Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

EvanTubeGaming 14 일 전
guess im the crying child guys
J night
J night 2 일 전
Top “Bobsy” Knotch cat
Top “Bobsy” Knotch cat 14 일 전
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A 14 일 전
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 14 일 전
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 14 일 전
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Krazy Kupcakes
Krazy Kupcakes 분 전
Honestly is MatPat were to become a voice actor, nobody would complain.
Ghost Gzmer
Ghost Gzmer 11 분 전
Golden Freddy was not finesh like foxy
sleepy_deero ØwØ
sleepy_deero ØwØ 18 분 전
Bro umm when you don't get sleep don't you go crazy so then that may be why crying child sees nightmare animatronics
Luke Summers
Luke Summers 24 분 전
ok, if we are talking security breach theories, I've got one that is based SOLEY on the two trailers, so keep in mind, some of this is DEFINITELY not true, but just pieces mashed together: the first is that the animatronics do want to help Gregory, but don't know it yet, they are being manipulated, which could be signified by that incessant clicking throughout the trailer, Vanny is using them to catch Gregory. Vannessa knows something is off and is on the hunt. she is surprised to discover Gregory on a lift going down, hence that scene where we get a good look at her. Gregory is traversing the pizza plex looking for help, but is met by animatronics that are evil at each turn. he seeks out help in Moondrop (we will call him that for now) who seems to be the only one who is not granting instant death. he is the same animatronic as Sunny (temporary name) Sunny's face actually can change colors, allowing him to appear as the sun and moon. he is more friendly as the sun but odder as the moon, and more creepy. eventually, Gregory does meet Vannessa, who opts to help him. running from Vanny, they are confronted by still controlled animatronics. other trailers have helped us to theorize that the animatronics may be helping Gregory, which this trailer may still support. Gregory is confused and scared, so any animatronic running up to him could be attempting to catch him, or they may be relieved to see him in a sense, but are enthusiastic and scare him. while there are only 1 true animatronic for each of the band, they each have their own sort of room to chill in and relax, or meet fans, then go on stage later, Gregory recognizes this and checks regularly to make sure they are all still there, only to find Roxanne is missing, she had just left her room and noticed Gregory. I'm almost done. Montgomery (forgive the spelling) may be good at the point where he busts a fence open. the key factor that helps determine this is that he opens it rather than knocks it down. and as for the hand there at the end? two theories: 1) its nightmare's hand 2) it is Glitchtrap (stick with me here) If we follow Matpat's lore for fnaf, then Glitchtrap has never had an actual body or animatronic suit. Glitchtrap is so evil that his endo reflects it, so even before his suit has formed, his endo begins to lose it. Glitchtrap's corrupted endo was discovered, and quickly secured under the pizzaplex. now it is trying to escape, this may also be the same moment where Glitchtrap is speaking to Vanny in the begging. Thats my big theory. pleases tell me what you think
jordansstuff 33 분 전
In fact. "Crying child's" name is Chris afton and is the son of the purple guy
Mr.doge747 시간 전
WAIT! how do we know fredbear was always his name.
Creepy Wolf Dragon
Creepy Wolf Dragon 시간 전
Funny enough my brother named Evan likes to watch your videos and freaked out over this. And fun fact. Evan means Young warrior
WishingStarBun play
WishingStarBun play 시간 전
His name is chris
Practical Memez
Practical Memez 시간 전
Wait.. was chris just a fan name?! come i never knew this...
Freadbearboi 2020
Freadbearboi 2020 시간 전
What if the girl in fazebear frights book 4 is vanny backstory
Henry Entertainment System
Henry Entertainment System 시간 전
Honestly, we've ignored Balloon Boy for so long that I actually want a theory on him.
LuigiGaming305 2 시간 전
Weird thought, but Ive been rewatching these theories, and I was wondering “How come Mike cannot die” then I came up with something which is highly unlikely, maybe he cannot die for the same reason William can’t, if Cassidy is keeping William alive what if the crying child is keeping his brother Micheal alive. There isn’t any evidence for this, its just some crazy thought.
muffin tuffin
muffin tuffin 2 시간 전
i don’t know if you guys saw it but in the word search it said it’s me....
andrew woodward Peace warrior
andrew woodward Peace warrior 2 시간 전
Here is a thing that the new security breach does not show who chases you! GLAM ROCK FREDDY!
andrew woodward Peace warrior
andrew woodward Peace warrior 2 시간 전
Talking about the new trailer :>
Madison Galbreath
Madison Galbreath 3 시간 전
I feel bad for whoever’s name is Jake and are watching this
Huggo Dv
Huggo Dv 3 시간 전
Sahara Thapa
Sahara Thapa 3 시간 전
cris is the crying cild
Pepe Lagarto
Pepe Lagarto 3 시간 전
I think Mrs. Afton's name is clara
vlogger 4 life
vlogger 4 life 3 시간 전
Its probably not right but i think the people who killed the crying child where the original 4 anamatronics because of their masks
Pepe Lagarto
Pepe Lagarto 3 시간 전
2:40 save him minigame
DANIEL_R3 3 시간 전
In the image with the grave stones. There is w mystery grave in the background. Why??
Alice Wagner
Alice Wagner 4 시간 전
The CRYING CHILD LITERALLY HAS HIE BIRTHDAY THERE Micheal afton said fredbear wants a big kiss meaning he didn't want to kill him he didn't know I could tell because would his brother kill him? No hey that was a theroy a game theroy HAHA
FomHax GT
FomHax GT 4 시간 전
How long you edit these
ITZ ROBY 4 시간 전
I have exams so I couldn’t watch it the time it released :(
Cinnamon 5 시간 전
Where do I get this book?
Flamingo 5 시간 전
uhhh matpat, in the fnaf security breach gameplay trailer, we see gregory looking into some cameras and he has the same shirt as him, he has the white line on the shirt, and he could be the crying child. THE SILLY FNAF BOOK HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! He Is Not Evan, He Is Gregory. We Might Also Play As Him Again Because In The Trailer, The Person You Are Playing As In The Trailer Is SUPER SMALL. So There. Make Sure You Make Another Video About This, Or Else, HE WILL DESTROY YOUR SOUL!! ;) (P.S I'm Not Flamingo)
Drow ._.
Drow ._. 2 시간 전
i think you was real flamingo but you are fake
D14m0nD Gamer
D14m0nD Gamer 5 시간 전
I mean his death wasn't really on screen, since we saw it on a mini game instead having it animated by Scott, tbh, Scott should make a FNaF history gallery in Security and Breach when you complete the game and should the minigames should be found as real scenes. Who agrees?
Fresh Memes18
Fresh Memes18 6 시간 전
My Brothers Name is evan😂
Anglerfish 6 시간 전
Mickey mouse eat some cheese
geometry dash plays
geometry dash plays 7 시간 전
Wait so I was the crying child because my name is Evan
Daijia M.
Daijia M. 7 시간 전
I could be wrong but you guys don’t really focus on sister location too much . That’s my favorite one of all of them & everytime I watch my favorite KOfilmsers play it, it seems as if there’s a point to the game you guys are missing . What if the whole time sister location held LOTS of secrets 😭
andrei farcasanu
andrei farcasanu 8 시간 전
The crying child posses shadow freddy
Ferral Fennin
Ferral Fennin 8 시간 전
this is what happens when someone else besides Matpatt makes a Fnaf theory, he gets all defensive, like an animal trying to assert dominance.
Matthew Galdones
Matthew Galdones 9 시간 전
I worked in fazbear once
Crystal Hayes
Crystal Hayes 9 시간 전
Cries Afon is the name of the crying child
Akira Leelarapin
Akira Leelarapin 9 시간 전
At this point I can’t even keep up with this series anymore.
Barylyn Dodge
Barylyn Dodge 10 시간 전
Bruh. What if the crying child never died? Like idk. But it seems like EVAN may be the person with the 'missing frontal lobe' as you've stated or something.. And went on to live and had a child or something.? Like, I've somehow noticed how we don't really know who the child that was mentioned in the bite of 87 is or something but ehhhh. Lol
Alex Nel
Alex Nel 10 시간 전
Chris Afton i
Syeda Fatima Asim
Syeda Fatima Asim 10 시간 전
whoa evan -didnt everyone know that the crying childs name is "CHRIS AFTON£ right
Senpao 9 시간 전
How, where is the evidence on it
glitch tale
glitch tale 10 시간 전
It's christ afton
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 9 시간 전
No,it's not
AshAttackers 10 시간 전
well, since you didn't check, I will put the interesting part of the description here You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
James Sellman
James Sellman 11 시간 전
Mario is absolutely a villain, he just "saves the kingdom" for his own selfish ends.
Vibe Officer
Vibe Officer 11 시간 전
BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!.....think about it????
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 12 시간 전
He looks like an Evan.
Hey Now
Hey Now 12 시간 전
This theory sounds plausible.
INSANIACHAN邪悪なキツネ 12 시간 전
Then why not do this with fnaf sister location? In the background I remember this, there’s numbers being said by baby in the background. Then pls someone do that,
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 12 시간 전
Matpatt: I’ve did it I’ve solved fnaf! Reddit: are I sure bout that
Garen Nishanian
Garen Nishanian 12 시간 전
Hey i just had a thought if the purple man is a killer then why did he make it so eazy to find him out well i have the answer ok sister location at the end we see enard get inside of mike and use him as a vessle but here is where the purple guy comes into play bacicly fazbearz entertainment knew that the purple guy was experamenting with life and death and he was able to make sentiant robots so they knew that mike had ennard in him and he was reeking havic on the world so purple guy made the robots sentiant with one goal kill mike then comes fnaf 1 and 2 those were the two attempts to kill mike but they never succeeded and we can skip fnaf 3 but in fnaf four is where it gets juicey so the mini games arnt the crying childs games there michals they are flashbacks of the most traic moment of his life then we see the actuall gameplay where hes fighting the nightmares and this is when those scenes in sister location that showed mike walking and day by day mike had to fight the nighmares in his mind forever traped until ennard comes out of him and then he gets revived and lives on and also ennard lives on as well. (side note the purple man was betrayed by the spirits and was made into springtrap). But matpat if you see this just think why did the purple guy make it so ovious for us the therists and fazbearz entertainment and that was my thery on fnaf i hope matpat sees this and mentions a video about it. BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY THANKS FOR READING.
That one gamer
That one gamer 13 시간 전
This messes with the whole timeline You NEED to make a updated fnaf timeline Matt
nothing 13 시간 전
Gacha player bi like : hes naMe Is CHriS
Edward Yohan Fernandez
Edward Yohan Fernandez 13 시간 전
Matpat doesnt have any video ideas anymore lol
Myah ;-;
Myah ;-; 13 시간 전
I watched all of the fnaf theories in 2 weeks....i have too much time on my hands
You Are Entitled to End your life
You Are Entitled to End your life 14 시간 전
"Did Reddit Just solve fnaf" Like before *This is all but temporary*
sanaturnn 14 시간 전
honestly game theory is even helping anymore.
Cece Collins
Cece Collins 14 시간 전
Wait i though the name was Chris?? IM CONFUSED
Laiza Ramos Pamias
Laiza Ramos Pamias 14 시간 전
i know the crying childs name its chris i think i saw it idk ok :
The Egg
The Egg 14 시간 전
Alternate Title: *so much FNaF later*
Doctor Vane
Doctor Vane 14 시간 전
Also the book does say tally up ur score
Christina Elder
Christina Elder 14 시간 전
Tell me why the only thing I can think about while watching the intro is “why does he sound like pennywise”😂😂😂
Chloe Cauchon
Chloe Cauchon 15 시간 전
Ok Matt it’s time to get ahead on Scott and solve security breach Go Go Go!!!!!!!
Levi with V
Levi with V 15 시간 전
There's something I'm wondering 'bout... (sorry, just went on a fnaf game theory marathon and I'm puzzled) If Michael is Will Afton's son, but there was a theory about crying child being Henry's son... (fnaf 4 child, happening in Henry's house, keeping his son away from animatronics and watching him through camera's after his daughter died and became the puppet -yeah, I know, summary) How are they even brother?
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 14 시간 전
The theory was wrong
Alexis Sharp-edmondson
Alexis Sharp-edmondson 15 시간 전
It is Chris Afton
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 15 시간 전
2:50 Yeah actually you did, it’s Devon.
Lord _
Lord _ 15 시간 전
Could somehow, SOMEHOW, The crying child (Evan) BE the father of Jake?
SHI 15 시간 전
I am reborn
Ducky_animations Memes
Ducky_animations Memes 16 시간 전
W a I T Is Cassidy the yellow words saying I Will put you back together?
Mega_Rage124 _
Mega_Rage124 _ 16 시간 전
Was anyone upset he didn’t do the jingle for psychic friend Fred bear😂
Smalls Gamer
Smalls Gamer 16 시간 전
Hey Matpat there's a new trailer for fnaf security breach
vudx 16 시간 전
why would evan be writing in the book though? shouldnt it be the crying child, not his father?
electric josh
electric josh 16 시간 전
Matpat, this is the 5th year you solved FNAF
ASEAN 16 시간 전
How come Cassidy looks like one of my classmates who bullies me 🤔
Jasper Barley
Jasper Barley 16 시간 전
I swear to god, the lore is more complicated than the 41st millennium.
kk Ingram
kk Ingram 17 시간 전
Springtarp is coming back
Jonnha Lopez
Jonnha Lopez 17 시간 전
WAIT the gachas call him chris
Martin Atze Jensen
Martin Atze Jensen 17 시간 전
Wow, I actually got an ad that was slightly relevant for me. I don't think that has ever happened before.
Sam Wright
Sam Wright 17 시간 전
I was reading the third fazbear frights book, and I noticed a small but consistent detail. In the last story, titled the new kid. *spoilers ahead* when Kelsey gets into the Freddy suit, he tries to dance in it. The book notes that Kelsey specifically put both his arms out to the side before the spring traps snapped shut. At first I thought it was something oddly specific to point out. But in fnaf 2? I believe.. the 8 bit minigames.. when afton goes into the spring Bonnie suit, his arms go straight out to the sides before the spring traps snapped shut too. It got me thinking... I wonder if it means anything...
Mister K
Mister K 17 시간 전
The night guard you play as in fnaf help wanted is vanny because isn’t it suspicious how we suddenly hear vanny speaking when we put on the mask also vanny is the only one with the mask this might be right it might not
Ashley Samaya J.
Ashley Samaya J. 17 시간 전
Oh my god finally, no more Chris, Norman, and even CC... Finally a name...
Bastian R V
Bastian R V 17 시간 전
Crying child's name is Chris
Senpao 9 시간 전
Cristopher Gonzalez
Cristopher Gonzalez 18 시간 전
Isn't C.C. real name is Christopher afton
Senpao 9 시간 전
Where is the evidence
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 17 시간 전
this is a fanon name
Mylz Whitford
Mylz Whitford 18 시간 전
lets just call him Danial
Yanis Gaming champion
Yanis Gaming champion 18 시간 전
I think michal because you said the crying child died and that he is in fnaf 6 and 5
Orxy :D
Orxy :D 18 시간 전
You know Henry was creating Baby/Elizabeth Afton in fnaf world because he was trying to hide it from you
Kylie Dunbar
Kylie Dunbar 19 시간 전
I’m very impressed
Michelle Tremblay
Michelle Tremblay 19 시간 전
No the foxy masked guy is not real he is being controlled by William bc he but robot parts in him the masked guy was supposed to scare ze cryin child from animatronics but went to far and accidentally killed him
The Great Shedinja
The Great Shedinja 19 시간 전
I do feel like that’s a really solid theory, especially since it makes sense for Cassidy to be talking to SOMEONE when she asks those questions. And the answers to those questions do make sense to be the Crying Child honestly.
Izabella Allen
Izabella Allen 19 시간 전
I am so ready for the new game and to see your theory on it
Diggo Whoa
Diggo Whoa 19 시간 전
I swear to god is I see "what we missed" on a fnaf thumbnail again...
The short 1
The short 1 19 시간 전
My name is jay so the start scared me lol
Javiera Silva
Javiera Silva 19 시간 전
are you going to offer operator varsity jackets again? i want one so baaadly :(
Timothy Stout
Timothy Stout 19 시간 전
and people think the crying child’s name is Chris but its actually Evan lol
Candice Alvarado
Candice Alvarado 19 시간 전
Theory: remember in the first trailer of security breach and you know how we all saw the moon dude? What if, that was the parts of ballora since she was scooped?
3D Boy
3D Boy 20 시간 전
I figured out the crying child’s name Ok in Security breach Trailer the second trailer When Gregory is looking at the monitors If you light it up the video There is two stripes The crying child has two stripes on his shirt So he name is Gregory
3D Boy
3D Boy 3 시간 전
@Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy well your true
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 18 시간 전
an interesting theory, but if you take the fact that 30+ years have passed since the bite, then you can understand that it is not true
Blazing Beard
Blazing Beard 20 시간 전
You know, I'm kinda surprised we never got any game theories about Little Nightmares, specifically its lore
Eric 20 시간 전
A lot of theory’s are so hard to track my brain is scrambling Anybody want eggs
Alani Creer
Alani Creer 20 시간 전
i love matpat, but i lowkey feel like this is a miss. I think alot of people are falling into scott cawthons traps :/
JJ Bigs
JJ Bigs 21 시간 전
Wait I have a little theory but I’m not sure if it’s not completely right So remember back in Fnaf 2 the Foxy Go Go Go minigame? Then when foxy sees five dead children in a room. Maybe when Ozzy found dead’s kids in the dining area MAYBE those are the same dead kids back in the Foxy Go Go Go minigame? Just a little theory
Jordan Bonner
Jordan Bonner 21 시간 전
TitanLand Studios
TitanLand Studios 21 시간 전
Bro, there is a ton of hidden lore in scott cawthons VHS tapes on ScottWorld! I found out that Mangle is an orphan
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 21 시간 전
Scottworld is not Scott’s channel. Check their about page
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