How Strong Is This Exoskeleton? (POWER LOADER: PART 9)

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Hacksmith Industries

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This will be the last power loader update for a while due to the pandemic, the team is working from home and we will not be able to make much progress on this project until things are back to normal.
Thermal Camera ►
0:00 Intro
0:33 Hacksmith Power Loader Update
2:10 Road Trip
3:59 Assembly
4:24 Bogdan Explains The System and Primes it
6:18 Hacksmith Checks the Overheating Motor.
6:50 Test Begins
7:49 Come At Me!
8:50 Weight Lifts!
10:05 Future Adjustments.
10:52 Outro
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Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 7 개월 전
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Thar Lay
Thar Lay 개월 전
Kack Blue2
Kack Blue2 개월 전
savagesloth the great
savagesloth the great 3 개월 전
Pls bring it back
Thar Lay
Thar Lay 4 개월 전
neon wolf
neon wolf 4 개월 전
ifs a shame you diddnt complete this but also why not make some small tweeks if you do come bacm to it such as using your new exo skelletons mucels maybe for the legs?
DubxYT 4 일 전
Oh no! When this is done he is gonna punch ian in the face with it!
Francesca TT
Francesca TT 7 일 전
If there was an apocalypse they would do some damage the zombies 🧟‍♂️
Superbuggy3 _YT
Superbuggy3 _YT 11 일 전
They can literally make a iron man suit in the future
禁Snickers X Clorox
禁Snickers X Clorox 15 일 전
Lol, these guys are Suprisingly fit
Twenty5 Channel
Twenty5 Channel 17 일 전
Have you try building pacific rim robot ? 😎
Kailen Parker
Kailen Parker 19 일 전
What happened to the old arms
Valor 8
Valor 8 21 일 전
Now all you need to do is put it in the back of the half scale cyber truck then drive it around
Nat Flor
Nat Flor 25 일 전
I'm rather new to the channel, but I've followed the entirety of these project videos and it's so amazing to see that they're getting the views they deserve. This project is legit and SUPER impressive. So glad you guys are getting the recognition you deserve now with these videos. Can't wait for the next one.
Антон Иванов
Антон Иванов 26 일 전
9:40 тащемта скорость гидроцилидра от дросселя зависит. и там везде пропорциональые клапана нужны для контроля скорости и все такое. А вообще ребята крутые конечно!
Jessica James
Jessica James 28 일 전
I love love love love your videos
But why That's good in world war 2
mitchell gudgeon
mitchell gudgeon 개월 전
You need hydraulic check values, itll stop your rams from falling down. So it’ll need a certain amount of pressure to move the rams it’ll sto then from falling down and actuallly lift together.
Falon Denison
Falon Denison 개월 전
i havent even seen the movie
Raunts EsT
Raunts EsT 개월 전
Why not use ballscrews and servos
Der_Robokeks 개월 전
these zylinders can lift up top 10 tons with a bigger hydraulic pump
Mac Quisto
Mac Quisto 개월 전
Can't wait to get this completed in future
I’m stupid But
I’m stupid But 개월 전
Imagine him making technology for the army
Marcus W
Marcus W 개월 전
Still waiting for the update...
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 개월 전
This actually reminds of the device that *Tita* used in *The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3.*
DAS Shed
DAS Shed 개월 전
If only you had been sponsored by Princess Auto.
Trouble Ent
Trouble Ent 개월 전
Tadas Kozlovas
Tadas Kozlovas 개월 전
I can hear Jeff saying it has a muscle imbalance xd
Ashbeel Mall
Ashbeel Mall 개월 전
Imagine if these guys go bad.. Terrifying
The SkeleBros Gaming
The SkeleBros Gaming 개월 전
After watching this, I’m now waiting for you guys to make a fully functioning mech like from titan fall😂
monkeycage 24
monkeycage 24 개월 전
WAT this video isn't sponsored by raid shadow legends
armr6 개월 전
Why so slow? MOAR PRESSURE!!! Edit: Alright.
Jarjedi 개월 전
Mmmm that bend 9:06
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer 개월 전
1:32 What does this remind me of? **looks at fallout shelter**
Gideon 개월 전
Turn this heap into an APU from the matrix
aserta 개월 전
Probably should go with rotating fittings on the cylinders and armor up all the hoses against wear. All surfaces near that area should be fitted with a rubber sleeve made from hose that's slit up and slipped over. A few small drill holes would allow metal zip ties to keep that in place (if the CAD shows that drilling right at the edge won't cause undue fatigue).
Austin Austin
Austin Austin 개월 전
Make something that lets you double jump or you can’t do that
Markus Myran
Markus Myran 개월 전
cool its a crane
We, The Peoples Voice
We, The Peoples Voice 2 개월 전
Ever considered getting a Caterpillar technician as a consultant/guide?
We, The Peoples Voice
We, The Peoples Voice 2 개월 전
@Hacksmith Industries No. I have worked in heavy industry for quite a few years now working closely with Mining Engineers, Diesel Plant Mechanics, Boilermakers, Fitters, Electrical Engineers and Pneumatic/Hydraulic Engineers and various other technicians. With that aside, I am also a Maker. I have built an electric go-kart (one for defs you need a helmet to pilot) powered by four 24v caterpillar batteries, with joystick and electrically powered hydraulic ram steering with a small car differential (ALL out of scrap. The biggest expense was the four cans of beer I swapped a bloke for the frame he was throwing away), a TPD power generator with no moving parts except for the outlet switch, and a heap of other crap over the years. The Caterpillar P-5000 Powerloader is a build I will undertake in my retirement in a few years (with my own personal tweaks of course ;) ). My aim is to sell it to the mining industry. In my day-to-day at several sites this machine will be invaluable. Call me lazy, but humping steel plate, pipe, brackets et al by hand is hard on the body, not mention positioning heavy objects for installation. My experience on the ground has taught me how to do it right, do it once. I would kill to be on this project (figuratively speaking of course). Keep up the great work guys. Handy hint: Over-engineer everything for 150% load/torsion/pressure et al. Thank you for replying.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 2 개월 전
Are you a caterpillar technician?
Krisztián Barta
Krisztián Barta 2 개월 전
When are you gonna make a new power loader video.
אפיק לוי
אפיק לוי 2 개월 전
I am vont to join
אפיק לוי
אפיק לוי 2 개월 전
I am fro IZRAEL
dual dude
dual dude 2 개월 전
Great idea bro, can you make yondu arrow
I nvicticus
I nvicticus 2 개월 전
2060: We made the sentinels from x men 2070: we made a time machine 2080: we made thanos ship
DaComputerNerd 개월 전
Bold of you to assume it'll take that long
Dawn Bray
Dawn Bray 2 개월 전
I think if these guys go into a war and they use there gadgets they would win
Hector Fransisco Rodriguez
Hector Fransisco Rodriguez 2 개월 전
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 개월 전
What if you had access to unlatching/relatching zip ties 🤔🤔
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 2 개월 전
Those exist, yeah
Lusterdude 2 개월 전
try and make it control with movement of your arms
Artic Fox
Artic Fox 2 개월 전
Omg it’s like avater
Jason Birch
Jason Birch 2 개월 전
Hustle Castle looks very similar to Fallout shelter
Key 3 개월 전
Please make BT from Titanfall 2 I miss him :(
Kitten King
Kitten King 3 개월 전
What degrees do you have I'm looking to become an engineer just like u so it would really help to know Also I love your videos
Freek Doodeman
Freek Doodeman 3 개월 전
two guys doing pullups on a dumbell held up by a giant mech is one of the manliest things I've ever seen.
Snowden Drifts
Snowden Drifts 3 개월 전
I like how next to the hardware store there is a gym, seems pretty fitting seeing as how heavy these items you are buying are
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 3 개월 전
Next to? That is our gym haha
Neville Khongz
Neville Khongz 3 개월 전
that thing is cool
OldSlowGamer 3 개월 전
You should try to get Caterpillar to sponsor this. And there's no need to do this if you don't go whole hog and make it WALK with a man inside.
pigidly 3 개월 전
Guys you can also use hardline to slim down your plumbing. And it’s less expensive. 3/8 line can be rated 6000 pounds.
Jacob Bitsky
Jacob Bitsky 3 개월 전
I do hope he makes a con pod with the controls and legs to walk. So badly I hope
Mohak Gujar
Mohak Gujar 3 개월 전
I can't wait to see this working!!! That's awesome. Maybe you can use fluid dynamics to lift more. if you take a frustum and put fluids and put one big one small piston on ends, and put small force on the smaller piston, you'll get more force on the larger one. 100N...power increase!!! 200N (if the larger piston is 2x smaller one) And maybe pulleys. Not simple ones, complex pulley. You know, I used to make drawings of robots- full mechanical and steampunk when I was a kid. I want to become like you when I grow up.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 3 개월 전
Yes, that is how hydraulics work =) Each arm can already curl 5000lbs
Seigmann Gamer
Seigmann Gamer 3 개월 전
Fallout shelter anyone
john troy calvadores
john troy calvadores 3 개월 전
Im excited for the power loader to be finish
Ashton Gan
Ashton Gan 3 개월 전
This mans got a gym in his workspace
Peter Poniris
Peter Poniris 3 개월 전
This is some Ellen Ripley crap
THeNOoBlyFaCE 3 개월 전
When new vid of pauwerloader
Vigil 3 개월 전
Hey maybe when you're done making that you can make the prawn suit from subnautica
Luke Redmore
Luke Redmore 3 개월 전
Even with the test pump that loader looks impressive, honestly I’m kinda hoping y’all actually use it to load deliveries once it’s finished :P
Yeetbeam 69
Yeetbeam 69 3 개월 전
Hacksmith please let me join the hacksmith I’am 16 and have a big ideas and don’t know how to build them maybe u guys can
Ravikiran M
Ravikiran M 3 개월 전
Hey ,When are you gonna upload your next video of the power loader
Maverick Beneteau
Maverick Beneteau 3 개월 전
The hacksmith when is your next power loader video coming out I really want to see it you're almost done a lot of people's waiting for the next video of the Power loader? 😭😭
Epitacio Salvoro
Epitacio Salvoro 3 개월 전
Imagine using this in your engineering thesis project
Raiden Smith
Raiden Smith 3 개월 전
my Nickname is Raiden
igor staniaszek
igor staniaszek 3 개월 전
Now do legs
Introstep_ 1080
Introstep_ 1080 3 개월 전
He should make power armor
Jed Zander
Jed Zander 3 개월 전
I thought they said that they were going to do a video about this thing every month!?
When it's finished it's gonna be able to pick up a car I bet
Eddy Goss
Eddy Goss 3 개월 전
Cheaper ANd the hoses are WAY more fexable and durable. Definitely find a local hydralic shops every town has a few
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 3 개월 전
The hoses we bought weren't an expensive part of this lol
Eddy Goss
Eddy Goss 3 개월 전
Way cheaoer to get a local hydralic hose place to make your hoses and fittings
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 3 개월 전
Doubt it lol
FIrst Name
FIrst Name 3 개월 전
It’s fun having corona and going to Walmart and seeing all those ppl with masks on lmaooo😂
SuperFriendBFG 3 개월 전
Hey Hacksmith folks. We know that a legged version of the Power Loader wouldn't be too practical. But once this project is done, perhaps another future project would be to make it (more) Practical. Perhaps designing a fictional earlier model of the Power Loader that is on wheels or treads. The upper torso would rotate like at tank turret. With a rear mounted engine and front mounted Torso, the back should provide more than enough counter-weight handle fairly heavy loads. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could even mount the torso onto a mechanism that would allow it to raise and lower itself straight up like a Forklift can.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 3 개월 전
Take a look at our t-shirt;)
mrsethakoson 3 개월 전
4200:we made a black hole bomb
17_Made danu artha suryawan
17_Made danu artha suryawan 3 개월 전
Can you make gipsy danger with the real size? :v
cousin Eddie
cousin Eddie 3 개월 전
Use a three stage pump
TurboSoggyOFFICIAL 4 개월 전
When this project is done, I can just think of him just walking down the streets in a mech suit 😂
B T 4 개월 전
backhoe megatron
Taylan Ozmal
Taylan Ozmal 4 개월 전
Can't zoom in, in other games, FALLOUT SHELTER
chad kenty
chad kenty 4 개월 전
Cant w8 to see more
Alejandro Barrientos
Alejandro Barrientos 4 개월 전
Make the ketchup and mustard gun from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Jack The Wrapper
Jack The Wrapper 4 개월 전
Make the Neutralizer - Men in Black!
Trainboi 4 개월 전
Mount it on a skidsteer body
Barry's 4 개월 전
When is the next episode of this, I am dying to see the finished product!!! Coolest thing ever
Lane Ramay
Lane Ramay 4 개월 전
So where is part 10 at
Kareem Chonagad
Kareem Chonagad 4 개월 전
Make it as iron man big suit
Keon Cella
Keon Cella 4 개월 전
Hey! You should try making falcon's winged jetpack that would be awesome!
Keon Cella
Keon Cella 4 개월 전
You should try making a transformer next. You could make a g1 optimus prime from old truck parts.
Sir.Frosty 4 개월 전
What if the hack smith built a smaller version of the iron giant.
Ronnie Manfredsson
Ronnie Manfredsson 4 개월 전
V Damke
V Damke 4 개월 전
Tank tracks would be way better than legs you could actually move around
Zuko is chillin
Zuko is chillin 4 개월 전
Imagine combining the lightsabers with this.
Nhớ Tuổi Thơ
Nhớ Tuổi Thơ 4 개월 전
it's like fallout shelter
Madman the pope
Madman the pope 4 개월 전
Where's the complete design ?
Professor Minestein
Professor Minestein 4 개월 전
in the future. probably a long way away. and this has been delayed by the current global pandemic
Csapi 4 개월 전
I'm waiting for the next episode. No matter how long is it take to make it
Delroy Bennett
Delroy Bennett 4 개월 전
Turn it in to a auto bot
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 4 개월 전
POV: u r looking in the comments for the donator
Lady Bloomer
Lady Bloomer 4 개월 전
I'm scared they are going to make a hulk buster one day
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook 4 개월 전
I thought they would have started with the Hulk buster. Go big or go home.
J The Cwoffle
J The Cwoffle 4 개월 전
Myth busters wants to know your location
Julius Reynolds
Julius Reynolds 4 개월 전
What was that noise at 8:57
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