Hao's love for chocolate is incredible! [The Return of Superman/ ENG / 2020.10.19]

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▶The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.351
- Every Sunday 19:05 (Seoul, UTC+9)
Fathers may not be perfect.. but that's alright if they aren't perfect! There's nothing like a father's love to boost our spirits. The dads who used to spend all their time working have returned home on 'The Return of Superman'.
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v lue
v lue 3 일 전
HappyCake 20 일 전
I fancy your vdeos ❤️. Your videos are gorgeous
Blaire Euphoria
Blaire Euphoria 24 일 전
I remember Gary being considered as one of the weakest/"dumbest" member in Running Man like Haha but look at his son. Hao is hella smart! 🤣
liezle canas
liezle canas 개월 전
Hes a step ahead of Gary. I know it. Haoh is so smart and witty 😅😍.
Halimatul Saadiah
Halimatul Saadiah 개월 전
As expected Ha Oh with his best friend cameraman Hwang Hyunjin T O ^
Kaya Smith
Kaya Smith 개월 전
I want longer videos its too short
Shaina Abanto
Shaina Abanto 개월 전
Kang hao, soon member of new generation running man😂. He already know the work around. What a wise kid❤️
meow meow
meow meow 개월 전
Haoh is the real life Conan, Sherlock and Loki. 😍🤣
Mel Rain
Mel Rain 개월 전
Hao definately the smart kid..can't believe he ask him to show him..😂🤣😂🤣
Regine Castillo
Regine Castillo 개월 전
I see yoo jae suk asking vj kwon ryeol about his footages when haoh asked his vj bestfriend if he was able to film his dad when gary hid the chocolate. 😄 how I hope RM would visit gary & haoh, and accomplish missions with this strong father-son tandem. It’d be also an exciting episode if they will make gary and haha as a team together with their sons then do some spying and finding clues-sort of mission. 😎
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi 개월 전
Hwan Hyujin is a loyal friend. Love him😂😂😂
KC Garzon
KC Garzon 개월 전
Gary still being this good at hide an seek just reminds me so much of him in Running Man. He was my favorite member.
KC Garzon
KC Garzon 개월 전
connie victor
connie victor 개월 전
claver boy😂😂hao very smart..good job👍👍👍
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi 개월 전
Once again proved Gary is Hao's son😂😂😂
Janice Chong
Janice Chong 개월 전
you are so clever haoya,you know that the cameraman loves you so he help you to find that chocolate..사랑해효 강 family
Louise 개월 전
Running man is still in Gary's blood
Azni Husaini
Azni Husaini 개월 전
gary has the experience from Running man😂
Kitchie Coochy Cook
Kitchie Coochy Cook 개월 전
It's like he has Running Man in his blood and he goes with instinct and smarts :)
Rin 개월 전
Gary: Hopes that Ha-Oh won't be able to find the chocolate. Sir, this is your smart kid we're talking about, he will find it eventually.
Naume Divencil
Naume Divencil 개월 전
Haoh so smart
OwnsYourFace204 개월 전
Ofcourse Hwang HyunJin helped him 🤣
Trisha Malabanan
Trisha Malabanan 개월 전
Seeing them play hide and seek makes me remember gary on running man. He's my favorite member 😭😞💔
s 개월 전
Hwang hyun jin nim....you shouldn't film the clue 😆
Angelina Sultan
Angelina Sultan 개월 전
Hao is smart😘😍❤️🤩
Kim Win of Bangtan Boys
Kim Win of Bangtan Boys 개월 전
Omg Gary's hiding skill is still on point!!
Lau Shirley
Lau Shirley 개월 전
Our cutie pie Hao is sooo smart ! 🥰🥰🥰
Yancelle Shane Chu
Yancelle Shane Chu 개월 전
What a wise kid HAHAHAHA . But why do they always giving Kang's family a short screentime ? Im missing them two so much these days :(
Lau Shirley
Lau Shirley 개월 전
@Nlei241 nz Not because of moving house! Hao’s segment is usually the shortest for a quite a long period of time already!
Nlei241 nz
Nlei241 nz 개월 전
@Yancelle Shane Chu Agreed. But I do appreciate the fact that they didnt take a hiatus or a short break for that. Im looking forward to seeing more of the Kang family in the near future..
Yancelle Shane Chu
Yancelle Shane Chu 개월 전
@Nlei241 nz I thought about it too. I hope that's the reason or maybe because Gary was busy with his latest song. I hope next time they will get long screentime.
Nlei241 nz
Nlei241 nz 개월 전
I think they got short screen time for the last 3 weeks or so because they were moving houses. They have a new house now, It will show on next weeks ep..
TIny Krevet
TIny Krevet 개월 전
Exactly my point !! I have made a comment about that in another vidéo. It is very upsetting :-|
Nur Pcm
Nur Pcm 개월 전
"He (Gary) still hasn't lost his touch" "Gary is still a good runner" - Do kyung wan Mr Do is a RM fan maybe? Lol 💖💖💖
Nur Asmyra
Nur Asmyra 개월 전
"He's so good at hiding",bruhhhh he's from running man
aramin cruz
aramin cruz 개월 전
Hao Daebak ❣❣
Sai Ha
Sai Ha 개월 전
of course hhw will help his bbf xp hao should give at least one chocolate to hhw 😆
Park YG
Park YG 개월 전
HaOh reminds me SeungJae hahaha. When SeungJae didn't care to became a fly! (He was afraid of flies) The only thing he cared was getting chocolate that he even go out to buy it in the store (even the cameraman was surprised by him)... aws :3 Now I can only remember the triplets, the twins and SeungJae addiction to chocolate
Kim Kai
Kim Kai 개월 전
Smart hao aaaa
Patricia Christy W
Patricia Christy W 개월 전
omg he is so smart
Rofiqotul ilmiah
Rofiqotul ilmiah 개월 전
Smart boy, Kang Haoh💗
Dokter Santa
Dokter Santa 개월 전
Hao can works in some Intelegence organization next time.. 😘🤩😍😊🤗😇😚☺💞
luciferbo65 개월 전
Omg haoh sooooo smart 😍😍
Ridam Labin
Ridam Labin 개월 전
Haoh is so cute and so smart boy 💜💜
Jasmine Avila Flores
Jasmine Avila Flores 개월 전
Hoa looking around for chocolate reminds me of when Gary had to look for clues in running man.
Gummy Kim
Gummy Kim 개월 전
Gary is still a good runner Me remembering running man with gary 👁💧👄💧👁
Revina Que
Revina Que 개월 전
"Did you film him hiding it?" Wow, what a smart kid!
Flower Dolphin
Flower Dolphin 개월 전
Hahaha, Gary needs to hide the choco in a dead angle now 😂
Aparna Keskar
Aparna Keskar 개월 전
HaOh needs a visit to dentist... He is smart... Hope he will understand why he is not supposed to eat chocolate when doctor explains it
Adriana Alessandra Miranda Croft
Adriana Alessandra Miranda Croft 개월 전
Hao is really a smart kid for his age. 😅😍
Ha serena
Ha serena 개월 전
Hao is smart boy. Really smart wow
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela 개월 전
Samsung A20
Samsung A20 개월 전
hahaha He is too SMART👏👏👏
come and get it
come and get it 개월 전
Genius Kang Haoh
Juliane Hisona
Juliane Hisona 개월 전
Haoh is indeed so smart 😮😍
Kishley Raven
Kishley Raven 개월 전
Omygosh haoh is really smart omg!!
Ha Neul
Ha Neul 개월 전
Aparna Keskar
Aparna Keskar 개월 전
Now I understand why he was asking to check with cameraman when red block of tripod gone missing... He is really very smart ..❤️
Jay 개월 전
oh what episode was this?
Reem Ka
Reem Ka 개월 전
Waiting for the full episode!!
Yori- Chan
Yori- Chan 개월 전
Cute haoh😃😃
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia 개월 전
waah I miss hao!!
dwi agnita rusniati
dwi agnita rusniati 개월 전
Omg......you always make me laugh Love you haoh😘😘
Tylla Riani
Tylla Riani 개월 전
Clever HaO😊😊
mochi fairy
mochi fairy 개월 전
I love hao.
Meghan Cummings
Meghan Cummings 개월 전
That kid is way to smart
One Place
One Place 개월 전
He is so smart and cute ❤️😍
n. liaa
n. liaa 개월 전
hao so cute 😭❤️
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