Doja Cat Performs "Say So" & "Like That" | 2020 MTV VMAs

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Doja Cat performs "Say So" and "Like That" at the 2020 Video Music Awards.
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MTV 3 개월 전
Doja Cat on Her VMA Performance, Win & Upcoming Album 😻
Aaliyah Hugley
Aaliyah Hugley 5 시간 전
@A D juice why bc he died? Rip.. But come on thats a reach
Fern Blitz
Fern Blitz 11 일 전
Racist trash. Shame on you MTV. You owe most of your success to black people and black culture which has become mainstream culture for most English speaking people around the world. And you honor this racist biracial woman with a history spending time with white supremacists on platforms that cater to them? And who has a history of being racist against black people? Disgraceful. This is just a matter of personal choice; this is a matter of ethical behavior, morals, and equality for a people that have suffered and continue to suffer all manner of abuse in their own land. Disgrace.
Mike Wassef
Mike Wassef 13 일 전
“live” 🤣
Lova Miss.,
Lova Miss., 14 일 전
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KeyAir 개월 전
Basil Topaz
Basil Topaz 4 시간 전
What has the world become?
innerbeast415 5 시간 전
THIS is how you do a performance during COVID.
Guilherme RLS
Guilherme RLS 11 시간 전
Ela arrasa demais PUTS !!!!!
Ishwari Kande
Ishwari Kande 11 시간 전
Did anyone observe......background dancers are wearing masks!! 😅😅
AlinaBallerina31 일 전
I'm actually in love and obsessed with her.. seriously like I am so gay
DJ Jones
DJ Jones 일 전
Sucks because she's not actually singing live like at all... You can totally tell it's a pre recorded song and she's lip synching 🤦🤔
Thereeealdenisha 일 전
Where does she go at 1:00 and what is the change? Like I keep rewatching trying to figure it out but nothing is happening for me😭somebody help me out here🤧
denise brown
denise brown 2 일 전
It's the tall dark skin lovely to her left who does it for me. Best dancer for me.
Moksh Sharma
Moksh Sharma 2 일 전
In some parts she looks like Ariana Grande, but better.
Anthony Thony
Anthony Thony 2 일 전
I get it....doja is a queen in planet her and nikki is from planet her and now she's a queen here. Makes so much sense now
Majestic 1
Majestic 1 2 일 전
Damn she already hit princess status on my book
arturo garcia
arturo garcia 2 일 전
San Diego Baby 😘❤️
KG KK 3 일 전
3:06 gives me goosebumps!! so sexy ! love how she dances
KG KK 3 일 전
sexiest woman and voice !!!!
Kevin 4 일 전
Yogi Goenawan
Yogi Goenawan 4 일 전
Her performance is so Total!!! Bravo Doja!
Maya G
Maya G 5 일 전
This video gets atleast 50 views from me a day 🥰
Ioku 5 일 전
Gol dang my eyes were so distracted my ears forgot to hear 😂. What a fox!
akjohnny 5 일 전
Mewuwu 6 일 전
Bring me back my MTV
Cartaphilus -san
Cartaphilus -san 6 일 전
Why there are so many frontliners dancing??
Blinky Blink
Blinky Blink 6 일 전
Adam M Z
Adam M Z 6 일 전
such a natural performer!
Cesaro Paullo
Cesaro Paullo 7 일 전
Ela sumil pq? Achei q ia trocar de roupa ou piruca nada? Kkkkkkkkkkk
dd dd
dd dd 7 일 전
이런 라이브 듣는 귀는 너무 좋은데! 눈이 굉장히 혼란스럽다...
keeley B
keeley B 8 일 전
She really can do any genre of music
Eyenem 8 일 전
Her presence is 😍😍😍
OutlastU 2
OutlastU 2 8 일 전
I love Doja cat. But hate MTV. They have become so racist against white people!🖕🏽
Francisco Granja de Almeida
Francisco Granja de Almeida 9 일 전
Alba Madrid
Alba Madrid 9 일 전
the rap part
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 9 일 전
jv 9 일 전
I lov this performance great job
Virgo princess
Virgo princess 10 일 전
Doja looks like a Galaxy goddess💕😂
Rotten Pixie Stixs
Rotten Pixie Stixs 10 일 전
Ngtl I love the few seconds of the video it reminded me in the 90s when mtv presented nominations for music videos.
Chickn Sandwich
Chickn Sandwich 10 일 전
The smile on her face at the end cuz she knows she did a good job 🤩
God, I'm obsessed with this woman. She's everything.
vinzfalken 10 일 전
Great performance! ... But poor dancers panting with their masks on the whole time.
Shelbbbsss 10 일 전
Wow she killed this performance!!
Garvita Gautam
Garvita Gautam 10 일 전
We stan a queen who doesn't lypsync
Augusto Estima
Augusto Estima 11 일 전
Johnny Arctic
Johnny Arctic 11 일 전
RJX14 11 일 전
She's actually really talented, no voice cracks, no autotune.
Nikko Osiones
Nikko Osiones 11 일 전
Entertainment of Life
Entertainment of Life 13 일 전
q droga... os br foram melhor
Mike Wassef
Mike Wassef 13 일 전
“live” 🤣
doja minaj
doja minaj 3 일 전
@Mike Wassef no it is live. you can hear her running out of breath
Mike Wassef
Mike Wassef 4 일 전
@doja minaj I love doja cat! This performance is no more live than a music video tho. Still entertaining. She’s still talented
doja minaj
doja minaj 5 일 전
0 likes, ur just upset she’s more talented than ur faves
Argyn Karkaryly
Argyn Karkaryly 14 일 전
Request Dimash!
Lawrence Byrdsong
Lawrence Byrdsong 14 일 전
lays chips
lays chips 14 일 전
Doja is so creative and versatile with her work. I want to be like that.
Barbie fada
Barbie fada 14 일 전
Sophie Sert
Sophie Sert 14 일 전
Anyone experiencing low quality with their android? Ima cry 😭😭
Trista Williams
Trista Williams 15 일 전
Idc what anybody says, say so never gets old to me ☺️
Mwelwa On CoS
Mwelwa On CoS 15 일 전
Doja cat is a born performer...
Zacharion Tab
Zacharion Tab 15 일 전
that body suit reminds me of lady gaga's applause, and i also like rappers who can sing
ThisIsADJEgoProduction 16 일 전
Who the f*** is Doja Cat 🤣
Mae Moo
Mae Moo 16 일 전
00:38 damn so got snatched tho
Jason Rivers
Jason Rivers 16 일 전
Okay but she’s not even trying to make it look like she’s not lip syncing
Dureza 10Mohs
Dureza 10Mohs 13 일 전
Is live but bc this is straming, they can perform two times to add editing. Is not an actual performance like before. All the VMAs were like that.
lil bat
lil bat 16 일 전
Wish they got some good close-ups. God I luv her
Tetsu de Rothchild
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Blake Handel
Blake Handel 16 일 전
If you pause at 1:02 you can see this dude knocked his mask off lol
smores cat
smores cat 16 일 전
There wearing masks 😂
Jane Ross
Jane Ross 16 일 전 un po' giù io esco nella casella della scatola quando si hanno scomparire scomparso ho sulla 😍 ルとジュディことを理解し、彼女が見つけ、右へのアプローチも、この中の場合で
Jerusa Deoliveira
Jerusa Deoliveira 16 일 전
True performer ..100%, even though the bottom part of her outfit was a bit distracting. but I love that she is full figured
Important Videos
Important Videos 17 일 전
Surprised I don't really see much about her. Not really into pop but saw this channel surfing and was thoroughly entertained. She dances so good, she's sexy, she can rap and sing, and entertain for sure
rawrainbow 17 일 전
i'm obsessed with her she's an amazing performer, i loved it!!
sunflower queen
sunflower queen 17 일 전
Anybody noticed the mask of that dancer just fell off haha 1:02
f ISL 17 일 전
She really is out of this world
Chicken Wing King
Chicken Wing King 17 일 전
I love DoJa Cat 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
K!NG TV 17 일 전
and that eye there in the necklace, half illuminati hehe
Goodnight Warren
Goodnight Warren 17 일 전
I watch rage against the machine at the 2000 vmas.. then i watch this celebration of trash and i see the trajectory popular music took in 20 years
Rendaculur 18 일 전
who tf is doja cat?
Tablet Home
Tablet Home 18 일 전 This chart shows the gas consumption globally. USA has 328 million ppl in it, China 1.3 billion add Russia u see my point. Even Europe has more population then USA. What I'm trying to show u is the amount of gas being wasted in the USA. Its atrocious. Carbon footprint galore. Boycott USA it has no consideration for the world. Land of wasters. Boycott USA now
Mariam Kallon
Mariam Kallon 18 일 전
She’s gorgeous 💚💖
Darth Vader 1980 The dark side
Darth Vader 1980 The dark side 18 일 전
I saw that live Dojacat is so beautiful 😍
meme star
meme star 19 일 전
Why it seem like she taking beats from older songs from other artists is that what she doing? Correct me if I'm wrong
Haroon Yousafi
Haroon Yousafi 19 일 전
Why is no one talking about that Dress🤷🏻‍♂️🙃
chat rich
chat rich 19 일 전
Wow. Shes on fire.🔥🔥🔥 She is my idol now. 😍
妍枫COBI 19 일 전
I can't stop replaying this, this is so beautiful
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 20 일 전
What is she wearing? 🤔
Ryan gst
Ryan gst 18 일 전
Like a reptilian body suit
Deshawn Barkley
Deshawn Barkley 20 일 전
aaron 20 일 전
She left no crumbs mawma
Korega Omelette Da
Korega Omelette Da 21 일 전
lol who tf is Doja Cat , well idk maybe ask ur clone
Ana Grey
Ana Grey 21 일 전
Lip syncing?? I recall seeing a performance from her , she was DEFINITELY singing and it blew my mind! Because she was also, dancing incredible and balanced both beautifully! That moment, I was crazy impressed and my respect grew tremendously! So when someone told me about this performance, I was eager to watch. Obviously, it’s amazing! No question there! Her dance moves are perfection and she’s naturally a bad ass! Only thing, I’m bummed shes not actually singing. Because, I know!! She is one performer, who CAN actually manage both! Unlike , many other HUGE stars! Who Struggle to even do one or the other. Those big names , don’t even even attempt to sing live + get down, as hard as the back up dancers and those rare occasions when singers, DO sing and dance on stage, sadly.... within mins, people are bombarding the internet with criticism.. aiming towards, how horrible the person sings and saying, their real voice is so horrible, that the stars entire singing career/albums, has been auto tuned ...... not this queen! Buuuut, as a fan. I’d like to ask for, No more lip syncing. Bring back the reallllll level of a true performer and give a paying fan , their monies worth! By actually singing and burn the house down with your flawless dancing. hopefully that’ll make other celeb’s , up their game and eventually, make all stars too shamed to fake it anymore , which will result in, the fans no longer being cheated at concerts ! We pay, to see a LIVE PERFORMANCE. That doesn’t mean, just dancing! It should include the vocals too. (Directed at other celebs! Not bad ass a D-C) ! Ok! I allow myself one good rant a year. I’ve cashed in on that with this incredibly stupid huge post. That’ll probably never be read and will get several eye rolls. ♥️.
Ana Grey
Ana Grey 18 일 전
One other thing.... for those that lip sync... why use a microphone??? Lmao 😂 it’s pointless
Ana Grey
Ana Grey 18 일 전
@Ryan gst did you see her on the BBMA’s? She LIVE sang! And danced! Did GREAT! I was so hopeful , she’d do it again! But, as you said! She did not ☹️. Maybe she’ll come back better 🤞🏻
Ryan gst
Ryan gst 18 일 전
Her lip syncin ruined it
Meli's Madness
Meli's Madness 21 일 전
1:24 This is sonic, feel old yet?
Andersen Ong
Andersen Ong 21 일 전
Cottoncandy Majin Bae
Cottoncandy Majin Bae 21 일 전
WOW 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
̊.*ೃmelu -shanೃ
̊.*ೃmelu -shanೃ 22 일 전
Alexia -_*
Alexia -_* 22 일 전
Canta genial, no solo cuando está en el estudio, si no que también en vivo
Marina P.
Marina P. 22 일 전
This costume is not for kids
A Jenner
A Jenner 22 일 전
I think she looks like Ariana Grande
Powi 22 일 전
That was really great - I can say she is being inspired by Missy Elliott by a lot :D
Niel John
Niel John 22 일 전
Who else watching this after her iconic metal version of Say So?
paramesh s
paramesh s 22 일 전
demon slayer
Leo 22 일 전
Sure she performs well but she’s still a racist and a homophobe.🤷🏻‍♂️🖕🏼
FatalieVlogs 22 일 전
The perfect body doesn’t exis...
I’m Bored And You’re Too
I’m Bored And You’re Too 22 일 전
I can’t stop laughing at those spikey things in the background 💀💀💀😭
Leyna Paul
Leyna Paul 22 일 전
Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper 22 일 전 e la paura di si ferma lavoro sguardo quando si gli Stati Uniti , dove è stato mi ricordo , non ❤️ 他の方法であるため、彼は笑った彼に自分の存在、そして彼の腕ピット科学
MKC2 FACE 23 일 전
Personally I preferred lady Gaga’s performance.sorry. Not sorry.
Russel 22 일 전
Personally I preferred doja Cat’s performance. sorry. Not sorry.
이영지 님이 놀러왔어요..^^
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