Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Perform “Side To Side” at 2016 VMAs | MTV

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Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj take us for a workout in this performance of “Side To Side” at the 2016 #VMAs.
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MTV 3 개월 전
For over two decades, the #VMAs have been home to some of the most iconic fashion moments in pop culture history. To prepare for the 2020 VMAs, join us in a walk down memory lane - or, uh, memory red carpet - with some of our favorite looks from the past 10 years.
m g
m g 20 일 전
sara smith
sara smith 23 일 전💗
Sari Kacang Hijau Topuchu
Sari Kacang Hijau Topuchu 개월 전
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 개월 전
If you are a true fan of Ariana then you will definitely love it ❤❤ !!this is not my channel!!
What now
What now 개월 전
For over two decades yall still giving unfair treatment to nicki the queen of rap
Diana Santín
Diana Santín 4 시간 전
My Camren feels 🥴😓
Ayush Nanglia
Ayush Nanglia 8 시간 전
imagine switching the gender in the last seconds.............lmao those guys would've already been accused
Shelina Fadia
Shelina Fadia 9 시간 전
bruh I can't even breathe properly while doing exercise and she's literally singing while work out and still slayed the performance
Radhey Shyam
Radhey Shyam 10 시간 전
3:20 wtf we can see there is too much autotune
Jojo Haja
Jojo Haja 12 시간 전
2:48 3:13 On the left ,is this Camila cabello?🤔🤔
Taniya In b&w
Taniya In b&w 16 시간 전
Honey Balmm
Honey Balmm 17 시간 전
I swear 2016 was the last time award shows were good
Colette 일 전
@3:37 they literally do the arc de triumph from broad city!! or, as ilana explains it, "when two dudes go down on us .... while we do Oprah hands"
Mina 일 전
This poor Girl needs air 💀 both killed it 🥺😭
Viviana kim
Viviana kim 일 전
La voz de ariana cambia mucho sin autotune
Jawahir Abdi
Jawahir Abdi 일 전
Sincerely when it comes to having a powerful voice Ariana kills it daily..... even without any beats she kills it.... the few real voices out here ..... you can say all you want this woman got it love it or hate it ..
J and a fam J&A
J and a fam J&A 일 전
I think niki manaj can’t sing
J and a fam J&A
J and a fam J&A 일 전
Danae Kontouli
Danae Kontouli 일 전
Yavuz Marifet
Yavuz Marifet 일 전
She doesn't need autotune she needs *to breath*
anne Holdings Limited
anne Holdings Limited 일 전
Wow I wish I was there
• EleaGachaCookie •
• EleaGachaCookie • 일 전
Oh god the people that performed hit each other but
Mafin Castillo
Mafin Castillo 일 전
she is wearing face sheild
Kermit Shaurya
Kermit Shaurya 일 전
I feel bad for Ariana she was so breathless And Im asthematic so I cant imagine doing that
Kennedy Xhulu
Kennedy Xhulu 일 전
Am sure she's learning something from Beyonce performing and singing at the same time which is literally not easy keep on working harder Ariana you got this
natasha wanjiri
natasha wanjiri 일 전
this is OMG
Dhruv & Vedika
Dhruv & Vedika 일 전
2:49 is that Camilla Cabellio???
Sthe 일 전
o iluminador dela parece o sol meu deus
Giovana Naiara
Giovana Naiara 일 전
Miss this 3:14
Harry Amick
Harry Amick 2 일 전
Autotuned asf
Manic Halsey
Manic Halsey 2 일 전
too late MTV too late ....
Nickis walk is on beat
Bareen khan
Bareen khan 2 일 전
Goodness 🙄 Ariana is next level
Santiago Jr Soriano
Santiago Jr Soriano 2 일 전
The power of 2 bestie ❤
Nai 2 일 전
Hello, could you watch my Ari covers please? Let me know what you think :D
rsg katzen
rsg katzen 2 일 전
Am Anfang war Nickj nicht echt
Roy oop
Roy oop 2 일 전
Niki will always be the qween of rap 🚫🧢
Tonynachose_00 realistic
Tonynachose_00 realistic 2 일 전
Only a gay guy can wear that
Tonynachose_00 realistic
Tonynachose_00 realistic 2 일 전
Why do they ariana and nicki have gay men on there song there
Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa
Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa 2 일 전
i can't believe this song actually made me feel better.
Максим Ткаченко
Максим Ткаченко 2 일 전
Jackie Grainger
Jackie Grainger 3 일 전
Why is she so breathless it does t sound good I just commented this bc the people are being mean to the ppl that are being so defensive of her witch is amazing and I love Ari so yeah ILY Ari so this isn’t real I’m joking
Roblox Wonderland
Roblox Wonderland 3 일 전
Let's apriciate the fact that ariana was singing white riding a bike!!
Lydia Olamibo
Lydia Olamibo 3 일 전
Working out in those heels and following a choreography... And singing.. Wow!
shandel williams
shandel williams 4 일 전
Did anyone catch Nicki mouth “you okay boo, you okay boo” to Ari. 3.23
Piero Cárdenas Pimentel
Piero Cárdenas Pimentel 4 일 전
Pramod Pathak
Pramod Pathak 4 일 전
Nicki walks says it all 🔥
metallicsonly 4 일 전
nicki killed like a queen of corse❤well their both queens
No one Someone
No one Someone 4 일 전
3:20 ‘it’s okay boo’ 😩❤️
alyex shalvinho
alyex shalvinho 4 일 전
lets talk about nicki . she is so powerful
פרינסס קראן
פרינסס קראן 4 일 전
I'm pregnant for Nicki Minaj to get a lot of hate and of course of that she would cry Nicki Minaj Yama anime cardi B my favorite b**** come on in shower
angel Muñoz
angel Muñoz 4 일 전
Pobre Ariana grande toda desnutrida que horror.
geri andi
geri andi 4 일 전
Kpop: lipsync when dancing, so its okay Ariana: 🙄
Jackie Grainger
Jackie Grainger 4 일 전
Gettin her workouts in
Dian Palomino
Dian Palomino 4 일 전
I love this song so so mutch La amo de verdad es muy buena
Desy Kusuma
Desy Kusuma 4 일 전
i can’t move on. Greet job ariana
Amierul Haikal
Amierul Haikal 4 일 전
I learn something..don't aver exercise and singing in same time
k q u i e t - doll 예민
k q u i e t - doll 예민 4 일 전
I beginning reminds me of newsies
Arham Ibn Azad
Arham Ibn Azad 5 일 전
People in the comment,"How is she breathing" Eminem:Once upon a time i released Rap god.
Ayush Nanglia
Ayush Nanglia 8 시간 전
...........and then 'godzilla'
the youbby
the youbby 5 일 전
The final part.... lol
google user
google user 5 일 전
Omg 5th Harmony was there too
Konu Suka
Konu Suka 5 일 전
Is that Camilla and Lauren in the audience
allergic to bullshit
allergic to bullshit 5 일 전
Why they didn't made nicki workout? Poor Ariana
allergic to bullshit
allergic to bullshit 5 일 전
I'm laughing 😹😹😹
Gwladys Anafack
Gwladys Anafack 5 일 전
I love you ariana and nicki
Gloria andersen
Gloria andersen 5 일 전
Is it just me or anybody notice Camila Cabello in the crowd in 2:49
Анна Путинцева
Анна Путинцева 5 일 전
У Ники местами фонера, а из за физической нагрузки у Арианы сбитое дыхание. Номер был бы классным если бы Ариана не тянула все одна на себе
LivingOnMyOwn 5 일 전
*Random people who like this will be a billionaire someday*
Natalia Marie
Natalia Marie 5 일 전
They should sell the pink Ariana suits the female dancers were wearing 👀
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 5 일 전
I am so glad I was born in the Ariana era
mary 5 일 전
minhas meninas dançando ali caran
Thaynara Silva da Luz
Thaynara Silva da Luz 6 일 전
Haniya Sonko
Haniya Sonko 6 일 전
She doesn’t need autotune Autotune needs her
Giuliana Fori
Giuliana Fori 6 일 전
Mãe aos 20 com Amor
Mãe aos 20 com Amor 6 일 전
queenpialaaa 6 일 전
November 2020? Anyone?
Bhumi Bisht
Bhumi Bisht 6 일 전
So ugly they are!!! Rubbish!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
M 6 일 전
How come is no one talking about that end lol
Angelo B
Angelo B 7 일 전
That’s the last time we make Ariana work out while performing
Soraia Carliana
Soraia Carliana 7 일 전
Como e possível cantar e dançar ao mesmo tempo?
Ruby Mcgrath
Ruby Mcgrath 7 일 전
Poor Ari is out of breath ❤️
Fernando Garza
Fernando Garza 7 일 전
such a random comment, but imagine ariana with a british accent
rijane noch
rijane noch 일 전
That would be hot😳
Priya 7 일 전
God knows how many times I have seen this video
Avinash N
Avinash N 7 일 전
Goddamn it she is not singing she is working out. Give her some air
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 7 일 전
Nicki look like a Barbie here
Vanita Parmar
Vanita Parmar 7 일 전
Ariana such most talented lady in music industry
Su Eaindar Khin
Su Eaindar Khin 7 일 전
I love her and all of her songs.her voice is really great.
Rico Tino
Rico Tino 7 일 전
Ariana her song is edit? Because on this video!
Lisa Berh
Lisa Berh 7 일 전
Lauren y camila
Tiffany Redmond
Tiffany Redmond 8 일 전
Dislike if you heard Ariana's mistake
Ariana Fanpage
Ariana Fanpage 8 일 전
She doesn't needs autotune 🪐☁️☔✨
Tericka Bouanga
Tericka Bouanga 8 일 전
Ariana beautiful
あくま飽舞 8 일 전
XxGolden_GoddessxX 8 일 전
Just keep breathin ari!
BlueBxrryPlays 8 일 전
3:14 did anyone notice camila cabello was there :>
Betsy Herrera
Betsy Herrera 8 일 전
Mints 2:49 y 3:15 🥺
Flower Child
Flower Child 8 일 전
3:19 I love Nicki hyping ari
Notthat Serious
Notthat Serious 8 일 전
So are we not gonna comment on those sexy dancers😜
A Xxx
A Xxx 9 일 전
Mishel Coca
Mishel Coca 9 일 전
Lpm no encuentro un comentario en español :((
เอมมิกา พันธ์ทอง
เอมมิกา พันธ์ทอง 9 일 전
mothersex big
mothersex big 9 일 전
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,,,
Lorena Alvarez
Lorena Alvarez 10 일 전
Adriana Tiara
Adriana Tiara 10 일 전
mbak Ariana kasian lagi olahraga pun disuruh nyanyi, ya ngos ngosan😂😍
Ariadne Agorou
Ariadne Agorou 10 일 전
she can sing like that working out and when i'm running i start screaming and saying "help everyone"
Tamo Iluridze
Tamo Iluridze 10 일 전
Real reason the past was better nowadays music and 99%of songers ar trash.just admit it please
Quehune Tuppil 7-Zambales
Quehune Tuppil 7-Zambales 10 일 전
Look i know that ARI is one of blackpink lyrics producer in ICE CREAM but imagine if shes acctually collabing with BP and shes gonna feat on it🤔🤔🤔
환불할 때 꼭 있는 유형ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!
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감스트 하.. 이 여자 쉽지 않네요...