FAKER brings back RIVEN MID to counter #1 ZED WORLD! *INSANE MATCH-UP*

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Midbeast 개월 전
I think you can hear my washing machine in the background at the start lol
Curtis Li
Curtis Li 개월 전
Just found out Zwhy who is jayce in that game is RNG xiaohu
Benedict Camondo
Benedict Camondo 개월 전
Okay now I gotta pay extra antention, thanks for mentioning it XD
R T 개월 전
is it your washing machine? it sounds like a ground loop hum to me
Moo Cow de Cow
Moo Cow de Cow 개월 전
Yo can we get a review of Cuzz? I know he's a jungler but he's been tearing it up in KR Challenger recently
Lai Sensei
Lai Sensei 개월 전
The clip you are looking for is 2015 Enigma Caps Zed vs Faker Riven, back when SKT was playing at 2015 worlds and Faker playing on EUW server.
ChongChingEnNe 일 전
Lmao this kid talks like he can win the irelia in a top game. Prob go 0 20 against her
AzAlexZ 2 일 전
24:30 I believe it's this clip that Caps disrespected Faker in 2015 kofilms.info/chart/bidio/zq6cydqCY9qClaY.html&ab_channel=Nicetryian
Kat 6 일 전
Gosh that sound for the first 4 minutes is more than ignominious, thumbs down
chipsneedsalsa 7 일 전
I don't agree with you bro, ey guys if yall wanna Main riven mid go ahead, I couldn't climb for soooo fucking long. I started otp-ing riven mid and climbed
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 8 일 전
This isn't about the Riven Mid. This is about the Faker Riven Mid. THAT is the difference.
Jashub Batista
Jashub Batista 11 일 전
can someone reply with the time faker misses a minion, I need some validation here ;-;
Jashub Batista
Jashub Batista 11 일 전
15:05 misses melee minion
Jashub Batista
Jashub Batista 11 일 전
he misses a caster at 13:15 maybe he was looking mid?
MiGluXHD 13 일 전
i main riven since 2013 and i always beat my opponent in mid.
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski 16 일 전
22:52 That child did not say that.
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski 16 일 전
Crit build still uses gore
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon 18 일 전
Dude I was in silver 2, I’ll be seeing Irelia mid. This player doesn’t even know how to play her kept on missing her stun and Q. Punished her easily with my zed. A lot of elo players, will pull a challenger, they are basically inting.
peswaka 19 일 전
27:31 Faker dies first and then Rell dies how does Rell respawn first ? what determens respawn cooldown ?
Reoden 15 일 전
It's based on character level if i'm not mistaken.
Zeyad IB
Zeyad IB 21 일 전
15:45 lol
Guilherme Teixeira
Guilherme Teixeira 21 일 전
"No ofense, just big bone" 23: 30
Jose Tenecela
Jose Tenecela 24 일 전
God thanks for the disclaimer. About to have 100 new riven mids in my games who just sprint it down for next game.
miles vanderleek
miles vanderleek 29 일 전
Alex Perez Acevedo
Alex Perez Acevedo 29 일 전
Faker is awesome as always.
文俊 개월 전
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Billito 개월 전
MidBeast: Okay i like this Faker is doing this because hes going to uh.... Faker: gets caughts dies, ults minions doesnt clear wave... MidBeast: okay i guess not
Lino 개월 전
irelia just having a world of his own xd
Sedik Bouzidi
Sedik Bouzidi 개월 전
Midbeast is teying to attract lcs crew to invite him maybe to cast pro games 😂😂😂
Nickperq11 개월 전
Vasilije Bojović
Vasilije Bojović 개월 전
“If u put perkz against some piss player the draft doesnt matter shit”Perkz and eu rule the world!
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 개월 전
so do you say ZED99 or ZED 9 9 you know like 9 9 and not 99
Jack Mcclelland
Jack Mcclelland 개월 전
Weaving weaving weaving
ultra instinct ZED
ultra instinct ZED 개월 전
that jinx cc almost 130 in 13 min
Neil Panganiban
Neil Panganiban 개월 전
9:20 love this combo so much, it's like a pull counter in boxing.
Daniel Hebert
Daniel Hebert 개월 전
Faker has to win worlds this year and MSI before he retires, who else agrees
dicE. 개월 전
Now i know how to int in bronze against zed
Feedwizard 개월 전
10:55 "some random pisser in NA" I was hoping you'd end that sentence with .. "such as ry0ma" KEKW
Chonky Boi
Chonky Boi 개월 전
Faker shitting on one tricks since season 3
John Smith
John Smith 개월 전
10:36 "If you get Perkz against some random pisser in NA". Bro I was fucking dying lmfao!
Gallant Slayers eSports Team Fallen Windwall
Gallant Slayers eSports Team Fallen Windwall 개월 전
Let this be a reminder to you young snappers, us old heads will beat your... hero
PerversePoster 개월 전
It's not a footy match mate, less commentary haha.
James Ellis
James Ellis 개월 전
Faker: *Goes for a minion, eats a Zed Q and misses the minion* Midbeast: Great spacing by Faker
kaTsu 개월 전
LMAO, please marry me. I need that kind of woman in my life!
Damien_ RSA
Damien_ RSA 개월 전
Your voice is so damn relaxing.
Jonathan Luis Tayag
Jonathan Luis Tayag 개월 전
irelia's are only very good or very bad. most of my teammate irelias are the latter.
gobi_i k
gobi_i k 개월 전
ok but like im only 1 minute in, and the first blood play i just witnessed... christ.
Jeremy Hinson
Jeremy Hinson 개월 전
You are the annoying commentator. I have to mute every video you do.
Ubaldo Garcia
Ubaldo Garcia 개월 전
Zed 99 is not even that impressive imo.
JustiinII 개월 전
15:47 - 16:03 LOL HAHA
Sam Meredith
Sam Meredith 개월 전
12:30 'Just don't die weak side' 12:33 Even CS midlaner gets 100-0 under tower
reformed 개월 전
Every champion before 2016 is a Faker signature pick lol
reformed 개월 전
Trương Quang Kiệt
Trương Quang Kiệt 개월 전
Faker : *pressing his keyboard Mid beast : Faker just say he not old and he will fuck u up
Nam Nami
Nam Nami 개월 전
Ehmmm Zed Number1 sry Dude wrong KOfilms Name He is Not the Number1 1 zed
Alejandro Correa
Alejandro Correa 개월 전
8:12 nooooo pa tu casa zed "otp" jajajajaja
Lord Touch Me xD
Lord Touch Me xD 개월 전
Ah yes the feast or famine champ irelia, i too go 3/14 as irelia mid and end up winning game due to high cs and macro while enemy team arams mid
Sharrick 개월 전
If I was Faker and I had the irelia on my team I'd be like why the fuck do I have to play with these scrubs lol
jintao wu
jintao wu 개월 전
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William Diaz
William Diaz 개월 전
he was facing caps cass as riven i believe midbeast. he dived em at second tower, dodging caps ulti.
CreepinWhileYouSleepin 개월 전
i think this vid needs more ads. I only sat through about 16
John Smith
John Smith 개월 전
@CreepinWhileYouSleepin rip
CreepinWhileYouSleepin 개월 전
@John Smith doesn’t work on the youtube app
John Smith
John Smith 개월 전
get adblock you clown
ByMerch 개월 전
When you gonna do your own gameplays again Midbeast
Faker is 9-0 on Riven at Pro
Brandon H
Brandon H 개월 전
Great video after I muted it! Thanks fam
Mr Eccentricities
Mr Eccentricities 개월 전
the dodge from rell cleannnnnnnnnnnn
Voxel 개월 전
There is a clip of Zed99's reaction to his 4th death and he's like woooow
EpicMenn 개월 전
fucker riven mid?
Jeff 개월 전
Olympic Pegasus
Olympic Pegasus 개월 전
you are the reason why search on youtube : gameplay no commentary
Jelle Verlinde
Jelle Verlinde 개월 전
Remember BarcodeKiller? Going 20-1 in D1 with riven mid, damn faker was/is such a monster
Liu Francis
Liu Francis 개월 전
I just realized that Jayce is RNG Xiaohu
Liu Francis
Liu Francis 개월 전
@ツᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ Yeah, zwhy is his main account in Korean server
ツᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ 개월 전
Wait really?!
mokhtar traples
mokhtar traples 개월 전
2014 i think in when world hold in eu ... Faker solo kill caps btw
Kelqie 개월 전
what is this season 3 or what
OnBush Shifting
OnBush Shifting 개월 전
I'm a riven main I play riven anywhere
Nestor Hernandez
Nestor Hernandez 개월 전
22:35 that jayce dodge :O
Bhooken Imehang
Bhooken Imehang 개월 전
I wish I can mute your voice and just watch the match peacefully 😪
Itachi1x 11
Itachi1x 11 개월 전
How about tryndamere mid?
Tai Song
Tai Song 개월 전
Trash azz Irelia. Lol
Dtboss Rocks
Dtboss Rocks 개월 전
surprised he opted for double dorian blade when they don't stack anymore.....
bsong 개월 전
most hype, best review so far, what a beastt/legend pick #midbeastmaybeforpresident
Black Mug
Black Mug 개월 전
I can't wait to see Faker on pro play again.
0Bish Please0
0Bish Please0 개월 전
Yes yes, u just seem to know exactly what those two are thinking haha xD
AngelBird 개월 전
Fakers user name is apparently "Hide on bush" I am pretty sure I played against that user name During Provisionals.. Which explains why we got Murdered that game.
Toxic Yasuo player
Toxic Yasuo player 개월 전
Whenever Faker gets a new mouse he plays Riven to adapt because of how much precise mouse movement is required.
AngelBird 개월 전
Irelia is really Difficult to read. Shes Ether Deceptively Strong or Abysmally weak. it depends on if Irelia can get her passive stacks. Against Jayce, That is a Negative Lane for Irelia. She can't fight Jayce. Jayce hurts to much. From a Range, Irelia gets Poked out. From melee, Jayce can ether make himself a Naked Banana or, Can just out Trade Irelia Due to basically getting Free Poke. Even if Irelia does Manage to get her Passive Stacks, She Q's to Jayce Who just Switches to hammer and bats her away. Its Never safe for Irelia to Turret Dive Jayce. Irelia really like to Shove lane. Jayce is just a really bad match up. I don't even think Irelia has any Good match ups.. Maye with set up? but, Who is going to let you set up? Who is going to intentionally fight you after you get set up?
beebee7979hay 개월 전
I looked in the mirror and I guess I'm picking riven mid in my solo queue games today :^)
ktwolnuts 개월 전
bruh please stop using auto cam
Tian qq
Tian qq 개월 전
24:30 remember Nukeduck's swain pick against faker
John Cedrix L. Cubillas
John Cedrix L. Cubillas 개월 전
I just remembered a soloque game where faker destroy caps with a riven in 2015
BoulderBomb 개월 전
midbeast you are very well spoken thanks for the video
No Name impotant live
No Name impotant live 개월 전
NICE Intrealia
Adri steez
Adri steez 개월 전
Fuck shit this kill lvl 2 is so accurate
Chris L
Chris L 개월 전
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Max 개월 전
Can we get a MagiFelix TF gameplay? His stats look insane
Jordan Plaza
Jordan Plaza 개월 전
Jeppers PVP
Jeppers PVP 개월 전
The last time I saw this was Faker vs Reginald 2013
wargumbyx 개월 전
zeds kit doesnt really fit well with prowlers claw, because you want to use some damage instantly and then aim the double or triple q to boost the ults timed damage there just isnt a good time to use the claw for more than a dash which zed doesnt need so the shield from eclipse or the instant damage and extra cdr from duskblade end up a lot more valuable
Chance B
Chance B 개월 전
Idk if laceration posted it on KOfilms but watch his guide on why he thinks prowlers is good. He thinks a lot of people don't know how to use the item. I def think its better than dusk but he did a guide yesterday on twitch about it why he almost never goes dusk and almost always prowlers unless you legit need eclipse
Tech no
Tech no 개월 전
riven aint balanced
Teemo Cpt
Teemo Cpt 개월 전
Irelia couldn't stop Faker
Judarr 개월 전
Riven is just a disgusting champion
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends 개월 전
Who came from tiktok
Forsaken Odin
Forsaken Odin 개월 전
I could have done without the commentary..
Forsaken Odin
Forsaken Odin 개월 전
@RampageBlizzard I wanted to watch the gameplay? I even muted the sound if you're so bothered by it.
RampageBlizzard 개월 전
I'll play Riven mid if I want to. I'll INT while doing it too and still enjoy it.
novica dendic
novica dendic 개월 전
Man I enjoy your work!
Levi 개월 전
'It's new Lucian top, these riven players man'
Alcioz C
Alcioz C 개월 전
It is always a toplaner that gets stomped. Mid and bot and jg are kind of even and then a toplaner is like 10-0 and the other is 0-10
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez 개월 전
Everbody is playing chess and she's playing checkers...ded XDDDD
Max Beierle
Max Beierle 개월 전
blue team plays so smooth
lil suty
lil suty 개월 전
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Full SKT1 Faker Live Stream Twich.tv  22-02-2021
Faker's Talon, There's nowhere to hide!
한강 실종 대학생 관련 인근 CCTV 영상
서울신문 TheSeoulShinmun
조회수 2.1M
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