Incredible and Ingenious Hidden Rooms & Amazing Home Ideas

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Quantum Tech HD

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For the pictures on the thumbnail check out:
Hidden Floor:
Brevard Tiny House:
Secret Room:

majstorskooko 6 시간 전
Serbian furniture
Lunar_meets 17 시간 전
0:27 is literally just a easy way to. Get robbed
The Dezire
The Dezire 일 전
Anyone else annoyed at the fact that most of these don't actually show you what the inside looks like......or is it just me
Uwailla Siemens
Uwailla Siemens 2 일 전
Spettacolare lo adoro
Daniela Márquez
Daniela Márquez 2 일 전
click bait, it has more filler than naruto. Dislike
Gregor Samsa
Gregor Samsa 2 일 전
Fake and gay
J Marshal
J Marshal 2 일 전
Imagine owning a house...
Novy Taran
Novy Taran 3 일 전
3:19 the bed that u cant have s3x with..
Novy Taran
Novy Taran 3 일 전
3:19 the bed that u cant have s3x with..
Novy Taran
Novy Taran 3 일 전
The best place to hind when the Zombie Apologize Is Happening🥺
Babies Tang
Babies Tang 3 일 전
I think this is good for Zombie Apocalypse
Toxic Pug
Toxic Pug 3 일 전
Those ones where the chargers come from the tables ain’t really hidden rooms are they? 😂
Toxic Pug
Toxic Pug 3 일 전
Does that woman really need a hidden room full of all those clothes and shoes
youssef iyas
youssef iyas 3 일 전
Viktor Schmidt
Viktor Schmidt 3 일 전
У них потайная комната больше по площади чем квартиры у многих Россиян.
christydiya 0908
christydiya 0908 5 일 전
Only rich person can build the house like this
Вера О
Вера О 5 일 전
Всегда кто- то ухаживает за всем этим. И где тайна?? Само- то не сделается.
Jasmin Geibel
Jasmin Geibel 7 일 전
William B W
William B W 7 일 전
I think this video may have copied you:
ILHAM 01 9 일 전
Gara gara iklan tiktok ga bisa di miringing videonya
Sophie Bartlett
Sophie Bartlett 12 일 전
Aaa I want them all!
Lera 13 일 전
Очень быстро меняются кадры.Нет возможности все рассмотреть,а жаль😔
차띤 14 일 전
그냥 부자..
Konj home design
Konj home design 15 일 전
Want to learn how to combine colors for a luxury dining design? I suggest you watch this video. I hope you enjoy!
Yhon Garcia
Yhon Garcia 16 일 전
We all wish we had spaces available in our homes to expand our creativity. It's great to start by getting ideas from some who have already begun to develop that creativity. Wonderful ideas.
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer 17 일 전
My name is milo
It’s OK Oli
It’s OK Oli 18 일 전
My grandma used to have a house that was built in 1947 in Canada (clarkson ont.) that has a basement. The old owners of the house where Italian I loved wine and grape berries so they built arches with a Barry wallpaper on the back but little did we know when we first moved in that the third arch contained a secret room that you would open by pushing on the wall panel and behind was a little cold cellar behind it that was made of all concrete but had drywall on some walls and had nice lighting it was filled with stuff because my grandma was a hoarder and they sold the house in 2016. The coolest part is that if you go down to the basement there is a kitchen and a bathroom but beside the staircase coming down from upstairs goes down to another staircase going down and I level into a second basement where there was a laundry room a furnace room and two bedrooms one small and one humungous. I have very little memory on most of this because this was when I was eight and I had a lot of memory loss back then but since then I have been able to remember almost all of it except for some parts but if you were ask me I can probably tell you more about this. Plan on contacting the new owners of the house to get exclusive video of the secret door because I can just tell them that used to live there and it might let me in to show them a secret door and second basement so if I do I’ll post a video of it on my KOfilms I wish I still lived there but my grandma said that the new owners are only renting the house for one year and plan to move out and my grandma said that she may look into buying her old house back as it’s symbolized memories and because she was a hoarder she think she may have left stuff in the house after moving out including stuff in the secret room It’s hard to open the door because my dumb uncle Scott broke the door trying to open it one time and now you have to push on it while lifting the bottom to get the door open but it is very cool and I plan on going back there to check it out one day anyway I wish you guys the best of luck
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 19 일 전
Nagyon. Meno"
Brandon Perschon
Brandon Perschon 20 일 전
Just when you're like "Cool what is that?" Next video...
Rick 22 일 전
I imagine Epstein, Clintons and Podesta brothers have all these must have hidden toys.........
Angga Pramudya
Angga Pramudya 23 일 전
I don't know what the purpose of being hidden / secret lair, yet they share it *publicly* 😑
Nimco Husen
Nimco Husen 24 일 전
Why is the name quantum tech why not creep tech hd
Vintage tears
Vintage tears 24 일 전
I’m making my own secret room but i’m not going to share it.
Shweta Thakur
Shweta Thakur 25 일 전
Ohhh so they all made hidden places in case a zombie apocalypse happens.. got anxiety watching these narrow spaces and imagining why these will be used..
Rainbow Galaxy
Rainbow Galaxy 26 일 전
Sunflowers_02 27 일 전
Imagine being this rich 🥲
TypicalRoxy 27 일 전
0:42 is a jaw grop
Айсель ИсA
Айсель ИсA 28 일 전
Artık gizliliyi kalmadı🤣🤣🤣
Cartel Boom
Cartel Boom 29 일 전
GalaXy_World 개월 전
윤전기쟁이 개월 전
도박이나 성매매 하기 좋은 방이 많구만 ㅋㅋ
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 개월 전
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ᗩᖇƳᗩᑎ 개월 전
Pests after seeing this vid. Be like Hmmmm interesting......
İclal Merve Esen
İclal Merve Esen 개월 전
Focker Wulf 190 Würger
Focker Wulf 190 Würger 개월 전
0:13 Halloween
徐精明 개월 전
Kaffeejunkie 77
Kaffeejunkie 77 개월 전
Sam Smolak
Sam Smolak 개월 전
New places to hide a child
the starter
the starter 개월 전
everibudy has that one thing in their house that..........
Jordyn lavergne
Jordyn lavergne 개월 전
imagine being a kid and your parents just bought a house and you find a secret room and don’t tell them and when they tell you to go out side you go in the secret room
Potia Radebe
Potia Radebe 25 일 전
That would be cool
Vladimir Orlov
Vladimir Orlov 개월 전
علي احمد
علي احمد 개월 전
حرام تنشر فيديو فيه نساء غير محتشمات
علي احمد
علي احمد 개월 전
حرام الموسيقى
Zeynep Uyuzpınar
Zeynep Uyuzpınar 개월 전
Küçükken herzaman gizli bi odam olmasini istemistin
до встречи в аду
до встречи в аду 개월 전
Хочу.. хочу... Хочу..
Marco Manunta
Marco Manunta 개월 전
Siete veramente dei pirla.. 😆
The Master of DIY
The Master of DIY 개월 전
If they want to be hidden they shouldn’t show it to videos
Lilith Kenis
Lilith Kenis 개월 전
getting sea sick from that wobly camera ...
Nevermind BM
Nevermind BM 개월 전
Seem like simple redstone builds Still creative tho
heart tarot
heart tarot 개월 전
Wow! 💜 #TeamScorpio
Mat G
Mat G 개월 전
Yt wprowadził tyle reklam, że pomału może konkurować z regularną telewizją...
Firus Ramadhan
Firus Ramadhan 개월 전
My home in malaysia i make my home full a door secret
조원우 개월 전
Daniel Gallegos
Daniel Gallegos 개월 전
Lowstringer 개월 전
FBI after seeing this video: Interesting...
Drake Elise
Drake Elise 10 일 전
jedi paperplane
jedi paperplane 10 일 전
Ha lol
GalaXy_World 개월 전
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 개월 전
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Manraj Kahlon
Manraj Kahlon 개월 전
Lmao hahahahha
امل يوسف
امل يوسف 개월 전
تبع ماما لولا فإني
David Grégoire
David Grégoire 개월 전
4:08 What is that pink double ended dil_do?
Dan Mccaslin
Dan Mccaslin 개월 전
Woops that doesn't belong there pick up your toys mom 😂😂😂😂
Lana V. Black
Lana V. Black 개월 전
Dont mind me. 1:45 7:00 9:18 9:35
shane l
shane l 개월 전
The last video of says "you can watch people through the monkey eyes" creepy!
Paul V
Paul V 개월 전
They have to much money
Dhanni Anggoro
Dhanni Anggoro 개월 전
Sait Sefa Özveri
Sait Sefa Özveri 개월 전
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Noella Monyuy
Noella Monyuy 개월 전
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Марха Элембаева
Марха Элембаева 개월 전
Это идеально для пряток ! 😂😻
Giovanna Petrosillo
Giovanna Petrosillo 개월 전
Certe soluzioni sono davvero claustrofobiche! No, grazie
희진 개월 전
Orie Cipollaro
Orie Cipollaro 개월 전
More rich people bullshit
Kavya Babu
Kavya Babu 개월 전
These hidden rooms have been seen by more than 10M people through this channel. Now its not private, a public one😂😂
Polina Grach
Polina Grach 19 일 전
*Only 18* 👇👇👇
Angga Pramudya
Angga Pramudya 23 일 전
Exactly, my point.
Qamelia Orellana
Qamelia Orellana 개월 전
0:39 closet is like Barbies 0:39-0:51 reminds me of Barbie
FloorGang 개월 전
Can you please name the intro music
Iréne Belanger
Iréne Belanger 개월 전
Hay endia queremos cosas naturalisé tout es m3ntira
Iréne Belanger
Iréne Belanger 개월 전
Oui bonne mais tu cache beaucoup de choses mouvesces malas no me gusta
Barton Seagrave
Barton Seagrave 개월 전
The dog tunnel went to a cliff edge, so cruel.
monika Romo
monika Romo 개월 전
J P 개월 전
I miss Josef Fritzls House.
MM 개월 전
Man that dude who legit cut a hole in the wall behind his cupboard just doesn't give a fuck about the resell value of his home
Наталья Леонтьева
Наталья Леонтьева 개월 전
Снято ужасно!
Gregavar 개월 전
на какую только хуйню лиде деньги тратят
Ирина Мамагро
Ирина Мамагро 개월 전
Отвратительная съемка! Ничего не понять, все мелькает так, что голова кружится.
Cheska Soria
Cheska Soria 개월 전
Wow sooooo cool
Cheska Soria
Cheska Soria 개월 전
Me to
Angela Bay-Jespersen
Angela Bay-Jespersen 개월 전
There are some very cool ideas in this collection. Can I ask why you’ve filmed and edited the ideas so that you barely have time to see what’s going on? I loved many of the ideas from what I could see but you really can’t see much because everything flashed by so fast and you sweep your phone camera or other camera around so fast there’s not really any time to focus. Is there any chance of making a longer video and slowing things down, even just a little??
Mia Vazquez
Mia Vazquez 개월 전
show us something in your house that everyone thinks is so cool. it can be a hidden cabnit. Little movie room. But ours is this.´
Familia Vasquez Solis
Familia Vasquez Solis 개월 전
Wow 🤩
AppStoreGamer 개월 전
What was the soundtrack used for this
Alekseevna 개월 전
Супер! Очень интересно!!
Necmettin Aktaş
Necmettin Aktaş 개월 전
tek kelimeyle bayılddım
Loco Hobo
Loco Hobo 개월 전
2:14 My room isn’t that nice...☹️
Ranstone 개월 전
Then spend less money on weed and drugs.
Loco Hobo
Loco Hobo 개월 전
0:47 Millions of $ in clothes and shoes. She wears? Yoga pants and t-shirt.
Stephanie Dietz
Stephanie Dietz 개월 전
exactly like me. but now im selling it all
Konstantinos Tanis
Konstantinos Tanis 개월 전
Yes but it is a Gucci t-shirt
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