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나나나나나나나나나~ (*3)
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _나나나나나나나나나~(*3)
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
Haters always got something to say
So tell me what you want babe
Repeat after me say 네 _
난 _다르고 _넌 _틀려 _
어디 _놀아볼까 _쎄쎄쎄 _
넌 _딱 _걸렸어 _today
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
넌 _꼭꼭 _숨어 _머리카락 _보일라 _(*4)
난 _여기 _
I be chillin 무소식 _희소식 _
K town to Seoul city
What’s poppin 인기 _blowing like a 뻥튀기 _
다 _알지 _날라리 _
All eyes on me 날 _따라 _
지금 _all in 아님 _말아 _
쉽게 _한눈 _팔지 _말아 _
You can’t kill me 알 _잖아 _
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
넌 _꼭꼭 _숨어 _머리카락 _보일라 _(*4)
여긴 _나의 _자리 _got it?
난 _혼자 _넌 _무리 _keep it very cherry
Come again copy copy
또 _날 _따라 _해봐요 _빨리빨리 _
All eyes on me 날 _따라 _
지금 _all in 아님 _말아 _
쉽게 _한눈 _팔지 _말아 _
You can’t kill me 알 _잖아 _
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
넌 _꼭꼭 _숨어 _머리카락 _보일라 _(*4)
불이야 _나 _이 _무대를 _태워 _물이야 _나 _
잠든 _너를 _깨워 _칼이야 _나
_가까이 _오면 _베여 _벹음 _씨야 _다 _너 _
잘하면 _배워 _
haters gon hate 절대 _안바껴 _태도 _
시기와 _질투는 _성공의 _shadow
C to the L 한국 _문화의 _
대모 _넌 _그저 _그림자 _안보여 _절zero (절대로)
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
넌 _꼭꼭 _숨어 _머리카락 _보일라 _(*4)
나나나나나나나나나~ (*3)
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _
무궁화 _꽃이 _피었습니다 _

Chaera TV
Chaera TV 13 시간 전
Chaera TV
Chaera TV 13 시간 전
Legit Queen of KPOP.. CL
Tara Strong
Tara Strong 23 시간 전
Love her !! Anything she touches is fire love her...she is so talented
SVT BTS 2 일 전
황벽하게 2 일 전
the concept, vibes, choreo, and most importantly...the song, I luve ittt~
Singi03 3 일 전
CL 💯 runnin’ a dance crew
HNK Sanatı
HNK Sanatı 6 일 전
+Who is your Kpop idol? -GDragon, PSY and CL!
Selena Goldenfeather
Selena Goldenfeather 12 일 전
Such amazing choreo and dancers. And of course CL is an amazing talent 💯👏💯 workin' her own way in all her epicness 🦋💖🦋
SLIQ 86 13 일 전
She is too dope.
Pablo Abreu
Pablo Abreu 13 일 전
I can't wait for ALPHA ❤🍒🌸
DN Cam
DN Cam 13 일 전
CL is back. And I also want 2NE1 back too.
defne____sahin sahin
defne____sahin sahin 17 일 전
Monja Naranja
Monja Naranja 17 일 전
oso belles1
oso belles1 18 일 전
Sunday $tr3@m
army 20 일 전
Eu amo a CL
Xx 22 일 전
To anyone new here. Welcome to CL world 🍒 If you want more of her music please check out her the EP she released last year in called in the name of love. it very personal and she wrote her lyrics and she was the co director of her MVs 🍒
Sindi D.
Sindi D. 22 일 전
Her body is perfect
Meryen Tybi
Meryen Tybi 24 일 전
always slay
always slay 10 일 전
You better move ur ass out meryen ur so annotying
Koda Coop
Koda Coop 26 일 전
maria moreno
maria moreno 27 일 전
This queen made my entire year 🍒❤
JoeresMIX17 29 일 전
Love you CL.. ❤️
Phanit kong
Phanit kong 개월 전
2NE1 = 21 = 2021 wish I could see them perform together on stage in 2021 by their name ❤️😘 please make your blackjack fans surprised again in 2021 as a best memory.
ysabella winchester
ysabella winchester 개월 전
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Her power 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Micheal Kim
Micheal Kim 개월 전
움.. 뮤비 빼고 배경에서 재생해서 음악만 들음 엄청 좋음. 한달째 듣고 있음.
Angie Tapia
Angie Tapia 개월 전
she is such a baddie
Sampathkumar D
Sampathkumar D 개월 전
This dance proves that not all kpop dances are girlie and cute dances.... #CL IS BACK!!!!!!
Queen CL
Queen CL 개월 전
Miss you mom
Displayed Name
Displayed Name 개월 전
finally she is back, but i don't have update on her?
Xx 22 일 전
Maybe you don’t follow her accounts on twitter and instagram she updates about her comback over there but if you’re curious she will be releasing an album this year and it called Alpha and she released an ep last year called in the name of Love also she has her company right now ( kinda) but she works as an independent artist
Blythe Lee
Blythe Lee 개월 전
The one and only queen!! 🍒 🍒
Eu mesma Fernanda
Eu mesma Fernanda 개월 전
Mds é a patroaaaa
Outta my way!
Outta my way! 개월 전
I love you CL🍒
CN Jk 개월 전
2020 is not that bad 😉
Nada Eid
Nada Eid 개월 전
I think iam in love
Anni P.
Anni P. 개월 전
When I saw her, I thought she was Donatello. 😅I love her. ❤❤
心の欲望 개월 전
queen of kpop
LogicianMagician 개월 전
0:55 doesn't it sound like "K-town is so silly"?
May Rodrigues
May Rodrigues 개월 전
Guys, I did a cover singing HWA, could you guys go check?
neng Ah
neng Ah 개월 전
My Queen 👑 🇰🇭🍒👑
Ellai Bomshell
Ellai Bomshell 개월 전
Yo quiero bailar como CL y termino bailando como Bom xD
yesicalba23 개월 전
Es muy triste que muchas personas no sepan de CL....
c o f f e e
c o f f e e 개월 전
Damn please tell CL that her songs are downloadable in youtube app!!! 🥺
Melody Grace
Melody Grace 개월 전
ohhh is it bad if it is?
Lwin MP
Lwin MP 개월 전
Everyday repeat again and again
Lwin MP
Lwin MP 개월 전
@Maricel Lauren Jay Sandbach Here I am.. :)
Maricel Lauren Jay Sandbach
Maricel Lauren Jay Sandbach 개월 전
Melody Grace
Melody Grace 개월 전
What’s crazy to me is she can dance this live and still have the most stable voice. She’s the perfect performer!! Never get tired of her
diix Hernandez
diix Hernandez 개월 전
Yo sigo dando play, apoyando a Queen CL 🍒
Yun 개월 전
Alessandro Camargo
Alessandro Camargo 개월 전
A patroa!
bo bo
bo bo 개월 전
그리웠던만큼 좋아요 노래
Merv A
Merv A 개월 전
chittaphone x
chittaphone x 개월 전
I’m obsessed with this song
Irish Jem Dioso
Irish Jem Dioso 개월 전
Francisco Javier Canales Paredes
Francisco Javier Canales Paredes 개월 전
CL is Fashion, CL is Kpop and CL is and will always be the 👑
lainee boo
lainee boo 개월 전
I’m waiting for a dance practice queen! ✨
Marianna Bellaya
Marianna Bellaya 개월 전
как по мне костюмы ужасны(по крайней мере не все)
Athina P
Athina P 개월 전
I got chills ✨👑
Daryl James Tocante
Daryl James Tocante 개월 전
Koda Coop
Koda Coop 개월 전
Yewi is quite yewi
the renaissance ಎ
the renaissance ಎ 개월 전
she looks like a badass turtle with that coat JSKSKS love it
munira hamzah
munira hamzah 개월 전
where the promotion? suddenly promotion stop
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd 개월 전
She is a queen and cL will always be queen cause
Miyu Kun
Miyu Kun 개월 전
There's really no wonder she was appointed leader of 2ne1. That charisma and swag is something you can rarely find anywhere else.
Leang Meng
Leang Meng 개월 전
Leang Meng
Leang Meng 2 개월 전
Koda Coop
Koda Coop 2 개월 전
They need a cl thats dressed like this in final fantasy tactics
Rexhazxzxxzz 2 개월 전
QUEEN 👸❤️❤️
jongtae Lim
jongtae Lim 2 개월 전
Carol Joy Cabalan
Carol Joy Cabalan 2 개월 전
C to the L it's CL. LOVE YOU UNNIE. WE'RE always waiting for 2NE1 to come back #💖2NE1
Madhurima Menon
Madhurima Menon 2 개월 전
She looks like baby Yoda
Lali Kum
Lali Kum 2 개월 전
Amó a esta mujer 🤩. Vayan ver este vídeo
faye 2 개월 전
lowkey wanna play the korean game
lily Park
lily Park 2 개월 전
카드캡터유희왕 2 개월 전
Jess S
Jess S 2 개월 전
Josana Laishram
Josana Laishram 2 개월 전
Damn this woman... She is everything
Drew Love
Drew Love 2 개월 전
Anche questa nuova hit di CL spacca ma sembra un video degli Slipknot! 😁😁😁 Comunque I 💘 CL.
Womelyn 2 개월 전
쇼호스트베키 Beckymusical
쇼호스트베키 Beckymusical 2 개월 전
오 드뎌찰떡맞는솔로곡을😻😻
Elizabeth S-L
Elizabeth S-L 2 개월 전
that drop though
иеш_ саиаи
иеш_ саиаи 2 개월 전
Ayyy çok güzel 😍💜
Heechul arabic wife
Heechul arabic wife 2 개월 전
Cl honey you are pure talent💓👌
Stefany Deanon
Stefany Deanon 2 개월 전
miszlovable 2 개월 전
Not sure is it because it's been awhile, but when did CL's voice become so high pitched? and honestly I will get a lot of dislikes saying this but I don't think this is it. She's not going to have a break through with this song or 5 Star.
Melody Grace
Melody Grace 2 개월 전
High pitched? her voice has always been like this. I dont even think her goal anymore is to "break through". The fact that she stayed independent says a lot. She just wants to put out music and enjoy it with her fans.
하우하우 2 개월 전
아니 한국인이 이렇게나 없다고...?
faye 2 개월 전
very cherry
multi chaerin
multi chaerin 2 개월 전
this song is so addicting I love it
정땡땡 2 개월 전
맘같아선 좋아요 백만번 누르고 싶은데 할 수 가 없어엉엉 cl 최고다 최고 ㅠㅠ
김상미 2 개월 전
뭘해도 씨엘언니다~ 실력으로 노래를 넘어선 느낌이다♡♡ 잘 됐으면 좋겠다
Melody Grace
Melody Grace 2 개월 전
Wish I could dance so I can do the #HwaDanceChallenge too but I have two left feet oooof
Song World
Song World 2 개월 전
I Love song so much 💃👍😘
kwangsi choi
kwangsi choi 2 개월 전
I miss 2n1 . Come back home please cl
Lkhagvachimeg Davaabaatar
Lkhagvachimeg Davaabaatar 2 개월 전
역시 멋지다
Zon Stop Motion
Zon Stop Motion 2 개월 전
Thumb up if you are listening in 2021 :3
67 poui8
67 poui8 2 개월 전
Wow ella es impresionante
apexpppyyuu 2 개월 전
I don't get it, did she lose her overweight or not? Cuz in all her new vids she's wearing supper weird outfits
apexpppyyuu 2 개월 전
@Jillian Asker I'm glad she's back on stage) Was harsh time with YG, but she obviously overcame it
Jillian Asker
Jillian Asker 2 개월 전
@apexpppyyuu Idk how she lose it but she still has some weight on, CL was always a bit thick (beside TBF/FIL era) She struggled a lot these past few years, she said that she was healing, so I do think she had some depression during the time YG stopped caring about her hence the very sudden weight gain Now she is in a better place, she looks happy and she was preparing her comeback in Korea for a few months, so she naturally lost weight I think. She was with her family, so mentally it must have helped her :)
apexpppyyuu 2 개월 전
@Jillian Asker i have no complaints about clothes, they look fantastic actually, thank you for the brand name) I just was surprised when I saw how much weight she gained in last few years. But here she looks fit again, but its like her face is little wide. I wounder how she loses so fast?
Jillian Asker
Jillian Asker 2 개월 전
It’s because they are traditional korean clothes from Andre Kim, a famous designer
SMI LE 2 개월 전
this is so cool🖤
채정원 2 개월 전
채정원 2 개월 전
채정원 2 개월 전
채정원 2 개월 전
채정원 2 개월 전
채정원 2 개월 전
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