[Eng Sub][SG♥IU/IUTSC] 아이유 IU 10th Debut Anniversary IUTV Special Highlight Video

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English subtitles brought to you by Singapore♥IU & IUTeamstarcandy
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Animation by Singapore♥IU & IUTeamstarcandy
Video credit to Kakao
SGHeartIU music credit to www.purple-planet.com

An Lang
An Lang 개월 전
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 개월 전
Too bad I only got to know about IU just this year to miss her concert at Singapore last year.😭 I can’t wait to go to her concert here soon. The only k-pop artist I’ve been fangirling since I’ve watched Hotel Del Luna and her live version of Eight. After doing some reaserch, I definitely stan this queen.💜💕
yulia fatma nst
yulia fatma nst 13 일 전
Welcome to UaenaLand dear...
Julie romes
Julie romes 개월 전
One of my Favorite song of it lost Child
Huda Unus
Huda Unus 2 개월 전
Marshmallow is CHIPMUNK MANAGER LOL. WOW daebak. Thnk u jjung manager. #ChipmunkManager jjang!!! #iu
meromerody 2 개월 전
🥺🥺 I love her so much
Candy UAENA 4 개월 전
Candy UAENA 4 개월 전
5:32 And maybe that kid grew up and ended up being a fan of IU now😂
muqri zamri
muqri zamri 5 개월 전
who is the 9 haters that dislike this video???? whyyyyyyy?????
Lia C
Lia C 8 개월 전
Honestly she deserves so much more recognition
Twoding Khow
Twoding Khow 10 개월 전
Am i to late to be ur fan😭
yulia fatma nst
yulia fatma nst 13 일 전
No dear... welcome to Uaena
mitsui9 10 개월 전
Thank you so much for putting this together!!! Hopefully one day I get to see IU perform live.
Qorry 'Aina
Qorry 'Aina 10 개월 전
The 16 yo IU and 25 yo IU has same humor... her pure self is never changed, just be completed with stronger mental and confidence... The young IU did not imagine yet to have a solo concert back then, now she spent at least two months each year for her solo concerts and she can have any kind of stage performance she likes.. The clip when she was in Disneyland and said that they cannot afford buying the accessories there hit me,,, she was so young back then and already famous but she can hold herself.. The bond she has with her team is beyond heartwarming, especially with Chipmunk manager and Johee Onni. She basically grew as their little sister...
Eliza Marie Abing
Eliza Marie Abing 11 개월 전
Her jokes really made me laugh HAHAHAHHAHA the frog with a big mouth answering the tiger 'ok HAHHAHAHAHAHAH
Arnid Renardy
Arnid Renardy 년 전
조기자 년 전
Anna Karen Cimafranca
Anna Karen Cimafranca 년 전
kofilms.info/chart/bidio/ydBj2LpqeLR_0KI.html Please make an eng sub for this video.. I am very curious of what iu team message for iu.....
Joanna Marie Anzures
Joanna Marie Anzures 년 전
Her message to Uaena.. 😭😭😭
janiceey 년 전
That ending 😭❤️
lulu 년 전
I knew her before bUt didn't notice. I know her now bUt wanted to know her better. I am late? For sure and hope i'm not, Thank you for sharIng the memories yoU have of her. 😊💪
권수상 년 전
아이유 💜이지은 💜너무 너무좋아요 사랑해용 아자아자 파이팅 😀😀👍👍👍👍👍💖💜💜💜💕❤💙💛
Dun Geon
Dun Geon 년 전
2013 where IU stop aging.
ch j
ch j 년 전
cherry jeal rumbaoa
cherry jeal rumbaoa 년 전
Thanks IU TV through these i can see and watch IU. Hope to hear your voice here in the philippines soon 😊 theres alot of scatered purple here. Please unite us with your concert. Gangsahabnida ♥️
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 년 전
Thank you so much for making such a great video. My emotions now just transcends all words. This video just makes me discover so many things about our beloved Jieunie that I have never known before. I can see that Joo hee who is her stylish and her manager have been with her since her debut. It's so amazing that they have worked with each other for a decade now through all thick and thin. It's such a precious relationship and I'm so happy that IU has so many good friends with her. I didn't realize that our IU has changed that much becoming quieter, stronger and more mature. Hope that IU and Uaena can have another 10 years like this Love you guys 3000 thanks for bringing IU closer to international fans like us❤️
Kimelou Amatiaga
Kimelou Amatiaga 년 전
I love iu even more
wedhea efrianie
wedhea efrianie 년 전
Bae Joohyun
Bae Joohyun 년 전
IU talking about what she wants to do when she will have her solo concert back in 2009 makes me sad and happy at the same time. I'm just happy for her now that she already fulfill her dreams and a lot of fans recognized and appreciate her as a talented artist. I really hope I can attend one of IU's concert in the future. IU fighting! looking forward to your 11-20th or 30th debut anniversary :)
AMS93 년 전
It's amazing how you guys have translated an one hour footage!!! I'm thankful that we have you guys to be able to share ji-eun's music and love :) (and her crazy laughs)
МАКСик ДИКИЙочень 년 전
이라이니 년 전
우리 아이유님이 이 영상을 봤으면. 결국 만족할만한 공연를 해낼만큼(2018 dlwlrma 홍콩콘) 성장한 자신을 잘 다독여줬으면.
ekswAyZee yee
ekswAyZee yee 2 년 전
IU more this 2019
gerard michael pendejito
gerard michael pendejito 2 년 전
Tnks iu tv. Iu is so very cute and funny....
Daojai Tao
Daojai Tao 2 년 전
Love iu❤️
michael carlo que
michael carlo que 2 년 전
youve done an awesome job all this time! thank you so much team😁
Mahmuda Ruma
Mahmuda Ruma 2 년 전
U deserve it 💐💐💐
Mahmuda Ruma
Mahmuda Ruma 2 년 전
Adila Adriana
Adila Adriana 2 년 전
When IU will coming to Malaysia? I am being her fan since 2011. I hope you will come to Malaysia IU. 💞
A 2 년 전
Saranghaeyo eonni 🙆😚👯
sone9tae 123
sone9tae 123 2 년 전
Im proud to be iu fan she deserved all of her accomplishments
Lathifah Salma
Lathifah Salma 2 년 전
Uaena Forever
andrea capillan
andrea capillan 2 년 전
go!! UEANA IU we love you frm PH
Cezcil Valerio
Cezcil Valerio 2 년 전
Anyone knows if they will release a video for the fan meeting for her 10th anniv?
ศาศวัต สายะบุตร
ศาศวัต สายะบุตร 2 년 전
thank you subteam
aida adoptante
aida adoptante 2 년 전
Thank you for your hardwork IU ur such an Amazing artist singer in Kpop industry👍❤️and for IU’s Team thank you guys👍God Bless you All!!! Happy 10th Anniversary IU ❤️❤️❤️
sean rw
sean rw 2 년 전
im the 1k likeeeeeeee yeyy
love IU unnie
love IU unnie 2 년 전
sarangheo eonni
Its You
Its You 2 년 전
thank you for this 😊😊
ive been uaena for years and this just makes me cryy 🙁❤ im soo proud of my queen
Dewi Sakti wiguno
Dewi Sakti wiguno 2 년 전
Greatest artis ever!!!!!!!!
yi yeung yau
yi yeung yau 2 년 전
Where can I get the old loen TV?
SGHeartIU 2 년 전
majority of the old loen TV (unsubbed) can be found here: namu.wiki/w/%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EC%9C%A0/UCC
andy 2 년 전
big thank you for making this video!! ^^
Miha says
Miha says 2 년 전
1 hr is still not enough for me..if it's IU i could watch it even if it's 24 hrs long
Miha says
Miha says 2 년 전
This video is sooo beautiful..IU grew up extremely well this past ten years😭😭😭
Miha says
Miha says 2 년 전
Jin Seok Kim
Jin Seok Kim 2 년 전
She's beautiful inside and out..i love IU..
Cherry Si
Cherry Si 2 년 전
IUTSC thank you for always working hard, and a job well done, all the hard works have paid off, finally, IU will breath the air with you guys 💜💜💜
Ami Hoho
Ami Hoho 2 년 전
I can stop smiling watching this video arghh
Dharlene Espinosa
Dharlene Espinosa 2 년 전
Cute IU❤😍
cic lya
cic lya 2 년 전
Thanks for thé sub as Always you saved us
Editha Katindig
Editha Katindig 2 년 전
마나한렝종 2 년 전
i was laughed about marshmallow 😂😂😂
Lily Kim 릴리 김
Lily Kim 릴리 김 2 년 전
sho BBI
sho BBI 2 년 전
This is amazing
makiii 2 년 전
mhat Abdulmuhmin
mhat Abdulmuhmin 2 년 전
Queen IU!!!
mhat Abdulmuhmin
mhat Abdulmuhmin 2 년 전
Queen IU!!!
FancyWuh24 2 년 전
What is the song in 29:30?
마나한렝종 2 년 전
29:30 or 29:40 ? it's merry christmas in advance
do you KING!
do you KING! 2 년 전
My QUEEN👑 Vocals,Visual,Character Happy10aniv IUTSC i always come to visit your channel for IUvids. LoveyouIU ❤❤
Sharmaine Tajuda
Sharmaine Tajuda 2 년 전
Thank you for the eng sub. 😉
Dobi dobido
Dobi dobido 2 년 전
아이유 해맑은 아기때 모습 보니까 웃기고 귀요우면서 약간 슬프네.. 지금은 여러 상처, 풍파 겪으면서 좀 더 행동이 조심스럽고 니니컬한 느낌 종종 있는데.. 둘다 좋지만
Mikka 2 년 전
Rosemarie Aplaon
Rosemarie Aplaon 2 년 전
We love you IU. 💕❤ Hope you could come to the philippines, pretty pleasee!!! 😊😃☺
regine borres
regine borres 2 년 전
I love iu Mahal kita iu Namumutan taka iu Saranghae iu From PH
Dewi Uaena
Dewi Uaena 2 년 전
Our Precious One... You've worked hard Jieun-ah and IU team... thank you so much IU ssi and IU team, you're the best! Still holding hands together, let's do another journey together Ji Eun-ah... But when you tired please take a rest for a while, UAENA will stay by your side like you always on UAENA side, please take care of yourself because you're important for us, please be happy because your happiness is our happiness too and keep shining bright like this time... Love You For Eternity And Beyond!!!!! Happy 10th Debut Anniversary! Thank you SGHeartIU & IUTeamStarCandy! SGHeartIU&IUTeamStarCandy jjang!
Pablo Gualoto
Pablo Gualoto 2 년 전
Thank You so much
Hobi-Hoe Jung
Hobi-Hoe Jung 2 년 전
That one dislike tho...hahaha who hurt you boo?
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 2 년 전
thank you
워런피터 2 년 전
This is a beautiful video, IU is an amazing smoll bean, shes been through so much, and yet she still shines and has a big heart, people that come from hardship and is still humble while famous is very unique. She deserves the world, Queen Ballad IU! ❣
PICS 2 년 전
Thank you for all your hardwork! 💜
Tasama Baraka
Tasama Baraka 2 년 전
U r the best 💕
qie 2 년 전
To be honest, when people asks when I start stan IU, i was never confident to say exactly when because i've this weak memory. But seeing this video brings back all the times when: I cry when IU cry I smile when IU smile I laugh when IU laugh This precious memory coming back because of SG♡IU Thank you SG♡IU team. I really cant say enough 'thank you'.
meromerody 2 개월 전
@hhellohhello you’re kind aren’t you
hhellohhello 7 개월 전
you need to get a life
Lia 2 년 전
Thank youuuu so muchhh love uuuu
PurpleU 2 년 전
Singapore deservsd a concert yes. Thank you 🌟
h. 2 년 전
thank you for this!!! 💟
Taba Dulay
Taba Dulay 2 년 전
OMGee! I didn't know that some of the vids exist especially the first few minutes. But the most astonishing one was when she entered a male bathroom, LOL
Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim 2 년 전
More videos to check: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kdvYyCSMmnklVCjqie7JYAb-_5eDS-K6swEnUOWgKIg/edit?usp=sharing
meenakhi sahu
meenakhi sahu 2 년 전
Ending part is very touching...She speaks so well.
Irma Ramirez
Irma Ramirez 2 년 전
IU .... 💕
Haer 2 년 전
Good job.. That's amazing.. Thank youuuu so much ♥♥♥
Y F 2 년 전
Such as a good video..thanks for the video.IU saranghae.stay pretty and health😘Happy 10th anniversary😊
Desiry De Guzman
Desiry De Guzman 2 년 전
Thank you great job UAENA SG 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕💕💕 #fromUAENAPH
arathi srinivasan
arathi srinivasan 2 년 전
I am proud to be uaena!!!!!
Vandana Pathak
Vandana Pathak 2 년 전
I came into kpop cauz of iu
yulia fatma nst
yulia fatma nst 6 일 전
Me too
Sherie Necor
Sherie Necor 2 년 전
IU 😍😍
dhan 2 년 전
Whats the namw of song before marshmallows in 7:40?
E C 2 년 전
Love Attack
Hap Py
Hap Py 2 년 전
Thank you this is great. 😍❤👏👏👏
Princess Katara
Princess Katara 2 년 전
Anis Ferisa
Anis Ferisa 2 년 전
you guys are amazing!
chimmy 2 년 전
Thank you for this. I am fan since 2012 but I did not see some of these vids.
Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim 2 년 전
Here are more videos to check if you miss any: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kdvYyCSMmnklVCjqie7JYAb-_5eDS-K6swEnUOWgKIg/edit?usp=sharing
Marachino 2 년 전
Thanks so so much for the effort the time the energy you've given us the international Uaena all this time 💞 I bet you guys would be so busy this 2nd half of the year 😅 fighting! Thank you again! 💜
RicaMae Gonzales
RicaMae Gonzales 2 년 전
Bravo 👏👏👏👏
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