:00 I give you my heart Feel free to edit this into your list! :)
saumjeon21 3 개월 전
Thank uuuuu
Im Yoona
Im Yoona 5 개월 전
I love this playlist, thank you
Lumina in Videoland
Lumina in Videoland 5 개월 전
I used your playlist but with rain sounds and will upload it here on KOfilms. I hope that's ok? Of course I gave all credits to you. :) I love your IU Playlist. Finally something without BTS.😅
Lumina in Videoland
Lumina in Videoland 2 개월 전
@isa calayag It makes sense. If you are looking for Korean playlists to relax, then mostly only playlists with BTS appear and it's annoying. I have nothing against BTS. I also like to listen to the music of them, but if you just read about it and see it, it gets a bit annoying at some point. And I was happy to find something from IU. That I mentioned BTS was just my opinion. So relax.
saumjeon21 3 개월 전
@isa calayag they don’t hate BTS tho
SerenaSky 3 개월 전
isa calayag they don’t hate bts?? It’s just an opinion
isa calayag
isa calayag 3 개월 전
just say u hate bts and go,,
isa calayag
isa calayag 3 개월 전
it's lit rally titled "IU playlist" why are you bringing up bts??? make it make sense lol
Lily HO
Lily HO 5 개월 전
I can sleep deep and well at night , thx for no ads
BornInSummer. 5 개월 전
Thank you very much for making without Ads. 😊
Ketzia Gracie Margaretha
Ketzia Gracie Margaretha 개월 전
@Cedrick Mariano yeah
Cedrick Mariano
Cedrick Mariano 개월 전
It has now. Haha!
All my favourite song... Thanks.. also for the no ads :))))))))
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire 6 개월 전
Thank you! 💕
BeatingHeart 6 개월 전
I love this compilation. Also thanks for doing this without ads. 👍
Mardina Siboro
Mardina Siboro 6 개월 전
Aah semua lagu kesukaaan 😍😍😍
Osito Gamer
Osito Gamer 6 개월 전
ah, good job!!
Brenelyn Bangadon
Brenelyn Bangadon 7 개월 전
i love this compilation
honeyunjin 7 개월 전
Thank you 😊💞
jinsoullvr 7 개월 전
Thanks for the no ads
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