Eminem & Rihanna Perform “Love the Way You Lie / Not Afraid” at 2010 VMAs | MTV

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Eminem and Rihanna hit the stage at the 2010 #VMAs to perform their hits “Love the Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid.”
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Салир Малоэр
Салир Малоэр 일 전
@Fernando Arroyo отит т. т. ь
Салир Малоэр
Салир Малоэр 일 전
@Kevin Valladares х тч
boithem boithem
boithem boithem 2 일 전
this song is make fill so proud
compartilhem arrumar meus dentes vaquinha virtual
compartilhem arrumar meus dentes vaquinha virtual 3 일 전
E show 👏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
boithem boithem
boithem boithem 7 일 전
good emagimg voice
specialktheman 시간 전
Thanks, Em, you did this for us, doing it for yourself...
มาโนช เทียนเเจ่ม
มาโนช เทียนเเจ่ม 시간 전
มีคนไทยฟังบ้างไหม มาร่วมตรงนี้
Iulii 시간 전
So cool 🤟🏻,love it so much !
Walisom Santos
Walisom Santos 6 시간 전
Eminem o mais brabo da historia sem ideia!🔥🔥🔥
Vania Cerqueira
Vania Cerqueira 7 시간 전
A melhor parceria musical de todos os tempos
Alexei Wobbo
Alexei Wobbo 11 시간 전
Donitta Morrow
Donitta Morrow 13 시간 전
A freakin great song ..... it’s my reality w/ a marriage of 35 yrs & he’s controlled me like a Robot .... he does pills ....😂last night I had to give him narcam I’m worn out today he got & wanted what a freakin pill WTF to do I’m tired as can be
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast! 18 시간 전
2:48 Got goosebumps they really need more songs together.🤞🏼
Wesclei Garcia
Wesclei Garcia 일 전
Sensacional, gosto demais do Eminem show 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
DrMedRasen 87
DrMedRasen 87 일 전
Einer der ganz großen. Mein heranwachsen hat er mit seiner Musik begleitet. Würde ihn gerne mal persönlich kennenlernen 👍
Серик Асанов
Серик Асанов 일 전
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Zakee Shaikh
Zakee Shaikh 일 전
3:39 rihanna like" yeah do ur thing eminem"
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Nurik Nurikh
Nurik Nurikh 일 전
BMG Parallax
BMG Parallax 일 전
How her voice changes at 3:10 is a proof of her talent
Spade Z
Spade Z 일 전
He's a legend. She's a legend. This is what we needed.
Miguel David jdm Brenes Corrales
Miguel David jdm Brenes Corrales 일 전
denis zaloznyx
denis zaloznyx 일 전
А я русский
silibaziso Ndlovu
silibaziso Ndlovu 일 전
Eminem my King😘
Pasquale Severino
Pasquale Severino 일 전
Sambulo Mngadi
Sambulo Mngadi 일 전
So sick
Harsh Meshram
Harsh Meshram 일 전
Cold Weather
Cold Weather 일 전
Are they lip sinking.
The Doctor
The Doctor 2 일 전
I am 64 and wow I just love and relate to all of Eminem music and lyrics. No further words required........in awe.
Joanne Loretta
Joanne Loretta 2 일 전
Eminen is one of the best!!! He does all music with tons of other rappers singers or whatever. I really don't care for rap I'm a rock n roll girl but i love Eminem...sooooo talented and has lasted 20 yrs.. So do the math...idiots...
Kale Fruit
Kale Fruit 2 일 전
You are beautiful
Arkansas Girl
Arkansas Girl 2 일 전
Dude is cold as hell! ❄🧊 I forgot how his lyrical skills are genius 365! 😍
samanta guri
samanta guri 2 일 전
I want the king and queen to come back🧐💞💥💥💥🤴👸
emebrown 40
emebrown 40 2 일 전
A maior apresentação da história
A B 2 일 전
What an awkward... audience.
Hemant Singh
Hemant Singh 2 일 전
Eminem 🔥 🔥 🔥
Romario Meneses Lima
Romario Meneses Lima 2 일 전
dois monstros
vanomas videosos
vanomas videosos 2 일 전
Я рад тому,что мне повезло жить в одно время с этим человеком.
Isabela Monteiro
Isabela Monteiro 2 일 전
Robert Cook
Robert Cook 2 일 전
I like how he's worth 200+ million dollars but he still wears a 150 g-shock. Humble
Павел Гаврилов
Павел Гаврилов 2 일 전
Victoria Veron Spina
Victoria Veron Spina 2 일 전
Eminem and Rihanna singing together is what happens when a TORNADO meets a VOLCANO.
Snjezana Suzie Damjanovic
Snjezana Suzie Damjanovic 2 일 전
Two GODS ♥️♥️♥️ RESPECT!
melesnic suico
melesnic suico 3 일 전
Eminem will always be the BEST RAPPER no one can beat him on that.. 💜❤❤❤❤❤
miki Goti
miki Goti 3 일 전
sasa G
sasa G 3 일 전
Ahhhhhh rispect but sorry look hahahaha di..k hewe in e..s Hahahaha
Clara Huguet
Clara Huguet 3 일 전
Can we just stop everything and look how much Eminem has a beautifull eyes please 🥵
João Moacir Costa
João Moacir Costa 3 일 전
O cara é top
The Passion
The Passion 3 일 전
I love your act no matter you durg or not
The Passion
The Passion 3 일 전
Come here to judgement him I am here
The Passion
The Passion 3 일 전
I am here
The Passion
The Passion 3 일 전
No 1 jugs you hete
Bruno Luiz
Bruno Luiz 3 일 전
victoria justin
saeed audio
saeed audio 3 일 전
amir tataloo rap top10 in iran
saeed audio
saeed audio 3 일 전
i love you eminem
saeed audio
saeed audio 3 일 전
very nice rap top10 amir tataloo
Tall P
Tall P 3 일 전
Someone vibing in youtube
Someone vibing in youtube 3 일 전
*this man is the definition of legend.*
chris delo
chris delo 3 일 전
I'm into Rock and Roll but when it comes to rap/hiphop only Eminem does it best for me.
Grae & Pau Vlogs
Grae & Pau Vlogs 4 일 전
I can't believe that they performed this 10 years ago? WTF I feel old and I have anxiety /depression. 90 babies!
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 4 일 전
For me, He is not Eminem...He never read their songs on stage, his voice is different, maybe for his age, thats ok, I only see someone very similar to him. Maybe I am confused, it is only my opinion..
Alida Ponce
Alida Ponce 4 일 전
Who else is watching this in 2021
Riia-i Kordor Kharphuli
Riia-i Kordor Kharphuli 4 일 전
Wow Rihana
A.O.K 4 일 전
He was impressing Rihanna
Tania and Andy Edge
Tania and Andy Edge 4 일 전
Was he lip syncing 🤔
stuhar65 4 일 전
Dont know whats worse rihannas dress sense or scratchy vocals
Jean Santos
Jean Santos 4 일 전
BRAZIL 2021🇧🇷
Aayushya Singh
Aayushya Singh 4 일 전
Chillllssssssssss yo
Ben Tookey
Ben Tookey 4 일 전
Is this lypsinc for em?
Wesley Barbosa
Wesley Barbosa 4 일 전
melhor epoca da minha vida
Melina Raholin
Melina Raholin 4 일 전
Rihanna: starts singing Everybody: **can't find her**
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 4 일 전
Redhead Rihanna 🔥🔥🔥
Aya Chatskaya
Aya Chatskaya 4 일 전
I simply appreciate the opportunity to listen to his songs and see him on stage
Belén Irala
Belén Irala 4 일 전
Me encanta que Eminem suene igual cantando en vivo o en la versión de estudio 😍😍
DoPe ShOw
DoPe ShOw 5 일 전
Okay Oscar the Grouch, go chill on the couch.. don't be afraid to ask Rihanna for her number, and just told her umbrella Ella Ella..🤘
finka blanche
finka blanche 5 일 전
Slobadan Mikôcyábych
Slobadan Mikôcyábych 5 일 전
Why oh why mime?!
Don Raage
Don Raage 5 일 전
Eminem G.O.A.T
jaguar bear
jaguar bear 5 일 전
Thanks dr dre for finding out eminem
Nabil New
Nabil New 5 일 전
The rich command intrestingly handle because syria partly haunt aboard a taboo mallet. abortive, wiggly mile
Daniele Parrozzani
Daniele Parrozzani 5 일 전
That bass thick
Jardel Ferreira de Araújo
Jardel Ferreira de Araújo 5 일 전
The King !
Oki Boy
Oki Boy 5 일 전
No gold no super car only rapper real rapper
Swetha Muthusamy
Swetha Muthusamy 5 일 전
Eminem: Not afraid Rihanna: I love the way you lie lmao
Chloe Dang
Chloe Dang 5 일 전
You know kids, in the good old days...
Ronald Wong
Ronald Wong 6 일 전
Вилсон 6 일 전
SADat4AM 6 일 전
Damn good vibes
Lorievic Taruc
Lorievic Taruc 6 일 전
Eminem is a legend
pk industries
pk industries 6 일 전
If you feel yourself useless, just remember those dudes doing the drum thing
ATL. BRE 6 일 전
They are contributing lol
Kaltrina Hajdini
Kaltrina Hajdini 6 일 전
We love you Em
محمد حیدری
محمد حیدری 6 일 전
j u s t i n e p b
j u s t i n e p b 6 일 전
red hair rihanna screams aries vibes
Walter Raul Cejas
Walter Raul Cejas 7 일 전
Temazo LPM!!!!!!
cythlali garcia
cythlali garcia 7 일 전
Lmao so it was true what he said in one of his lines about Rihanna on killshot
Noe Moreira
Noe Moreira 7 일 전
Alguém do Brasil?
Carla Gomez
Carla Gomez 7 일 전
Sergey Zotov
Sergey Zotov 7 일 전
2021 here!
eve pammi2017
eve pammi2017 7 일 전
Damn good
eve pammi2017
eve pammi2017 7 일 전
Eminem. The greatest
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