DaBaby - Shanyah [Official Audio]

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DaBaby - Shanyah
My Brothers Keeper (Long Live G) Out Now
Listen: smarturl.it/DABABYMBKLLG
Spotify: smarturl.it/DABABYMBKLLG/spotify
Apple Music: smarturl.it/DABABYMBKLLG/applemusic


#Dababy #MyBrothersKeeper #LongLiveG

Aron Hill
Aron Hill 6 일 전
I played this on repeat powerful lyrics especially when I lost my big brother same way except I found him
Shaniya Fields
Shaniya Fields 10 일 전
I feel really bad for you DaBaby 😕😕😕😕
Mildreina Bray
Mildreina Bray 11 일 전
Prayers For Your Family 🤍
mk Riley
mk Riley 11 일 전
Dan's Road
Dan's Road 12 일 전
Please could anyone tell me whos Shanyah is?
Queen shania
Queen shania 12 일 전
Thx my name is shania🥰🤩
Dave Ani
Dave Ani 16 일 전
Naaa Dababy the best...
Dave Ani
Dave Ani 16 일 전
Its like you can really feel the song
Nightli 18 일 전
favorite song on the album and really good way to show his different flows too, guy is so talented and doesn't get enough credit tbh
ROMMY 18 일 전
We Are Roses
We Are Roses 20 일 전
This whole project I FELT THAT SHIT
✔ #LLG kofilms.info/chart/bidio/0tVgtc6blsiosWc.html
Aiden Gutierrez Fernandez
Aiden Gutierrez Fernandez 24 일 전
One of my favorite album covers.dababy and his fam have been thru alot.
anthony brown
anthony brown 24 일 전
My big brother really my little brotha because I love that boy so much. I feel like I lost him. He is schizophrenic and paranoid. Now I’m his enemy and I can’t get him in a hospital. My whole family turned on him but I’m not. Shit killing me tho
Storytelling by Noblesse
Storytelling by Noblesse 26 일 전
Hype Games
Hype Games 28 일 전
This beat fire doe 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hype Games
Hype Games 28 일 전
Hhahahahhah🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 he said kiiiiiids🤣😂🤣😂😂
Kolby Rose
Kolby Rose 29 일 전
Troy Pundt
Troy Pundt 개월 전
Samthefool 개월 전
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson 개월 전
There's 192 people somewhere that I hope burn in hell
Adam Kelley
Adam Kelley 개월 전
It's hard for me to be hard when s*** like this tear me up. Got me thinking about my family and my mama.
Adrian Dozier
Adrian Dozier 개월 전
Man to all them Da Baby haters. This man put out albums and mixtapes. And u can't name one album or mixtape that is trash... So please stop with that he need to switch his flow. Naw y'all need to get that wax out your ears....And Stunna need album cold.
草{Free Music} ruok
草{Free Music} ruok 개월 전
So gooood
Family Forever
Family Forever 개월 전
Thats my name......
Kurt King
Kurt King 개월 전
He Surprizes me everytime,,Yoh all im saying is whats Next!! :D
Raejon Crawford
Raejon Crawford 개월 전
Iphone dababy
Watkins Kaydence
Watkins Kaydence 개월 전
i am sorry for your lost i feel you if i lost someone i loved so much i would be sad .
AaronFN 개월 전
599,262 veiws 😰 anyone hear before 6,00000 👀👀
Cluration Station
Cluration Station 개월 전
Cried real tears to this shit. Dababy is one of the greats
Andre Prout
Andre Prout 개월 전
shanyah that was ma ex name
Vetra Lashea
Vetra Lashea 개월 전
I got to go back listen to the song I keep starting it over
Vetra Lashea
Vetra Lashea 개월 전
Nadiah how do I get past it song like I'm obsessed with the song and I keep singing it all day all morning evil and it's happening to have school like I keep singing it how do I get past this song
thedonmega1991 개월 전
My man putting his heart and soul into this album. Mad respect . Brothers keeper hit different for me.
A Voice
A Voice 개월 전
i want DaBaby to change to DaMan nah mean?
Michael Chapa
Michael Chapa 개월 전
This song brought me and my lil bro to tears when we haerd. Sorry for your loss. LONG LIVE G💜💫🙏
ItsFatii 999
ItsFatii 999 개월 전
LLG💕🕊this ep is so good ,sad but hard a the same time stay strong DaBaby💕
Philip West
Philip West 개월 전
Dababy rap about goofy stuff and get all the views. He start making music that is heart felt no one pays attention. sad 😔
Infa Red Twenty/20
Infa Red Twenty/20 개월 전
Real brother
Teashaun Paraison
Teashaun Paraison 개월 전
How also got in there feeling
Dawn Rivera
Dawn Rivera 개월 전
I love this song so much I can just keep replaying it for five hours
Niya Williams
Niya Williams 개월 전
Bye 😭😭 bc my name is spelled Shaniya
Antonio Kauley
Antonio Kauley 개월 전
Dababy is going off to end 2020 straight 🔥 🔥🔥
CurlyHeadedJizzy 개월 전
Did shanyah see him kill hisself .?
Anto 개월 전
This song hurts, long live G
Lilbans2k 개월 전
I went dumb on this instrumental The link is right here Yall go be the judge kofilms.info/chart/bidio/l7yXkpqfpdt4woA.html
Jwala The Rapper
Jwala The Rapper 개월 전
Dababy rockstar Indian version kofilms.info/chart/bidio/xLShrJqFkbaE0Gc.html
za ch
za ch 개월 전
What's y'all favorite song on this album ?
Interesting Niah
Interesting Niah 개월 전
If u was sleep bet you up nw
Meeks Ghee
Meeks Ghee 개월 전
He really brought his pain out in These songs. It shows that he has the capability to express inner emotion thru song and its not all about the rap life. It truly hit home.
Nevaeh Coc
Nevaeh Coc 개월 전
Crack me Up
Crack me Up 개월 전
The name is named after his neice 🖤 went to school wit her in Charlotte
Matt Scaramucci
Matt Scaramucci 개월 전
I love the flow he is known for but he showed everyone saying he need to change his sound. For the record I'd be perfectly fine if all he does is keep doing what hes doing
Romon Price
Romon Price 개월 전
Da baby u did wat u had to get yo family outta the hood n the struggle💜 LLG🕊 dat was kinda selfish for quitting n leavin family, most Def Dababy wit the Guilt 😔 #GOLDENCHILD #LLG🕊❤️
Monae Robinson
Monae Robinson 개월 전
R.I.P Glenn cuz 👼
Ronneil Blackwell
Ronneil Blackwell 개월 전
hyrike 개월 전
Shanyah reminds me of jah 🙏🙏🙏🙏
luka leth
luka leth 개월 전
How this banger only got half a mil:/?
Therealcamronn 개월 전
Ryann Cartwright
Ryann Cartwright 개월 전
Damn I lost my brother this year as well. This hit different for me
Ngl I slept on baby at first. Thought he was just another artist with no substance. Man was I wrong. This guy is so talented. He will end up a one of the greats IMO.
Gunz &Roses
Gunz &Roses 개월 전
Oh anyone going thru something wit a sibling & specially it’s really not that deep/serious man let that shit gooo...go hug ya fuckin sibling life 2 damn short!!!! If it is serious man please find a way 2 talk bout it come 2 some kind of understanding & it hurts our Mother’s(parents)when their kids aren’t speaking 🙁
Gunz &Roses
Gunz &Roses 개월 전
Where everyone that says he ALWAYS say he sounds the same🤔😳 he’s showing his growth & versatility on this album!!! This MY shit I keeps it on repeat in the whip😫🤣 it’s a painful song but they’re the best cuz the artist just let go & release REAL relatable pain💯🙌🏽 RIP G
Gunz &Roses
Gunz &Roses 개월 전
Love YOU KIRK💜 (u may see this one day) I’m so sooo sorry man my condolences 2 U & Y’all family🙏🏽 I hope this song was therapeutic 4 YOU cuz U let it go on this one babyyy 🔥 💯🥰
Ash Rhynard
Ash Rhynard 개월 전
honestly fuck anyone who disliked this song that has alot meaning behind what he rapping
Mikey Peters vibes
Mikey Peters vibes 개월 전
Def agree on it being sad for an ep.. hug ur family .. like this post if u have difference with a family member and I make it rt .. long live g
Mikey Peters vibes
Mikey Peters vibes 개월 전
And u make it right!! Tonight
Benjamin Stinson
Benjamin Stinson 개월 전
This man was already taking over, but after recent events in his life. His ability to change to situations, will ultimately put him at the top. Move over kdot. We need a table for 2.
Shakira Wayne
Shakira Wayne 개월 전
This is priceless. I thank God he was able to Express himself to the world and show his talent. Just hurts it had to be given with a lost of a big brother. God please help everyday da baby with his pain away. Give him the strength to make the right decision for his family. His got them on his shoulder. Amen.
Qpac Graviti
Qpac Graviti 개월 전
Chow 개월 전
you cant bring people back....just rem that. EVERY1!
Chow 개월 전
keep your head up kid!
ujhonni cruz
ujhonni cruz 개월 전
Music always more powerful when u put feeling in it
The Official_ Jaziya
The Official_ Jaziya 개월 전
long live G
Jericho & Harper Combs
Jericho & Harper Combs 개월 전
Them KIDS is the reason we keep living. The promise of a vetter tomorrow. Prayer's for da baby. Not just saying it but really praying for his heart. 💙
danny Rivera
danny Rivera 개월 전
Desde colombia brooo 😯🙏💪
jasiel brown
jasiel brown 개월 전
My friend name is Shanyah an she love this song
Eats With Tee
Eats With Tee 개월 전
J & B channel
J & B channel 개월 전
This my favorite on the album
devin maness
devin maness 개월 전
Man my cousin killed hisself to mane his son still be saying his dad talking to him this hit on a different level
devin maness
devin maness 개월 전
@Timm Dfd sorry for your loss g
Timm Dfd
Timm Dfd 개월 전
My old brother done it as well in September he left me broken
Travis Eugene
Travis Eugene 개월 전
Damn g, I can't believe you gone bro. 😔
YourBoy Tane
YourBoy Tane 개월 전
An " Icon " Who will forever be great. Long live G!
DZ TUBE 개월 전
big up
Seth Bayliss
Seth Bayliss 개월 전
"I wish I could tell my brother I love him." I felt that shit!
Kenneth mckoy
Kenneth mckoy 개월 전
Rashaad thegr8
Rashaad thegr8 개월 전
That line if her son soap she still pulling up to support her sun business. 🔥
Zach Edmison
Zach Edmison 개월 전
We need more songs from him like this 💯
Κωνσταντίνος Μαρκ.
Κωνσταντίνος Μαρκ. 개월 전
I could go to the bank take like 10 million cash....but I don’t even want it... hits different
Exotic Weedsmoker503
Exotic Weedsmoker503 개월 전
Don’t wait till yo people die to loved them Nd make songs about them it ain’t nu10 to call in check on yo people 2020 getting real get off the Internet in check on yo people
639- Atharav kadam
639- Atharav kadam 개월 전
LLG💫 Dababy always on some🐐shit
John Garza
John Garza 개월 전
I can take put like 10 million out CASH , but I dont even want it
Big ju Nigga
Big ju Nigga 개월 전
Whoever lost a love one too suicide, we gonna see better days soon🤞🏾🖤 #longliveeveryone🙏🕊
Timm Dfd
Timm Dfd 개월 전
Inshalah pain gets easier man
Vanessa Gunn
Vanessa Gunn 개월 전
I can feel the pain and I love it🙏👬
Jean Paul
Jean Paul 개월 전
No one can beat the swag of DaBaby, He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
Shant’e Campbell
Shant’e Campbell 개월 전
These songs he dropped since his brother departed from earth has me all emotional. When he said he loves his family its obvious he meant it......makes me love Baby more Stay strong love #IloveKirk #Mababy
MONSTERrios 개월 전
Am i the only one getting Trippie Redd vibes?
KAZI 300%
KAZI 300% 개월 전
lavelle motorworks
lavelle motorworks 개월 전
Sometime to see somebody else in a way better position then you are to be your family member and you are older brother sometimes it can make you feel depressed when you see your kids may be less fortunate at times then your little brother's kids in my situation I have an older brother I am not as fortunate as others but I am not at Port sometimes to see people that dress their kids and little babies and nicer clothes than my kids as my kids may not have as much it sometimes as a man makes me feel less I sometimes ask myself what can I do to make that situation better but on the other hand when someone has five or ten million dollars more than you that's pretty much nothing you can do so sometimes it can make you just want to give up sad to say but it's true trust me I've been in and out of Henderson clinic since I was small sometimes I feel like blasting myself I'm not going to lie but I try my best to keep faith in God and try to come up with plans to be more fortunate in my future for my kids everybody is not lucky enough to have a record deal or Be on videos and Ferraris and such that's why social media is the devil you watch a lot of these people have all of this stuff and really don't know what they really have but the illusion makes you feel like they're rich and you're not even the things got a lot of rappers rap about why don't people rap about things that we can relate to I definitely can't relate to $100,000 chain I don't even have $100,000 and don't know what it looks like let's start rapping about stuff like Biggie Smalls wrapped about let's start rapping about stuff that Tupac rapped about then maybe rap history and the new cultural be more notified and not looked at as bad all the time
Jimmy Verduzco
Jimmy Verduzco 개월 전
CurruptedB4ndzz 개월 전
The pain made dababy really show his talent
Koala Bears
Koala Bears 개월 전
This song is my favorite in the Ep
Sandra Muliau
Sandra Muliau 개월 전
Why is DaBaby's voice so satisfying to listen to??
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