(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba (Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 201120

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Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 5 시간 전
Vote aespa on mubeat
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 5 시간 전
Vote aespa on mubeat.
José Ruiz Pérez
José Ruiz Pérez 11 시간 전
This song is fire ... And I have to say that... I think in this perfect group can't have visuals, main singers, main dancers or main rappers. All of them are visuals (oh yes), they all sing... AAAHHHH, perfect, they all dance very very good and they don't have did so much rap but I think they have talent in rappers, singers, dancers and of course visuals . Winter, Karina, Nigning (I don't know exactly her name, I am new MY) and Giselle are all very pretty and good in so many things. And now give me my like lol, I have writing so many time this long comment x'D
Potato Potato
Potato Potato 일 전
Giselle 💖
J Ent.
J Ent. 일 전
Glad they didn't dress them in black leather
Jessamine Minee
Jessamine Minee 일 전
Aespa membuktikan kalo girlcrush ga harus tomboy penampilan nya tetep anggun tapi msh keliatan girlcrush nya, ga perlu kelihatan sexy bgt sih emg yg plg cewe suka itu gitu makanya byk girlcrush grup suka lagunya doang support mah ga mau karena ga sesuai keinginan sama yg cewe cewe biasa kek kita
Oriensa alnandia
Oriensa alnandia 일 전
7 millon MY!!
Nothing _
Nothing _ 일 전
Kalo debut dari agency gede ya gini
Roni Firmansah
Roni Firmansah 일 전
Penuh kemewahan
Oriensa alnandia
Oriensa alnandia 일 전
Be kind be humble be the love:")
vicky vasquez
vicky vasquez 일 전
OMG I’m in love with aespa now! I think Giselle is my bias now UwU
Aishu Karthik
Aishu Karthik 일 전
The fact that winter is a adorable bby in real life buy such a queen here- DAMM THE DUALITY
Hannia Ruiz
Hannia Ruiz 2 일 전
¿Porqué no cantan en vivo?
Gabriella Sinaga
Gabriella Sinaga 2 일 전
Stay humble MYs
ely 2 일 전
The second girls face has something that reminds me of jennie
Peek a Chuu
Peek a Chuu 2 일 전
7.015 - > 7.100
myla flores
myla flores 2 일 전
Hate Mamamamba!
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 2 일 전
Although the song has released for 2 months ,but i still listen
oikawaii toru
oikawaii toru 3 일 전
7 million!!
that's Hot
that's Hot 3 일 전
Make it 10M My......
Maelle the Queen of the WORLD
Maelle the Queen of the WORLD 3 일 전
MDR le cameraman il a fumé quoi ??!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ( humour )
Oriensa alnandia
Oriensa alnandia 3 일 전
7 million MY lets go!!
irawan rdwn
irawan rdwn 3 일 전
7M guyss
GS 3 일 전
7m let's goo
Vleri Neziri
Vleri Neziri 3 일 전
So beautiful what they are wearing why People hate on them when they brought thr Glitter Aesthetic on this Time. So beautiful.🌸🥺🤞🏻💫✨😭🎀💘🍬🌺💗 Beautiful and Strong Comeback.
Soshi Wish
Soshi Wish 2 일 전
This is their debut song not comeback ;) And yeah this is beautiful
jorge eduardo godoy perez
jorge eduardo godoy perez 3 일 전
like, it is joy to hear play, aespa BLACK MAMA,iam joyful
galaxyyoongs 3 일 전
i dont stan bbut i absolutely love ning ning's vocals
Qanitah Salwat
Qanitah Salwat 3 일 전
The fact that everything sm releases of easpa hits more than a million views!
vieee 4 일 전
Cantik itu relatif, tapi kalo Karina MUTLAK
Triani Madiun
Triani Madiun 일 전
Mutlak artinya apa kak?
Oriensa alnandia
Oriensa alnandia 4 일 전
7 million lets goo MY!!
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 4 일 전
Vote aespa on mubeat.
Surya putra
Surya putra 4 일 전
Silvie Julian
Silvie Julian 4 일 전
3:01 karina's smile is just so stisfying
Juwita kamilah
Juwita kamilah 5 일 전
Can't move on Aespa's debut stage ❤
Lee zy
Lee zy 5 일 전
watching this again, coz why not
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 5 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 5 일 전
Jiang Doris
Jiang Doris 5 일 전
全部最愛的一場live 還有201122inkigayo
Aceofwolves 6 일 전
Camera man sucks
Nadie 6 일 전
Guys keep voting them at mubeat, you guys can download this app, they still no.1 for categories rookies female artist but secret number is still close behind, so fighting MYs to keep voting until 1/2/2021 cmon✨
Just Me
Just Me 6 일 전
The stage is everything😭, feels like in avatar's worlds
Namraidah Jumawan
Namraidah Jumawan 6 일 전
What happen to ningning knee?
Rizki Farabi
Rizki Farabi 6 일 전
Why not just dancing or perform by 4 member, it seems annoying seing their backup dancer.
zzz zeus
zzz zeus 7 일 전
Nadie 7 일 전
You know what karina visual beyond the world lol🤍
Cantika Abella
Cantika Abella 7 일 전
I LOVE AESPA❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cantika Abella
Cantika Abella 7 일 전
Cantika Abella
Cantika Abella 7 일 전
Cantika Abella
Cantika Abella 7 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 7 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 7 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 7 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 7 일 전
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 7 일 전
Satria Farma
Satria Farma 7 일 전
Oriensa alnandia
Oriensa alnandia 7 일 전
7 million views leggooo MY!!
Ersya Aryan Gani
Ersya Aryan Gani 8 일 전
karina and winter beautiful
ぽんぽんたぬき 8 일 전
Daniel Rosdi
Daniel Rosdi 8 일 전
Anyone of them can converse in english?
imaky imaky
imaky imaky 8 일 전
Aisha Rehan
Aisha Rehan 8 일 전
The song isn’t even that good
blu lemoned
blu lemoned 6 일 전
ok and....?
Stan Talents
Stan Talents 6 일 전
For you. Sure
Vien Mari
Vien Mari 7 일 전
win _
win _ 8 일 전
Aa SuiCin
Aa SuiCin 8 일 전
Karina and her hair are Aespa main dancers
Safina Abubacker
Safina Abubacker 9 일 전
Is this is a new group l am just asking because l like this group and l wany to support this group
Irish 8 일 전
Yes. They are a new group from SM entertainment.
sheila barboto
sheila barboto 10 일 전
No one is gonna talk about how they did not sign live...?
blu lemoned
blu lemoned 6 일 전
First stage always prerecorded
only fools fall for you
only fools fall for you 9 일 전
pre recorded is singing live. every groups did pre-recorded on music show.
FIA & MIA 10 일 전
Plsss watch, subscribe and share our dance covers too Plss support us We are only beginners
Andrew Zote
Andrew Zote 10 일 전
Ning ning is pretty
Louise Dela Vega
Louise Dela Vega 10 일 전
now i find the perfect group that im gonna stan, they are so professional!!! omg💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Lihilnza 10 일 전
If you observe closely their legs are slightly trembling and i’m sure they must’ve felt so nervous since this is their first performance but they still managed to perform well. 💖
Alluka Zxz
Alluka Zxz 10 일 전
Aespa >>> Itzy
Alluka Zxz
Alluka Zxz 6 일 전
@Stan Talents Y’all learn the word toxic and never look back
Stan Talents
Stan Talents 6 일 전
@Alluka Zxz = toxic
Alluka Zxz
Alluka Zxz 6 일 전
@Stan Talents Aespa >> itzy
Stan Talents
Stan Talents 6 일 전
@Alluka Zxz your personal preference is not a fact
Alluka Zxz
Alluka Zxz 6 일 전
@blu lemoned Who wants attention for just stating facts 😭🤣
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 11 일 전
Hey ma mamba~
momusu17 11 일 전
These girls are fantastic, i haven't been able to choose a bias yet. I'm a firm believer that you bias chooses you and when one really grabs my attention I'll know.
Sayeda Esha
Sayeda Esha 11 일 전
Ningning's expression isn't that much good as i thought
only fools fall for you
only fools fall for you 9 일 전
maybe bc its her first live stage. her knee was bleeding, also she almost tripped bc the unzipped shoes
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
@Sayeda Eshaokay
Sayeda Esha
Sayeda Esha 10 일 전
@Aeri Zizi in this performance......Cuz i also watched their another performance
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
What do you mean by that
omg kool the girls are so pretty and cute new kpop group added to my list
Muhammad Jibril
Muhammad Jibril 11 일 전
Ningning preety girl😘
lovelyrosebw 11 일 전
Ningning and winter really serving the vocals, yes they're a vocal group and can all sing but ningning and winter vocals really stand out, winter vocals remind me of bp rose, they sound similar, their all also really cute but Karina stands out the most visually, she looks like a wicked Disney princess with that jet black hair, Giselle reminds me of f(x) krystal for some reason I think her face kinda favors her and ningning looks like if BP Jennie and twice jihyo had a baby hehe, I really like this song and group and look forward to what's to come from them
lalalalisa_m lisa
lalalalisa_m lisa 11 일 전
ningning nim
ningning nim 12 일 전
3:08 Karina's hair having the best day of her life ❤
sopvyi 12 일 전
I'm ✨obsessed✨
Hinaria Flin
Hinaria Flin 12 일 전
They may have been the only roockie group that have caught my interest so much...
iHugYuqi 12 일 전
i miss aespa :(
Sussana Julia
Sussana Julia 10 일 전
Tbh me too.. don't forget to watch aespa's new content on yt
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 12 일 전
Muh. Arkan
Muh. Arkan 12 일 전
lypsing 😂😂
Stan Talents
Stan Talents 6 일 전
Every group experienced this and it's not a crime
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
It's their first time every kpop group do that dude
GN Labels
GN Labels 12 일 전
I'm KZ fanat)))♡♡♡♡
Davidua 12 일 전
Stan Talents
Stan Talents 6 일 전
@Davidua then what spotify has to do with yt?
Davidua 10 일 전
I hate youtube commercials
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
Why dude
Davidua 12 일 전
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
I hate mamba
Davidua 12 일 전
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
So you are black mamba
Simty 12 일 전
Those long legs♡
Anna Morales
Anna Morales 13 일 전
The energy, I just can’t.... can’t wait to hear and see more from them 🥰
roseanne park
roseanne park 13 일 전
Sm is known of amazing vocal artists but why sm most likes is main dancers every group
Titin Kartini
Titin Kartini 14 일 전
Titin Kartini
Titin Kartini 14 일 전
karin winter ningning giselle
Harshita sharma
Harshita sharma 14 일 전
I can't wait for their comeback Their vocals are really good
Anjum Parveen
Anjum Parveen 14 일 전
Is this karina Or giraffe🦒🦒
Taehyung's bae
Taehyung's bae 6 시간 전
Show respect
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
It's Karina of course
Karina Ace
Karina Ace 13 일 전
Giselle with Aespa soo lit
Giselle with Aespa soo lit 14 일 전
Teach wear
Regina Reid
Regina Reid 14 일 전
This is so fire their dance moves 🌋🌋🔥🔥🔥 who agrees 👇👇
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 14 일 전
Nicole 15 일 전
Comeback here always.
Vince Marc Padao
Vince Marc Padao 15 일 전
What a debut 💖🥺
Secret super star
Secret super star 15 일 전
I think winter and Karina is same face
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
Not really
emerson 15 일 전
This feels like yesterday.. so proud of Aespa! Aesfighting!
Beast Master
Beast Master 15 일 전
Алуа Заманбекова
Алуа Заманбекова 15 일 전
Aeri Zizi
Aeri Zizi 10 일 전
Then what go away toxic
aespa(에스파) - Black Mamba @인기가요 inkigayo 20201122
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