CL vs the korean language (feat. taeyang and oh hyuk)

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Jhalci Acuña
Jhalci Acuña 2 일 전
There's NOTHING like YG kids. Though CL and Hyukoh are no longer with the company, the friendship never changed.
ni-ki 2 일 전
CL : 😎🤘💅♥😈💣🔥☠ Chaerin :😀😗💖💓🌸🍬🌈🎉
Merisha Basumatary
Merisha Basumatary 2 일 전
The 3rd generation would never get to play this way:(
garten idn
garten idn 2 일 전
Shunu 3 일 전
this is me with my native language and speaking with other people lol
Yulia Rosiana
Yulia Rosiana 4 일 전
What the name of the show is this?
A'tin Haz
A'tin Haz 7 일 전
How can CL just sitting but still has queen vibes..
jae sardea
jae sardea 10 일 전
traytrayland 11 일 전
when and where is this clip from?
dan riano
dan riano 12 일 전
i miss my second gen biases. used to call them oppa. ahjussi will probably the correct term now 🤭🤣 ofc will still call the females eunnie 🤗💗
snaalit 14 일 전
why no one told me about this clip before?
Rodalene Atuban
Rodalene Atuban 15 일 전
I love this relationship, I wish me and my older bro was like this tho
Rodalene Atuban
Rodalene Atuban 15 일 전
I deadass hear Jessi from Cl's voice Lol
Woosan is life
Woosan is life 17 일 전
This screams sibiling energy
Sky Mikazu
Sky Mikazu 17 일 전
I cant understand but i cute
ReaRea 2002
ReaRea 2002 18 일 전
Taeyang the Human Clock! ⏰ 😂
Lemon Chicken
Lemon Chicken 18 일 전
When was this?
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 15 일 전
Poulomi Paul
Poulomi Paul 19 일 전
CL was ready to throw fists🤣🤣🤣
•Mighty.Matcha• 20 일 전
Where can I watch this episode ?
jeongwoos teeth
jeongwoos teeth 21 일 전
wish treasure and bp were this close
Rianti Hirozue
Rianti Hirozue 23 일 전
Taeyanggg 😍😍😍 so handsome..
unknownfancy 23 일 전
When was this??
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga 23 일 전
*she was already slapped several times mentally* me in school
HappyDay 24 일 전
i miss this kind of interaction
Riri jumana
Riri jumana 24 일 전
CL Really beautiful with these glasses
Binerkahan Juliani Adityas
Binerkahan Juliani Adityas 27 일 전
what is the title show?
Karen Lisboa
Karen Lisboa 26 일 전
Living a double life, or something like that.
Starfire10982 28 일 전
Lmao two brothers picking on their sister.
Nancy Ng
Nancy Ng 28 일 전
Lolll this is too funny
Holly Poon
Holly Poon 개월 전
I have no idea what this game is
This is not Ayden
This is not Ayden 개월 전
In my head when he said ㅇㅇ i think abt 영어 lmaoo
파묘파묘 개월 전
동영배 지는 응애해놓구
Zothan Puii
Zothan Puii 개월 전
I think CL got more and more beautiful as she aged
Anneira Audrey
Anneira Audrey 개월 전
Im tired of laughing....someone send help :")))
ierin thomas
ierin thomas 개월 전
Whenever I saw CL it remember me of jessi I don't know why
Mae Jee
Mae Jee 개월 전
I just need to say this but this the most interactive HyukOh I have ever seen by far.
Shecilam 개월 전
CL on the stage, Chaerin in Real Life. STAN CL!!!!!!!!
Otan / Black tabby cat
Otan / Black tabby cat 개월 전
They really teasing chaerin 😆
yellow star
yellow star 개월 전
lmao i’m not even korean but i could say many with ㅇㅇ
missmzbg 개월 전
도전 ㅋㅋㅋ
Midhat Jahan Sidra
Midhat Jahan Sidra 개월 전
CL and Lee chaerin duality
瑠璃 개월 전
what show? they are friend with ohhyuk??
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 개월 전
Livin the double life
Strange Annie
Strange Annie 개월 전
CL is me trying to understand Asians languajes
Jamie Sematat
Jamie Sematat 개월 전
It’s prob expensive but I want to know where she get her glasses 🥰🥰
Sirine Meanie
Sirine Meanie 개월 전
Omg why I’m seeing this now . It’s my first time seeing oh hyuk acting this friendly and talkative. He doesn’t even talk properly in interviews x) love him
Vy Mauricio
Vy Mauricio 개월 전
Lol that wrist slapping thing, Taeyang has been doing it with BIGBANG since pre-debut so you know his slaps hurt. Haha. CL's so cute though
Dawn Adrienne Santiago
Dawn Adrienne Santiago 개월 전
what is the name of this show? thank you!!
Dawn Adrienne Santiago
Dawn Adrienne Santiago 개월 전
@Lady Asuncion thank you!
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 개월 전
Living the double life
Martin, Lindon P.
Martin, Lindon P. 개월 전
i cant with taeyang explaining LMAOOOO
Iranian songs Translation
Iranian songs Translation 개월 전
Guys please vote for CL in this like 😭 CL came back after along time this is important gzb!
May Sandar
May Sandar 개월 전
Brothers &sister I miss you Taeyang
Elisabeth Elisabeth
Elisabeth Elisabeth 개월 전
What show is this?
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 개월 전
Livin the double life
Alex Zak
Alex Zak 개월 전
More people need to make funny memes + videos including CL/Taeyang/other 2nd gen idols 😩 I loved thisssss
สิรีนรรจ์ เดชขุนทด 样心明
สิรีนรรจ์ เดชขุนทด 样心明 개월 전
Marivic Tabiolo
Marivic Tabiolo 개월 전
Cl so cute hahahaha 😄😄😄😍
So Junghwan
So Junghwan 개월 전
chaerin ahhhh uu i miss you
Uttam Talukder
Uttam Talukder 개월 전
She is totally different persons on stage vs of stage
E'Kanil S
E'Kanil S 개월 전
Irene L
Irene L 개월 전
Literally watching this at 1:30 am😂😂🤣
KAT me llamo
KAT me llamo 16 일 전
Me, 1.33 😂
danigirii 개월 전
it's frustrating seeing them not utter IU... like come on that should be the first one xD
dita h sudiratna
dita h sudiratna 개월 전
what show is this from?
Xten 개월 전
Livin The Double Life
Nai min
Nai min 개월 전
she speaks like jessi HAHA
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim 개월 전
원인 예언 억압 애인 연인 우엉 예의 수정: 추가할께 유언
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim 개월 전
0:45 씨엘: 아니아니아니 기다려봐!! 나: ㅍ..표피
flipevent 개월 전
As someone learning Korean, I found this infinitely funny XD. Quite a few words in Korean do tend to sound like they were made just to be cute.
Garrenne Abiño
Garrenne Abiño 개월 전
Do you have full episodr of this? Or even just the name of the program? Jehe
Xten 개월 전
Livin The Double Life
Shafira Annida
Shafira Annida 개월 전
seeing them together in such a hard year is refreshing 🌞
Fernanda Nascimento
Fernanda Nascimento 개월 전
CL is the true representation of a pisces person when she gets confused in the game lol
Joyi Shi
Joyi Shi 개월 전
I didn't know CL's "WAE?!!" is all I ever need. Lol
stayup Urgel
stayup Urgel 개월 전
She's so cute
not here
not here 개월 전
im so happy to see her back in tv shows
ditta harnindya
ditta harnindya 개월 전
no it was aired in 2017
not here
not here 개월 전
@Darkness i think yeah
Darkness 개월 전
Was this recent
yoyo icecube
yoyo icecube 개월 전
Cl so cute!!
nero's gf
nero's gf 개월 전
What show is this
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 개월 전
Livin the double life
Nunaya Business
Nunaya Business 개월 전
The way she raises her hand ✋ is so adorable.
Diana Chan
Diana Chan 개월 전
What show is this? And episode too??
hanbyul isn't junhoe's
hanbyul isn't junhoe's 개월 전
I didn't know taeyang and oh hyuk can be this annoying 😂😂😂
Nine Lee
Nine Lee 18 일 전
Taeyang is actually annoying that sandara had to call him out in a variety show one time 😂😂😂😂
Tirza Kharisma
Tirza Kharisma 19 일 전
Taeyang has been dubbed as annoying since forever, but I don't know Oh Hyuk can be like this lol This is like the eldest and the middle bully the youngest lol
Ghita Tara
Ghita Tara 개월 전
she soo cute!!!
Dyed Weasley
Dyed Weasley 개월 전
when she said a-ing i really thought she would bring the hyuna fanclub card to say it exists
Karen Lisboa
Karen Lisboa 개월 전
Living a Double Life. You van watch on Dailymotion.
aliyah nicole
aliyah nicole 개월 전
ik nobody cares but CL and i are birthday twins 😌 k bye
heo gi
heo gi 개월 전
심리적으로 때『렸ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ댘ㅋ
Brigitte Kwon
Brigitte Kwon 개월 전
really miss this kind of interactions with idols.. without fans going berserk
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga 23 일 전
well no will go berserk over this bc taeyang is married lol
gabriella morali
gabriella morali 개월 전
i miss old kpop :((( this was THE time
I M 개월 전
Where I can watch this. I mean the reality show
Anggie Simatupang
Anggie Simatupang 개월 전
Last bgm got me dying
Tikitaka Lilmore
Tikitaka Lilmore 개월 전
What show is this? Omg i need more of cl in show like this. Too bad she couldnt show her funny side much back then..
Lady Asuncion
Lady Asuncion 개월 전
Livin the double life
OOups kitty
OOups kitty 개월 전
I don't understand what the game is about. But I will laugh when they laugh 😂
Hava Krasniqi
Hava Krasniqi 개월 전
Isnt CL korean?
Hava Krasniqi
Hava Krasniqi 개월 전
@seokiology Thank you so much
seokiology 개월 전
She is! But since she lived across the world (ex. Japan, France & Korea), she attended an international (english speaking school) growing up. Since your dominant language is the one you acquired from school shes more fluent in English than Korean
smileyshanice 개월 전
She spent most of her childhood abroad
XPNicky 개월 전
She's so cute istg
wein asi
wein asi 개월 전
when was thiiiiis !!!
LA Moraes
LA Moraes 개월 전
Taeyang is hot. I can't even concentrate on anything else
Min Hyorin watching 👁 👁
Po prostu Dawid
Po prostu Dawid 개월 전
thirsty freak
정휜 개월 전
오 나 알았어!! 하는 채린언니 너무 귀여워 미치겠닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
T J 개월 전
awwww Oh Hyuk x CL interaction ON CAM aaaaaaa
MyDee Luv
MyDee Luv 개월 전
I miss Taeyang and bigbang
임하은 개월 전
귀여웡 .....
Stan KPOP and get a life
Stan KPOP and get a life 개월 전
LMAO this is probably the only time we'll see a hoobae beating the shit out of a sunbae because the flicked her hand too hard lol
Lire 개월 전
''are you a dictionary?'' HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
김민아 개월 전
only cl can do this with bigbang member witout making vip worried and jealous
Cris SugBae
Cris SugBae 17 일 전
In fact the vips beg for someone to take the boys 😂
Poulomi Paul
Poulomi Paul 19 일 전
Why should fans be jealous this is not harming anyone personally 🤷‍♀️
Jamila Villanueva
Jamila Villanueva 22 일 전
@K- maniac we get jealous over a chair, and a child lol
K- maniac
K- maniac 22 일 전
I rarely see vips get jealous over small silly thing
Arie Anne
Arie Anne 24 일 전
@Jamila Villanueva lol it was more the Minz(I)
i don't know, it's just better than rice
i don't know, it's just better than rice 개월 전
she's so cute. It's not CL, it's Chaerin!
Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed 개월 전
wtf cl glass power ?
Koitsuki Aya
Koitsuki Aya 개월 전
Kinda miss the old yg family😂😂😭
sanminchul08 20 일 전
Seriously yes 😔😔
k:\ 개월 전
ok ive actually never seen Oh Hyuk so expressive before haha i guess CL brings out the goof in him, that or the wine lol
garten idn
garten idn 2 일 전
@Tinkerbell t yasssssss!!
Tinkerbell t
Tinkerbell t 개월 전
@Rida Tashfin he is in a band, the band’s name is Hyukoh Their songs are pretty good
Rida Tashfin
Rida Tashfin 개월 전
What group does oh hyuk belong to? Or is he a soloist?
Once Sama
Once Sama 개월 전
I thought she was better in korean by now. I remember in the first days of 2NE1, she used to pronounce Dara's name as Ssandara 😂
Once Sama
Once Sama 15 일 전
Binika Parajuli The one of their first days as 2NE1? It's 2NE1 TV, it has 3 seasons, don't know if you can still find it, but i watch it all here on youtube.
Binika Parajuli
Binika Parajuli 15 일 전
@Once Sama which show is this?
Once Sama
Once Sama 개월 전
@AMSR Roleplay LiLa Sandara, but she used to say Ssandara, i think it's better to see the difference in hangeul, but i don't know how to write in hangeul with my computer, they are different for koreans.
Claireavergoz 개월 전
I think she's better now, I would say she's the second best after Minzy (Bom and Dara both admitted they can't speak well lol)
AMSR Roleplay LiLa
AMSR Roleplay LiLa 개월 전
And how is it pronounced?
wheredouwannago where
wheredouwannago where 개월 전
Why I see this clip only now? 😍😭
A'tin Haz
A'tin Haz 7 일 전
Me too.. Wth
Bersama Bunda
Bersama Bunda 20 일 전
n I see in 2021 january 01
k:\ 개월 전
omg i was thinking the same thing!
Blackpink Lisa struggling with korean language
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